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Sticky summer

Sweaty..sticky..wet and wild...there first meeting!
Kara had been wet since she opened her eyes that morning, anticipating what was to come that evening. She had been chatting with Jason for months online, they had talked about everything they wanted to do to each other, today they would get to do all of them!

It was mid July in Maine, the last week had been hovering in the 80's, Kara was sweating thru her hot pink tank top and cut off shorts, and her panties were soaked!

She walked threw her living room, where her husband was putting in the new air conditioner they had just bought.

"I am off to my sisters for the weekend hun, call you later," Kara kissed her husbands cheek and walked out as he mumbled something behind her.

Once in the car, Kara rolled down the windows, took out her cell and dialed the number she knew by heart.

"Hey excited?" Jason answered on the first ring.

"Oh so excited, I cant wait to finally wrap my arms and legs around you baby." she purred.

"Kara I want you to slip a finger in your sweet little pussy and tell me what it feels like right now!"

Kara cradled the phone on her shoulder, held the wheel with one hand and slipped her hand into the leg of her cut offs...slipping a finger in her very wet pussy.

"Mmm I am sooo wet baby, I will be there in 30 minutes, I so cant wait!" Kara moaned.

Kara noticed the man in the pick up truck beside her looking down into her car in shock, she merely smiled and went back to looking at the road.

Kara and Jason chatted nervously until she pulled into the parking lot of the resort they were staying at.

Beach Crest stood tall and regal in front of her. Kara sat in her car a full 10 minutes before she got the nerve to stand and walk to the lobby.

Once inside she gave her name and was shown to the room she would spend the next 2 days in. Her eyes went right to the bed, it was huge. Everything was white and beautiful.

She tossed her bag on a chair, reaching in and pulling out the black dress she had been told to wear, along with the red heels.

Kara hustled to the shower, and dressed as fast as she could...standing in the mirror she brushed her long black hair out, leaving it down as told.

After applying her red lipstick, Kara took a deep breath...ran her hands down the form fitting black dress and in her red spike heels walked out of the room and to the bar down stairs.


Kara walked in to the dimly lit bar, and ordered a vodka rocks. Sitting on the tall leather bar stool Kara looked around the room and sucked her drink down way to fast.

Three drinks later she was on the dance floor, swaying her hips to the music, telling man after man to fuck off as they came up to her.

She knew when Jason has entered the room, she could feel the air change, and as instructed..she kept right on dancing.

She knew when he walked up behind her, she knew when it was his arms that grasped her waist.

"Are you wet for me baby?" He whispered in her ear.

Jason took her arm and led her to the dimly lit hallway outside the bar and slammed her against the wall.

Kara lost her breath as he took her mouth and sucked her tongue into his mouth, she couldn't seem to breath as he snaked his hand up her skirt, and slipped a single finger into her dripping wet pussy.

Jason gently removed the finger and sucked it between his lips.

"Mmm, baby you are so fucking sweet," he growled.

Kara wanted more, so much more but instead followed him as he walked to there room. Once inside Jason stood at the end of the big white bed and looked her over.

"Suck my cock".

Kara fell to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him, smiling innocently as she unzipped his jeans and his cock popped out, nearly hitting her in the eye.

She opened her mouth and slowly took all 9 inches of his hard cock into her mouth, letting it slip down the back of her throat.

Kara nipped and slurped and sucked on his big cock as he loomed above her, watching every move she made.

Jason grabbed her head and pushed all of himself down her throat over and over, until Kara felt she would pass out from lack of oxygen.

Suddenly Jason pulled away and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her up to look at him.
Her eyes were glassy, a combination of to much booze, and being very hot!

"Kara I want you to take your clothes off and lay face down on the bed while I'm gone," then he walked to the next room.

Kara tried to hustle out of her clothes, but she fumbled with each zipper and button she encountered.

Finally naked, she lay herself across the bed, and waited in silence.

Jason came back into the room moments later, she felt the bed move as he sat beside her. He began to slowly run his fingers over her plump ass and thighs, sending chills scattering all over her hot body.

He grabbed one ass cheek, squeezing almost to hard, then bringing his hand down across the other hard. Kara jumped and sighed in a mix of pleasure and pain.

He brought his hand down on each cheek several times before pulling her legs apart and sliding his tongue over her hot pussy.

Kara nearly came out of her skin.

