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Storm Warning Fun

Jack and Lauren are stuck inside because of the storm warning, and he doesn't want to just watch TV.
Jack got home at the usual time that day, unsurprised to find Lauren sprawled out on the futon wearing nothing but a robe and her panties. She had called him when she got off work, telling him she was getting the rest of the day off because the storm warning. When Jack shut the door Lauren glanced over the arm of the futon and waved at him.

“So why exactly does a storm warning give you a free day off?” Jack asked, setting his things down and pouring a glass of pop.

“Some of my co-workers live in that countryside area, with all the trees and practically on the side of a mountain. Without them there I can’t do my job so they just let all of us go for the day.” Lauren shouted, still watching TV.

“Not that I’m complaining but why aren’t you wearing anything?” Jack said, resting his chest against the back of the futon and leaning over to talk to her.

“Someone didn’t empty the laundry so my only clean clothes are my work clothes, and I’m not wearing them around the house.” Lauren responded with a sneer. By someone she meant Jack, and he muttered oops as soon as she said it.

“Scooch over Hun.” Jack said as he walked around to the front of the futon. Lauren was laying on her side, taking up the entire thing. She grumbled slightly for having to shift out of a comfortable position as she rolled onto her back and pulled her legs closer to give him enough room to sit down. “Aren’t you cold? It’s 60 degrees in here and you don’t have much on.” Jack asked as he took the seat.

“A little, why? Do you wanna warm me up?” Lauren giggled, pulling herself into a seated position by her knees. Jack responded by leaning over and giving her breast a quick playful squeeze.

“If you are in the mood for it…” Jack said, withdrawing his hand and looking back over to see Lauren biting her lip. She moved over and hugged Jack and gave him tiny love marks on his neck. He set the glass of pop onto the coffee table and pulled Lauren onto his lap. She sat sideways, facing his left with her arm around his. Jack kept his arm wrapped around her torso directly under her perky breasts. He could feel her body heat emanating through the thin fabric of the robe. After kissing him a few times she turned her body to face the TV and pulled off the robe. As soon as it was off Jack placed his arm back around her and pulled her close. After a few minor gestures and a little whining from Lauren , Jack also removed his shirt so that their bare skin could touch. Jack relaxed his legs and Lauren pulled hers in to sit cross-legged on his lap, once comfortable she resumed watching TV and enjoying the warmth of her Lover. Jack didn’t sit idle the entire time though, unsatisfied with the program she chose to watch he decided to take action rather than changing it. With a gentle touch he ran his other arm across her stomach and up to her left nipple. Lauren continued to watch TV as his he fondled her breast and nipple, causing her to let out a couple soft noises. Jack moved to do the same with her other breast, Lauren’s breathing picked up slightly but she kept any moaning silent. Jack knew she was holding it back on purpose, she was always a loud one in bed.

“What is wrong Hun?” Jack asked, letting go of her breast and rubbing circles around her belly button.

“I don’t feel like fucking right now, can we just relax for a bit?” Lauren said calmly, turning just enough for Jack to see her flushed face.

“Of course, just relax , you don’t have to do anything.” Jack replied giving a naughty grin that went unnoticed. He slid his other arm down and relaxed them both on her belly, his fingertips gently pressing her panty line. Lauren sighed, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to have him enjoy her body since he didn’t enjoy what was on TV. Jack ran his hands up and down her midsection, sometimes just lightly and others with a bit of push. Any chill that Lauren had left was quickly erased by lustful friction. Slowly his pattern drew him lower and lower, eventually pushing at her panties. He pressed the strings around her hips down an inch before she reached up and pulled them back.

