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Story for My Lover

Wrote a story to arouse my lover, then joined him.

I walk into the room and find you there at your computer... reading my story. I'm quiet... so quiet you don't notice me. Taking my time, I watch you as you read what is on your monitor. Your thoughts must be captivated by the fantasy described on the screen... My thoughts are captivated by you.

Standing there for a moment... I lose myself in thoughts of you... thoughts of you and of me. I lean up against the door frame and imagine you touching my body as I softly touch my breast through my shirt. I brush my nipples... amazed by how erect they become. I unbutton my blouse... barely touching my fingertips to my flesh. Placing my hands under my breasts, I raise my nipples to my mouth. My tongue darts quickly over them in turn... a moist trail of saliva. I open my mouth and gently suck my right nipple into my mouth... softly touching my teeth to my sensitive flesh. I remove my left hand from under my breast... moving it lower... down my stomach and into my now damp pubic hair. The wetness is surprising... I can't resist sliding a finger into my wet hole. Oh, my gorgeous love... thinking about you touching me... watching as you read through my fantasies... it's an excitement I've rarely felt. I bring my finger to my lips to sample the sweetness of my pussy. Oh, my gorgeous love... I want to feel your hard cock inside me... but I have a greater need... a need I'm desperate for you to quench.

I walk towards you... quietly... removing my clothing... feeling my body begin to quiver with each step. Standing behind you, I gently place my hands on your shoulders... I massage your muscles... and slowly... easily... you relax into my touch. I continue to massage you silently... I want you to continue reading... I want you to know my dreams... my fantasies for us. Reaching down your sides... I tug on your shirt... I need it off... now. I need to feel your bare flesh in my hands.

Your attention returns to the screen... my hands return to your shoulders. I press my lips to your neck... tasting the salt on your skin... oh, my gorgeous love, the taste of your flesh excites me. I slide your chair back from the desk. My lips... they never leave your flesh as I slowly move around your chair. My lips... now free to wander slowly down your chest... make contact with your nipple. Opening my mouth... quickly sucking in your nipple... I feel it respond to the attentions of my warm, wet tongue.

You move your hands in an effort to touch my breasts... but I stop you... pushing your hands back down. I look up at you and smile... a silent plea... begging you to be still. You smile at me as your hands relax. I know just how difficult this is... for you as you watch... but not touch. You know I enjoy this... now... being in control. Later... soon... the control will be yours... all yours my love... I promise.

Slowly I kneel between your legs... my hands brushing the inside of your thighs as they move towards your crotch. My lips... sucking on your nipples... my hands... moving over the bulge in your jeans. I love feeling your cock harden under my touch... and though I'm eager to free your cock... I move slowly... very slowly. Finally I allow my hunger to take control. My tongue moves down your stomach towards my occupied hands. Your buttons pants... open now... I reach in and remove your huge cock... my pleasure evident as I smile up at you. You return the smile... encouraging me... I open my mouth and take in the head of your cock. One more swift, wet stroke and you are completely in... my hunger satisfied... your cock pressing firmly against the back of my throat.

Your hands rest on my head in an effort to control my movements... I stop sucking your cock in objection. Your quiet laugh pleases me... your hands return to the chair. Control is once again mine as I continue to stroke your cock with my mouth... sliding my tongue along your shaft... beginning at the base... running it up the length of your hard cock until it reaches the tip. Softly... oh, so softly my gorgeous love... I moan... I moan, knowing that the vibrations will bring you closer to the edge of cumming. I listen to your breathing... heavy now as you plead for me to suck you... more... harder... faster... You want it all. I take notice of how the excitement of the moment has caused your cock to take on a purplish hue as it begs for my attention. Gently... I place my lips on your purplish tip... caressing... enjoying myself... worshiping your hardness. With each passing moment I open my mouth wider again... taking more of your cock. Inch by inch you fill my mouth... slow at first, but quickly picking up speed... a rhythm we instinctively know.

