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Something Sweet for Dessert Part II

I watched her and saw the twinkle in her big eyes as she kissed her way down my body. I saw the silky skin of her thighs exposed to me, inch by inch. The tight fabric of her dress hitched higher up her legs as she crouched. The hem rolled high enough to bring a peek of her pink knickers into view. The sight of her panties and flawless skin set my heart racing and my mouth watering.

I felt the brush of her lips across my covered manhood.

I jumped and she giggled. Wiggling her hips and settling herself, she gazed up at me with her wonderful eyes shielded by stray lengths of hair. A groan escaped me while her fingers hooked into the top of my trousers, tugging impatiently. There was no question in her eyes, only the pleasure of the tease. The burning passion of a woman in control.

My belt was quickly undone and fell aside, the buttons of my trousers following suit until only Jenna’s grip on the material held them in place. Her eyes dropped to my groin and, licking her lips, she parted my fly to allow my tenting boxers a little freedom. The trousers were now abandoned, yanked the rest of the way and allowed to drop. Jenna’s eyes widened, examining the outline of my cock which twitched impatiently behind the last layer left to me.

For the first time, I felt her hot breath against my manhood through the thin material. My head fell back with a sigh at the sensation, desperate for more. The tip of her tongue brought me back to my senses as she lapped infuriatingly at my head, where a damp spot had formed. I felt her moan, through the sensitive underside of my cock. Of course, she giggled when I felt the need to groan my appreciation. I twitched again.

The palm of her hand pressed against my shaft, sliding along my length, before her fingers tickled the underside of my head. I had to lean back against the sink when I felt another hot exhalation through the damp fabric of my boxers. I was being driven out of my mind with frustrated lust. Every fibre of my being wanted to seize Jenna’s hair and take her myself.

The burning intensity of my gaze was not lost on her, I’m sure. She relished it, loving every aching second as she teased me. I have to admit, even through the frustration, I didn’t want her to stop. But I wasn’t about to encourage her any more.

I gripped the sink behind me, knowing I would soon be clutching Jenna’s gorgeous, wavy hair if I didn’t. My hips jerked towards her when she trailed her forefinger down the length of my shaft. Jenna’s fingers slipped into the top of my boxers. She held for a second and I felt the breath catch in my throat yet again. The anticipation was delightfully, cruelly torturous.

“I can’t wait to see your throbbing cock, it feels wonderful,” she told me, breathlessly.

“You’ll do more than just see it.”

Jenna’s eyes lit up and a flash went off behind her eyes.

“Does it ache for me?” she asked with an almost curious tone.

“Aches, throbs, pulses and drips. All for you,” I replied. “For a start.”

A wicked grin crossed her face as she deliberately tickled her lips along my covered shaft.

“I want it so badly…” she breathed, watching the silhouette of my manhood twitch uncontrollably inside my boxers. “I bet it tastes so good.”

Jenna looked up at me, gripping the top of my boxers even tighter. She licked her lips, exhaling dramatically.

“You’re going to tell me,” I informed her.

Her eyes rolled back to hear my voice turn stern. I reached out and took two handfuls of her hair in my fists, clenching it around my hands. I wondered if she would resist but she only moaned at the slight sting, dropping to her knees. When she looked up at me, the confident stare was replaced by a heated need; a desire. I pulled her towards my aching rod.

She pulled my boxers away, freeing my shaft from the clutching fabric. Looking down, I watched my cock twitch inside my shorts. The tip was oozing pre-cum, although Jenna still couldn’t see. She eased my underwear down, steadily, watching with gorgeous, wide eyes as I was slowly revealed to her. As my head and its leaking tip were exposed, Jenna’s tongue darted out of her mouth. It was caught by her lips, which she licked hungrily and bit down on.

With every inch of me that my boxers revealed, Jenna let out a moan. Each time was louder and longer the last. As the material finally slipped away from my heavy balls, Jenna dropped my boxers to the floor and reached out towards me. Her hand took my shaft and she gripped it lightly, running her fingers over the ridge of my head and squeezing it in her delicate hand. A single drop of pre-cum was released, sliding agonisingly down the length of my shaft.

Jenna’s tongue shot out to catch it at the base of my pole before licking back along the trail, collecting it up again until she reached the tip. She kissed the underside of my head, brushing her lips from side to side. A guttural noise escaped me and the shining light in Jenna’s eyes returned with a grin.

She slid her hand up my length, wrapping around my head, before sliding down again, slowly and achingly spreading my juices over my flesh. Her tongue lapped at my balls. Her mouth was suddenly around them, sucking them in. Her tongue swirled around me, accompanied by her deep, reverberating moans.

“Oh. FUCK!” I barely resisted screaming out, clutching at her hair.

She giggled. I felt it vibrate through me and I could hardly stop from repeating myself. She licked up my shaft from the base until her tongue was spinning around my wet, aching tip. My head fell back; I groaned and held her tighter. Jenna didn’t hold back. Her tongue swirled over me faster and faster, her hand gripped my shaft and the other joined it. Twisting both hands as they stroked me, I was totally lost in the feel of her treatment, as torturous as it was. I loved it.

She pulled back, licking her lips with a melodramatic moan, winking to me. As her hands slid down to expose my head she licked it teasingly before stroking up again, rolling her thumb over the ridge of my head. I shuddered, whimpering.

Her hands stroked me faster, forcing her to change. Still jerking my shaft with both hands, she looked up into my eyes as her tongue reached out to lap at my balls. That same burning passion was visible in her eyes as she tasted me, sucking my balls deep into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back the yell this time.

After only a few seconds of her tongue on me, I pulled her forcefully away by her hair. She squeaked a little, followed by a deep moan as I forced her to look into my eyes. Her hands still, stubbornly, stroked me.

