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Natasha thanks her Professor

I’m 40 years old 6'2 180 dark hair and brown eyes. I work hard to stay in

good shape going to the gym every day except Sundays.   I'm a business professor at the local university. Natasha one of my students is 19 years old and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. She is about 5'9 130 lbs very athletic, long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, teeth so white and pure they seem transparent, long legs that seem to never end and an absolute perfection for an ass. I have never seen an ass as proportionate to a body as hers and her breasts are a very respectable B cup or a decent C cup.   She was having trouble understanding the concepts discussed in class, she asked if I would tutor her once a week.   We agreed to meet at my house every Wednesday until the end of the semester.   By the end of the semester Natasha was doing great in class and earned an A for the semester.


Friday evening after finals there was a knock at my door at about 7:30. Natasha was standing there she was wearing a pink sundress type of dress.

I was speechless in the fading sunlight I could see threw her sundress as if she was wearing clear plastic clothing. I guess I stumbled with my words and she kind of chuckled and said “Mr. Tom you’re kind of hot too”, and walked into the house. I cleared my throat and said I’m sorry excuse me; what did you just say? She turned around and looked me from head to toe pausing briefly at my crotch and moved real close to me and said. "I said Mr. Tom your hot too and I would like to thank you for tutoring me this semester". Then she stepped a few feet from me lifted her arms up and stood there. I came real close to her and gently lifted the garment over her head, when it was almost off of her she leaned into me and it was so obvious I had a hard on. She leaned right into it and kind of pushed her lower body into my hard cock that my shorts were not designed to conceal. She stayed in contact with my cock with her stomach, my cock was around her belly button area. When I pulled the dress completely over her head and off her she smiled that perfect smile while looking up at me, she thanked me. She asked where my bedroom was, I pointed down the hall.   I followed the most perfect ass on the planet in little pink lace panties to the bedroom. I watched her ass move as she walked it swayed with every step but it was so obvious it was firm and hard. Her ass doesn’t have a lot of gap in it like a lot or even most girls do. It’s just perfect!!


She stopped at the edge of the bed as I watched her from about 6 feet away. She kept her long beautiful legs perfectly straight and bent at the waist and removed her sandals. I could see the perfect hollow at the top of the inside of her thighs and a tiny out line of her tiny pussy covered with a little bit of pink panty material. My cock was so hard I didn't even realize it was sticking out the top of my shorts. She looked back at me while she was bent over and smiled that perfect smile again and she asked me if I have ever wondered or fantasized about what it would be like to be inside her?. I just nodded. She smiled and said she wanted to suck my cock. I walked over next to her she then very very gently touched the head of my cock that was protruding from my shorts and kissed my neck. I was speechless she looked up into my eyes gave a sly little smile and slowly slid down my body. Her touch was so hot as he kept eye contact with me until her head went face down and that second I felt her wet warm mouth suck the head of my cock into her mouth. She never freed my cock. My cock head was sticking out of the top of my shorts. She wasn't using her hands at all as she sucked the head of my cock again into her mouth then looked up into my eyes. Bending my cock down with her mouth she sucked the whole length of my cock into her mouth. I felt as if I was going to cum right then as I watched her lip close around the base of my cock, then she looked up with her beautiful green eyes and sucked even harder. I never felt her teeth. I have had my cock sucked by more women

than I can count and none have ever worked my cock like this with so much

suction without me at least feeling their teeth some. She looked into my

eyes again and moaned real loud I could see the saliva glisten on her lips

as she slowly sucked her way back up the length of my fat hard cock. She

sucked it slowly moaning, at the head she swirled her tongue while she

moaned looked right into my eyes and took my cock from her mouth. She kept

eye contact got up on the bed and spread her legs wide apart, slid her right hand into her panty and said “Mr. Tom eat my pussy I’m so wet. She pulled her panty to one side revealing the tiniest, pinkest little pussy I have ever seen. She had just a small patch of blonde hair above her pussy. She started rubbing her pussy as I watched she pushed one finger inside her pink folds and again said “Mr. Tom eat my pussy!”. I pushed my face into

