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Sophie makes amends

Sophie decides that she needs to do something drastic to improve her life
Sophie got tarted up. She had no other word for it; after showering she had put on her red basque, which went well with the new red stilettos she had bought that afternoon. Matching that with a vibrant red lipstick and nail varnish she now looked the part. Finishing it off with panties and white stockings, she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her room. She gasped, looking back at her was a different person. Looking back at her was a working girl, and that was what she was tonight and she had to dress to please. She hadn’t done anything like this before and she was scared. She was scared as to whether or not she could do what was wanted and terrified of being caught. But it was something she knew she had to do.

The babysitter was sitting in the living room watching TV and hadn’t seen Sophie since arriving some 30 minutes earlier, and arranging the details. Sophie had disappeared after ensuring that the babysitter would sleep over. The babysitter was unaware of the transformation that had occurred in Sophie’s bedroom.

Sophie went to the bedroom to check on her sleeping children, she could see the top of their heads while the rest of their bodies were snuggled deep down under the covers. She loved them unconditionally and knew that tonight would be important for her future.

Grabbing a long cream coloured rain coat to cover her modesty and doing the buttons up to her neck, exited the house. She closed the front door and hurried to the waiting taxi and entered.

She knew where she was going, so she told the taxi driver the name of the hotel. He looked at her, noting the make-up and the clothing she was wearing as a sly smirk played on his lips. He knew where she was going and why, she wasn’t the first he had taken to the hotel and she wouldn’t be the last.

The taxi pulled up outside the hotel and Sophie got out. She had been to the hotel before, but never this late at night. She paid the driver and he pulled off and she made her way into the entrance. It was late and there was only one male receptionist working. Looking around she saw several of the guests sat around on the sofa and chairs dotted around the lobby, some drinking some just chatting. Sophie was self conscious of how she was dressed but this hotel was frequented by business people. They were used to having to stay overnight in nondescript hotels and consequently none of them took any notice when she walked in. She found a quiet, corner slightly obscured by a column and sat down.

Every night was a night shift for Mark, the night shift receptionist. He had been working at the hotel for three years and the shifts had turned his life upside down. He felt like he was turning into a vampire, sleeping through the day and working through the night. He had no social life and his private life was also suffering. By the time he got home in the mornings his wife would be getting the kids ready for school. He would have left over supper, while they had breakfast and he would have his quality time with them. He used this time to watch his wife, he missed talking to her, missed touching her, missed everything that a man takes for granted about his partner. While she would be busy herself with the morning preparations, making breakfasts, packing lunches and cleaning up, she never looked in his direction. He sensed that she didn’t want him and his marriage was destined to be nothing more than a sham.

Mark had watched Sophie walk in, he knew why she was there and it turned him on. He walked over to the table where she was sitting and asked if she wanted a drink. He took in her beauty, her perfection belied the fact that today she was a working girl, even with the gaudy lipstick on those luscious lips. He could feel the pressure of his zip on his cock as he realised he was getting hard. This was going to be awkward. He needed to be able to work, not worrying that someone would notice his cock straining to get out of his trousers. He took her order and tried to think of inane thoughts. But all he could think about was how beautiful she was, and visualising she looked like under the raincoat.

As Mark walked away, Sophie watched, she was so unsure of the protocol for this situation that she had very nearly walked out of the hotel. But seeing the tall dark receptionist, her resolve had strengthened and she’d ordered a Bacardi, Coke and Red Bull. Bacardi, for dutch courage, red bull because it was late and she knew she needed extra energy, and coke, just because she knew it would have to last as she would have to wait until all the guests had gone to bed and vacated the lobby. As he walked towards her with her drink she realised that there was a bulge showing through his trousers. Thinking of this made her feel good too and suddenly she felt herself becoming moist with her juices and making panties stick to her pussy.

Mark was a conscientious worker on a normal night. However tonight was far from normal. He handed her the drink and wondered if he should say something, but nothing came from his mouth. This woman was causing him a lot of work related issues, he had guests that he needed to serve with drinks, he needed to book new guests in and out, and all the while his mind was somewhere else. The only option was to tell everyone the bar was closing to encourage them to leave the ground floor of the hotel.

Sophie had taken the drink and as he walked away realised he hadn’t given her ice. She knew she needed the ice. The air conditioning was on in the hotel, making the room quite pleasant but catching the receptionist’s eye she had become hot and bothered, and needed the ice more than ever. She stood up and tried to catch Marks attention. He didn’t seem to see her, even though he was looking in her direction. She walked to the bar, he saw her this time as there were no more customers left. Realising there were no more people around, her hands undid the belt and the coat fell open.

Mark realised she needed some music, and motioned to her to walk to the small stage in the corner. It was little more than a wooden square but it would serve the purpose of her visit.