Jason pulled her hips up and positioned himself under her dripping cunt. Sucking her clit into his mouth like he had her tongue.

Kara moaned and tried to pull away from the intense feeling, but he held her where she was and continued to suck her swollen clit.

Kara moaned, screamed his name and tried to wiggle away. Jason slowly slid two fingers deep into her wet pussy as he sucked her clit.

Kara bucked and screamed as the most intense orgasm she has ever had ripped thru her. 
As she lay on the bed totally drained, Jason grabbed the rope he has beside the bed, and began tying her arms and legs to each side of the bed.

Once he had her secure he again started to lick her ass cheek, sliding his tongue over her sweet little ass hole. This made Kara tense a little, she had never had anal before, and this was not something they had talked about doing.

But Jason continued his tongue assault on her ass and then back to her cunt. Again sucking her clit inside his mouth, making her struggle against the ropes.

Jason suddenly stood and bent towards her ear...."do you want my big cock in you baby?"

Kara could do no more than shake her head yes.

Jason stood behind her, looking at her now red ass, her body tied to the bed, she was totally helpless to him. He almost came then and there.

He positioned himself behind her, slowly running the head of his big cock up and down her pussy, loving it when she jumped each time it touched he clit. Then without warning Jason grabbed her hips and shoved his cock balls deep into her pussy. Kara screamed at the unexpected entrance.

He pumped her as hard as he could, watching his cock fly in and out of her red little pussy in the dim lamp light, as Kara screamed and moaned and begged him to stop.

Kara had never been fucked so hard in her life, she felt like he was going to tear her apart.
Then he put his hand under hr and began rubbing her clit faster and harder than she had ever rubbed it before.

Kara tried with all her might to pull free of the ropes, and screamed at the top of her lungs as an orgasm ripped thru her body, making her shake and shudder like never before. She hadn't even caught her breath before Jason pulled his cock out and began pressing it to her asshole.

"Oh wait baby, I'm not ready," she begged as his cock head slipped inside her ass.

Kara tried to pull away from him, but Jason just kept on pushing his cock into her ass. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as he has started rubbing her clit again. He slipped four fingers into her pussy with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other ass his cock slammed in and out of her tiny asshole.

Just when she felt like she couldn't take anymore, she felt him tense up, and felt his hot cum shooting deep in her ass.

But still he didn't stop, he bend back down and sucked her clit back in his mouth. Kara bucked and screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her. After what seemed like a life time, and finally free of the ropes, Kara lay next to Jason. Hearts beating Madly, covered in sweat and cum.

Kara turned her head towards him and said "Its nice to finally meet you". 


Kara and Jason shared a shower, and slipped into there swim suits and walked out to the moon lit beach.

Even at 2 am the beach was still rather active. People walking hand in hand, others kissing on the dunes. Jason spread out a towel and sat, motioning for Kara to sit between his legs. Kara leaned back on him and looked up at the start, and listened to the waves crash on the rocks. A few feet away another couple sat down to enjoy the stars. Jason decided this was a good time to snake his hand around her and push her bikini bottoms aside.

Kara tried to push his hand away, bit he bit her earlobe and growled at her. Strangely this made her pussy start to drip. Jason slid three fingers slowly into her now raw pussy. Kara did her best not to make much noise as he pumped them in and out of her, and them began to stoke her clit.
Anyone walking past could see everything going on, this scared and excited her like nothing else.
Jason took her mouth with his as she came, she moaned into his mouth. Quivering and cumming on his fingers.

Jason stood and took her hand pulling her towards the 55 degree water.

Kara pulled away from him, "Oh no way that's too cold babe."

Jason simply grabbed her by the waist and dragged her in. Kara screamed and tried to scramble back out.

Jason made her wrap her legs around him as they stood waist deep in the freezing east coast ocean, pulling her bikini bottoms aside he plunged his cock into her cunt. Kara wrapped her arms around Jason's neck and moaned and cried into his mouth as he fucked her, right there on the beach, 10 ft from a dozen or more people.


Kara awoke the next morning in the huge white bed, all by herself.

A note on the pillow next to her read...

You were better than I ever imagined baby, until next time I have this hot summer night to think about....Jason

Kara showered, packed her now wrinkled black dress and the red shoes into her small bag. Walking slowly to her car in the already sweltering July heat she thought, "this is going to be the hottest summer of my life."

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