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Steam Room Sex

Annie interrupts her friends in an intimate moment – and joins in
Between leaving school and starting at university, I managed to get a summer job as a waitress at a hotel on the north coast of Devon – beautiful location, right on the cliffs overlooking the Bristol Channel, and even with its own steps down to a quiet secluded little beach. It was a nice, friendly family-run business – quite posh, but small enough to make the guests feel at home – and all the staff were welcoming and helpful. Most of the guests were really nice too – just the occasional difficult fussy one! One good sign was that lots of the summer staff had worked there in previous years, so were happy to come back year after year. In fact, the current manager had started as a waiter over 20 years ago, and (after completing his studies) had come back to work full-time, eventually taking over as manager when the owners decided to retire from actually running the place. So of course he understood what it was like to do the actual running around, and was really supportive and helpful in giving the young staff the best possible experience and training. I was so lucky to get a job there!

Mind you, it was hard work! During the summer, the hotel was almost always full, and the formal evening dinner was especially busy. The hotel had recently had a major re-build of the dining room, which was now a long thin room stretching all round one end of the building, with big glass windows looking out over the sea. Every evening, the sun set slowly over the sea; it was utterly magical.

But there is one particular evening I’ll never forget. It came at the end of a busy day, when I’d been helping out all through the day as well as doing breakfast and dinner. But eventually the last diners had retired to the lounge for a coffee, or to the bar for something stronger, and the tables had been prepared for the next morning’s breakfast. Usually, I’d have gone straight to bed after a long day like that, but this evening I needed to relax. The hotel’s indoor swimming pool and steam room were closed to guests after 10 pm, but it was tacitly acknowledged that the staff were free to use them if they wanted a quick dip before bed. So I nipped upstairs to find my swimming costume. To my annoyance, I remembered that my one-piece was still hanging in the drying room after my morning dip. I couldn’t be bothered to go and get it, so slipped into my bikini instead. It was really more suited to sunbathing on the beach on my days off, but it was better than nothing.

Putting on my bathrobe, I scuttled down to the pool by the back stairs, and let myself in using the combination lock. The pool was empty, and I was able to do my usual 20 lengths without being disturbed. That was good, but I decided what I really needed to round off the day was a quick 15 minutes in the steam room. I hoped it was still open; and, draping my bathrobe round my shoulders, I pushed through the double doors into the changing-rooms. Good; the steam room lights were on, showing it was still in use. It had a glass frontage so you could see if there was anyone else inside, and I was about to go in when I realised that there was indeed someone – no, two people – in there already: and they weren’t just enjoying the heat.

I peered through the steamed-up glass into the steam-room., and saw Hannah, one of my fellow waitresses, and Jason, one of the assistant chefs. I had got to know Hannah quite well; we were both the same age, and had started work at the same time, so had naturally gravitated together. Jason was 19, a year older, and (having worked in the hotel the year before as well) had been more than happy to help us two younger girls to learn the ropes. But now he seemed to be teaching Hannah something else instead…

Hannah was completely naked, her swimsuit discarded on the seat next to her, and she was kneading her large breasts roughly, letting out small moans of pleasure all the time. Jason was on his knees in front of her; his head between her thighs, nuzzling at her crotch. I couldn’t see clearly what he was doing down there, but judging by Hannah’s reaction, it must have been something quite sensational.

I felt a hot flush pass through my 18-year old body, caused in equal parts by embarrassment at catching Hannah and Jason in such a compromising position, and (to my surprise) by excitement. Instinctively, my hand went between my legs, and I gripped my crotch tightly, my pussy tingling.

Hannah now had her hands on Jason’s head, holding it between her thighs. Her bare breasts were heaving, and I could see how erect her nipples were. I couldn’t help staring at them, noting the large aureoles, which were a dark pink colour, and the even darker red of the nipples themselves. As Jason continued to suck at her pussy, Hannah began to thrash around, her breasts swinging back and forth.

Almost without thinking, my fingers slipped inside my bikini bottoms, down through the light coating of hair over my pubic mound and onto my pussy lips. As I touched them, I could feel my juices already oozing out, coating my fingers in sticky liquid. My index finger slipped oh so easily between my labia, sinking without effort as far as it could penetrate. I began to diddle myself, pumping my finger in and out, soon slipping a second and then a third finger inside. I could hear a moist squelching sound, and smelt the clean, erotic scent of my juices.

I knew I shouldn’t have been watching; that it wasn’t right to spy on my friends like this. But then again, they weren’t exactly in private, and must have been aware of the chance that they might be caught in the act. And by now I was much too aroused to walk away. With my left hand, I began to fondle my right breast, squeezing the nipple through the material of my bikini top, making it come erect. I slipped my hand inside the cup. Enjoying the feel of my hand on the bare flesh, I slid the cup off, baring the breast, and fondled it further, making my flesh tingle.