“The panties are staying on Babe.” She said relaxing her arms back onto her knees. Jack groaned but knew better than to protest her wishes. Instead he put one of his hands in hers and allowed the other to slip gently underneath her striped panties. She relaxed her back into him and just sighed as he rubbed her pelvis. Jack stayed clear of her sex as he pressed and massaged the area around it, making sure to go as close as he could to tease her. Her skin flushed a little as her body grew warmer from the arousal, but she kept her moans silent and her eyes glued to the TV. Jack could feel moisture being collected in her panties as he slid his hand out. She breathed a sigh of relief that his sexual teasing was over for now, but Jack was far from sated. He ran his hand along her side and against her back, slowly working it into her underwear. He grabbed a large handful of her ass and massaged it as best he could. She tightened and relaxed her muscles constantly, trying not to focus on his persistent hands. Jack decided he had enough of her defiance and decided to take it a step further, within the boundaries of what she had said of course. Picking her up under her arms he sat Lauren off to the side and moved around to the back of the futon. With a quick pull of a lever and a bit of pushing on the back, the entire thing shifted to lay flat. Lauren groaned, un-happy with where this was going, but decided not to speak up since Jack kept his pants on. Jack hopped on the now fully flat futon and lay down completely with his legs towards the TV. He gestured for Lauren to hop on and after a small amount of protesting she did, placing her knees on either side of his face and resting her entire body on his. Because of their height difference, Lauren’s head rested just above his belt and she folded her arms to use as a pillow for the time being. He relaxed for a bit, not touching her at all and driving Lauren into an unnerving state.

Subtly and still following Lauren’s wishes, Jack lifted his head up and pressed his lips gently against her panties. He breathed heavily and his warm breath was quickly absorbed into her soft underwear and into the lower lips they covered. Lauren gasped softly and used a hand to cover her mouth and silence any future moans. Jack continued to breathe heavily into her groin as he noticed her reaction. Her panties started to become visibly moist and he continued his teasing actions. With a slow and vexing motion Jack pressed his lips directly over her clit and planted a long and loving kiss. The action was not without a reward as she moaned heavily into his stomach after holding onto them for so long. While she was enjoying the pressure and warmth over her button Jack hooked his thumbs around her panty strings and pulled them up. Lauren was caught completely off guard as her moist underwear was pulled firmly against her lips.

“You aren’t taking them off?” Lauren mumbled, slightly hoping Jack didn’t hear it.

“ ‘The panties are staying on Babe’” Jack teasingly quoted her, making sure he didn’t pull his face too far away so the words would go straight into her groin. Lauren was getting antsy, her show was coming to an end and she hardly knew what happened. The entire time he was just pressing, breathing, and teasing, keeping her panties on would soon be uncomfortable. She decided to take some action herself, popping off the buckle to Jack’s belt and loosening his waistband. He noticed and only grinned at the action, pulling his face back and lining her thighs with kisses. With her soft palms running along his pelvis she pushed her hands under his boxers and began massaging his thighs and groin, deliberately avoiding his package. Jack immediately grinned, willing to play her teasing game as he placed his palms on both of the ass cheeks resting just above his face. He kneaded her cheeks with his fingers while running his thumbs gently against the line of her underwear. Lauren responded by using her nails to slightly graze his thighs and hips while giving him love nips on his belly. Whenever he pressed his face against her panties, she pressed hers to his jeans. They traded warm breaths and teasing blows for long drawn out moments. Their building desire being shown on their flush skin and aroused groins. Jack began to grow hard, more from his teasing than hers. Lauren’s panties had long since been soaked through, allowing him to taste her with every press of his lips. Jack decided to play a little more aggressively and grabbed her ass hard in his strong hands. Pulling her down and lifting his head he was just able to line his mouth up with her damp opening, blocked only by the thin cloth. Lauren kissed his waist line, unaware of the surprise stimulation she was about to receive. With his tongue sticking out as stiff as he could manage, Jack pressed it into her entrance. The wet cloth gave as he pushed her panties into her with his tongue. The surprise caught Lauren completely off guard and she moaned loud and heavily, coming so close to an orgasm. She started another long moan as he pushed his tongue in circles now that it was inside, but as soon as she inhaled he rested his head back and left her there.

“Fuck you…” Lauren moaned out, roughly grabbing Jack’s semi-erect member in defiance.

“What’s the matter Babe, too much?” Jack replied playfully, wincing slightly at the sudden rough treatment his groin received.