“You still haven’t told me what it tastes like,” I told her, my tone turning firm again.

Jenna opened her mouth as if to speak. I cut her short. Still holding her hair, I pulled her mouth around my desperate dick. A muffled shout echoed as I filled her mouth with my manhood; her lips hungrily sealed around me. She began to suck, immediately. My knees felt weak as Jenna gripped my hips for support, moaning around the meat in her mouth and sending more agonising shivers through my body.

My hips jerked forward and I instinctively pulled myself deeper inside her, feeling her mouth close around me. There was another muffled moan as Jenna sucked me harder. I groaned a primal noise as I encouraged her. I used her hair for leverage. I pushed her away, her tongue trailing along my shaft, and I pulled her back onto me as my cock pushed further towards her throat.

When I pulled her back, her eyes would shoot up to meet mine. They wore a desperate, aching passion. She nodded to me, encouraging me to go faster. Harder. I obliged, roughly pulling her towards me, deeper each time. I felt the head of my cock bump against her throat. Each time, Jenna moaned around me; a long, satisfied noise. I finally pulled her free and she inhaled deeply.

“Oh... Fuck! It’s delicious! I love your fucking cock!” she cried, panting. “I’m having it down my throat!”

Before I could respond, Jenna dived back onto my manhood, sucking desperately. Her hands reached around to grip my arse and she started to pull me towards her, always trying for more. I obliged once more.

I released her hair and held the back of her head. Jenna bobbed forward, sucking over half of my length into her mouth. Again she pulled at my hips, wanting more. I pushed on the back of her head and forced her deeper. I felt myself press into her throat as she relaxed to take me, moaning. I thrust with my hips and felt the warm embrace of Jenna’s throat engulf my shaft. She still stubbornly tried to pull me deeper.

The longest, deepest moan I’d heard from her shook me to the core as I pushed her down the final inch. Her grip on my arse relaxed as she took my entire length, sealed triumphantly around the base of my shaft. Her hand released me, reaching immediately between her legs. I watched, holding her in place as she hitched her dress up even more.

Jenna’s fingers snaked their way into her panties, giving me a proper view at last. They were a bright pink with black lace, now bulging as her hand desperately sought out her sex. She moaned at the contact, her throat closing up on me. I pulled her off, causing us both to gasp with the release.

She was not to be deterred, to give her credit. No sooner had she taken a gulp of air than her lips were back around me, sucking me greedily, as her free hand stroked my shaft. I held her head again and helped encourage her: pushing, pulling and thrusting my hips to meet her.

I couldn’t help watching her finger herself. I loved the sight of her bright eyes watching me, a burning, triumphant look in them. Her mascara had smudged. A single tear rolled down her cheek. I wiped it up, stroking her cheek reassuringly.

I loved to see my cock slide effortlessly into her plump, pink lips, with an accompanying slurp and moan. But nothing could beat the sight of Jenna on her knees, her hand buried inside her and her breasts shaking and jiggling with the effort. I thought she might burst out of her dress. I hoped.

“If you want the rest of that cock, you’d better fuck yourself properly,” I told her as I held her hair tightly, resisting her sucking efforts.

Jenna’s eyes were alight as she stared up at me. She never stopped sucking, rolling her tongue over the head of my cock and desperately trying for more. I held her back. She moaned in frustration, whimpering as she looked up at me with a desperate look.

“I’ve told you. Earn it.”

I refused to break eye contact with her piercing glare.

“Fuck your tight little hole for me.”

I gripped her hair tighter, to emphasise my point. Of course, she moaned again and I saw the whites of her eyes before they slammed shut. I watched her hand slide lower into her panties as her fingers pushed inside herself. I rewarded her by pulling her deeper onto my dick.

Soon, Jenna was grinding against her fingers, fucking herself furiously at my feet and struggling to contain her excited moans. Still, she hungrily sucking my, by now murderously aching, manhood.

I was fascinated to watch her self-pleasure with such abandon. Watching her fingering needily inside her knickers was more frustrating and teasing than I could’ve realised. I was growing increasingly anxious to see more of this gorgeous succubus’ body. At last, I couldn’t resist her anymore.

I seized her head and slid my dick down her throat, without warning. Although surprised, Jenna recovered well and began trying to milk me with her throat. Never easing up, she fingered herself harder and faster. The longer I held her, the faster she fucked her sopping hole, whimpering and moaning with excitement. Her hips bucked against her hand and her whole body was moving to the same end. Determined, her eyes remained locked with mine.

She giggled when her throat clamped down around me, eliciting an animalistic growl from my depths. I was determined to hold her there as long as necessary, now.

At last, Jenna’s resolve failed and she tried to pull back. I refused. I saw her eyes widen as I held her in place, winking. She whimpered, though I can’t figure how she managed it, and looked to me desperately. As her eyes rolled, I let her go and watched her fall back onto her heels with a sudden intake of air, gasping and panting. I seized my chance.

“Fuck, you know how to treat a cock, girl,” I told her, picking her onto her feet and letting her rest against the sink. “Did you enjoy that as much as I think you did?”

I let her face the mirror and clutch the side, still struggling for breath. I came up behind her, resting my head on her shoulder and wrapping my arms around her.

“Loved… it…” came a rather struggled response.

I pressed myself against her and saw her eyes roll back into her head again. I knew she’d see me smile. I kissed her neck and wiped the tears from her cheeks, smoothing her hair out in the mirror. She still looked bleary-eyed, but her smile was huge.

“I love the smell of you,” I told her, inhaling her addictive scent as I kissed her neck and shoulder. “I hope you taste just as good.”

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