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Stolen Moments

How Kara Spent Her Summer Vacation
Thank you, sluttytwenties for your inspiration on this and other stories!

Kara knew she was hooked. She spent several hours a day on Lush, and yet she couldn't seem to get enough. The stories, chats, forum postings; all contributed to a wonderful fantasy world where she felt validated. People she met through the site were all great, and everyone was awash in sexual freedom and the pursuit of great masturbation material. Kara certainly was!

Kara had a number of favorite stories, and Lush authors, and friends with whom she exchanged witty chat messages. At 20, she was sharp and focused and had a great sense of humor. She especially enjoyed exchanges with an older user she called “Daddy”, and he seemed to have a sweet spot for her. The site, and the experiences there, were fantastic for her self-esteem, and she continued to explore her sexual desires and fantasies.

Kara had been able to be online quite often in her dorm room, as her roommate was often away with her boyfriend. Kara got to be very good at typing with one hand while her other hand was between her legs, exchanging lurid messages with strangers while masturbating; the thrill really turned her on. She loved to read stories ranging from soft romantic love to hard driving sex. She listed on her profile that she is a slut, but the truth is that she was a virgin. She knew that would change when she met the right man, at the right time.

She had a sense of foreboding, however, as her semester at college drew to a close. For a few weeks, she would be home at her parent's house. She could handle that, she had a reasonable level of privacy and enjoyed being in her old bedroom, where she felt safe and secure. After that, however, things would change; she would go to be a counselor at a summer camp where she had gone as a teenager; she would have charge over 13 and 14 year old boys and girls, and she knew that she had to set a positive example and keep herself set apart from any temptation. She was very confident in her ability to put her desires on hold, and planned out how she would gain her sexual release. She would not have access regularly to the internet, and when she did, Lush would almost certainly be off limits.

As she prepared to go off to camp, Kara planned how to survive without her daily Lush fix. She bought a small locking portfolio, and crammed it with her favorite stories, pictures and chat logs. She knew it would be risky having these materials, but she felt confident locking them in the portfolio. She would keep the key on a secure chain around her neck, and hide the portfolio in a hidden compartment in her suitcase. She was certain she would be able to steal a moment now and then to look through her treasures, and prepare for her release. Kara had a plan to take long hot showers and pleasure herself in the privacy of the shower stall. Just the thought of how that would happen drove her to multiple orgasms as she planned out her sexy release. Those stolen moments would have to keep her happy.

Her first week at camp was busy, as she and the other counselors arrived to prepare for the campers. She had attended as a camper, but as a counselor there was so much more to know. She had to learn all about safety protocols, the schedule, and the content of the program. She was excited and nervous, knowing that the experience she had when she was younger remained etched in her mind; she wanted to help all her campers have a fun and memorable experience.

The other counselors were all fun and nice; several had been campers with her. The new Director, Tom, was friendly, good natured and seem to be very capable; the rest of the staff were the same as she remembered from her time as a camper. There was something comforting about seeing the same faces there to help.

She focused on staying above her base sexual desires; and indeed, she felt that what she had learned on Lush would overwhelm the senses of her fellow counselors, who ranged in age from 18 to 21. She thought at times of trying out some of what she read about in her favorite stories with several of her peers, but knew that was out of the question. Her fantasies therefore became her masturbation material.

The campers arrived, and the full program was underway. The excitement and enthusiasm of everyone involved filled the day, and well into the evening. The first two weeks consumed Kara and her private time was limited; her desires built and she often sought her favorite release in the privacy of the counselor's showers.

She remembered from her time as a camper that there was a cliff overlooking the lake that featured several levels of formations. One formation in particular was fairly isolated, and it took a bit of climbing to reach. This small shelf, with several hemlocks at the front of it, provided a good lookout over the lake, but privacy from anyone below if one sat down. Kara set out one afternoon for the formation, after she had finished an “early day” in which she got some free time after dinner. The counselors rotated duties so this was her time to herself. She carried her portfolio with her in a small backpack and climbed to the shelf.

The view was spectacular, but her attention was focused on the materials in her portfolio. She thumbed through to find her favorite story, about losing her virginity, and she settled in to relive the fantastic experience the story brought to her when she first read it. As she read the story, she realized she was running one hand over her body, and up her shorts to where her wet pussy was soaking through her thong. She looked all around, and down, to be certain no one knew she was there; after seeing all was clear, she slid her shorts and thong down off her ass and down to her ankles. She continued reading and diddled herself to a strong, fulfilling orgasm. This was much better than the release in the showers! From now on, she would refer to this place as her “jillin' rock”.

She relaxed for a bit, then dressed and packed away her portfolio and made sure it was secure for the next time. She carefully climbed down – she was surprised she was a little sore – and went to the lake to wash the smell of her sex off her hands.

She repeated this regularly over the next two weeks on her “off” time – so called because she was off duty, and that's when she got herself off. She loved her time with her Lush fantasies, and planned what she would do first when she got back online and reconnected with her friends. She knew she would first reconnect with “Daddy,” who wrote the virginity story for her, and let him know how it carried her through her time away.

After two weeks of regular visits, Tom asked her to stop by his office for a few minutes after dinner. This was one of her “off” times, so she hoped it would be quick. She grabbed her portfolio, and backpack, and headed to the office.

