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Special Delivery

A special package arrives and gives Greg a night he will never forget
Greg heard the door open behind him and smiled, but his eyes didn’t waver from the glowing laptop screen on the black desk in front of him. Her plane was right on time. He needed to finish writing this code for work tomorrow, but that was going to be just a bit harder now with the distraction walking in. The door closed heavily and slowly footsteps approached him. His heartbeat quickened knowing she drew near and his mind went fuzzy on his work. Sara stood beside him and, without even looking at him, grabbed the far side of the desk and leaned over to rest her torso on the space Greg had cleared for her to his right. She laid her head down looking away from him and then she waited.

He wanted to look at her very badly, wanted to extend a hand to caress an oh-so-soft butt cheek or feel her beautiful flowing black hair, but that wasn’t part of the fantasy and he had a job to do. Concentrating on the screen again, Greg breathed slowly and thought about his problem. The half-solution he had been working on required some tweaking and several hidden gotchas needed working around. What he was doing was about as far from sexy as you can get, but still she waited.

Twenty minutes later and checking the test results one last time, Greg was satisfied that the code would work, but it didn’t feel as elegant as it should be. Too many workarounds cluttered the flow, but he’d looked at the problem for too long now to see anything new. He would review the changes with his colleagues tomorrow, but for now this would have to do. With that, he rolled his chair away from the desk and finally looked over at the woman splayed across the hotel desk.

Taking the scene before him in, he swallowed hard. Sara’s luscious rump was very close at hand and jutting up perfectly thanks to her red high heel pumps. It was all he could do to stop himself from taking her right then, but she had come a long way for this and he wanted to give her a night she would never forget. Black stockings wrapped her shapely legs and disappeared mid-thigh under her black dress with red highlights. Wanting to know if she was wearing the stockings just as he had asked, Greg let his fingertips touch her left leg just above the knee, then caressed slow circles up her leg. Soon he found the top welt and eventually the stocking ended just short of her groin, just as he had wanted.

He longed to see those stockings complimenting her bent-over pussy, but for now he was enjoying playing under her dress, as did Sara. Her body twitched at having his hand so close to her, so he rubbed his fingers into the lace panties over her slit. Immediately she tensed up and pressed back at him, contorting her perfect body on the desk to do so. Pressing harder over her clit worked her up more and he could hear her breathing start to labor. Working his way back down to her opening, he brushed aside the delicate fabric and smeared his fingers into her wetness. His fingers danced around her hole while she tried furiously to take them in. He occasionally flitted his fingers up across her clit to squeals of delight, then suddenly plunged two fingers inside her and felt her instantly clamp down on them with a loud groan. Working his fingers in and out, she responded determinedly in kind, moan volume increasing, until finally she orgasmed and rested again, taking a deep breath.

Greg loved everything about getting Sara off, but sadly had occasion to do so rarely. His work as a consultant took him all over the country, but seemingly never close to his distant lover. When she had agreed to fly to him for an extended visit, he was ecstatic. When she agreed to indulge his fantasy while doing so, he was apoplectic.

The fantasy began with them selecting an outfit online together. It was important that she be comfortable with it because she would be wearing it on the flight to see him. It took a bit of negotiating, but eventually they agreed on something that was sexy but still wearable in public; a not-too-short dress with decent cleavage, stockings, and high heels. Not at all your typical airplane wear, but then that was the point.

Just before leaving for the flight, Sara sent him pictures from her phone and he had to take a moment to thank the stars for his luck. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and he knew she would turn heads her entire way here. He imagined the gaping looks as she passed through security, the leering stares as she waited in the terminal, and the longing glances as passengers shuffled past her in first class. Taking a cab from the airport, she picked up a key he left at the front desk and came straight to him, to wait just a bit longer. Now this beautiful package was his to unwrap and Greg intended to make this night as special for her as it was for him.

Greg had waited as long as he could stand, so he moved his hands to each hip under her dress and hooked two fingers into the band of her panties and slowly tugged down. He pulled the flimsy panties out from under the dress and left them stretched just above the knees of her spread legs. Running his hands back up her firm thighs, he pushed the edge of her dress up and over her ass, revealing the red highlights in the welt of her stockings. Seeing Sara’s glistening pink pussy next to those stockings triggered something inside Greg and he frenziedly kissed, then nibbled, then bit her surrounding legs and butt.

