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Stacy Gives In to Cheating Part 6

After being seen fucking outside by two strangers, Stacy and Rich head back to town...
Stacy was quiet as I drove through the gate. I knew she felt guilty about what we were doing and I was aware that she could, and probably would, end it at any time. I reached over and gently touched her leg.

“Hey, you alright?” I asked.

She looked over at me and smiled but I could see something was bothering her.

“What’s wrong?” I enquired quietly; pretty sure I knew the answer.

Stacy was quiet for a moment, then she spoke.

“Do you think they’ll tell anyone? Do you think they’ll call the police?”

I looked at her. Okay, so maybe I hadn’t known what the answer was going to be.

“Who, those two ladies?” I grinned. “Well, I’m pretty sure they’ll tell their friends over a few drinks and I’m sure they’ll dine out on the story for years to come but I’m pretty sure they won’t be calling the police. I think if that was their intention then they wouldn’t have smiled and waved.”

Stacy relaxed a little, starting to smile.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” She giggled. “I can’t believe I did that!”

“Which part?” I asked, “The stripping? The fucking outside? The cumming within earshot of strangers? Making me cum in your mouth? Again, within earshot of two strangers. Or walking around naked in front of two people you didn’t know and waving at them?”

“The last part,” she said, slapping my arm. “I was naked in front of them. They saw me naked and I waved at them”. I could hear the disbelief in her voice.

“I know”. I said, trying to sound serious, “It was really fucking hot,” my face cracking into a smile.

Stacy looked at me, shock on her face, then seeing my smile she pretended to be serious.

“Oh, you liked that did you? You liked having two women looking at my naked body?”

“Hell yes!” I replied, “Shit, I was going to ask them if they wanted to join us”.

Stacy hit me again.

“I wouldn’t have been impressed if you’d done that,” she said.

“What, so you wouldn’t want to have another girl join us?” I asked, joking but trying to sound serious. Although I had to admit, the thought of it did turn me on a little

“No,” Stacy said, firmly.

“Oh, c’mon. You really wouldn’t let another girl join in if it was something I really wanted? I’d let you choose who she was. Unless, y’know, she was one of your ugly friends”.

That earned me another slap on the arm but I continued.

“So you wouldn’t want to get naked with me and another girl? You wouldn’t want her to run her tongue over your naked body while you sucked on my cock?”

“Rich!” She exclaimed, “Stop it! No I don’t want to do that.”

I looked at her disappointedly.

“Nah, me either,” I said, despite the fact that I’d actually started to turn myself on with my description.

Stacy sat there for a second, the sound of the engine in the background, looking straight in front of her out the windshield.

“Would you really want to do that?” She asked quietly.

I suppressed a smile.

“Of course not”.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Stacy look at me but she didn’t say anything.

I was still only 7.30pm as we drove back through the city limits. Stacy had told Brendan she would be out late with her friend so we still had several hours together.

“So what do you want to do now?” I asked her.

Stacy smiled cheekily but wouldn’t look at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, “Since you thought up the activities for the first part of the evening I figured I had better come up with what we do now”.

I have to say I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that, given that earlier I had convinced her that it would be a good idea for her to strip for me out in the countryside, then that we should keep fucking even though two strangers were only about 20 feet away. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t come around to the ideas pretty quickly and had ended up enjoying herself but this was Stacy and for as long as I had known her she had been a little unpredictable.

“Okay, so what did you have in mind?” I asked, hoping I was going to like the answer.

Stacy looked at me.

“Can we stop off at my place?” She asked.

I looked over at her in the passenger seat.

“Hey, I’m not having Brendan join in,” I said.

She looked at me and laughed.

“Really? Rich, you’re so boring!”

“Hey. You, me and another girl is fun. You, me and another guy is…well it’s just never going to happen. Ever”.

She laughed again and I had to admit, I loved the sound. I wondered if she laughed like this with Brendan. I kinda had the idea that he could be a little dull and that she had a better time with me. I pushed the thought from my mind.

