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spring break

My hands held the back of her head in place, her nose was pressed
against my stomach, my cock slid down her velvety throat and all I
could think of was how glad I was that I had jerked off earlier in the
day. She was so good at giving head that it was almost scary.  I was
glad I took care of my own business earlier, fore if I had not, I would
have shot my thick load down to the caverns of her belly long ago,
ending what was turning out to be the greatest night of my life.

Her name is Marcy, she is a tall blonde with green eyes that would melt
ice if she stared at it. Her legs were never-ending. Her tits were 
smallish for her frame, but who gives a crap. Marcy bobbed her head up
and down my cock with perfection. Her hands grasped my ass and mine her
hair which was long, soft and smelled sweet.

Marcy and I live in the same apartment complex near the university we
attend.  I was fortunate enough to help Tammy, her fat ugly roommate,
lug a few boxes in from the rain the day they moved in. I was just
being a nice guy and it paid off. I met Marcy after my second trip up.
She caught my eye right away, simply put, she is a looker. We chatted
and it was apparent that we had a lot in common, especially a sarcastic
sense of humor. The three of us hung out often, but always the three of
us. For a long time I wanted to ask out Marcy but it seemed to me that
we were destined to be just friends. Truth be told, I liked Tammy too
and would not want to hurt her feelings. So, I was resolved to jerk off
and fantasize about Marcy, which I did often, including earlier that

So, the question is how did we finally hook up? The question is a good
one but the story is even better. I overheard Marcy talking to some
friends about the upcoming Spring Break and how she was bummed that she
could not afford to go away and would be staying at home. Tammy was
headed for some tropical resort where she would party in search of a
guy drunk enough to sleep with her. Once I heard Marcy would be
staying, I knew I would be as well.

Spring Break could not come soon enough. I knew this would be my best
chance to develop something with Marcy. Once it did come, the town was
deserted. It seemed as if we were the only two people left behind. We
spent all of our time together. During the day, we would workout then
have lunch. In the evenings we would order in or dine out then head
back home and watch a movie. We stayed up late each night talking and
laughing. Once or twice, I crashed at her place, sleeping in Tammy's
room. Then things began to take a turn for the better.

That was Wednesday afternoon. I knew Wednesday night would be do or die
for me and Marcy! As soon as I got home, I called upstairs and woke
Marcy from her nap. I confirmed we were hanging out even though I knew
we were, there was nobody else around! When we hung up, I cleaned my
apartment and changed the sheets on the bed. I even made it, which I
never do. I jumped in the shower. Thoughts of Marcy immediately filled
my head making my cock hard without my even touching it. I closed my
eyes, and let the warm water soak my face. I had visions of Marcy naked
and my hand involuntarily found my cock and began stroking it slowly.
My visions had her approaching me naked, a few more strokes and that
was all she wrote. My hand was covered in the thick goo from within me.
I finished my shower and took a nap.

Around 7, I went upstairs and let myself in. Marcy was finishing up a
workout tape and looked hot in her tights and sports bra. I grabbed a
beer as she headed off to the shower. I noticed that she did not close
the door to the bathroom completely but did not give it too much
thought, after all it was her home. I clicked around the TV when she
came out from the bathroom. She was had a bath towel wrapped around her
body and another towel wrapped around her head covering her hair. "What
are you up for tonight" she asked. I told her that I was in the mood
for a steak and wanted to go to Doyle's. A small steakhouse in town
that was kind of romantic but not over the top. She agreed and when she
finished dressing we headed out.

We were seated at a corner table by the front window. The restaurant was
dimly lit and a small candle on the table provided most of the light.
There were not many people in the place and no one was seated close to
us. We had a lovely waitress who took our drink order right away. I
ordered a bottle of red wine, much to the surprise of Marcy. When the
waitress left she asked me about it because I rarely do the wine thing,
I am a Vodka or beer man. I told her I was in the mood to try something
new. We finished a glass or so when the waitress returned to take our
order. It was a nice long evening out.