I remove your cock from my mouth... gently licking every hard inch... moving lower I suck gently on your balls... so heavy with your sweet cum. A large drop of pre-cum presents itself for my tasting... and I do... oh, baby, I do...I lick it off your tip... savoring its taste on my tongue. The sweetness of it excites me... I feel myself getting even wetter. I take your cock into my mouth once again... pressing it all the way back to my throat... stroking your cock only once more... then I feel your cock pulsate in sync with your increasing moans. A sure sign of the pending explosion. I press your cock deep into my mouth one final time as you release your load of hot, sweet cum. I swallow each and every drop, eagerly accepting all you have to give.

Removing my lips from your cock... I look up to see that your eyes are shut in relaxation... bliss apparent...I stand before you and place my lips on yours... kissing you deeply.... sharing with you the sweet taste of your cum.

You place your arms around me... this time I offer no resistance. Finally all power and control belong to you... I am yours to do with as you wish. Standing before me... you hold me tightly against your bare skin... firmly grabbing my ass, pulling my cunt against your cock. You kiss me deeply... pulling my hair so that my face looks towards the ceiling above us. You plant hot wet kisses along my neck... clearly on a mission. Your trail of kisses quickly reaches my breasts and you gently bite my left nipple... a heavy moan escapes my lips. I put my hands on your shoulders... pressing you lower until you are on your knees before me.

You place your hands firmly on my thighs... urging me to separate them... I do as you suggest placing one foot on the chair you had been sitting in... leaving my cunt completely exposed to you. You move in until your lips are just inches away from my damp bush... softly blowing cool air in its direction... my clit instantly at attention... my breath catches in reaction and you smile. You move your lips closer... barely touching my hot mound of curls. I try to press myself against your lips, but you move away slightly. I return to my previous position.... realizing that you are in control now. I look down and see you moving forward again... your mouth slightly open. I close my eyes in anticipation of your touch... I feel your tongue touch my clit... I'm near the edge.

You raise your hand to my pussy... gently opening me wider... allowing you a better view of my hidden fruit. I almost reach the edge of orgasm when your fingers pinch my clit... but you stop. The last thing you want for me to do is cum so soon. You touch your tongue to my clit as your fingers hold it in place... feeling me... tasting me. Then... without warning... you push your tongue within my cunt. Ohhh... I moan with delight... pressing my cunt harder against your face as I enjoy the friction. Your tongue licks my clit... my orgasm builds. You gently bite my clit once... then again... as if knowing that will throw me over the edge. You are right. As your teeth grab hold of my clit for the second time I am taken to the center of an incredible orgasm. Every muscle in my body quivers with passion... every thought in my mind disappears...I am overcome with the sensual erotic explosion.

As my orgasm subsides you stand before me and spin me around. My hands hold onto the back of the chair as you stand behind me... pulling my legs farther apart. You align yourself with my hips...then, with one fast motion, you slam your hard dick into my wet cunt. Oh, my gorgeous love, your hard cock feels soooo good inside me. I beg you... fuck me faster... fuck me harder... I want to feel you slam yourself deep into me. You hold my hips...guiding your cock into me... I offer no resistance... in fact... I press myself harder towards you. We move as one... the sound of our mating driving us to speed up the movements.

You reach around my hip to massage my clit. Your cock inside me... your finger stimulating my pussy... it's more than I can handle. My body gives way to another, more powerful orgasm... rocking my world... I press my cunt harder against your cock. You keep riding me... pounding into me... slamming that cock into my wet pussy. As my senses return... I talk to you... my voice low, subtle... using words I know will turn you on completely. I tell you what I need... fuck me harder, babe.... faster, faster... give me all of your rock hard cock... deep in me... there, there... more. I hear your breathing change... I feel your cock pulsate in my cunt. You take a handful of my hair and firmly pull as you shoot your hot cum into me. I pull from you and you release me quickly... turning around in time, I catch some of your cum on my breasts. As your orgasm subsides, you open your eyes to find me licking my breasts... tasting your sweet cum.

You pull me into your arms and hold me... I love this moment... this feeling... your lingering heat... your rapid heartbeat. You, my gorgeous love... my pleasure... I have many more fantasies to share with you.

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