She walked over to the spotlight shining on the wooden floor, stepping into carefully it as if she was about to wear it like a pair of shoes. She had never done this type of thing before and was unsure how to start. But she knew she had to do it well, so she undid the rest of the buttons on her raincoat and took it off a seductively as she could. Standing there in the underwear she felt strangely strong and empowered. She was now in control. Suddenly the music started.

Mark turned the music on and stood behind the reception desk, he was transfixed and he could not take his eyes off her even if he wanted to. His eyes took in everything, her eyes, closed, lost in the music, her mouth pursed almost into a kiss, a tell tale sign that she was enjoying herself. Her face, her body, her clothes, everything about this girl pleased him. As she danced her arms caressed her body, softly stoking from her head to her thighs. He thought how competent she was doing this, she was good. He could feel the familiar feeling in his groin and knew that he had to do something about it.

Her body started to sway, seductively and provocatively to the music, she may not have done this before but the skilled way she moved indicated that she had rhythm, gyrating her body in time to the song. The tune was familiar and she was able to keep in time, gently humming along to the music. She was immersed in the music and all she could think about was how good it was making her feel. As she touched her body her breathing became laboured and her heart started pounding. She wasn’t doing this because she had to any more, she was doing it because she wanted and needed to. Stroking her breasts she didn’t care anymore, she only knew that she was aroused. Her hands roamed all over her body.

There was no point in not watching her as every detail about her had been now engraved in his memory, and even with his eyes shut he could still see her voluptuous body, writhing to the music This was Mark's favourite song, watching her move he pressed his hand to the front of his trousers. He knew he would be sacked on the spot if they were caught, but he was past caring now as the erotic movements took him into his fantasy.

Stopping, she walked slowly to where he was standing. Knowing he was the reason she had come to the hotel, she knelt down in front of him and undid his trousers and slowly undid his zip. His cock was rock hard and danced to attention as soon as she released it from the confines of his trousers. Looking up into his face, she pulled back the stray hair, making sure that nothing obscured his vision. Her hand clasped around the base of the shaft, and she slowly traced with her tongue around the tip, softly, finding every crevice and poking her tongue into places she knew would make him squirm with pleasure.

Mark had began to think that inviting her to the hotel was a bad idea, but now the whole experience was blowing his mind and things would never be the same again with his sex life. She was amazing, he had never been pleasured in such a way before and from now on anything less would be an anti climax.

Sophie was not experienced in pleasuring a man, in fact she had little experience at all when it came to sex, but she was willing to give Mark all her attention, to prove that she was worth it. She stole a look into his face and realised he had his eyes shut. She wasn’t sure if this was good, but she carried on. She held his cock and as it entered her mouth she closed her lips, she was beginning to enjoy this. She could feel his cock against her tongue and decided that she wanted and needed to make him cum. She moved her tongue in time to the rhythmic movement.

She moved her head up and down enjoying the sensation and being turned on by the fact that she was in control over how Mark was feeling. She wasn’t sure what to do next, so she thought what would have made her feel good. In a second she knew, she lifted her head and gently blew on to the sensitive tip of his cock, making sure it was really wet and blew again. She felt his cock stiffen even more and was pleased that she was giving him so much pleasure.

Mark was in heaven, his wife had never done this to him, and he wanted it to last. He tried thinking of work, hoping it would help him hold back the inevitable climax that was building up. But the fact that he had not had sex for such a long time, (he had forgotten how long), that thinking of work was not working. He suddenly had a thought, he knew what to do, something he had longed to do to his wife, but she was never interested. He wasn’t sure whether Sophie would let him, but he had invited her to the hotel and he was in control of what happened tonight.

Sophie felt Mark's hand on her shoulders and she looked up. She wasn’t sure why but he was asking her to stop. She thought all men liked to be pleasured in this way and was confused, and a little bit let down. She thought she was doing a good job and was so turned on herself.

Mark motioned to her to stand up, he picked her up in his arms and took her into the private office, behind reception. He placed her gently on the plush sofa, made her comfortable and knelt down in front of her. He took her shoes off her feet and massaged them gently, looking into her eyes he caressed her legs and placed soft kisses on each leg as he travelled from her feet to her thighs. He took in the painted toes, showing through the stretched white nylon of her stockings, this was turning into his favourite fantasy. Parting her legs gently he slowly stroked and kissed his way. He could tell she was enjoying herself and when he arrived at the top of her legs, as he could feel the involuntary way she responded to his kisses and caresses.

She let herself be carried, she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but she was enjoying herself. Much more than she thought she would have, when she had taken the phone call earlier that day asking if she would come to the hotel and perform for the receptionist.