She moaned loudly for him and he had to have her now. Swiftly he stood, opened his pants, and slid into her as far as he could. She felt so good and warm as she pressed back into him, starting a mini tug-of-war over who could press into who more. Finally he held her hips against the desk with his hands and pulled out, sliding back in to hear her low moan. Back and forth he moved, working his way to a climax while she writhed and whimpered underneath him. Finally sweaty and spent, he slouched back into his chair to survey the situation.

If Greg liked her pussy before, he loved seeing it now. Her lips were even brighter from his recent pounding and the mixture of her juice and his cum oozing out of her somehow looked just right with her panties around her knees. He thanked the gods he didn’t believe in again as Sara bounced her ass indicating she wanted more. He wanted to do something extra special for her and he had an idea.

“I’ll be right back,” he said as he rose, closed his pants, and moved to the door, grabbing the ice bucket along the way. Sara waited obediently, ass in the air. Greg hurried to the ice machine down the hall, loaded up, and returned to the hotel room. When he opened the door, he admired her again and had a sudden urge to hold the door open. No one else could see her, he wouldn’t do that to her (unless she asked), but she couldn’t tell from her position. A long silence followed while he let her wonder and she began to twitch, then bounced her ass invitingly.

Smiling, Greg finally entered, letting the door shut behind him. Returning to his chair, he set the bucket of ice between Sara’s legs. Taking one of the long thin ice cubes in his hand, he touched it gently against the base of her slit and watched her jump. She let out a quick gasp, but moved back against the cube, hesitantly at first, but soon letting it touch her constantly. He responded by moving the cube up her valley, rubbing everywhere as she whimpered at the cold that pained and delighted her. She became particularly agitated as the cube rubbed across her engorged clit and soon the cube was almost melted from her heat.

Greg reached for another cube and picked up where he left off. Sara’s whimpers grew louder, but she didn’t pull away. Moving the cube to her vagina, he inserted one end of the cube and listened to her gasp. Her vaginal muscles contracted and forced the cube back out, so he inserted it again as Sara began to twitch more. Over and over he played this game as she became more excited until the cube was almost gone. Looking at her, he could see the melted ice had run water all down her legs to her panties and he knew he had to have her again.

Opening his pants and grabbing another cube, he stood and reached under her ass to tease her again. Sara moaned somewhat disapprovingly; he could see she was extremely aroused and eager for his cock. “Do you want my dick?” he asked and she nodded her agreement vigorously. “Then you shall have it, my sweet,” he said and then shoved the ice cube fully into her waiting vagina followed by his almost equally rigid cock.

Sara had been trying to stay on the quiet side before, but she gasped loudly at this turn of events. She seemed a bit confused at first, but soon pressed back into Greg and he took that as his signal to start pumping strongly. Soon the cube was melted and he asked simply, “More?” Hesitating only slightly, she nodded her head vigorously and he inserted two cubes this time and pounded furiously as she grew more animated, her breathing and moaning growing in volume while he worked. Again she assented when the time came and three ice cubes made Sara writhe like Greg had never seen before. When Greg stopped again and before he could say anything, Sara finally broke her silence and could only mutter, “My poor pussy.”

The words cut deeply and Greg instantly wondered if he’d gone too far. Sara had obviously enjoyed the ice play, but there was no doubt now that she was aching from the frozen touch. He hastily retrieved a towel from the bathroom and wiped away the melted runoff from her shivering legs. Removing the panties, he felt the drenched stockings and removed those as well with her high heels. Once he’d freed her of her dress, he picked up her naked body and carried her to the bed, still quivering, and placed her under the sheets. She looked spent and beaten and his eyes watered at what he’d done to this perfect object of his fantasy. Taking off his own clothes, he moved in next to her and pressed against her, whispering, “I’m so sorry, baby. I’ll warm you up.”

Her small hand stirred under the blankets and grabbed his manhood. “Give me this warmth,” Sara purred to him. Touched and instantly aroused, Greg moved over her and leaned down, kissing her more passionately than he’d kissed any woman before. Pushing himself into her, she eagerly took him in, craving the heat radiating from his cock. He fucked her slowly, earnestly, and with feeling, moaning in kind with her under the warm blankets. When his warm jizz flowed into her, he couldn’t help but press himself hard into her as he gasped for breath.

Collapsing on top of her, Greg’s mind swam with the perfect evening Sara had given him. Looking at her now, he could see how she glowed with her own appreciation of the night’s proceedings. As he caressed the hair from her cheek, she smiled and looked him in the eyes with a longing stare. He didn’t know how yet, but he knew he would find a way to spend more time with this lovely, lusty creature.

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