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Something Sweet for Dessert Part IIII

At last, I eased my weight from Jenna’s body, although still holding her jaw in my hand. I took half a step back. I reached out for her breasts, squeezing and massaging them in my hands. I tweaked her nipples teasingly, to the tune of tiny whimpers. Her body gravitated towards me again, her hips thrusting and rolling with urgent need. I stepped forward and kissed her plump, delicious lips once more, entwining our tongues until Jenna’s eyes were forced to close. I took my chance, releasing her and stepping back twice.

“Turn around,” I told her, once she opened her eyes.

Her eyes threatened to close, rolling back a little at the command, as she delicately turned on her heel. With her back to me, she looked back over her shoulder to see me taking my shaft in my hand once more. I was tracing the line of her arched back with my other hand. I easily heard the quiet, shuddering whimper Jenna was desperate to cover up. I laughed.

“Push your arse out,” I ordered.

The material of her dress strained as her body filled it tightly, the bottom crease of her cheeks showing beneath the dark fabric.

“Show me.”

I watched, knowing she was watching me too, as her fingers followed the hem of her dress right around to the back. She took a hold of the material and inched it higher up her firm, round cheeks; she moved her hips seductively, putting on a show as I caught a glimpse of her pink knickers. I was sure to show my appreciation, moaning as I stroked myself to the sight.

At last the dress quickly slid up her body, free of the tension, and bunched up around her waist to show her gorgeous rear. I stepped forward, unable to resist, and kicked Jenna’s legs apart, reaching between them. I cupped her mound, gently rubbing over her knickers while her hips reciprocated. I took both hands to her firm cheeks, rolling my palms over her and squeezing tightly.

I couldn’t stop there. So, sliding my hands around her hips and up her body, I took her breasts in my hands, delighting in the feel of her body, quivering and goose bumped. I followed the contours and kneaded the palpable flesh of her body to my heart’s content, knowing the frustration I would cause.

I stepped away again, stroking my shaft with both hands, just for Jenna, as she looked back over her shoulder. Yet again her lip was between her teeth and her hands groped at her own body.

“The thong,” I said, simply.

The wicked look fired behind her eyes again for a moment. She bent at the waist, almost touching her toes, and looked back at me as she did so, grinning. She snapped her waistband with a twang against her skin, giggling, before hooking it with just two fingers. Her hips and arse squirmed again as she teased her knickers lower and lower. The material gripped her sex for a second, unwilling to leave, before it fell away and was allowed to drop to her feet. She kicked it off, sending it across the floor as she spread her legs wide for me, looking back. Her labia were swollen, red and visibly wet. She reached back with one hand, spreading her lips and slowly rubbing herself.

My tongue itched inside my mouth and my hand gripped my shaft tightly, squeezing out a drop of pre-cum which slid down my shaft and over the back of my hand. I saw her wide eyes watching me, her tongue on her lips and I made up my mind.

I walked forward, close behind her, and made sure my shaft pressed along the length of her swollen lips, slipping between them teasingly. I reached around, offering my hand to her. She was quick to lap up the stray drop of pre-cum. Her throat was in my hand in a second and her head tipped back as I pushed her chest into the wall again, holding her there as I slid my cock across her aching sex.

Jenna looked back at me with wide, desperate eyes and I kissed her cheek, releasing her throat and taking a handful of her long, wavy hair – something I’d have otherwise considered a crime. She murmured, a quiet approval at the gentle tug she received before I pulled her closer, bending her over. The tension on her hair increased and Jenna whimpered beneath me. I was going to enjoy myself here.

I strummed the head of my cock over her lips like guitar strings, each stroke giving it's own tone and vibration between us. Her clit was next, causing Jenna’s hips to jerk with every contact, every gentle brushing touch and every heavy smack with my manhood. My shaft was pressed between her lips, sliding effortlessly between them, my hips thrusting and forcing her into the wall. She whimpered, frustrated, and squirmed.

“Please…” she whined, and then gasped at the tug on her hair.

“Please what?” I asked, feigning innocence and leaning down to her ear. “Tell me what you need.”

I kissed her earlobe, toying with it between my lips and kissing down her neck. She didn’t speak, only continued the quiet sounds of frustrated pleasure. I pressed my tip against her opening, feeling her folds desperately trying to take my shaft while she struggled for control. I pulled away again, smacking the top of my shaft across her lips. She jumped and bleated.