“Please, I was so close…” Lauren let out in a gasp, unconsciously squeezing and rubbing the pecker in her hands. Jack chuckled, causing his stomach to ripple and jostle Lauren on top of him. Jack chose not to respond and instead just continued to massage her ass and thighs playfully. “Two can play this game…” Lauren mumbled, covering it with a moan as she undid the front of Jack’s jeans. She pulled out his hard member so that it stuck out into the open air.

“Finally” Jack exclaimed while hooking his thumbs around her panty strings and pulling them down towards his face. Lauren shifted her weight from her knees to her stomach and lifted her legs up. Jack wasted no time pulling her panties out of the way and down around her ankles. Lauren re-adjusted and lifted her torso up, keeping her eyes fixed on the newly presented rod. Lauren used a gentle touch to lift it up to her lips, giving the tip a slow and passionate kiss. Jack mimicked the action directly over her clit, sending goose-bumps of excitement down her legs. Deciding to get a little payback Lauren moved forward as much as she could, keeping her sex as far away from his face as possible. Jack snickered as Lauren used the newly gained position to plant her mouth around his tip. He replied by placing his hand over her lips, his index and ring finger to either side and his middle finger gently sliding down the middle. Making sure not to press too much Jack slid his hand gently and vexingly along her lips, causing Lauren to moan loudly in response. Lauren wanted to bring him as close as she was, to make him feel what she was feeling. She started gently sucking on his member, slowly moving her head down to take more in her mouth. Jack retaliated by taking his other hand and tracing a circle around her clit, being sure not to touch it. She got half way down his rod when she began bobbing her head slowly, each time she came back down a little bit lower. Jack was getting closer to the edge, and because of the pulses in his veins Lauren knew it. She finally got his entire pecker in her mouth, being sure to close her lips firmly around his base. Jack groaned loudly and stopped his ministrations, Lauren responded by pulling her head completely off him as fast as she could.

“Fuuuuccckkkk…” Jack groaned, trying not to sound defeated.

“Doesn’t feel so good does it?” She replied playfully, swatting at his erection with her hand. He sighed and let her hop off him, doing as she asked practically begging to cum. She rested on her back, pulled her knees to her chest, and called for Jack to finish what he started. Jack wasted no time, desire burning in his veins. He grabbed Lauren by the ankles and pressed them down to either side of her head, finally her high school cheer leading experience paid off. With the first powerful thrust he buried himself to the hilt in her sex. Lauren almost came from the penetration, moaning and gasping as she held on to the moment. Jack didn’t wait for her to recover, he wanted to fuck and he was going to do it now. Pulling back to her entrance, he moved his hips in circles to tease her slightly before burying himself again. She gripped the fabric on the futon like her life depended on it as Jack repeatedly pounded in and out of her body. Each thrust pushing harder than the last, finally he was ready, one final push was all either of them needed to orgasm. Jack pulled out, drawing a whimper from Lauren who looked like she was going to burst into tears if she was denied again. He laid down on top of her, keeping his pecker just outside her opening, without saying a thing he kissed her powerfully on the lips. Pushing his hips forward he pressed his rod into her at an agonizingly slow pace. Lauren writhed and moaned at the sudden softness, wanted so badly to be taken powerfully. She was about to cry in outrage for him to just fuck her again when he broke the kiss and bit down on her neck. Pulling back and thrusting in as hard as he could it only took a couple more pushes before they both were moaning and panting on each other’s skin.

“Time to cum Babe…” Jack said as he broke the bite he had maintained for so long. His voice was all she needed, clenching down on his rod as he pushed it in one more time before cumming himself. Jack fell on top of his lover, still buried deep inside her. Their sweaty bodies wound down in the aftermath of their finally sated lust. Just as they began kissing again the power went out, startling the both of them.

“Well, looks like we won’t have anything to do for a little bit.” Lauren said in between pants and moans. She could barely speak, Jack was surprised she pulled out a coherent sentence after that session.

“Whatever shall we do?” Jack said sarcastically, circling his hips a little to grind against her pelvis.

“I can think of a few things…” Lauren replied with a naughty tone as their bodies melded together in the darkness.

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