“No, that wasn’t what I was thinking. I was going to say that if we stop at my place I could pick up…,” she paused, “some….things.”

I felt myself begin to smile but Stacy pretended not to notice, seeming to be a little shy again.

I agreed that it sounded like a good idea and headed towards her house.

I pulled up around the corner and left the engine running.

“I don’t think he’ll be home but if he is I won’t be able to get back out. If that happens I’ll text you and I’ll give you a call as soon as I can,” she said before kissing me lightly on the lips. I was really hoping that he wasn’t home.

Stacy got out of the car and walked around the corner. After a few minutes I saw her walk back with a small toiletry bag in her hand. She looked around like a spy leaving the scene of her mission and got in the car. I made a mental note that the whole spy thing could be something we could “use” another time.

I pulled away, wanting to get out of the neighborhood in-case Brendan came back and we had to abandon our plans, whatever they were.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked as we drove down the road.

Stacy just smiled and told me to head to my place.

We pulled up outside my house and I let us in the front door. I turned to kiss her but she held me off with a hand on my chest. She looked at me.

“I just want you to know that what I have planned I’ve never done before and if you laugh in any way I’ll leave and never talk to you again”. I could see that she was serious.

“I’d never laugh at you,” I said, looking into her eyes, “And you can trust me”.

Stacy gave me the briefest of smiles that seemed to say “I hope so”, kissed me gently on the lips and started to walk up my stairs. I watched her go, not sure of what I was supposed to do. When she was about half way up she stopped and looked over her shoulder.

“Are you coming?” She asked.

We walked into my bedroom. It was tidy but there was no wallpaper on the walls as I was in the process of decorating and hadn’t been able to decide what color I wanted to paint it. Stacy put the bag she had brought from home onto my bed and turned to me.

“Undress me,” she said, quietly, sounding a little nervous.

Stacy stood silently as I began to lift her t-shirt. Even though I’d seen her naked only an hour earlier the sight of her flat stomach started a stirring again inside my jeans. I lifted the shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor, giving her a moment to run her fingers through her hair. I reached for her jeans and unbuttoned them, sliding them down over her legs. I bent down as she lifted one foot then the other, allowing me to pull them off over her shoes. My face was only inches from her pussy and I could smell the faintest scent of her. I stood and reached around her to un-hook her bra. She remained silent as I slid the straps down her slender arms once again revealing the breasts that I had sucked and kissed, stoked and massaged, masturbated to on nights alone and, more recently, cum over. Her nipples were pert but not hard and I wanted to take them in my mouth but I resisted. I settled for sliding my hands down her sides before hooking my fingers into the top of her lacy white thong. I began to lower it, slowly exposing her gorgeous pussy, with its soft, pink folds of flesh which were just visible. I noticed that her panties were still moist from her excitement earlier in the evening and, no doubt, from my cum which had been dripping out of her.

“Now you,” she said simply as I dropped her underwear onto my floor.

Stacy slowly undressed me in silence, making sure not to touch my penis which was now fully erect.

She looked up at me and brushed her lips over mine.

“Lay on the bed,” she said. She watched me as I settled onto the sheets, placing my head on the pillows.

She reached inside the bag and slowly pulled out and small black case, about the size of a purse. She opened it and pulled out a digital camera. I tried not to smile. She reached into the bag again and drew out one of those small bendy tripods which were used if you wanted to photograph something up close on top of a desk. She looked to see how the two fixed together.

“This stand, tripod thingy is Brendan’s, but he only uses it for work” she said, looking at it, “But the camera is mine”. She looked at me as if in explanation, “it has video. I’ve just never used it”. She looked a little sad but her face lit up slightly as she figured out how the camera screwed onto the tripod. She took it over to my dresser and lined it up onto the bed, leaning over so she could check the view in on the screen at the back. I was sure it wasn’t as good as the view I got of her cute ass and her pink pussy lips as she stood first on tip toes then lifted one leg. She hit the button on top and a light came on. Checking the screen to see that it was recording she looked at me.

