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Sophie's Revenge

Tags: cheating
His friend's infidelity brings Rich more than he ever imagined.
"So what happened this time?" Rich asked, shaking his head slowly, the cell phone pressed to his ear.

"Sophie thinks I'm having an affair," Jon replied.

Rich shook his head again, knowing that if his friend's girlfriend thought he was being unfaithful her concerns probably weren't completely unfounded.

Sophie was, in no uncertain terms, gorgeous. 5'4", blonde, beautiful, with full lips and hair that trailed down her back and could, Rich always suspected, almost over her 34D breasts.

It wasn't that he had ever fantasised about her but it was impossible to ignore how beautiful and sexy she was. Sophie was the girl that everyone looked at when you walked into a bar, but she was also the girl who shunned the attention.

"And why does she think that?" Rich asked, frustration seeping into his voice.

"She saw that I was talking to a couple of girls on Facebook."

Rich sighed.

"There was nothing going on, I was just talking to them and she got pissed off."

"So now you're staying at Chris's house?"

"Yeah," Jon replied, resignation evident in his reply. "So I was wondering if you could swing by there this afternoon and pick up some stuff for me. If I go over there and she's home it'll just be another fight."

Rich sighed.

"Sure, no problem."

"Cool, thanks. I'll drop my key to you, that was if she isn't home you can let yourself in."

Rich watched his friend's car pull away before closing his front door. Hanging the key Jon had given him on the rack inside the front door he reached into his pocket for his cell phone.

"Hi Sophie, it's Rich."

"Hey, Richie, how are you?" Sophie's voice was bright with no real hint of any domestic upheaval in her life.

"I'm good. Jon asked me to drop round for some things. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is, honey. I'll be in all afternoon."

Rich knocked on the front door, taking his sunglasses off and slipping them over the back of his neck.

"Hey honey," Sophie said, a smile spreading across her face as she opened the door. She wore a v-neck t-shirt which was low enough to show off, but not flaunt, her deep cleavage. The old, faded jeans she wore hugged her shapely legs.

"Hey, Sophie," Rich said, smiling sadly. "How're you doing?"

Sophie shrugged.

"I'm okay, I guess. I'm just tired of his bullshit. I know he says he was 'just talking' to those girls but he doesn't realise how crap that makes me feel."

Rich nodded

"Anyway," she continued. "Come in."

Sophie turned, walking into the living room which lay beyond the front door, her delicate, bare feet padding lightly on the carpet.

"I've put together the things he'll probably need and put them in a bag."

She turned to Rich.

"Would you like a coffee? Or do you need to get off?"

Rich laughed.

"No, I've got no where to be," he said, sitting down on the large corner couch and dropping his sunglasses onto the coffee table.

"Aww, honey," Sophie cooed. "We really need to get you a girlfriend."

She turned towards the kitchen, disappearing from view.

"I don't understand why a good looking guy like you doesn't have anyone," she called before reappearing with a mug of freshly made coffee.

"Why DON'T you have a girlfriend?" She asked, passing him the mug.

Rich shrugged shyly.

Sophie smiled.

"I mean your good looking, kind, funny....".

Rich shrugged again.


Her comment made him look up at her, causing her to look away.

"Sorry, I probably shouldn't have said that," Sophie said, her cheeks flushing slightly.

Rich laughed.

"It's okay, I know what you meant," he said, looking back at his mug.

"Really?" She asked, concentrating on pulling at a thread on her faded jeans, her toes rubbing the carpet. "What did I mean?"

Rich looked over at her.

"Just that you don't understand why I don't have anyone. You were being nice."

There was a brief silence between them; and then Sophie spoke.

"You're right, I don't understand."

She paused again.

"And I DO think you're sexy."

Rich looked at her, surprise obvious on his face.

"You do?" He asked. "I didn't know that."

Sophie continued to inspect her jeans.

"Well I do," she said, suddenly sounding nervous, her voice quieter now.

Again there was silence.

"Do you think about me that way?" Sophie asked after a few tense seconds.

