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Stopping by the studio

I stir in the bed, still half asleep but aware enough to realise that I'm alone. Just to double check, I stretch my arm out beside me and rub the smooth sheets repeatedly where you should be. I roll over to be sure that you haven't gotten lost at the edge of the bed, but now that I am fully awake, I know all too well where you'll be.

The studio is almost like your mistress, you could spend all your time there if it wasn't for me waiting for you to come home. I feel myself aching with a longing for you, longing to be wrapped around you in the cosiness of our bed. Our bodies intertwined as I slowly drift off to sleep, listening to the beating of your heart slow down in time with your breathing as you struggle to stay away to talk with me.

I roll to lift my phone from the bedside table to check the time and as the brightness of the screen blinds me, I see a message from you confirming your whereabouts. I admire your dedication to finishing work that you've started but also know that you have no choice, that you are unable to sleep or relax if you have something to do.

I quickly type the words "miss you" through blurry eyes still squinting at the blinding screen and before I have a chance to put my phone down, the words "Wish you were here x," flash into view. An idea quickly pops into my mind and I can't decide if I'm being ridiculous in my drowsy state. 

After lying there, deliberating what to do for a few minutes, I peel back the duvet but don't struggle to get out of bed as I usually do, just the thought of you makes it easier. I make my way to the bathroom and run my fingers through my long red curls. I quickly brush my teeth and apply some makeup, a quick flick of a cat eye and mascara before my favourite red lipstick - the one I know drives you crazy. I'm not quite sure what it is about this exact shade but every time I wear it, I can almost feel your pulse skyrocket from across the room. I smooth it carefully over my plump lips and do my best pout in the mirror.

Now that I've got my 'fuck me' lips on, as you like to call them, I race to the bedroom with excitement and go straight for my underwear drawer. I decide that tonight is a red night. I change into my best red lacy push-up bra, matching thong and slip a delicate pair of thigh high stockings with red lace tops up my legs, past my knee and secure them mere inches away from my burning desire.

I skip towards the wardrobe and wonder which dress I should wear. I instantly know which shoes to choose and as I push the sliding wardrobe open, I have them slipped on my feet in seconds. I admire myself in the mirror as I strut across the room in my dainty sky-high red heels. Something about these shoes makes me feel like a different woman - I ooze confidence and sass, wiggling my ass from side to side as I sexily strut and my posture changes dramatically too. I stand up as straight as could be, my shoulders back and my chest puffed out, accentuating my heaving bosom.

Walking back towards the mirror, my confidence shoots through the roof and a naughty thought suddenly strikes me. It would be a crime to cover up lingerie this sexy with any dress... Making my way back to the wardrobe, I go straight to the end and pick out my fitted trench coat. I quickly slip my arms into it, do up all the buttons and cinch the belt tightly around my waist in front of the mirror, trying to maintain my excitement as I tie it. 

Strutting to the front door, I grab my keys and sling my bag over my arm as I pull the door behind me and rush outside. The sound of my heels clicking on the pavement echoes through the narrow streets and I find myself walking faster, matching the ever increasing pace of my thumping heart as I fear it might burst out of my chest. Turning the final corner, I spot the studio immediately as a hint of light escapes through the blinds of the second floor. 

Approaching the door, I nervously fumble with the keys, trying to quietly find the right one in the bunch. I slip the key into the lock and silently unlock it. Once I'm inside I take care to not let my heels clip-clop across the floor as I make my way to the stairs. Reaching the top, I know you haven't heard me, thanks to the music that's blasting and how focused you are on what you're doing. 

Sitting on a high stool and crouching over the canvas on the bench, you are lost in your work, consumed by the intricate details that appear with each stroke of your hand, I creep over to you and place my hands on your shoulders, startling you slightly. As you jump, you recognise my touch and I feel you relax almost instantly and take my hands in yours to bring them to your mouth and kiss them gently. 

Swivelling around in your stool, you pull me between your legs to hug me and shower me with lots of quick kisses, intermittedly asking what I'm doing here so late.

"Well... you did say you wished I was here," I reply coyly with a giggle. You flash me your cheeky grin and with one hand on the back of my head, pull me in for a long, deep kiss. 

When our lips finally part, you ask if I'm going to take off my coat and stay a while.

"I thought you'd never ask," I add with a wink as I untie the belt.

Offering me a helping hand, you stand behind me and slide the coat off my shoulders, only realising that there is nothing underneath when I pull away. I turn on my heels to see your jaw hit the floor and your eyes widen with lust.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" you question and bite your lip, taking me by the hand and leading me to the bench you had been working on.

Grabbing me by the hips, you lift me up and set me down on the high bench, part my legs and stand between them as you kiss me passionately. Your hands wander from around my waist, up my back and within seconds the clasp of my bra is opened. Pulling away for just a second, I raise one eyebrow at you and you smirk back at me before taking my right nipple into your mouth, making me gasp with delight. Gently using your mouth to guide me, I am pushed onto my back, laying across the bench, Tracing your fingers down my body, you pull away and sit back on your stool between my legs. 

Now it's time for your favourite part.. teasing me, pushing me to the brink of release and suddenly jolting me back in a tantalising game of want it, can't have it. 