“And. Action,” she said, smiling, no longer looking as nervous as she had since she’d got back into my car.

Turning back to the bag she reached inside again, this time pulling out a long, smooth, pink vibrator. Stacy moved to the end of my bed where she knew the camera would see her and turned the toy on. It buzzed quietly as she adjusted the speed, obviously knowing how she wanted it. I watched as she placed the shaft on her clit, the sudden sensation causing her eyes to close for a second. As she stood there I watched Stacy draw the vibrator slowly over her clitoris and down, letting the shaft slide between her lips before pulling it up and over again. My cock was aching and I was dripping clear juice onto my stomach. She opened her eyes to see my reaction. I watched intently as she continued to slide the vibrator over her damp opening but never letting it penetrate her.

As I watched her I moved my hand to my hard shaft.

“No.” She said, “That’s for me to do. Later”.

I stopped, willing to do anything she wanted.

Stacy opened her legs a little wider, allowing the shaft of the toy to part her lips a little more. I could see the vibrator becoming shiny as the mixture of her juices and my cum spread over it. Stacy was breathing harder now, her nipples were stiff and her eyes were closed. I wondered what she was picturing in her mind. I could see her mouth moving and she sighed.

“Fuck. Rich, I know that this might sound dumb seeing as how you’re right here but right now I’m fantasizing about fucking you”.

Her words in that sweet whisper were like an invisible hand on my cock and I dripped more pre-cum onto my already wet stomach.

“Tell me more,” I told her.

“I lie on my bed when I’m alone and I fuck myself with this and I think of you. I say your name when I cum. I lie on my stomach and press it under me onto my clit and think about you. I cum so hard when I think about you. Since we’ve been fucking I think about you when I fuck Brendan. I have to stop myself from saying your name. I wish he made me cum like you do,” she was losing herself in the ecstasy of the pink toy and I knew she was close to climaxing but I wanted her to keep talking.

“Tell me,” I said again.

“I play with myself in the shower, running the water over my clit and I think about us fucking. I think about the night when I told you not to cum inside me but I couldn’t stop and so you did. You came inside me. And I loved it,” she moaned, her voice still barely above a whisper, “I’m doing this because I want you to know that I think about you when I masturbate, when I make myself cum.

Watching her and hearing her voice was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch her, to touch myself but I knew I couldn’t. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want this exquisite teasing to stop. Stacy began to talk again, the vibrator now pressed directly onto her clit.

“Rich, I want you to tell me something. Tell me you’ll make me cum again after I’m finished. Tell me you’ll take me when I’m done and fuck me.

Suddenly Stacy bent forward, her legs closing, pressing the vibrator between them as her hips bucked.

“Rich, Rich. I’m cumming!” She called, her voice finally louder sounding as though she was on the thin line between pleasure and pain.

She let go of the vibrator and it fell to the floor. I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do next but she fell forward onto the bed, crawling up it towards me. My cock swelled as I imagined her straddling me, and riding it, making me cum inside her again. But she kept moving, up, over my body until she was at my face. Placing her hands on the wall behind my head she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I felt her wetness instantly and I grabbed her firm butt cheeks and, guiding her clit over my tongue, I began to lick, wanting to make her cum again, just as she’d asked. I’m not sure if I made her cum again or if I just re-started the orgasm she had just given herself but within seconds Stacy was grinding herself against my mouth. I moved my hands up to her breasts, massaging them, pulling her nipples. She moaned and called my name, telling me she was cumming, telling me she didn’t want it to stop. Her thighs were shaking next to my head and her stomach was tense. I could feel her juices running into my mouth and down over my chin. I slid the length of my tongue over her clit, never letting up with the pressure.