To his delight he could see glistening shine of a perfect pussy, so moist, and he wanted to taste her sweetness. He moved nearer and gently caressed the uppermost part of her thighs, with one hand and with the other he stroked around her pussy, it was so neat, freshly trimmed. He felt her body tense as she lifted herself so he had better access. Slowly, he licked, he parted her lips, he breathed in, and he was going to absorb every detail, so he would remember this.

Sophie lay back, this was something she had always dreamed of, in fact to go as far as fantasised about, but she and her husband had never been adventurous. She felt him travel up her legs, the kisses tickling, but so sensual. She felt so good, She felt it in every part of her body, tingling, wanting more, apprehensive, not too sure what he was actually going to do to do to her, but knowing this was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her

His tongue felt every little feature. And as she moved he realised she was under his spell, he wanted to eat hungrily, but wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible. As he licked all around, first one finger then two were inserted inside her. He wanted to make her really wet and begging him to carry on, he finally gave into the urge to touch her clit for the first time, and as he did she jerked suddenly and her legs clamped around his head. He now knew, he could carry on, she was totally at his mercy.

Her hands stroked her body, unintentionally, she found her nipples and tweaked them hard, squeezing and relishing the feeling. Squirming with pleasure she felt herself quiver her whole body wanting more.

His tongue carried on delicately licking and sucking the little bud. The taste and smell, was driving him, and he soon became lost in the action, and enthusiastically used his tongue to playfully ravish her swollen clitoris.

The feeling inside Sophie was so intense, her breathing becoming more rapid, her moans more clear, she was on the way to having the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced.

As Mark continued to devour her pussy he realised he was not going to be able to hold back for much longer. He stopped what he was doing and motioned her to kneel on the sofa. He looked at her ass, it was perfect. He moved nearer to her warm, sensual, body and his throbbing cock as if it had a mind of its own slid inside the juicy wet hole.

Her sex life was never going to be the same again, she wanted this man, she wanted his touch, she wanted his body and most of all she wanted his stiff erect cock pounding away in her.

Mark had never fucked anyone hard, fast and deep like this, He was always caring and considerate when he made love to his wife. But he had to fuck this woman now. The rhythm was almost audible in his head. He had never needed to cum so badly. His balls banging on her ass, her pussy clamped to his cock. While he pulled back, almost slipping out of the soaking wet pussy. Quickly pushing back inside her. Her body responding to each deep penetrating thrust.

He was fucking her, she had sort of expected this. But she had not expected the feelings it evoked in her body. She had one desire now. She wanted to cum. With every thrust she pushed herself forwards so she could feel him forcing himself deeper inside her. The urge to come was so strong that she cried out in ecstasy, surprising Mark.

He sensed and felt that she was about to cum, he held back, he didn’t know how, but his whole body ached and the thought of a mutual climax was urging him on. Pounding her little ass was so good. Looking along her back her body shuddered as each time his cock forced its way inside her. He had a desire to slap her ass, he had never hit a woman before, but the primeval urge was so strong he did it without thinking. The feeling was electric and almost took him over the edge. Holding on to her hips he pulled her towards him, while simultaneously thrusting into the tight hole.

She felt him fucking her and knew she was almost there, his cock was so hard and she was teasing it, trying to keep it inside her by tightening her muscles. Then she felt his hand hit her, it was only a short sharp slap, but 'oh my god, it felt good', she thought. It made her force her pussy back towards him offering herself to him.

The subsequent explosion they both felt, caught them unawares as he thrust his cock full force into her from behind, taking them both over the edge. The most incredible feeling was spreading through her body, her groin aching, her head pounding. The eruption he felt so strongly as he shot streams of fluid so far inside her, he thought he would never stop. Her body convulsing as she rode the waves of ecstasy that consumed her entire being. His cock throbbing so much, as if experiencing an orgasm was new to him. Neither of them wanting the experience to end.

Finally, exhausted and thoroughly spent they lay together. Him , still inside her not able to move, legs refusing to work. Her, laying there, clit pulsating, his cock twitching. This was not sex, this was making love.

Mark handed Sophie an envelope, she stuffed it her pocket and got into the waiting taxi. The driver recognised her from the earlier trip and didn’t need to be told where she was going. She was flustered and was still trying to compose herself. Sat there she thought about the evening, she hoped things had gone well. The drive seemed to take an age, the envelope burning a hole in her pocket. Finally they pulled up outside the house, she knew she didn’t have to pay the driver as this journey had been prearranged by Mark. She got out and went into the house as demurely as she could.

She let herself in, called a greeting to the babysitter, and escaped to her bedroom. Without removing her coat, she sat on the bed. Taking the envelope out of her pocket she opened it slowly. There was a note.

Thank you for an amazing evening. Hope this is the start of a new beginning. See you for breakfast!"

She knew now that things were going to be ok

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