As I watched, Jason took his head away from between Hannah’s thighs. Now I could see her gaping pussy, the flesh pink and glistening, whether from the steam or from her own juices it was impossible to tell.

Jason stood up, and I gasped as I saw his enormous erect penis sticking out at right angles from his body. It looked around nine inches long, and quite thick. Hannah spread her legs wide, and rubbed at her large swollen clit. Jason braced his hands against the walls of the steam-room, and positioned his purple knob-head at the entrance to her slit. He nudged at her labia, tickling her seductively. The pink lips parted as his penis slipped inside; for a moment he hesitated with just the knob barely penetrating, adjusting his position, then thrust forward.

I heard Hannah gasp as Jason’s massive prick filled her; she shifted her position on the seat to take as much as possible of him into her cunt. Jason soon settled into a rhythm, and I could hear the slap, slap, slap of his balls, along with Hannah’s moans of excitement.

I slipped my bikini top off my breasts; it felt in the way, so I took it off completely, freeing my small firm tits. I continued to thrust my fingers in and out of my slit, my hand down inside my bikini bottoms, while rubbing my tits and erect nipples with my other hand. Oh, this felt so good. The sight of Jason’s penis deep inside Hannah’s cunt was more than enough to take me to my orgasm. But I wanted more; I wanted to feel it inside my vagina too.

Slowly, I pushed open the door to the steam room. Hannah saw me first; standing there topless, my bare breasts flushed, my nipples rock hard. It must have been pretty obvious that I hadn’t come in just by chance, and Hannah smiled at the sight of my body.

“Hey, Annie” she gasped, “Have you come to join the fun?”

Jason turned to see me, his penis still thrusting in and out of Hannah’s cunt. He smiled to see me; I was smaller in every way than Hannah, but just as attractive, if I do say so myself. My dark hair (it was longer then than it is now), loosely hanging over my shoulders, just brushed the tops of my bare breasts.

“Come here, Annie” he said, “Like what you see?”

“Oh yes” I whispered, and I pushed my hand back down inside my bikini bottoms, caressing my labia.

“I’m sure we can do better than that” said Jason. He stopped pumping his prick into Hannah’s slit, and withdrew it, glistening with the girl’s sex juices.

I walked over, and tentatively took hold of his erection. It was rock-hard and sticky. I knelt down and took it into my mouth. It tasted good, and I licked the juices off it, savouring their flavour. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Hannah’s wide open cunt; she slipped two fingers inside her slit and began to frig herself, obviously enjoying the sight of Jason’s cock in my mouth.

Jason began to moan, “O Jesus, Annie, that feels so good. But I don’t want to cum yet. Let me fuck you first.”

I let go of Jason’s cock and stood up, slipping off my bikini bottoms. This was no time to be subtle and alluring: my basic animal need to be fucked was paramount in my mind. I sat down on the bench and opened wide my legs as Hannah had done. The light coating of hair over my sex barely hid my pussy lips, and I used my fingers to pull them apart so Jason could see right up inside my pink moist vagina.

“Please fuck me, Jason” I said lewdly. “I want to feel your thick prick inside my cunt”.

Jason needed no further invitation. Like me, he wasn’t in the mood for elaborate foreplay: bracing himself against the walls of the steam room as he had with Hannah, he took hold of his erect prick and prepared to enter me. His cock looked very thick, and for a moment I wondered if I would be able to take it all inside my tight little pussy. But I didn’t have much time to worry about it, as with one thrust he plunged his erection straight into my open hole. I gasped at the sensation, as I felt my vagina suddenly stretched to its limits by his thick prick.

“Oh yes, Annie, you’re so tight” Jason groaned as he thrust in and out of me, “That really feels so good”.

Hannah must have been very turned-on at the sight of Jason’s thick prick pumping in and out of my cunt, judging by the way she was shoving three fingers into her own slit and frigging herself vigorously.

Meanwhile, I met Jason’s thrusts with my own, burying his prick deep inside me. I abandoned myself to the pure sexual thrill of feeling my cunt filled to its depths with his hot hard erection. Unfortunately, in my lust I was rocking about on the slippery seat so hard that suddenly I felt myself sliding off onto the floor. Jason’s cock slipped out of me; he tried to grab hold of me to pull me back, but lost his own balance, and the two of us ended up in a sticky, heaving heap on the floor. I lay on my back, my legs wide apart, my hot cunt gaping but now sadly empty. I started giggling, but Jason quickly grabbed me under my buttocks, arching my hips up, and thrust back into me.

