Steam Room Fun

By NI_Chick

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I loved going to the pool, it was my way of de-stressing and clearing my head for a couple of hours. I was 5’ 4’’, with brown hair and a slim body. Every other day I was in the pool, keeping fit and getting wet. My usual routine was 10 lengths then into the steam room for 15 minutes, then out for more lengths. I always had my eye on the cute lifeguard who was usually on duty. Always making sure to push myself out of the water on his side, just to see if I caught his attention, which I did.

One afternoon I went to the pool and started my usual routine. I always seemed to have it perfectly timed. He was coming on duty half way through my first 10 lengths. However, this afternoon he was nowhere to be seen. I did my 10 lengths, went to the steam room and came back out again to do more. I couldn’t understand it, he was always on duty, he must have been sick.

Anyway, I finished my second round of lengths and headed to the steam room. As I entered I noticed that there was nobody else in the room. It never usually happened but I wasn’t complaining. I had time to myself.

Feeling sore from the straps of my swimming suit I took my arms out and took my tits out and lay down on the row of seats.

I was just about to fall asleep when I heard the door of the steam room close. I jumped at the sound and tried to see who was there... damn steam. Fixing myself up and acting cool as I went to stand up and leave the room, I was suddenly grabbed and pulled back and pushed against the wall of the room.

‘There is only so much teasing a man can take.’

It was my lifeguard. Tall, abs to die for, blue eyed, dark haired lifeguard, who went by the name of Cliff. That one sentence gave it all away. His hot, rough lips met mine. Our wet, angry tongues fought with each other and before I had the chance to push away and get a look at him, I was overcome with frustration. My pussy was tingling and throbbing with want and need of this man.

My hands found their way into his hair, rummaging and pulling as I let out moans of pleasure from my weak spots being found. Down my neck, behind my ears, pulling and twisting on my hard nipple through my swim suit. I could feel his kisses through my suit, all over, when suddenly my suit was pulled to one side and a hot, piercing tongue was inside my throbbing pussy. Legs like jelly and pleasure rushing through my body, all I could do was hold on and enjoy the ride.

In and out and sucking on my clit, the flicking of his strong tongue was like nothing I had ever felt. Biting, nibbling and fingers fucking me, it wasn’t long before all my sweet juices had left covering my lifeguard's face and hand. It was too much to take. I had to sit down, never have I had an orgasm like it.

Catching my breath I looked up. He was better looking up close. I wanted to run my hands down his amazing body. I'd never imagined that he would do that to me and never had I imagined it would have taken place in the steam room. I wanted to ask why here and why now but before I had the chance he stuffed my mouth with his huge hard cock. Taken by surprise I did only what I knew to do, suck.

Sucking nice and slow, I swirled my tongue around this monster while cupping his balls in my hand. He liked it, a moan escaped his lips. Picking up the pace I got deeper and faster with my sucks while stopping now and again to flick my tongue against the head of his cock. My did he taste good, I could feel myself getting frustrated again.

Looking up I could see Cliff’s head lean back with pleasure which I took as a good thing so I picked up the pace even more. Faster sucks, deeper and harder, I could feel him getting close.

Just as he was about to blow he pulled out of my mouth. I was shocked he stopped but before I had time to think about it I was pushed onto my front, hands on the wall and legs spread. My breathing got heavier, wondering what to expect, and before I knew it, my swim suit was pulled to one side and my pussy was filled with his hard, throbbing cock. I gasped with surprise, with pleasure and I needed to come.

I pushed back onto his cock, only to be met with his hard thrust. In, out, in, out....a steady rhythm. I was getting close, I couldn't hold on and he could sense it. With that his thrusts got harder and faster. I loved it, getting fucked in the steam room by Cliff, my lifeguard.

Just then I felt his hand in my hair. Getting a good grip he pulled my head back and to the side so that he could see my face. His other hand on my hip, he pulled and rammed at me, harder, deeper before I screamed his name and exploded all over his cock. The shakes sent him wild, groaning and breathing heavily before he too exploded inside me, filling me with hot sticky come.

He collapsed on top of me which with the weight of him sent us both the floor. After what seemed forever, he pulled out and pulled me close to him. Looking up at him he placed both hands upon my face and pulled me close for a kiss.

‘That was amazing, but I got to get back to work.’