her little pussy, she tasted so clean!!. I could tell just by the slight

tang that it was a pussy I had my face in, but other than that she was

perfectly clean. I pushed my tongue inside her tight little pink pussy she

arched her back and thrust her pussy into my face and said ohhh yeah

“Mr. Tom eat my pussy!” I flicked her little clit with my tongue and she

moaned I pushed my index finger inside her tight little pussy. Her pussy walls were tightly contracted around my finger. She said “ohhh yeah eat my pussy and fuck me like that” as I pushed my finger hard into her and she jumped a little bit but started to grind her pussy into my hand!!. I watched as this perfect female fucked my hand. She placed a hand on top of my head and pushed my head back between her legs. I went straight to her clit. The second I licked her clit she started to cum and she was begging me to lick her clit faster and fuck her pussy harder with my finger. She shook all over and I felt her get even wetter inside her pussy as she collapsed on my hand. I licked her clit again and she jerked real quick and told me to wait that she was too sensitive right now.   I pulled her bra off and started to suck the most perfect breast I have even seen in my life. She was starting to come back around and was kind of humping me with her pussy underneath me. I lined my hard huge cock up with her pussy and was about to push into her and she stopped me. She said she wanted me bad but that my cock was so big she knew it would hurt her. I knew it would too but hell she is a hot 19 year old chick I just got her off eating her pussy. I saw her pussy and felt it I knew it was going to be the best pussy I have ever fucked. She again said she wanted to fuck but was scared of the size of my cock. I told her it would be ok. She asked if she could just suck me off. This was an awesome idea but I had my heart and cock set on this tight little pussy!!   I told her I wanted her pussy and wanted it now. She said I could fuck her if I would promise to tutor her next semester.   I said yeah. She said do you promise? I said yeah I reached down grasped my cock and aligned it with her pussy opening. I slid in about one inch not even my whole cock head was in, I stopped and looked at her then pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head, I saw a look of pain on her face but what I felt was pure heaven. My cock was buried deep inside her tight little wet pink pussy as my balls were touching her perfect ass.   She stopped again opened her eyes and made me promise again. I have never felt anything even remotely close to this tight or wet!!. She had a look of pain in her eyes but looked right into my eyes and said Fuck Me!!!. I pulled out and thrust back into the tightest little pussy on the planet. I pushed her legs up a little bit just so I could watch my cock fuck this tight fuck hole. I pulled out until I could see the crown of my cock head and I pushed back in hard, when I pushed into her I could see

her pussy lips try and follow my cock inside her. She was stretched to the

limit. When I pulled out to thrust back in I looked at my cock and it shined and glistened with her sweet pussy juices all over my cock.   I started

to fuck her hard and fast she was biting her bottom lip and saying “ohh yeah

Mr. Tom fuck me!!. She started to move her pussy in time with my thrust. She said ohhh yeah, you fuck like a man!! Your cock is so big and fat!! Fuck me with it!!. I did I started to fuck her like I wanted too. I did not take it easy on her and I used her pussy to deliver as much pleasure as I could. I pushed her ankles back up along side of her head and watched as my cock came out and went back in I was pulling out until I could see the crown of my cock head and then pushing in until I felt my balls bounce off her ass. She started to cum. She closed her eyes and said she has never felt anything as big she pushed back on me and if it was possible it seemed as if her little fuck hole got even tighter!! She looked right in my eyes and said cum inside me.   I stabbed her hard and deep. I held my cock deep inside her as my balls were resting on her ass I started to move my whole body from side to side as she squeezed my cock with her pussy. I told her I could not control it any longer. I felt Natasha wrap her legs around my ass and hold me inside her as I shot load after load of hot cum into her pussy.   As we laid in bed catching our breath, I told Natasha “I will tutor you anytime.”

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