Rich paused, unsure of how to answer. Of course he thought she was sexy, and beautiful but she had always been his friend's girlfriend

"I've always known you as Jon's girlfriend," he said slowly, "but.....yes, I do think you're sexy..., and beautiful."

Sophie turned to look at him, her blue eyes wide in surprise. Rich looked up, turning towards her, returning her gaze.

"Really?" She asked, struggling to retain eye contact. "I had no idea."

"Well, I had no idea you though that about me," he replied, unable to look away from her full lips which were now slightly parted, as if she were a little breathless.

"I've always thought it," she replied, shyly, "ever since I first met you.

Rich leaned forward, reaching out to put his mug on the coffee table in front of them, and for a moment Sophie thought he was going to leave, her stomach dropping in disappointment. But as he sat back on the couch she relaxed, but now finding it hard to look at him.

"I know I shouldn't say that but it's true," she said, looking at the mug Rich had just out on the table. "And I know I'm with least I think I am...or I was....I don't know."

She sighed.

"I'm just so tired of his lies and bullshit. Everyone thinks he's this perfect guy but he really makes me feel so crap about myself when he does stuff like that. I just don't know what to.....".

But before she could finish, Rich leaned over, his fingers reaching gently for Sophie's delicate jaw line, turning her towards him, his lips pressing softly against hers.

For a moment Sophie panicked. She'd had feelings for Rich for so long, but now that he was kissing her, the gravity of what she felt and her situation with his friend caused her to tense up. But only for a moment, and then, in an almost involuntary reaction she relaxed, her lips parting, her hand moving to his leg, her slender fingers squeezing his firm thigh.

When their lips parted Sophie was breathless. She looked at Rich, her eyes blinking rapidly, but before she could speak he leaned forward again, this time his kiss more urgent and she felt his tongue brushing against her lips. She parted them, allowing his tongue to find hers as he leaned closer, his hand sliding into her hair and she relaxed, allowing herself to be pushed onto the back of the couch.

Rich could feel an uncertainty raging through him, the fact that he was kissing his friend's girlfriend causing a conflict within him. But as he felt himself stiffen inside his jeans all thoughts of his betrayal fell from his head and his hand moved up to gently cup Sophie's large breast.

Sophie gasped as she felt Rich's hand, his thumb sliding over her nipple, and, despite it being hidden beneath the lace of her bra and the Cotten of her t-shirt, she could feel it swell, it's sensitivity increasing. She moaned softly.

Sophie's quiet affirmation of the pleasure his hand was imparting finally ended the turmoil within Rich and he pulled her closer, causing her hand to slide closer to his growing erection.

She could feel the hardness between his legs even though her fingers were not pressed directly on his cock it still made her freeze, aware that the line she was crossing was becoming more and more severe. But her moment of indecision was pushed aside as Rich increased the pressure on her hardening nipple, sending a shock of pleasure through her body, causing her to shudder.

"Take me upstairs," Sophie whispered, their lips barely parting. And, before he could overthink what was happening, Rich stood, taking her hand.

"Are you okay?" Sophie asked, looking up a Rich, her calves pressing nervously against the foot of her bed.

"I am. How are you?" Rich replied, preparing himself for her to say she needed to stop.

"I'm good," she replied shyly. "And I know what you're thinking, and, yes, I do want this."

For a moment Rich considered his response but knew the only one he wanted to give required no words. And so he leaned forward, kissing her soft lips, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to him, crushing her breasts against his chest.

When they parted they were both breathless, Sophie's nipples pressing against her bra, making small mounds beneath her t-shirt, and as she pressed her body against him she could feel his hardness against her thigh. The sensation against his cock caused Rich to gently grind against her.

"Can I touch it?" Sophie asked, her lips once again touching his

Rich's answer was to take half a step back, allowing Sophie's hand to slip between them, her fingers running over the hardness beneath his jeans. He groaned, torn between the exquisite sensation of Sophie's gentle touch and wanting her to wrap her fingers around his shaft.

"I need to see you, Sophie," he whispered. "I need to see you naked. I've spent so long watching you and now I have to see you, touch you, feel you....taste you and make love to you."

"Take me," Sophie whispered.

