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Strange Schoolgirl

Sex with a stranger is fun, especially schoolgirls.
I was a senior in high school, actually this was earlier this year it is a true story.

I went into the boys bathroom in school and there was a girl in there supposedly waiting for a friend. Don’t know why but I didn’t mind. She was a couple of years younger than me, at least 16 and was cute. Anyway I pulled out my cock and started peeing into the urinal and this girl just stood next to me and looked into the mirror on the opposite wall but I could tell she was trying to look at me. As I finished I turned around so my cock was facing her and I walked forward into her hand. She got startled a little and said sorry and walked away from me. A guy walked out of one of the cubicles and they both left. I was a little bewildered by the situation I was just in, but just left.

Later that day I was walking through the school hall as I saw this girl again standing around by herself. I stopped, turned around and said, “Hi.” She just stood there and said hi back. Now I’m not the kind of guy who would just ask any girl for something, but because of earlier I grabbed her hand and asked her to come with. We went in a corner leading to a classroom which was hidden and I grabbed her and pressed my lips against hers hoping for something back. Next thing I knew, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into an empty computer room ahead. I was a little astounded by this and wasn’t sure where it was going, but I knew where I wanted it to go.

She pushed me down onto a chair and kissed me. I started to pull off my t-shirt but we heard the door open and voices. The quickest I could, I put my shirt back on and we both sat down at a computer looking like we were working. At this point I still didn’t know who this girl was or what she was looking for. A large group of students had walked in to use the computers. This sexy girl and I were sitting wondering what to do. Then I pointed to the exam cubicle at the back, this was just a small enclosed cubicle used for individual examinations. We both casually walked over that way and without anyone seeing slipped into the cubicle, yet the door didn’t lock.

We both sat side by side on the same seat and kissed for a good minute; I then slid my hand down her top and started lightly caressing her boobs. I got my other hand and took it up her skirt, pushed aside her panties and attempted to insert a finger. I pulled my hand back and licked my finger then went back to finger her. She squirmed a little at first but got into it as I fingered her slowly.

After a bit of playing with her nipples I pulled out my hard cock, and grabbed her hand and got her to stroke it. I kissed her again deeply. I took my finger out of her cunt and pushed her back onto the chair. Spreading her legs I lined up my cock. I slowly pushed in. I felt some resistance and broke her hymen further. Slowly I started fucking her. I pulled off her shirt so I could play with her nipples. Then I pulled out and stuck it against her asshole, and I slowly fucked her in the ass. I kept going and was going to cum, and let all out in her ass.

She again squirmed. I slowly pulled out as some cum came out too. I leaned on top of her and rubbed my cock on her belly and kissed her. She got her hand and stroked me a bit more. I stuck a finger in her ass and with some cum on my finger I made her suck my finger clean. I pulled her up on her seat and pulled her head down and pushed her head to my hard cock. I pushed against her lips until she parted them she slowly, she suckled only the head while stroking the shaft with her hand. I got my hand and played with her tits some more. She started taking more of my cock in her mouth and ran her nails across my balls and lightly rubbed my asshole too. Now she started properly sucking my cock. She kept going for a few more minutes until finally I said I was gonna cum. She kept sucking and I let it all run down her throat, swallowing it all she cleaned my cock with her mouth. I thought I should return the favour so I kneeled down and she leaned back as I slowly licked her pussy. I stuck my tongue in and kept it going. I could feel my cum dripping out of her ass onto my chin. I got my middle finger and stuck it deep into her ass and kept it there while licked her sweet cunt.

I suddenly felt her foot in my lap playing with my cock. She started fondling me with her little toes. I kept in licking and slowly fingered her ass. I pulled out my finger and brought it to her mouth and she licked it clean. I then stuck my finger into her pussy and slowly fingered her. She kept rubbing my cock and balls and it started getting hard again between her toes. I felt her squirming as I got close. I started going faster and then after few minutes she spasmed into an orgasm moaning, and this squeezed out more of my cum from her ass onto my mouth and chin but I kept lightly licking until she stopped. I could tell by her grin that she was satisfied.

She said she wanted to try something, and pushed me back onto the floor. I lay there as she started rubbing me with her feet again. She was properly jerking my cock between her toes as I watched her pussy and ass drip. She got a rhythm going and I was now fully hard again which made it easier. I could feel cum dripping from her chair onto my feet below. I said to her she needed some lube on her feet. So I sat up and scooped up all the cum from the chair and her ass and rubbed it onto the soles of her feet. Now I lay back down and let her continue jerking my cock with my own cum. Only took a few more minutes and I told her I was cumming. I spurted up high and it rained back down her legs and feet and onto my face and chest. She quickly knelt down and sucked my cock clean then went onto licking my face and chest clean before rubbing the cum all over her legs.

We practically licked each other clean like cats and dressed ourselves ready to leave. In the excitement of the moment we both had forgotten all the people that were outside and we both stepped out together we all heads turning to us. We just stood there and with everyone looking at us we casually walked towards the door, not that it made any difference. When we got out of the room into the hall she just turned and walked off. No goodbye or anything. I saw her around a few more times over the next few months but she seemed to ignore me.

I still didn’t get her name…

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