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Stargazer II

She was giddy with endorphins, in the afterglow of her best orgasm ever. He enjoyed hearing her sighs and giggles, and whispered to her to roll onto her right side, facing away from him. The uneven ground beneath the tent had cooled her, but as he snuggled up to spoon with her, she felt his body heat warm her back. She laid her head over his right arm as he held her close with his right hand on her left breast. His left hand remained free to run softly caressing fingertips everywhere from her knee to her neck.

Holding her close, his hardness pulsed against the cleft of her cheeks, its wet tip touching the small of her back. He softly stroked her and whispered in her ear how much he loved her taste, her response to his tongue and touch. Running his fingertips through her hair, she cooed in response to his gentle scalp massage.

Shifting himself a little lower, he planted soft kisses on the just below her ear, and on the back of her neck. While reaching this position, his hardness had slowly trailed down between her cheeks, to rest against her inner thighs. Feeling his tip approach her opening, she parted her legs a little, allowing the head to touch her engorged wet lips. He could feel her heat and sexual secretions mixing with his, coating the tip, but he had no immediate plan to enter her. Instead, he let the head slowly run the length of her outer lips as he slowly rocked against her.

She giggled, squeezed his hand against her breast, and slowly tried to shimmy against his hardness. His slow hip thrusts and his head touching her lips were a delightful tease. Finally, after a longer backstroke, he stopped with his tip pressing gently at her opening. He hugged her tight, and let her wiggle until his head was starting to part her lips and make its entry. Slowly, gently, he introduced just the tip into her. She gasped at the feel of his purple helmet pushing between her inner lips.

He loved to tease. As each fraction of his hard cock penetrated, ever so slowly, she lustfully whimpered, wondering when he would thrust himself fully and deeply into her. He would stop for a delicious few seconds as each half inch entered her. The slow penetration had her oozing copiously, so he could slide in easily. Still, she could not help but reach down with a hand to feel him enter.

He could tell by her gyrations how wonderful she was feeling, and how badly she wanted it. The last third of his rod he fully inserted in one swift surprise, until he could go no deeper. When he did, she moaned deeply. He felt little contractions she was giving to his cock, and the slow motion of her hand around her vulva as she excited herself. He remained deep and fully inserted, but not moving. His free hand had been carefully tracing over her breasts, abdomen, and thighs, over her mons, and always getting temptingly closer to her clit, but never quite there.

He could feel her shudder and squeeze him inside. His hand soon replaced hers on her most sensitive spot. Slow circles with his fingers had her panting, building to another beautiful orgasm. He wasn’t sure he had the stamina to resist the milking she was giving to him, so he remained still within her, and focused all his thoughts to her clit.

She was delighted that he was so gentle but not too gentle, applying just the right pressure at just the right speed, to drive her to another great orgasm.

After a short rest, she rolled away, and turned to face him. Her hand caressed his upper leg, slowly rising to feel along his side, across his six-pack abs to his hardened nipple, and then back down again. Her hand found his cock, hard, pulsing, and still slippery wet to the touch. She gently explored and caressed his hardness with her fingertips.

“I don’t even know your name,” she whispered.


“Well Matt, you were so good, you really had me seeing stars. Now I would like to do something special for you. Lie back.”

Matt rolled onto his back. She returned her hand around his cock and slowly stroked with a gentle touch. She could feel the thick veins, the slight ridge where his foreskin used to be, and of course her own wetness. She softly cradled him, feeling his warmth, the contrast of sensations, his round globes and their surrounding soft fur, the pulsing hard heat from his rod, the slippery wetness oozing from its tip.

Despite being somewhat reluctant to please a man orally (mostly due to lack of experience, and a silly fear she would not be much good at it), she suddenly felt compelled to kiss and taste him. Softly, tentatively, over his entire length she ran little kisses, as she gently stroked with her fingers. Every gentle touch she gave him made him twitch in anticipation, especially when she kissed his frenulum. Each pulse she elicited from Matt made her want to tease and please him even more.