Rich reached for her t-shirt, lifting it over her head, her breasts bouncing as she dropped her arms back to her sides. He leaned forward, kissing her neck and shoulders, his mouth moving down to the material which tantalisingly covered her breasts, denying him the flesh beneath.

"Take it off," Sophie whispered as she kissed his head. "Taste me."

The clasp on Sophie's bra released with ease despite the pressure exerted on it by her full breasts, and she exhaled nervously as Rich began to slide it teasingly off her shoulders, revealing her firm mounds, topped by tight pink buds. As he dropped the bra to the floor he took a moment to take in the sight before him. Her natural breasts were large and firm and perfectly shaped, her nipples, now hardened into stiff buds, sitting on tight areolas, waiting to be sucked and pleasured.

Sophie's hands moved to the back off Rich's head, pulling him closer to her chest and, after one more glance, he gently took one of her nipples into his mouth. Sophie moaned as his warm, wet mouth encircled her stiff point, his tongue flicking over it, making her softly whispered his name.

"Undress me," she whispered, her head tilted back, pushing her breast into his mouth. Continuing to direct his attention on her breasts, Rich carefully unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down over her smooth, firm butt cheeks, revealing a lacy, white thong, which matched her now discarded bra.

Sophie sighed as she felt the cool air of the room around her hot pussy, the drop in temperature making her aware of just how wet her panties had become.

Finally removing his mouth from it's teasing journey across her nipples, Rich knelt in front of her, his hands on her butt cheeks, and, as he moved his mouth towards the lace of her panties Sophie began gently pulling him towards her, silently demanding that he continue with the pleasure he had started when he'd first kissed her. Without needing any encouragement, Rich pushed his mouth to the now visible opening beneath the lace of her panties.

Sophie gasped as she felt Rich's mouth on her, her frustration at the barrier between their flesh began to dissipate as she felt his hands reach for the waist of her panties and he began to pull them down. Sophie daintily stepped out of her underwear, and, at Rich's gentle and silent beckoning, she sat on the foot of her bed, opening her slim, fair legs, allowing him to see for the first time, her tight and freshly waxed pussy.

The first contact his mouth made on her caused her squirm as she felt a jolt of pleasure pass through her.

"I want to hear you come," Rich whispered from between her legs. "I want to watch you when you come."

"I'll come for you," she responded, her voice husky with excitement and nerves.

And as she felt his tongue slip between her now swollen, wet lips she whispered his name.

"Don't tease me, Rich. I need to come, I want to come for you," she gushed, her desire now controlling her words.

And then, at her gentle command, he slid his tongue up and over her opening, causing her to buck, her thighs trembling with the intensity. Reaching up to take her nipples in his hands Rich began to trace the letters of the alphabet across her clit, the first few strokes releasing it from the delicate pink folds that surrounded it.

Sophie moaned and, unable to remain seated upright, she leaned back, reclining on her elbows as Rich's fingers pulled and tweaked her nipples.

"Oh fuck," she moaned, between breaths that were becoming deeper and faster. "Oh fuck, Rich, don't stop. Don't stop, please....".

Her head fell back, her legs closing around Rich's head as her orgasm flooded through her, causing her thighs to tremble.

As her breathing began to subside Rich felt Sophie's movements change from the rhythmic grinding which had matched her orgasm, to a twitch which told him she was becoming sensitive. Moving up to her mouth, his tongue again seeking out hers, he kissed her deeply, feeling her breath mixing with his.

"Rich, that felt so good," Sophie said, finally finding her voice. "Will you make love to me?"

Rich's answer was to pull away from their kiss, his hands moving to the belt on his jeans, stepping out of them. Sophie watched, suddenly aware of her nakedness but her desire keeping her from reacting.

Rich stepped forward, an act which told Sophie that he wanted her to remove his boxer shorts. Silently she reached out, her slim fingers slipping inside the waist band, pulling it out over Rich's hard shaft, exposing his erection. And as she saw his hard cock for the first time, Sophie leaned forward and gently kissed the tip.