We finished two bottles of wine and were doing damage to the third when
the serious flirting began. It started with Marcy asking me why I never
dated anyone seriously. She commented on how she noticed I never had
more than three dates with the same girl. I was stunned that she
noticed. I fumbled with my answer, not wanting to let on that she was
the real reason. Finally, I wised up and turned the tables on her.
"What about you?" I asked. "You have not had a serious boyfriend since
I met you". "Who needs a serious boyfriend when you have a vibrator,"
she said. We had a slight pregnant pause, then we both burst out
laughing at the same time. It was the funniest thing I can recall her
ever saying. It was also the most outrageous. She went on to complain
about the guys at our University. They were  either to aggressive or
not aggressive enough. Marcy was no slut, but she had fun too. She told
me the guys she "fooled around with" were either selfish lovers, or too
quick to finish, she had a laundry list of complaints. "That's not true
of all men" I added. "Oh really?" was her reply.

We finished our meal and our wine. I paid the check even as Marcy
insisted that she pay half. "Not tonight," I said, "Tonight you are my

Soon after that we were walking arm in arm to my car. I opened the door
for her and she turned to get in but stopped and kissed me on the
mouth.  the kiss lasted longer than a peck but was not a make out
session either. I was speechless. "Thanks for a great spring break and
a great dinner." I think I said you're welcome but I can't be sure.

We drove home in silence. Each of us thinking about that kiss I am sure.
I know I was. I was not expecting it but it was nice. I parked, and arm
in arm again, we headed to the elevator. "Your place or mine?" Marcy
asked. "How about we continue the try something new theme and go to
mine?" She agreed and we did.

As soon as the door opened she noticed the change. She mocked me asking
if my mother was coming and stuff like that.  She sat on the sofa as I
opened another bottle of wine. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" she
asked. I was about to say no, or something to that effect when Marcy
continued, "Cause that's not really necessary, you know." I sat besides
her and poured each of us a glass. I placed the bottle down and turned
to face my  Marcy. Our eyes met and I was lost in her beauty. She
leaned in and kissed me again. We meshed well. There was no awkwardness
to our kisses. No banging noses or twisting heads till we found the
proper angle. Her mouth opened slightly and I let my tongue explore her
mouth. I ran it over hers and then to the roof of her mouth. I
playfully bit her lower lip and started making out with her again. My
head was spinning from the wine and the kiss. When we finally stopped
kissing I was not sure what to say. Marcy, being the amazing women she
is, must have sensed this and she was the first to speak. It was as if
she took the words right out of my mouth, and I felt my heart skip a
beat when she said "Do you have any idea how long I have dreamed about
kissing you?"

Marcy and I  kissed for an eternity. This was exactly what I wanted,
what I dreamed of. But now the moment was here and I was suddenly
tentative. I wanted to do more, to go further, but I was afraid of,
well, I am not sure of what. I managed to move my  hand to her breasts
and rubbed them some over her shirt. She did not stop me so I continued
to touch her.  I knew it was time to do more. I began to unbutton her
shirt. Soon her sexy stomach was exposed as was her lacy bra. I moved
down to kiss her stomach. This was all too much. I was finally kissing
and holding the woman I have wanted for so long. I wanted this to be
special, romantic and loving. I wanted to make her feel special. I
remembered what she had said over dinner, how men were coming up short
in one way or another. I have never been a selfish lover, quite the
contrary. My goal has always been to pleasure her first and foremost. I
have found that pays off. After kissing Marcy's stomach and I needed to
feel her breasts in my mouth. I unfastened her bra and she eased out of
it. I immediately went to work on them. Licking her nipples and kissing
her breasts all over. She used her forearms to squeeze them together
and I ran my tongue over her cleavage. I loved how her nipples became
hard as I sucked on them, I also loved the feeling of her long nails
running thru my hair.  We were laying side by side. Her hand finally
found my crotch and I knew tonight was the night. She rubbed my stiff
cock over my jeans, but I stopped her. I wanted to take care of her
first. This was the green light I was looking for.

