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Something so wrong just felt so right

How could it be wrong if it felt so good?
This story follows ‘Tommie never found out and Lindzy never forgot’. Tommy and Ruben were roommates while Lindzy was living there. She was forever teasing Tommy’s friends and Ruben too. Tommy often encouraged her teasing because it aroused him to see his 18 year old girlfriend so sexual. Little did he know her teasing drove Juan to fuck her. She wondered if Juan told Ruben but it was best not to ask.

It happened on July 4th after the fireworks show in Bethany. They were drinking of course... Tommy, Lindzy and Ruben. Lindzy was not sure if Juan told Ruben about the birthday party fuck but Ruben was a little friendlier and more teasing with her tonight. Lindzy got drunk and as usual, on the way back was super horny.

They were in Ruben's Camaro with Tommy in the front. It was an older Camaro that has the big window in back with the rear seat folded down; Lindzy was basically lying down.

Lindzy was very aroused and her whole body was tingling. She kept telling Tommy she wanted to take her clothes off... it felt good back there with the windows down and the breeze felt amazing.

Tommy said ‘Go ahead!’

So she quickly stripped her tee shirt and shorts off.

Tommy said tauntingly ‘Keep going!’

She needed no more encouragement and took her bra and thong off too.

Ruben was laughing shaking his head and kept looking back in the mirror.

Lindzy rode the whole way back to the apartment naked. Her teen pussy was aroused and wet, her nipples were rock hard from the brisk night breeze. Her body was quivering from excitement but sadly Tommy acted like it was no big deal when she told him. She saw Ruben watching her in the mirror and she smiled back.

Back at the apartment she threw on her shorts and tee and carried her bra and thong back to the apartment. They were all laughing about how funny it was once they got back inside. They drank a little more, not that they needed more.

Ruben said he had to work in the morning and went to his room

Lindzy and Tommy went to Tommy's room and started watching TV.

She kept telling Tommy how horny she was, trying to explain to him how the feelings of butterflies in her stomach and goose bumps all over really excited her. She was horny, naked and drunk and wanted him, yet he seemed uninterested.

Tommy finally just looked at her and asked if she wanted to fuck Ruben... she was shocked he asked her but she also knew he was drunk.

She asked Tommy if he was serious and he said yes.

Then he told Lindzy to go knock on Ruben's door and ask him if he wanted her.

She put her arms around his neck and asked if he was kidding but he kept pushing her away her and now the idea was getting her really wet.

She was naked so she threw on her summer robe, then kissed Tommy and walked out of his room, closing the door.

She went to Ruben’s door and knocked. Her knees were so weak and her stomach was churning from the excitement of something so wrong, yet so right.

Ruben opened it and she asked him if he wanted to fuck her.

Ruben looked shocked, thought it was a joke.

He looked out in the living room and asked where Tommy was. She told him “Tommy told me to ask you if you wanted to fuck me.”

Ruben shook his head and went back into his room. Lindzy followed him and closed the door behind her. He kept telling her to go back to Tommy's room.

She told him it was ok but he was acting like he was getting mad and kept asking her if I was serious.

He was sitting at the foot of his bed and she walked right in front of him opened her robe and let it drop.

His eyes about fell out! She was all of 18 with a trim body and full B-cup tits, which were very aroused at this time.

She stepped right between his legs and leaned in and kissed him. She had her hands on his face so he couldn't move.

Ruben’s his hands went to her waist and pulled her in closer.

Lindzy raised her head up and put her tits in his face. She was so turned on that when his lips went around her nipple she almost came! He sucked and licked her breasts softly then biting and twisting her stiff nipples with his teeth. It was sooo amazing!

He was just in his boxers so she pushed him back on the bed and pulled them off. His cock was so beautiful, as he had shaved. She sucked his cock slowly and hungrily. Lindzy wanted him to know what a good cocksucker she was. Finally he grabbed her and laid her on her back. Ruben spread her legs and licked her up and down her thighs. Finally working his way to her pussy with their swollen open lips, and started licking her clit so passionately, she came right then. And came hard. I mean her head going back and forth and was breathing so hard she couldn't even scream.

His hands were so strong. She was running her hands up and down his arms and chest. Tommy wasn't built that way.

Ruben started working his way up her body until his cock was rubbing against her dripping pussy. When he started pushing it into her she was on fire. His big cock slid into her slowly at first, more making love than fucking.

They fucked in so many positions. Missionary, standing up, lying face down and cowgirl. She must have cum 3 times it felt so hot. He came twice. Both times he pulled out. The first time she let him cum in her mouth, showing him how good of a slut she could be. Lindzy opened her mouth to showed him then she swallowed and showed him her empty mouth. He loved her skills and she was just as passionate with his.

She loved cuddling with him. His strong arm wrapped around her while she stroked his cock and then sucked it until he was hard again. Her favorite was when he had her on her knees on the edge of the bed and he was standing there fucking her doggy style.

Ruben’s second cum shot all over her tits and she again sucked him clean. When they were done she kissed him and went back to Tommy's room and he was already passed out.

In the morning Tommy asked details as he started fucking her. The weird thing about Tommy was that when they fucked the next day he got hard and excited when she told him the details. He seemed to fuck her harder and rougher than usual that morning. Without any foreplay he just started fucking. Felt to her like he almost wanted to punish her young pussy with his cock. It was their last fuck.

She thought everything was all right but Tommy was mad that whole next day and a week later they broke up and Ruben moved out. He blamed it all on her. How could it be wrong if it felt so good?

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