She knocked on the office door, and Tom's deep voice called out for her to come in. Kara stood in the doorway for a second, as she realized she was seeing a different side of Tom. She judged him to be about 50, graying and balding in that sexy older man way. He was in good shape for his age, and Kara respected him and thought he was handsome. He still looked in control, but he had a concerned look on his face. He invited her to sit down, which she did. Was she in trouble for something?

He began to speak, and slowly and carefully laid out his concern: “Kara, as you know, we have very clear responsibilities here as the professionals in charge of the campers. I know that, as a young woman, you have certain needs, and we both understand what that means. On Tuesday, one of the other counselors saw you up on the ledge, sitting mostly out of view, but they told me they could see your face, and you looked agitated. I sent the counselor on her way, and climbed up the fire tower to look out and see if you were OK. Through my binoculars, I could see what you were doing there.” Kara was frozen, shocked that she had been found out. A deep, dark blush came across her face as her world collapsed. Tom waited for what seemed an hour before she looked up in horror at him. She saw care and concern in his face. “Kara, what happened is our secret. You are not in trouble; I just have to ask you to stop, and find another outlet for your desires. Please take as much time as you need to stay here and compose yourself.”

With that, Tom left the room, and Kara stayed behind weeping. She was mortified at being found out, relieved at not being in trouble, and yet intrigued by his statement that she needed to find another outlet.

After about an hour, she felt ready to leave. He told her it was their secret, and that she was not in trouble. She realized that if she appeared ill at ease, the other counselors would suspect something was wrong, so she checked her face in the mirror repeatedly to assure that she looked as normal as possible.

She felt good, and bad at the same time. She gathered herself and left the office.

On her way back to the counselor's quarters, she noticed the Director's residence off in the distance. Tom was a full time, year round employee so part of his compensation included a house to use. She felt great admiration for the tender and sensitive way Tom had dealt with her indiscretion, and she decided while it was all still fresh, she would knock on his door and thank him for being a gentleman.

The Director's house was far enough away from the rest of the camp so that there was a good deal of privacy. Kara walked the path to the house, and knocked on the door. Tom answered, and Kara saw that he had changed from his khakis and collared shirt into shorts and a t-shirt. This was a look Kara really liked in a man, and she glanced up and down before settling in on his eyes.

“I, um, I wanted to thank you for the delicate way you handled my situation. I don't know why I thought I could get away with that. You are very sweet, and you handled the whole thing very professionally. I am lucky that you are the Director now.”

Tom invited her in, asking if she would like a cup of coffee. She said yes, even though she didn't drink coffee. She was still confused about the whole experience, she realized. He led her into the kitchen and she sat at the table while he poured coffee for both of them.

Tom and Kara chatted about her previous camping experiences, Tom's background and why he was hired to run the camp. Kara felt very comfortable with Tom, on a more personal level, and she enjoyed talking with him. She found that he was funny, personable, and had a sharp wit that challenged her own. She felt a growing connection between them.

“Tom, I can't help but wonder what you meant earlier about something you said. You told me I needed to find another outlet. Did you have any specific ideas in that regard?” She knew her face was a mix of intrigue, concern, and, finally lust. How was it that she got here, coming on to a much older man?

Tom leaned over and held Kara's chin in his hand, while gazing into her eyes. He leaned toward her and she closed her eyes as they came together for a kiss.

It was electrifying! Kara had kissed guys her own age, but never a man who was old enough to be her father. Yet, it was exhilarating for Kara, and Tom seemed to her to have the same reaction.

He whispered in her ear, “I saw you in your most exposed and vulnerable moment, and I couldn't take my eyes off of you.” Kara reacted by blushing, recalling the embarrassment of the revelation, yet she was excited by Tom's confession. Regaining her wits, she smirked and said, “So, you admit you were spying on me? Isn't that voyeurism? Isn't that illegal?”

Tom pulled back, and seeing that she was smiling broadly, said “Just doing my job, Ma'am!” They both laughed and kissed again.

Kara leaned her head against Tom's shoulder and they snuggled for a few minutes. She suddenly realized something, and pulled back to look in his eyes. “Excuse me, Mr. Director-doing-your-job, you saw me at my most vulnerable, and what have I seen? I think it's time for a little show and tell, don't you agree?”

Tom laughed and said, “I know you're young, with limited experience, but if you want a man to show you his genitals, the word 'little' should not be in the sentence.” She laughed hysterically, and Tom laughed at how she was laughing.

“C'mon” he said and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. As they stood next to the bed kissing, they slowly undressed each other. When they were both naked, he placed his hands on her hips and she immediately moved them to her breasts.

She softly said, “Be gentle.”

Tom pulled back to look at her face, and got a quizzical look in his eyes; “Are you a virgin? Are your sure you want to do this?”

Kara leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, and whispered in his ear, “Yes, and definitely, yes!”

Tom pulled her to sit down with him on the bed. He looked her in the eyes again, and told her that he was reluctant to take her virginity. It had been a long time, since he was young, that he had deflowered a lover. He told her she should be in full charge of what she wanted for her first time.

Kara got up and found her backpack in the pile of their clothes. She pulled out the portfolio, raised it to unlock it with the key hanging around her neck (the chain with the key was the only thing she was wearing).

She found her favorite story, the one about losing her virginity. She handed it to him, and said, “This was written for me. Read this out loud to me, and then take me. Be gentle like the man in the story.”

As Tom started reading it, he smirked, smiled and looked up at her. This was not the reaction she expected from his reading a sexy, sultry story. He looked her deeply in the eyes, and said, “It's you. Somehow I suspected.”

Kara was stunned; “DADDY?!”

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