I sat up and unfastened her jeans. She raised her hips and I slid off
her pants. She was wearing a sexy pair of panties that matcher her bra.
My cock was throbbing in my pants and my heart was pounding hard too. I
slid her panties off and gazed at her spectacular pussy. She was
groomed immaculately. A small strip of hair at the top leading towards
her lips, where the entire area was completely hairless. With my hands
on her ankles, I spread her legs as wide as I could. I started at her
feet, kissing them on top and bottom, sucking gently on each toe, then
slowly working my way up. I mentioned her legs were never-ending. I
took my time, kissing her knees and behind the knee. Finally I was at
her thighs and I worked them slowly. Softly fluttering my kisses
between her left inner thigh slowly over to the right. Allowing my lips
to graze ever so slightly over her lips. My arms outstretched and my
hands found her breasts. Squeezing them and rolling her nipples between
my fingers. She let out a soft moan and that is when I began licking
her vagina from top to bottom and back up again. I love going down an
women but only when they taste clean and sweet. She tasted better than
anyone I had ever done this too. She smelled and tasted amazing. I
could not get enough of her sweet juices. As they began to flow faster,
I lapped them up faster. I moved my hands down, using my fingers to
part her swollen lips, allowing my tongue to probe her sex deeper. My
face was emerged in her with her hands on the back of my head, pushing
me deeper inside. I licked and sucked her clit and pussy trying to keep
pace with her bucking hips. Once her orgasms subsided I kissed my way
up her body. Stopping to nibble on her nipples and then to the lobes of
her ear. I moved my face to hers and we kissed passionately. Her tongue
racing all over the inside of my mouth and tongue. She was enjoying her
own flavor and who could blame her.

She rolled on top of me, kissing me and sucking my tongue. She sat up
and reached behind her to stroke my jean covered cock. She snaked
herself onto my knees and unsnapped my jeans. I lifted my hips and she
tugged them off me. She placed her mouth on my cock and gently bit me
over my boxer briefs. What a tease, but I loved the electricity that
was shooting thru my entire body. She moved down again, an again I
raised my hips as she tugged off my shorts.

All at once she engulfed my cock deep in her mouth. My hands held the
back of my head in place, her nose was pressed against my stomach, my
cock slid down her velvety throat and all I could think of was how glad
I was I jerked off earlier in the day. She was so good at giving head
it was almost scary. I was glad I took care of my own business earlier,
fore if I had not, I would have shot my thick load down to the caverns
of her belly long ago, ending what was turning out to be the greatest
night of my life. My hands massaged her scalp as she continued to deep
throat me. She used on hand to squeeze my balls as she bobbed her head
up and down the length of my shaft. She was good. She created a sucking
sensation that felt like a vacuum was working my cock. She changed
positions, taking both my hairless balls into her mouth as she stroked
my shaft at a high speed. I began to get that feeling telling me that
my explosion was nearing. I tried to stop her, but it was too late. She
sucked my balls hard and was jerking me off at a mind boggling speed. I
began to groan and she must have sensed what was about to happen. Her
timing was exquisite. Her mouth took all eight inches deep in her
throat at the exact moment I began to shoot my thick load. She
swallowed every drop of my cum and licked my shaft, and cock head
clean. I was trying to catch my breath as she kissed her way up my
body. She sucked my nipples and massaged my balls at the same time. I
felt my cock twitch and knew it would return to an erect state soon.
She kissed me on the mouth ramming her tongue into my mouth forcing me
to taste my salty seed. It bothered me at first, but it quickly passed.

We lay together, holding one another for awhile. We kissed, and laughed.
Then we started up again. She moved her hand to my cock and held it
playfully. It did not take long for me to become semi erect. She helped
it along by rubbing her nails up and down the bottom of my shaft. This
made me a notch harder. Then Marcy moved herself on top of me in a
sixty-nine position. She began to kiss the head of my cock and twirl
her tongue around it. I moved my head up ever so slightly and was again
eating her sweet cunt. We played with the others genitalia for
sometime. I slid my finger into Marcy's tight asshole and she let out a
gasp that was so sexy it my cock twitch. She moved her mouth from my
cock and sat herself down on my finger. Without warning, she slid off
my finger, turned to face me and grabbed my cock. She eased the head
into her warm wet pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it. I held her
hips as she raised and lowered herself on my meat at a steady pace. I
sat up to suck her tits but she forcefully pushed me back down. She
wanted to be in control and that was cool by me.  Marcy managed to
squat down on me with her knees spread wide and her feet flat on the
bed. She rested the palms of her hands on my chest. Marcy is a great
athlete and was proving that now. I watched my cock disappear into her
tight pussy, and then reappear, glistening from her juices, as she
raised her hips upward. It was such a turn on seeing this, all the
while Marcy looking me square in the eyes with a devilish little grin
on her pretty face.