Rich looked down at his friend's beautiful girlfriend, who's lips now met the tip of his throbbing shaft. Stepping back, he stepped out of his shorts and in that moment Sophie slid her toned, body up the bed until her head was resting on the pillows. And then, without a word between them, Rich stepped forward, crawling up onto the bed. Silently and without breaking their gaze, Sophie opened her legs, inviting him between them. Their lips met and her fingers encircled his cock, guiding him towards her damp opening until she could feel the heat of his hardness at her lips, and as their mouths pressed together the heat from her wet pussy made Rich thrust inside the young woman who had once been no more to him than his friend's girlfriend, completing their betrayal.

The sensation brought about by Rich entering her soft folds drew gasps of pleasure and desire from both of them, and in that moment they lay still, enjoying the warmth and trust they shared.

"Make love to me slowly," Sophie purred. "I want to feel you. I want to come again, with you inside me."

Rich looked down at her beautiful face, brushing a strand of golden hair from her forehead, feeling her lift her legs, tilting her hips, allowing him to finally slide his full length into her. She gasped again, his hardness now pressing on the knot of nerve endings deep inside her.

"Rich," she breathed. "You're right on my g-spot. I can feel you so deep. Please make love to me. Be slow and gentle."

And he began to thrust inside of her, his movements not enough that it would bring him to his end too quickly, but just enough to give Sophie the pleasure she wanted and needed. The moan which emanated from her lips told him his movements were having the desired effect. He dipped his mouth to her breasts, taking first one nipple then the other, his tongue playing over them, sucking them between his lips as Sophie's hips began to grind, her movements mirroring his as she assisted in the pleasure his cock was bringing inside her.

"Like that," she whispered, her arms wrapping around him as she kissed his neck. "Oh fuck, Rich, thats so good. I can feel it, you're going to make me come again."

And then she moaned again, a loud but feminine sound which held all the pleasure he was causing her as well as the built up emotion and frustration of the last few days. And then her body took over from her brain and she dissolved into the world of pleasure which emanated from deep within her, her body pressed against his, her legs moving as her second orgasm burst through her.

Still sucking on Sophie's nipples, Rich rode out the waves of her climax, matching her movements so that his cock stayed pressed against the sensitive spot inside her.

"Did you come?" Sophie asked through breaths that were starting to return to normal.

"Not yet," Rich whispered, between kisses on her lips.

"I want you to," Sophie sighed. "I want to feel you come inside me."

"I will," he replied. "But not yet."

"Please, Rich, please keep making love to me until you come. I want to feel it, I want to see your face when you let go inside of me."

Her words and the look on her face convinced Rich to begin his thrusting again. Slow at first but as Sophie flexed the muscles inside her, squeezing his cock, he began to move faster. She moaned as his speed increased.

"Come for me, honey. Let it go inside of me."

He felt her adjust her position beneath him until her slender fingers found the delicate flesh around his balls, massaging them gently. Rich groaned, thrusting deep inside of her, a movement which caught her off guard.

"Shit," she groaned. "I really felt that. Do it again."

And as her trimmed finger nails raked gently over his balls, Rich thrust deep into her again, making her moan, whispering his name.

"Baby, don't stop. Don't stop until you come in me."

She squeezed her pussy around him again, urging his release.

"I want to feel you. Fuck, you're so hard right now."

Her fingers encircled his balls, massaging them.

"I can feel your balls tightening. Are you going to come?"

Rich whispered, "yes."

"Tell me, baby. Tell me you're going to come."

And as she said the words Rich withdrew his cock from deep inside her pussy before thrusting back in, parting her already open lips.

"Fuck," she whispered as she felt him enter his full length into her. And again he withdrew, almost pulling away from her fingers which still massaged his balls, thrusting back into her.

"Sophie," he whispered.

"Yes, baby."

"Sophie, I'm going to come."

And he thrust into her again, his orgasm engulfing him as he began to release his hot come into her tight pussy.

"Fuuucckk," he groaned as he felt himself spurt inside her.

"Oh, Rich, I can feel you coming," Sophie moaned into his ear as she felt his body tense, his hips thrusting him deeper into her again and again. And the three words which followed were lost in their frenzy of breathing.

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