“Okay, don’t tell me,” I left a pause before continuing. “Beg me.”

I wound Jenna’s hair tighter in my fist as I spoke, teasing around her clit with a single fingertip. She whined again, her body fighting a little as she struggled to mount herself on my shaft. I held her there and forced her harder against the wall. My teeth sunk into her shoulder hard and two fingers slapped her clit, simultaneously.

“Fuck…” Jenna stumbled, a desperate, pleading tone to her voice. “Oh God, please!" "Please put your hard cock inside me!”

I circled her entrance with my head, spiralling inwards, and Jenna held completely rigid in anticipation. A small noise, as if to protest, began to form on her lips before I eased my tip inside her; our relief-filled moans echoed off the walls. The game was too much fun, though, and I forced myself to resist the hot, soft and beckoning walls of Jenna’s aching pussy. As my head slipped inside her, I held still. I took my hand from her clit to stroke her stomach and tease her upper thighs.

Jenna’s body slumped with impatience and her leg began to kick.

“All of it! Please!” she pleaded. “Give it to me!”

I was as relieved as her to slide the rest of my shaft slowly inside her wet, fiery tunnel. She moaned, low and long, for as long as I pushed into her. I thrust forward, hard, for the last inch and took great care to crush Jenna’s capacious chest into the wall. My balls slammed against her delicate clit and at last the final gasp left her lungs, leaving her panting for a relieving breath. I held deep inside her, working my hips and grinding against her back. Jenna’s hand reached back to grip my arse, her fingernails piling into my skin and squeezing.

“Fuck me!” she cried, grinding her arse on me. “Please fuck me with that gorgeous cock! I need it!”

“I thought you’d never fucking ask,” I growled, kissing her neck one last time before I clamped down on her shoulder.

Jenna hissed, but it was cut short to feel me sliding quickly out of her slit, halting her breath until she felt the deep, heavy impact of the return stroke. We groaned in unison and pressed our heads together, my mouth nuzzled in her neck and nibbling her ear.

We fucked slowly at first, with long slow strokes and her constant grinding, but we were impatient. Jenna reached back for my free hand and guided it back to her clit. I teased her for a minute, stroking the crease of her leg and tracing around her swollen button. I slapped it with my fingertips, in time with a harder, faster thrust inside her. I picked up the pace. I tugged on her hair for good measure and the combination sent a flurry of pleasured sounds and choice swears tumbling from her lips.

I seized my opportunity, and her throat. I held her hair firmly and wrapped my fingers around her neck, forcing her body into the wall with my weight and whispering in her ear.

“Rub your clit while I fuck your hot, wet hole,” I told her, turning her to kiss her lips deeply.

I felt the brush of her fingers furiously rubbing her sensitive spot, tickling my balls as I slipped my length inside her. I rewarded her with a faster pace, pistoning into her harder and faster, ramping up the intensity. Our breath was laboured, our bodies were slick and aching, but I was giving her all I had and she was fucking me back as much as she possibly could. The sounds of our rough, heavy and ragged sex must’ve been audible for all and sundry, but we were beyond caring. We only wanted, and needed, each other.

Jenna’s breaths became longer, ragged and desperate. She was getting close, her climax was building and I honestly wasn’t sure how much longer I could last, although I was desperate to try.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you,” I breathed in her ear.

I knew she’d hear me perfectly. The long, whimpered moan that rolled out of her told me I was right, although our pace never slowed. Her breathing became more desperate by the second and her body shook and trembled with the effort of holding in her climax. I let go of her throat and pulled her hair back like reins, straightening her up. I reached down to maul her breasts, squeezing them in my hands and turning her nipples over in my fingers.


The plea was irresistible to me.

I pushed against her wall once more, the breath again left Jenna’s body. She’d barely breathed in before gasping again to feel my teeth raking her neck and my hands seize her hair and her hip, pulling her back into my thrusts. I closed my eyes, struggling with every second as I gave Jenna every inch of my manhood, feeling the heave of her torso pushing back against me as she struggled for merciful breath.


That was the only word. It was all she needed. There was a scream of joy as the pressure inside Jenna’s body broke and surged forth. I stopped thrusting, burying myself inside her and holding on as her body bucked and shook against me. All of her breath soared forward in a deep, gravelly moan that shook the partition walls around us. I clamped a hand around her mouth, gagging her as I held her body close to me, feeling her fall limp and weak at the knees. Her whole body trembled, shook and shuddered in my arms. The walls of Jenna’s sex closed down on my cock, her muscles desperately trying to milk me and I pulled out at the last possible second, the cold air stinging my throbbing dick, slick with cum.

