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Stephanie -Chapter 2

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Stephie gets anal
James' cock was so big in my hands. I stroked it a few times before wrapping my lips around his head. My tongue danced around the tip. "Oh Stephie," he moaned. I pushed his entire cock in and down my throat, and started mouth-fucking him. His cock tasted salty. It tasted nice. I stroked and squeezed his balls, my tongue teasing his base. I pulled it all the way out, then pushed it all the way in, slowly, teasing him. "Oh Stephie, please, make me cum," he moaned. I sucked him off hard until he came all down my throat. "STEPHANIE!" He yelled as he orgasmed. The cum was delicious, trickling down my throat.

I pulled myself up and curled up on his lap as he held me. He planted small kisses on my forehead and throat, murmuring how hot our fuck was. "Wow baby I've never come like the way you made me. You're so good, so sexy," He murmured, he started softly rubbing my clit. "I wanna throw you on that bed and fuck you from all directions until you come again and again on my giant cock, screaming my name. I wanna see your pussy juices leaking down your sexy legs for me to lick up. I wanna make you scream in pure ecstasy until there's no more cum to come out of you. Then, I want you to ride my cock while I hold your bouncing tits in my hands, then for your pussy to tighten and come again, baby. That's what I want."

His dirty talked made me wet and ready to fuck. I moaned at his words, "Why don't you do that then?" 

"Oh, I will babe," He picked me up and threw me on the bed, turning me over and plunging doggy-style into my pussy. He kept his word. I lost count of my orgasms. My clit was swollen, my pussy sensitive, by the time I collapsed with my back to his front.

"Baby?" He whispered.


"When do you parents get back?"

"Around three tomorrow,"

"So we have plenty of time,"

"Yes, we do, what did you have in mind...?"

"How do you feel about anal?"

"Anal? I never thought about it. It would be pretty sexy to try, I guess."

He fingers spread across my ass. My breathing quickened as he pushed a finger in. It felt...nice. Different, but nice. He put more fingers in, and started pumping his fingers in and out of my ass, lubricating it with our cum. Three fingers. Four fingers.

I gasped when his entire fist entered my ass. His cock quickly replaced his fist, his balls slapping against my pussy. "This. Is. Amazing!" I gasped in between the thrusts.

We came at the same time, and the heat from out bodies slowly pushing me to sleep. The last thing I felt was his finger inside my pussy, gently stroking my walls.

"Babe, I'll miss you heaps when we leave for college," he whispered in my ear.

"I'll miss you too. Talk everyday?"

"You know it baby, I'll masterbate everyday for you as well,"

In response I rubbed my pussy lips over his cock, and I felt it grow hard again. I glanced at the clock. One in the afternoon. 

He pushed inside me again, and we made love for the tenth time. My orgasm ripped me to pieces, and his glorious cum dribbled down my legs. Two o'clock.

"We better hurry, my mom and dad'll be home soon," I said as I got up to pull the sheets off my bed.

He started to clean the mess we had left on the couch. 

We washed the sheets and replaced them with clean ones, wiping all evidence from our adventures.

I walked him to the car and kissed him goodbye. "Have fun in college tomorrow," I said.

"You too, baby, I'll call you tomorrow night!" He yelled as he drove off down the street.

Another part of my life was over, and another was about to start tomorrow. College, here I come!

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