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Starting our cumeekend

After a long week the lovers finally have their weekend for themselves.
It is Friday night and we are in your car going home after having dinner and a walk in our favorite park holding hands in the dark. All the way home we are talking and laughing, it has been a rough week with work and not having enough time for each other but now we are finally free and we know what awaits this weekend. It is a weekend for just the two of us, our retreat, our time alone, our cumeekend.

We look at each other, our lust permeating the air as we eat at each other with our gaze. You turn to look back in front of you as you drive, your hands on the steering wheel shaking slightly leaving your lap free for me to look at. I can see that our teasing has you in an excited state, and I want you. I want to feel you, I want to taste you, I want to tease you even more until you burst in my mouth or in my overheated womanhood.

I move closer to rest my head on your shoulder; you steal a glance my way and give me your beautiful smile before getting your attention back to the road. I turn on my side to face you, pressing my soft breasts to your side while my hand caresses your chest through your shirt, and as I trap your earlobe between my teeth I rub up and down between your legs to excite you more. I smile at your groan and trace you with my fingers, now I cup you and give you a gentle squeeze, all the time my tongue alternating between teasing your ear and your neck.

The trip home seems so endless; we can't wait to be out of the car and in our bed, naked body rubbing against naked body. Finally we arrive to our destination and quickly get out of the car. But you are quicker and as I am about to step out you take my hand in yours and push me to my feet and against the car, your mouth claiming mine, stealing my breath in a long hot passionate kiss.

It is your turn to tease me, your strong hands pushing my buttons, and you know me so well. Your fingers make me let out a loud moan as you are eager to find out how much I want you. And do I want you. Your fingers trace the soaked crotch of my panties, my hips swaying as I throb, wanting you to touch me where I most need it. But with a devilish smile you draw back pulling your hand away and leaving me panting and flushed. With your hand on the small of my back you lead me to the house whispering dirty little secrets in my ear, telling me what you are going to do to me once we are inside and naked.

As soon as the door closes behind our backs we waste no time discarding our clothes. The need raw in our eyes as we devour each other with kisses as one by one all of our clothes find their way to the floor.

Finally we are standing next to the inviting comfort of our bed, but we just look at each other, not touching, the moonlight letting us look deep into each other's eyes, eyes full of lust, full of fire, full of love for each other. Your lift your hand and brush my cheek with your fingers, a mere touch of skin to skin but my need for you makes me shiver with that feathery touch. You close your hand in my hair pulling me closer and with a kiss you claim my lips again. A hot kiss that burns all the way down to my toes and reaches my heart and soul. A kiss that gives and takes.

Lost in the kiss we fall on the bed with arms and legs entwined. The rest of the world doesn't exist for us. It's just you and me and our love, our passion. Our bodies are begging for the dance that will take us to that special place where we become one. With senses aflamed we tease each other up; so hot we are burning.

I feel you hard and throbbing rod resting against my belly as your lips suckle my breasts, your mouth elicit gasping moans from me, my back arching, begging you for more. And you give me more, with your tongue, your teeth, delicious bites; I'm shaking in need so much. I want you, I want you so badly, I want you inside me, and I want to join with you. You look at me with so much heat in your eyes; you want the same, our glorious joining.

You slide down a bit and thrust your hips rubbing your tip against my clit making me shudder and moan more; asking you to take me, but you say no, not yet. You ravish my mouth with kisses and nibbles as your fingers find my entrance and without a warning you push a finger inside making me scream out in surprise and pleasure. You soon find your hand covered with my honey, you have me so aroused. You pull out and circle my clit slowly as we kiss. I grab your cock and caress you at the same time you are rubbing my clit. You feel so hard, so ready. I pump you slowly, and then fast, our moans muffled by our kiss. We are driving each other crazy, but we want more, can't have enough.

You grab me and roll me on top of you, I straddle your waist and look at you as I raise my hips a bit to take a hold of your shaft. I hold it as I sit on it slowly, gasping as your tip parts my netherlips and then slips inside. You feel so good, I want this so much. I close my eyes and relish this moment as just your tip is inside me, but once again you surprise me as you thrust your hips upwards impaling me completely. I open my eyes and look deep into yours, you don't say anything but no words are needed, we know what we want.

We start working together, you pushing your hips up and down as I grind hard against you. My inner walls closing tightly around your hard rod, caressing, squeezing and rubbing. I grip your shoulders for support as I bounce up and down faster, your hands on my breasts torturing my nipples so sweetly you make me writhe and squirm. “Baby.. I'm getting close...” you groan between moans and gasps. Your cock is relentlessly rubbing my oversaturated pussy, squelching sounds proof of all that wetness. All those sounds and our moans, and gasps making a symphony to our love making.

I'm so close too, so close to that moment when our worlds collide and we see the stars. I'm gripping you tightly working you with my pussy walls, sliding up and down, over and over, moaning out loud as you rub that pleasure spot. I'm holding on to you feeling your back and shoulders, caressing with my hands, your muscles moving as you ram me with your cock.

Then from one moan to the other it happens... we explode, we scream, you push as deep as you can go as my inner muscles clam around your throbbing cock and milk you out. We become one, one body throbbing in pleasure, riding our climax as wave after wave of shocks run through our bodies. We are taken to that place where our minds and souls meet, no boundaries, just us and our love holding to each other.

We slowly come down and back on our bed. Trying to catch our breath we laugh in delight and groan as we rub against each other, we are so tender. I collapse on your chest and you wrap your arms around me protectively. Our hearts are beating like one. I can still feel you inside me, and I love being like this with you. No distance between us.

I raise my head to look at you and find you smiling at me with your eyes and lips. I smile back at you and kiss you, kiss you with all the strength of my love for you. As our lips part you whisper “I love you my little sucker”. Feeling my heart burst in happiness I answer that I love you too. We know our love is so true and strong. We lie on our sides facing each other and holding close, a blanket thrown over us as we snuggled up. Whispers of love give place to a contented silence, and we are soon drifting off to sleep, each with a happy smile on our face. Our weekend has just begun.

My first story ever and dedicated to my love Eternal Lover. I love you baby!

This might be the first of a series and feedback is more than welcome.

Thank you!

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