I prop myself upon my elbows to view my own private show as you softly kiss my inner thighs, all the while never breaking eye contact and grinning devilishly. The more I look into your beautiful brown eyes, the deeper I fall into the abyss, in such desperate need of you right here and right now. Sensing my animalistic desire, you edge ever closer to my burning core and as if drawn to me by force, you hook your thumb under my thong and slip it to the side. 

The combination of your strong fingers delving into me with the rhythmic circling of your tongue on my sweet spot send me into a trance. My head is spinning with pleasure overload and each time you feel my legs quiver, you grind to a halt until I beg you to allow me my release. After what seems like an eternity of deprivation, you push me over the edge and lick your lips as my back arches and I moan. I am so enveloped in the sensation within me that I only notice that you have moved from between my legs when I open my eyes to see you behind me.

I had thrown my head over the edge of the bench in all the excitement and you couldn't resist this opportunity, my head exactly level with your crotch. Biting my lip in anticipation I look you in the eye as you unbuckle your belt and let your jeans fall. Reaching out, I stroke the throbbing outline of your rigid dick and tug at the waistband of your boxer briefs to signal it's time to remove them.

I waste no time in showing you how much I hunger for you, as soon as your cock springs out to meet me, I take it in my mouth and gently suck the head as I stroke your balls and I hear your deep sigh of approval. You begin to thrust and I take you further into my mouth, almost down my throat and I feel myself getting even more turned on as I see your enjoyment.

Not wanting to end it like this, you slowly withdraw and help me to sit up and swivel around, pulling me towards you to the edge of the bench and kissing me slowly and passionately. My legs wrap around you as our tongues entwine, your hands in my hair, grabbing a fist of curls to pull my head to one side, exposing my neck to your warm mouth. Your teasing tongue makes me wriggle beneath you, giggling naughtily and wanting to repay the favour, I push your head to one side and take your earlobe between my teeth, gently nibbling and tugging it enough to hear the excitement catch in your throat before I whisper, "e agora?" or 'What happens now?begging you to take the lead and let me know what you have in store for me next.

My wish is granted, in one fluid motion your arms are around my waist and I'm being carried to the corner filled with pillows and cushions. You toss me roughly on top of them as you stand over me, unbuttoning the top few buttons of your shirt before pulling it up over your head and discarding it on the floor behind you. Lowering yourself in front of me, you take great care in removing my lacy thong and ensuring that my shoes stay firmly on my feet. Gripping my heels, you use them to manouver my legs, keeping them straight up either side of your head.

I can feel my entire body pulsing with desire as you guide your penis toward my pussy but you are still hell bent on teasing me as much as you can. Rubbing the tip against my slit, spreading my wetness and circling my clit, you're making me drunk with anticipation. My head spins, longing for you to delve into me, to make me lose my mind and I almost do when you finally give me what I want. In one swift motion you plunge into me and I cry out and catch your eye as you slowly edge out, biting your lip before plunging in again and again.

Roughly gripping my ankles as you hammer into me repeatedly, I do my best to contain my cries but you aren't going to let me get away with it. I catch you smirking at my and raising an eyebrow to signal that my attempts to be silent are futile. I feel jealous watching you bite your lower lip, wishing that you were biting mine instead but this thought it soon shoved out of my mind as you slam into me, faster, harder and deeper, forcing my gentle moans to become louder whimpers.

I feel my body weaken under your power and as always, you can sense my weakness and lord it over me, proud of your ability to have such a hold on me. Releasing my ankles from your grasp, my legs fall either side of you and you are quick to take hold of my hips, pulling me onto your lap and using my hips to anchor yourself, drive in and out relentlessly.

I manage to use my elbows to force myself upright and wrap my arms around your neck, using what little strength I have left in my increasingly weak legs to bounce on your shaft. Your muffled groans of appreciation are barely audible with my breast in your mouth, your tongue mercilessly torturing each of my nipples in turn.

The pleasure for each of us intensifies and I can tell by your sharp intake of breath as it catches in your throat that you don't have long left. Aware of this yourself and not wanting to leave me dissatisfied, you decide to kick it up a notch and before I know it, I'm becoming breathless as your fingers ferociously circle my clit, whispering unmentionable things in my ear and sending me into sensory overload, I am unable to withstand it any longer.

My entire body jolts as I cry out in ecstasy, followed very quickly by your own grunts of release as we collapse together into the mound of pillows, my legs trembling as the pleasure courses through me as I'm still wrapped around you. Entwined, I nuzzle into your neck, whimpering softly as the orgasm dies down and leaves me exhausted.

You produce a blanket and drape it over us as my eyelids become progressively heavier and I struggle to keep them open, physically drained from our activity Unable to fight my drowsiness, I must have fallen asleep because I wake some time later to you stroking my hair with sunlight peeking through the blinds and casting a pattern on the bright white walls and floor.

"I finally finished," you whisper, gesturing your head towards a newly hung canvas on the largest wall.

As my eyes adjust to the light of the studio, I recognise the silhouette of a woman leaning against a window frame, her plump red lips the only splash of colour on the giant black and white canvas.

"Can you guess where I got my inspiration?" you ask me, grinning while your thumb traces my lips before kissing me gently and whisking me upright to straddle you. I can't help but giggle between kisses, feeling your bulge growing under me and making my pulse race as last night's antics begin again.  

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