I held her body to mine, her own muscles having failed her, and reached down with the hand that gagged her. A deep, desperate gasp of air and shuddering moan filled the room. I forced her trembling legs apart and pressed against her clit, stroking through her climax. Another surge swept through her body.

She jumped, in my arms, as she moaned aloud and mumbled unintelligibly. Her hands were all over our bodies, squeezing, gripping and scratching anything she could reach, desperate to take a hold of something. She clung to my legs, holding herself up while I took her weight. Her body still shuddered uncontrollably and we simply held each other until it passed.

Jenna’s breathing at last began to even out and her spasms slowed to the occasional twitch as she panted desperately. I kissed her neck and turned her head to face me; we kissed, soft and tender. I eased her to the floor, where she rested on her knees, recovering.

Once she gained her composure a little, she turned to face me and found my cock – hard, twitching, dripping and coated in her juices – inches from her face. She looked up at me with wide, dazed eyes and a small smile, holding a shadow of the wickedness it possessed not too long before.

Her gaze rested on my manhood and her hands reached out, unable to resist. She was recovering quickly, I noticed with a smile. She squeezed my shaft in one hand and a large drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip of my cock. Jenna lapped it up immediately, her lips sealing around my head as she pumped my shaft in her hand.

I rested my hands on the back of her head. I gave no pressure, stroking the hair that I had reined her in by only minutes before. Jenna began to suck, working her mouth along my shaft and moaning at the flavours she found there. I shuddered to feel the vibrations throughout my body and felt a surge of blood rush to my dick as Jenna’s mouth took me even deeper.

A pop sounded around the room as my cock slipped from her lips. Both hands now worked my shaft while Jenna lapped, teasingly, at my balls and sucked them into her mouth. She smacked her lips with a giggle, licking the length of my shaft.

“Are you ready to cum for me?” she asked.

She trailed her finger along the underside of my shaft and swirled her tongue around my head. I groaned loudly and took a slight grip on her hair, watching her wide eyes gleaming up at me.

“Take it,” I told her.

She wrapped both hands around my shaft, pumping them while her mouth sealed around my head. She sucked in deeply, working her lips over my tip and her tongue around me. I took a step back to steady myself, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back to appreciate the treatment I was receiving.

My cock ached, throbbed and was desperate to cum, but it was so torturously sweet I barely wanted it to end. I felt my climax building, my breathing grew heavy as I held on for as long as possible and Jenna sucked me harder and deeper, desperate to earn her prize.

“I’m… I’m gonna… Oh God, I’m…” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

Whether Jenna giggled, moaned or tried to speak I wasn’t sure, but the vibrations she sent through me tipped me over the edge. My breath fell out of me, sucked loudly back in through gritted teeth. My balls tightened and my cock swelled, I felt the build up of pressure and the sudden, gratifying release as my climax broke.

I forced my gaze downwards, watching Jenna all the way. Her eyes met mine but rolled back in her head a little as she bobbed her head deeper on my shaft. My hips bucked with each pulse of my cock, each streak of cum coating Jenna’s tongue and throat, but still she held on. She sucked me, massaging my balls in her hand as I shot rope after rope inside her mouth.

A trickle of cum leaked from the corner of Jenna’s mouth, her seal on my shaft failing, before she pulled off me with her mouth wide open. She tried to catch the rest of my load as it splashed across her face, over her cheeks and her lips. As my cock twitched out its last trickle of cum onto Jenna’s tongue, she licked her lips and swallowed deeply. She sighed, smacked her lips and winked to me. Her lips took to my cock once more, sucking the last of her prize from my tip and licking me clean. She moaned at the taste and we stared into each other’s glazed, satisfied eyes for a moment.

A cheer filled the room and together we turned to face the door. Jenna’s friends stood huddled in the doorframe, cheering and clapping their hands. One girl was holding her phone up to us, giggling hysterically; I guessed she’d been recording us, but who knew how long for. A beaming smile spread across Jenna’s face and a drop of cum rolled down her cheek to her chin. She wiped it up, still holding me in her other hand, and licked her finger dramatically clean for the camera. She looked back to me, licking her lips and winking.

“That was so hot, Jenna! Another one for your collection!” the camera girl squealed.

‘Collection?’ I wondered.

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