Then suddenly she lifted herself off me. Her hands were still pressed against the wall and her head hung down, her eyes closed and her mouth open as she gasped. Just as I thought she had finished and was about to collapse next to me Stacy turned around, moving back down the bed. She picked up the discarded vibrator and, straddling my legs, she slid it into her pussy. She held it there for a moment before reaching into the bag beside her. She pulled out another vibrator only this one was only about as thick as my little finger. She dropped it onto the bed, still gently thrusting the first vibrator in and out of her pussy. She reached back into the bag but hesitated for a moment as if she were unsure. Finding her nerve she removed a tube of lubricating jelly. She dropped it next to the vibrator.

“Put this on that for me,” she said, hardly able to speak.

I did as she asked and watched as she turned slightly so I could see her ass.

“I’ve never done this before either,” she moaned as she slowly put the small, slick toy to her tight opening and began to ease it in. It seemed as though it was going to hurt her but she exhaled and I saw it slide in about an inch.

“You made me think of this,” she moaned, “when you were playing with my ass earlier while I was fucking you”. Stacy gasped again as she pushed a little deeper. “Your finger felt good and I wanted to know what it would feel like if you pushed it in”.

She stopped when the thin, pink toy was about an inch and a half inside her and, leaning forward she began to thrust the larger vibrator into her open pussy. I watched as she moved the toy in and out of her rhythmically. Suddenly she let out a whimper as another wave of her orgasm built but as it swept over her she reached back and smoothly withdrew the small vibrator. She gasped and collapsed onto the bed, unable to talk.

I remembered what she’d said about fucking her after she’d cum but I was unsure if she would still want that after cumming so hard and so long. But I couldn’t hold back. I moved around behind her tight body and placing my legs outside of hers I slid my aching cock between her thighs and deep into her soaked pussy. Stacy cried out, calling my name, telling me not to stop. I thrust into her, each time pushing her down into the bed. Her hands gripped the sheets and her mouth gasped.

“Let me watch you,” she whispered.

I pulled out of her, allowing her to turn over. My lust would only give her seconds to get into position on her back before I was parting her legs and sliding back inside that delicate opening that I knew would give me so much pleasure. I lifted Stacy’s legs over my shoulders and watched as my hard on drew out of her pussy, revealing the red, swollen tip before penetrating her hot opening again. Stacy continued to call my name.

“Fuck me, Rich. I want to be a slut for you,” she moaned, her eyes closed, almost as if she were talking in her sleep. “I want you to cum all over me,” she said, this time opening her eyes. “Let me make you cum on me”.

I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. I pulled out of her pussy, letting her legs drop to the bed at my sides. She took my hard cock in her small, soft hand and ran it from tip to base as fast as she could. My cum shot from the tip of my cock with such a force that the first load splashed onto her face. Stacy continued to jack my hard shaft causing the second and third loads to land on her breasts and stomach, coating one of nipples before sliding down between her firm tits.

I fell forward, my arms barely able to take my weight, and I kissed her soft sweet lips. Stacy kissed me back, whispering my name into my mouth.

We lay like that for a few minutes, catching our breath. I moved up beside her and pulled her close to me, my arms wrapped around her while her head rested on my chest. After another minute she spoke.

“Are you disgusted at me?” She asked.

I squeezed her tighter.

“Are you serious?” I asked, “Of course I’m not”.

Stacy kissed my chest. She spoke again.

“I’ve never done anything like that before. In fact just about everything we did today was a first for me”. She didn’t sound so nervous now, more as though she were a little proud of herself for taking some chances.

“I’m glad you did them with me,” I said, still holding her tight.

We lay silently for a few more moments until Stacy spoke again.

“The camera is still running, you know”.

“I know,” I said but I’m too comfortable here with you to turn it off.

I felt her smile.

“It’s a good one, you know,” I heard her say. “I think it records about two hours of video. Does that sound about right?”

I said that it did.

“Good,” she said after a few seconds.

“Why,” I asked.

Stacy lifted her head to look at me.

“Because I want to know how it looks when you cum inside me”.

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