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Stoking the Fire

The fire in the fireplace was hot, but not the hottest thing in the cabin...
It was a Saturday night like any other at my little country bar. Mostly regulars hanging out and drinking beer. Telling hunting stories and tells of mischief from bygone years. It was cold out and the warmth of the bar felt good. As I was about to leave and head to my cabin to enjoy a roaring fire I had started that afternoon, a group of women walked into the bar. I knew most of them—but there was a new lady that I had not seen before.

I made a quick decision to stay a while longer because there was no one waiting for me at the cabin. I ordered a round of beer and sat back to chat with the newcomers. I introduced myself to Sherry—the new lady—and we struck up a conversation about our common friends.

Before long the smile she was giving me told me I needed to make a move. I told Sherry I needed to go back to my cabin and stoke the fire.

"Does your cabin have a nice view?" she asked.

"Yes, would you liked to come along and see it?"

To my surprise she said sure as long as I could get her home afterward. No problem with that. We took our leave and headed to the ridge where my cabin looks out over several thousand acres of farmland.

With a light snow in place the view was even better than normal. She made me sit in the truck and look out over the valley for 30 minutes before we entered the cabin. The limited lights of the valley and stars on the snow were very mesmerizing and Sherry just nuzzled into me and marveled at the various constellations.

When we got into the cabin, I told her I needed to stoke the stove and she replied, "Why? it is already hot."

"I know," I laughed, "but I need to get the fire roaring in the cabin fireplace."

Sherry stood at the large picture window as I put wild cherry wood on the fire. Sherry noted that the view was just as good from inside the cabin as it had been from the truck and the smell of the wild cherry was intoxicating.

I lit a few candles and along with the firelight the cabin became very warm and cozy. We huddled on the overstuffed couch in front of the fireplace as it began to heat up the entire cabin. As the heat from the fire rose, so did the heat from Sherry.

As I stroked Sherry's long blond hair, I could see the light of the fire in her eyes. The combination of lust and a roaring fire was enough to cause our clothes to begin flowing toward the floor.

First as I kissed her neck and ears, I roamed the buttons of her silky thin blouse and slowly began to undo them one by one. I continued by kissing her eyes and nuzzling her hair. As I did, her head laid back on the couch and gave me full access to her neck and the tops of her breasts.

Before long Sherry's black lace bra and silk lace panties were all that separated me from a delicious treasure. As I continued to kiss my way down Sherry's neck as she fumbled to release my raging-hard dick.
Being the gentleman I am, I gladly assisted her and in minutes lay naked kissing her neck and upper chest, while she stroked my shaft. It felt wonderful.

I slowly kissed my way to her right breast and skipped the nipple. Sherry turned to try and put my lips to her nipple but I continued to evade it. I then moved to her right breast and kissed all around the sides. She began to hold my head in an attempt to place my kisses on her nipple. Instead, I began to kiss my way down her stomach to her mound. I could smell the sweet perfume of her sex. As she shamelessly spread her legs apart, I kissed my way beyond her stomach to her thighs—skipping her sex.

She began to protest as I kissed to her knee. I continued to her feet and began to suck on the toes of her right foot. At this point Sherry began to relax and enjoy my slow and meticulous trail of kisses back up her legs past her treasure to her lips. Upon reaching her lips I began to slowly deep kiss her lips and stroke her breast. I then kissed back to her right nipple and gently sucked it into my lips using my teeth to nibble and pull.

As I did so I used my hand to stroke her lower stomach on down and circled the hood of her clit. Her moans indicated I was getting the desired result. That result was a slow meticulous building of sexual tension. Sherry continued to meld into my grasp as I kissed her left nipple before moving my lips down to her beautiful, feminine, sex.

As I kissed her hood, I ran a finger along her moist lips and savored the feel of her passion dripping on my palm. I pushed a finger into her wet lips and curled it into her moist love canal as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

She moaned loudly and her hips bucked into my face and a flood of her juices exploded to run down my chin. I held her in my arms with my lips tight to her clit until her orgasm subsided. Then I began a slow massaging in and out of her warm treasure with two fingers as I continued to suck on her now very swollen love-button. I kissed her little hard nub and stroked her dripping cave of pleasure till I could feel her stomach muscles contract and knew she was approaching her second orgasm.

As she moaned and bucked into my hand and face, I held both of her butt cheeks tight and rode her bucking body till its spasms began to subside. I kissed my way to Sherries lips and began to kiss her while turning over to put her on my stomach to ride me cowgirl-style. As she began to slide back and forth on my engorged member, I watched her fabulous breasts waving back and forth over my face.

I grabbed a nipple in my teeth and began to suck and bite as Sherri rode me like a true cowgirl.

As I felt my orgasm build, Sherry bucked harder and bounced higher on my love pole. I began to thrust into her as she bounced and soon we were both in the the throws of a massive orgasm.

As we settled on the couch in he light of the fire, I grabbed the throw from the back of the couch and we snuggled for a nap.

I love stoking the fire.
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