I knew her legs had to be hurting, the position was not a comfortable
one. Although, I certainly loved the view. I flipped Marcy off of me
and sat up. I motioned for her to get on all four's and she did. I held
my throbbing cock in my hand and guided the head to her wet slit. I
rubbed the head up and down her parting pussy lips then thrusted the
entire length of my cock deep in her. I began to pump her fast and
hard. My balls we smacking against her, every few thrusts she would
look back at me as she was biting her lower lip. Her pussy was
contracting against my penis and as I thrusted her it felt like I was
being massaged. I thrusted deeper and faster. I was trying to fuck her
hard and she was loving it. I smacked her ass and she let out a soft
"YES." I smacked her again and she screamed "YES!" I followed by taking
my middle finger and inserting it up her ass. She cried out "OH GOD,
YES!" I thrusted my cock slower now and thrusted my finger in and out
of her ass in sync with my cock. She screamed out "I am cumming, fuck
me harder!". I withdrew my finger and slid my cock in her tight anus.
That pushed her over the edge, her body began bucking wildly against
me. She buried her face in one of the pillows and moaned deeply how it
felt so good and she was cumming. After a few minutes, her seizures
began to slow and my cock, still hard popped out of her ass as she
rolled over onto her back.

Being the neat freak I am, I went to the bathroom and washed my rigid
member off. While their I ran the shower and set the water temperture
to a comfy 83 degrees.  I returned and scooped Marcy into my arms and
carried her to my shower. We kissed for a while, passionately. I slid a
hand down to her wet pussy and effortlesly slipped my middle finger
into her. I whispered how great it felt to be inside of her into her
ear. She whispered back how she has wanted this moment for so long. We
kissed again and  I turned her around so her ass was facing me. I let
the head of my cock slide into her. I thrusted slightly allowing on
half my shaft to enter her. I took five or six shallow pumps then
thrusted my entire cock deep inside her. I repeated this a few more
times until her moaning had me hotter than ever. I felt the build up in
my balls and new release was close. I began thrusting my hips, pushing
deep as Marcy raised her ass to meet my thrust. We were in the midst of
making love for the first time ever yet we had the timing of a couple
who had been together for decades. Her body melded so perfectly into
mine. It was as if she were created to be with me and me for her. I
pulled out just in time and began to shoot my thick load of cum all
over the small of her back. After I finished, I took a lufor and rubbed
soap all over it. I fell to my knees and began to bathe Marcies feet. I
washed every inch of her flesh. She was fully lathered and I slid up
her soapy body. Kissing her and massaging her breasts. Her nipples were
hard and I enjoyed tweaking them ever so. I placed her under the water
and soon our feet were covered in the suds of soap that just washed off
her body. Again, I fell to my knees and helped Marcy place one leg over
my shoulder allowing my mouth acess to her twat. Her bittersweet taste
was amazing and licking her made my cock twitch and I knew another
erection was on the way. In the meantime I focused on her sexy snatch.
Licking her, tasting her, biting ever so slightly on her engourged
clit. Her hands running thru my hair. The combonation of her sweet
pussy juice and the hot water running over my face wasa so sexy. I knew
she was cumming because she grasped the back of my head and forced my
faced deeper into her pussy. I licked her and sucked as if it were my
last meal, I loved the taste of her sex and would be happy if it were
the last thing I ever tasted. After her orgasam passed, we got out of
the shower and toweled each other dry.

We got back into the bed naked and held one antother for a long time.
This was not a one night stand or a one shot fuck between a couple of
buddies. We were in this for the long haul, whatever that meant. We
were in love. We both knew it but neither of us were ready to admitt

We spent the rest of that Spring Break making love, sleeping, and
experimenting with each others bodies. We loved trying to figure out
new ways to please each other. It seemed nothing was off limits or
taboo. We made love in the bed, in the shower, during the day, at
night, anytime we felt the urge.

All too soon the holiday ended and all the students returned to campus.
Each of our friends had his or her own story about the wildness they
encountered while at their tropical resorts. Even Tammy managed to find
a guy. She was happy and that made us happy to announce to all we were
a couple.

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