She remembered reading about a simple technique to drive a guy wild that was described to her as “twisting the knob”. She took her thumb and fingers to apply pressure to the frenulum just below the glans and across the ridge of the glans, like she was grabbing hold of the screw top of a wine bottle. When she would rapidly twist his head a little back and forth for a few seconds, Matt groaned. While gripping him, she would rapidly twist her wrist back and forth. Or, she would just squeeze her fingertips, like she was trying to squeeze the bulb of a turkey baster, and pull up on Matt’s cock. Doing these things, she could feel his cock twitch and the head swell. She could see Matt’s hips tense, and hear Matt swiftly inhale.

Matt could not believe how good it felt! She had him so teasingly close to exploding.

She enjoyed the feeling of power over his pleasure, touching him softly with fingers and mouth, teasing him to the edge, hearing his encouragement, and feeling him pulse and twitch in her hand, and occasionally between her lips. His taste was pleasant, stimulating. She found it erotic to tease him almost to the point of begging.

She needed him inside, but on her terms, so she needed to give him a rest. She stopped touching Matt’s cock, and began a trail of kisses slowly up his chest, until they could look deeply into each other’s eyes.

“My name is Lisa. I am going to show you how very happy I am to have met you Matt.”

She got on her knees beside him. Holding his pole firmly in hand, she swung one leg over top to face Matt. She lowered slowly down on Matt, until her wet vulva, inviting and dripping, made contact along the length of his penis. With a slow rocking of her hips, she got him totally lubed. They both enjoyed the feel of her wet lips caressing the full length of his hard cock.

She rose up, took Matt’s rod in her hand, and placed his tip carefully poised at her entrance, just leaving him in contact at her doorway, while she hovered above him and stroked him slowly with her hand. He tried to thrust up into her, but she held him firm, in place, teasing him.

Soon, the teasing of his tip around her own wet lips was just too much for her. Neither he nor she could wait any longer for the next act. Without warning, she released her hand’s grip on him, and sank herself down, taking him inside fully, bottoming out. He could feel her wet heat surround and contract around him. She moaned deeply as her clit came in contact with his pubic bone. She stayed motionless, impaled on him for several seconds. They could feel each other’s sex pulsing and twitching as they stared into each other’s eyes burning with desire and passion.

Matt brought his hands up to caress Lisa’s breasts and gently tweak her nipples. Lisa slowly rose off of Matt, until nearly his full length was exposed, only to sink fast with a deep sigh. To enhance her pleasure, and because she was so damn sexy-looking that he would lose control soon, Matt ran his hand up her inner thigh, until he could use his thumb to stroke tight little circles around her clit. Matt could both see and feel her orgasm approaching, as her riding tempo picked up.

In the small tent, her head was hitting the peak when she kept her back straight, so Lisa lay slightly back, using her hands above Matt’s knees for support. This enhanced the pressure on her G-spot with each new thrust, and as Matt also kept up his delicious clit stimulation, a thundering orgasm raced through her.

She threw her head back, and started gasping and groaning. Matt started to take control, raising his backside off the ground to powerfully thrust himself up into her. His orgasm exploded as he pounded her like a jackhammer.

The two had one extended mutual orgasm – or was it more? The pleasure was intense and prolonged. When their countless contractions and waves of orgasmic pleasure passed, Lisa collapsed on Matt, her full weight resting on his heaving chest, her hair falling over his face, and his still-hard cock fully engulfed inside her.

After she had a moment to catch her breath, Lisa kissed Matt deeply. They felt they could not be any closer than they were then, their hands, tongues, torsos, legs, and sex, all in contact. He could feel their liquid love running down as she kissed and held him close.

After several minutes holding that most intimate embrace, they spooned again. He silently held her close against the cold, as the two of them drifted off into blissful sleep. It was the last night they stayed in separate campsites, and it was the start of a long, beautiful relationship and mutual interest in camping amongst the stars.

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