“Oh God, yes, it’s so big!” I gasped, “Fuck me harder, Jason…Oh god, I’m going to cum…oh god, oh god, I’m cumming!” I screamed out loud as my orgasm swept through me, my juices coating Jason’s cock and dribbling out of my cunt onto the floor as he continued to pump in and out of me.

“Oh Annie, is it ok to cum inside you?” gasped Jason: after holding back from ejaculating when fucking Hannah, I don’t think he was able to restrain himself for very much longer.

“Oh yes Jason” I gasped, “I want you…”

He forced himself to ram my cunt a few more times, before he spurted deep inside me with a cry. I came for a second time as I felt his first two ejaculations filling my cunt. Jason pulled out and let the remaining jets of cum spurt over my pussy, clinging to the light fuzz of my pubic hair, dribbling over my labia.

All this time Hannah had been frigging herself hard, and the sight of Jason cumming over my pussy obviously made her very horny. As Jason rubbed his softening cock over my clit, wiping off the last drops of cum, Hannah pushed him out of the way and took his place between my still wide-open legs. “You’ve had your fun, big boy” she said with a smile, “Now it’s my turn!”

Putting her hands on my knees, Hannah pulled my legs further apart, making my hot puffy labia gape open. Taking a deep breath, she buried her face in my mound, rubbing her nose through the light fuzz of pubic hair, breathing in the hot scent of sexual juices. With her fingers she pulled my labia apart, and began to lick at the inner folds of my pussy. I had never experienced a sensation like this before: I had been licked out by a few boys before, but Hannah really knew how to hit the spot. I clamped my legs around Hannah’s back, and squeezed hard, pulling her hard against my pussy, arching my pelvis up as if trying to suck Hannah right into my gaping cunt. “Oh god, yes, oh, oh!” I moaned repeatedly.

As she sucked, Hannah ran her fingers up over my bare thighs, setting up a further delightful tingling in my body. I gasped at the new sensation of Hannah’s tongue playing around my sensitive little pussy, nudging against my clit: I couldn’t believe that the pleasure wasn’t quite over yet. As Hannah thrust her tongue into my slit, a creamy white mixture dribbled out into her mouth, and she lapped up the delicious cocktail of juices.

Hannah pulled her face away momentarily, taking the opportunity to gaze at the glistening pink folds of my pussy, dripping with a mixture of saliva and cum. My clit was standing out erect from its little hood, and beneath it the dark, wide-open hole of my vagina. Hannah slowly inserted her forefinger as deep as she could into the hole, feeling how wet it was, She allowed a second finger to enter, and began gently to frig me, each thrust making a deliciously obscene slurping noise. I contracted my vagina around Hannah’s fingers, trying to suck them deeper inside me. I was moaning non-stop by this time…

As she continued to finger-fuck me, Hannah lowered her face to my clit and circled it with her tongue, alternating this with sucking it into her mouth. I abandoned myself completely to an explosion of pure sexual pleasure; my pussy began to convulse; my inner labia contracted tightly around Hannah’s fingers as a final intense orgasm completely took over. Hannah almost cried out in pain as my thighs clasped her like a vice, all my muscles tensing as the orgasm pulsed through my inner sex. As it subsided, I slowly relaxed, my legs slipping from Hannah’s back. Hannah looked up and smiled at Jason as she swallowed the last drops of ejaculate from my cunt, her face streaked with sticky jism. Jason was wanking his slightly flaccid cock; he leaned over and kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips.

Slowly I stopped trembling as I came back to earth after my shattering orgasm. I sat up and looked at my two naked companions. My pussy still throbbed delightfully from the fucking and sucking I had received; Jason’s cock had finally shrunk to its normal size, and Hannah was wiping the final drops of my cum off her face and licking them from her fingers. I put my hand between my legs and rubbed at my pussy.

“Oh god, that was the most amazing thing ever” I said. “I so needed that”.

“Glad to be of assistance” said Jason.

“All right for you two” said Hannah, “But I’ve not had any cum inside me yet”.

“Oh Hannah, sweetie! I’m so sorry!” I said, and gave her a hug, her big boobs squishing against my little ones. “I feel like such a slut”.

“You’re my sort of slut, hun” said Hannah. “But I may have to punish you later…”

“God, are you two never satisfied?” said Jason. “You’ll both just have to wait. Annie’s drained me dry for tonight – and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow for the breakfast shift.” He kissed Hannah, squeezing her large breasts. “But don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from, enough to satisfy both of you”.

“Mmm, promises promises!” murmured Hannah.

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