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special treatment

she came for physio and got the best treatment

   Lucia was in her early thirties, a latin hipped brazilian living in Manchester.  Her neck had been giving her grief since she strated her new job a few months back.  Work insisted she go to see a doctor and then a physiotherapist, she didn't see the point but they were paying so what the hell.

   When she arrived at the clinic after work she became even more pissed off when she rang the bell and there was no answer.  'fuck, what a waste of time' she thought as she turned to leave, 'hi there, sorry, didn't hear the bell'  She turned and it was a man presumably a physio from his attire, he was gorgeous, her face reddened and she mumbled pleasantries as she followed him inside.

   Josh was having a long night, he worked late at the clinic on a thursday night.  'Only one more patient to go' he told himself as he went to answer the door.  He was tired off treating OAP patients.  He saw the back of her head initially she was leaving.  Even from behind he knew she would be beautiful.  Her arse was big but perfectly contained in her work trousers, and it got better.  Olive skin, deep brown eyes... she wore a jacket undone with a spaghetti strap vest under which clung to her breasts.  He smiled and invited her in.

  He'd never felt sexual tension like this with a patient, he was glad it was thursday as he worked alone.  They sat down in the cubicle and he went through the usual routine, questions about her neck etc etc.  But his heart was pounding, she was flirting with him at first he thought he was imagining it but there was no denying it.  The pure intensity of her starring intently at him was making him hard... he shuffled in his seat.

  'Stop it' she told herself, she had never behaved like this.  She leant forward as he spoke encouraging, almost forcing him to eye her small but very firm breasts.  He was shuffling in his seat, she spotted the bulge rising in his crotch and became acutely aware of a feeling rising in the pit of her stomach.  A tingle rose from her pussy, tickling her belly and making her nipples stiffen.

   He tried to sound as casual as possible when he asked if he could examine her neck and left and asked her to take of her top.  He returned and was faced with her standing in her low cut work trousers, which any lower would be revealing the top of her neatly trimmed bush, and her pert breasts proud in a black lacy push up.  His mouth dried up, he wanted this woman so much but he couldn't she was a patient, he had an obligation.

  She eyed him as he assessed her neck... his cute face, broad shoulders and each touch of his soft hands whilst he asked 'does this hurt?''no!' she thought, 'it throbs.'  Her mind was racing and she felt her bud harden and as she changed position her pussy lips moistened.

  'We'll start your treatment with a massage' he said, becoming more confident now he was in control, 'get undressed and lie face down on the bed; ther's a towel on the side to cover up with' and he left the cubicle.

   'Undressed into what?' she stammered, but it was too late he was gone.  ' Fuck it' she thought as she peeled down her trousers and unhooked her bra.  She caught a glimspe of herself in just a thong in the wall mirror her curvy behind sticking out.  Her body was pulsing with anticipation as she positioned herself face down on the firm plinth, her already electric clit by the pressure of the bed beneath her.  Unaware that he had returned she was shocked at first by his oily hands stroking her back....

   'Whereever it hurts we can massage' he spoke for the last time.  He folded down the towel to her waist and became aware that his bluff to let her decide how far to undress had paid off.  He gently kneaded the muscles around her shoulder blades, rocking a rhythm, slow and deliberate.  His cock now fully erect and twiching at the restriction of being contained in his trousers, but he endevoured to forget it... for now.

  His hands were so soft but firm and she tried not to groan and they glided down her spine to the base of her back.  As he pushed her pelvis down into the bed into circular motion she was grinding her now aching pussy against it, moving her leg aside over the edge to help.  He continued to forrage pulling down the towel revealing her glorious thonged arse.  As he moved down the bed she felt his stiff dick brush against her hand.  As he massaged her butt her clit relented and she came for the first time and her pussy flooded with juice. Waves of contractions pulsed from her clit to her nipplesand back but she held it in not wanting to moan.

  He was now up the inside of both of her thighs just stopping short of her thong lining, he repeated this several times. He loved watching her writhe,  bucking as his fingers inched toward her pussy.  She could hardly bear anymore her now soaking lips demanded to be touched, she wriggled spread and this time he breached the panty lining. He only lightly ran one finger up her lips, almost tickling.  Involuntarily she groaned, he took his cue and pulled aside her thong and started to work her sensual pussy with two hands.... one teasing the clit and a finger, then two of the other entering her opening.  his thumb massaging the border of her pussy and arsehole tipped her over again.  This time in to a massive orgasm that took them both by surprise.  She pushed hard onto his fingers forcing them inside of her making him fuck her with two fingers whilst increasing the pressure on her swollen clit.

  Her hand reached over the edge of the bed and groped about til she founf her prize, his stel like cock tensed as she rubbed it through his trousers.... she unzipped him and aggressively yanked down his pants letting him stand proud.  Firmly she took the base of his cock and wanked it hard and slow, squeezing his shaft almost viciously to stop him exploding.

  They both could bear no more, he eased down her soaking thong and as she turned over for the first time they saw each other in full glory.  Her glistening pussy cmpelling him to taste.  She was keen to regain some control and so pulled him down onto the bed kissing him full, and forcefully pushing her tongue into her mouth.  She moved over him straddling him and then turning around before backing up to sit on his face.  She came instantly as he licked her clit and she sat up giving him her pussy to lap whilst his sensitive clit exploded.  He darted his tongue around her lips and darted into her, covering himself in her limitless juice. 

  She beginning to gyrate again feeling another orgasm in the post whilst sat on him watching his cock throbbing on his stomach below.  she bent forward and took him in her mouth simultaneously allowing him to tongut lash her clit again.  She took all of him into her mouth and out and in again. She carressed his balls and felt his dick twitch and pump and he came into her mouth.  The warmth in her mouth wastaken over by the impended rush from her pussy.... this time she screamed as he sucked hard on her clit whist fucking her with two fingers and twisting them in and out. Her exhausted pussy song and contracted on her hand and the glow did not stop for what felt like minutes.

  It was with a smile they said goodbye booking their next 'treatment' on a quiet thursday in a weeks time.  Needless to say she became his favourite patient.....

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