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Stacey's Mom Part Two

Not much sex in this installment, but an important of the story. We're building up to the twist.
As told in Part 1, Stacey was the perfect girlfriend. Beautiful, sexy, the most amazing body and an amazing sex drive. Even though I only got to see her once a month, we made up for our time apart by fucking each other's brains out in the short weekend we had together. We didn't bother with clothes unless we went out to a movie or to grab something to eat. We couldn't get enough of each other.

Stacey's dad didn't really care for me much. He thought I was too old for his little baby girl and that I was corrupting her. Well, maybe he was right about the last part. She wasn't a virgin when we met, but her experience was quite limited. He didn't like me and I really thought he was an asshole. Pretty typical right? Stacey's mom, Julie, and I got along pretty well. She had sworn me to secrecy about my monthly trips. If daddy dearest found out we would have hell to pay. So Julie protected us and kept the peace as most moms do.

You could easily tell where Stacey got her beauty. It was from her mom. She too was beautiful. She was like one of those 50's era mom's. Always dressed perfectly, even when she was dressed to do stuff in the house or a craft project. Her make up always light and tasteful. Her body was perfect, same hair color as Stacey, but with green eyes. From what I could tell, her body was smoking hot too, but hard to tell with her conservative attire. I never really had any nasty thoughts about her. Okay, maybe one or two!

The asshole had a hunting trip planned with his buddies, so I picked up Julie at their family home. The younger sisters had already been ushered off to some relatives' home. When she answered my knock, I was stunned. Mom looked amazing. It was March and cold. But, she had on a t-shirt and some stretchy pants. Not those yoga pants the girls wear now, but they were pretty form fitting. She had huge tits and what Stacey lacked in the ass department, Julie had. I was already trying to develop a strategy to hide my hard on for the entire eight hour drive.

She had a small suitcase, so I grabbed it and went out to put it in the trunk of my car. Julie had made some snacks and had coffee in a Thermos. Told you, she was one of those perfect little mom's. She grabbed her coat and a sweatshirt and said she was ready to go. I went out to the car and opened the passenger door for her. She touched my face and said, "Aren't you sweet?" Fuck, there's my hardon again! I placed her coat and sweatshirt in the back seat and off we went.

I played with the radio and we finally agreed on some music. We made small talk. After about 30 minutes into the trip, she said she was cold. I offered to turn up the heat, but she said she could just put on her sweatshirt. She then reached in the backseat. She placed her hand on my shoulder to steady herself. Her touch wasn't just in passing. Maybe I was hoping, but it felt like she was caressing me. She stretched to grab the sweat top and her t-shirt pulled tight. She had a very thin bra on and her nipples were poking hard against the material. I guess she really was cold. I hoped a little that it was our contact that brought those nubs to attention. Dammit, there's that hard on again!

She pulled the sweat top over her head and settled back in. We stopped once for gas and a restroom break. Once back on the road, she said she had warmed up and pulled off the sweatshirt. Her t-shirt came up with it and for a quick moment I saw those amazing tits trying hard to get out of that bra. She was pretty embarrassed and I promised I didn't see anything. Ha ha, I am a man; of course I looked.

We got to Stacey's dorm and there was an emotional reunion for mom and daughter. I got a hug and a little peck on the lips. Dammit. I knew it. I'm the odd man out. I left Julie and Stacey to stay in the dorm and headed to my hotel alone. The night clerk asked why my wife wasn't along on this trip. I laughed a little and just let it go. Pretty funny that the lady at the front desk thought we were married. I guess the maids must have communicated the disarray of the room every weekend after we left.

Other than a couple of meals and me being their driver for the shopping trips, I didn't see them much. We went to brunch on Sunday and I was impatiently waiting to get on the road. And waiting... and waiting. Let's go! Finally in the early evening hours, they were finally ready to part. I hugged Stacey and she held me tightly. She whispered that I was wonderful for giving up our time together so she could spend time with her mom. She gave me a short kiss and told me she loved me. Julie was already in the car waiting. I adjusted my blue balls and got in the car to drive home. It was late and I was going to get home really late. I was trying not to be pissed off.

Julie already had her sweatshirt on with jeans. At least my cock was at rest since there wasn't anything to look at. I guess I was really kind of quiet. Julie asked if I was okay. "Of course," I said. "All good." She called me a liar. I laughed. I asked what she meant.

"I can tell you are not happy. I know this wasn't the weekend you were planning."

That's when she dropped her head a little, looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes and said "I'm sorry."

The touch goes even further in Part 3...

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