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Stranger in a Limo

Mark stood at the window looking down at the waiting limo below.   His date for the evening, Charlotte Hansen, had arrived to pick him up.   He dreaded this night, but he knew he had to do it.   She was very rich and influential, and if he treated her well, could bring him business.   Not that he wasn’t doing well already, but cultivating women like Charlotte was the reason he was doing well, and he knew he must continue.

Mark was 50, fit, well groomed and good looking.   Women like his 60 year old date preferred Mark over younger men because they could deceive themselves into believing that others would think this was a real date.   Some of them would, some wouldn’t give it a thought, and a few would know that she was paying him $1000 to spend the evening with her.   He didn’t mind the cocktail party, it gave him a chance to work the crowd and leave his business card in a few purses here and there.  

It was what happened after the party that he dreaded.   The limo would take them back to her place where he would have to perform, and perform well.   He knew he would not be able to get a natural erection for her so he had brought Viagra, as he normally did with these types of dates.   Because business was good he had to keep renewing his prescription.   He couldn’t remember for sure the last time he had fucked a woman without taking Viagra first.  

The worst part was that these women always wanted to get their money’s worth, so he had to perform like the actor that he was.   He had to hide his disgust when he went down on her, no matter how revolted he was.

He left the window and went out the door, down the steps and into the limo.   He leaned over to kiss Charlotte on the cheek, but she turned and kissed him hungrily on the lips.   He had to kiss her back and make her believe he meant it.   As the limo pulled away she leaned into him and began to stroke his thigh.   Mark in turn fondled her breast, searching for a nipple to pinch.   Charlotte stroked his crotch, searching for a bulge that was not there, and would not be until later in the evening.

They reached the party and the driver opened the door.   Charlotte exited first, followed by Mark.   She immediately grabbed his arm and acted as if they were lovers.   She could act so with confidence, as she knew they would be before the evening was over.

The party was in a large mansion, celebrating the engagement of the host’s daughter.   There were many people there representing all ages from 21 to 90.   Mark scanned the room looking for women who had hired his services before.   It was always a good idea to spend a little time sweet talking them as repeat business was important.   As he was talking to one former client a young woman walked up to them.   The woman introduced Mark to her daughter, Vanessa.   Vanessa looked to be in her mid 30’s and was stunning to look at.   Vanessa looked him boldly in the eye and gave him a firm hand shake.

“How is it that you know my mother?” she asked.

“We’ve done business together in the past,” he responded, “but she never told me that she had a beautiful daughter.” He quickly tried to change the subject.

“What business are you in?” she asked, continuing to dig.

“Real Estate,” her mother said, “You know how I’m always looking for cheap property.”

“What areas do you specialize in?”   Vanessa was relentless.

“Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, even Palos Verdes, where ever the money is.” He responded, winking at her mother.   “And what is it that you do?” he asked, confident that he had passed her test.

“I’m a writer, romance stuff mostly, but I do a little erotica now and then,” she said, teasing her mother.

“Erotica.   Sounds interesting, I would like to read some of your work some time,”   said Mark.

“If you are serious you can read some now, I have a file in the limo with a few of my stories.”

“It would be my pleasure.”   He responded, and they headed for the door.

Vanessa’s mother had an unpleasant look on her face as they left.

When they got to the limo the driver was not there, but the doors were unlocked.   They got in the back and Vanessa began rummaging through her file.   As she did so, Mark took off his jacket, and also took the opportunity to look her over.   She had shoulder length black hair and wore a cream colored dress that displayed a lot of cleavage.   He guessed her to be at least a C cup, maybe a D.    Her dress was not short, but it had ridden up when she got in the limo and he could see a good 12 inches above the knee.   Her legs were very shapely and her skin color was a tanned olive.   Just looking at her was doing to him what Charlotte could not do earlier.

Finally Vanessa found the story she was looking for and handed it to Mark.

The light coming through the window was not bright, but Mark turned the pages toward the light and began to read.   Vanessa leaned against him and began to read with him.   After a minute Mark unbuttoned the top buttons on his shirt and loosened his collar.   It soon became apparent that the story was getting them both aroused.   Vanessa put her hand between her legs and pressed her legs together, not caring if Mark noticed.   This caused her skirt to ride up further, exposing much of her thighs.  

Mark was aware of it but he kept reading. His cock was rock hard now and he had to lean back and adjust himself with his hand to release the kink.   Neither of them was making any attempt to hide their arousal, and Vanessa even let out a low moan at one point.    Before the story was finished Vanessa had opened her legs and was stroking herself through the dress.   She wanted to masturbate but wasn’t yet comfortable doing that before this man that she had just met.

Mark finished the story and looked at Vanessa.   She looked back with hunger in her eyes.   He took her hand from her crotch and put it on his throbbing cock, replacing her hand with his own.   He pulled her dress up and began to stroke her pussy through the wet material of her panties.   He placed his other arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him, kissing her eager lips. Vanessa came alive in his arms, leaning her body against him and stroking his engorged member.

Mark slid his hand inside her panties and soon had two fingers between her wet lips.   Vanessa quickly had an orgasm.   She took her free hand and placed it on Marks hand, holding him in place while she thrust her hips, fucking herself with his fingers.   She broke away from the kiss to catch her breath and let out a load moan as she had another orgasm.   When she relaxed Mark took his fingers out of her and put them in his mouth.  

Vanessa became more aroused by this and quickly began to undo his pants.   Mark lifted his butt off the seat so she could pull his pants down and soon his rigid shaft was pointing in the air.   She leaned over and licked the pre cum off the tip, then slid her mouth all the way down, sucking and swirling her tongue along the way.   Mark leaned back and watched as Vanessa’s head bobbed up and down on his manhood.   With his free hand he reached around her ass and pulled on her skirt.   She lifted her ass up and he was able to get her dress free.   He then tugged at her panties and she again lifted her ass as he pulled them down as far as he could reach.  

Vanessa reached over and pulled them down and off.   She continued to lick and suck his cock while he caressed her bare ass.

Suddenly Vanessa got up and straddled Mark, positioning herself over his cock and slowly lowering herself down until she had taken him in completely.   As she began to rock forward and back, Mark reached up and slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled her dress down to her waist.   Her breasts stood out proudly and she had large nipples that were hard and aching to be touched.   Mark squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, causing louder moans from Vanessa.   She leaned forward, placing her hands behind his neck and kissing him hard on the lips.  

She had an orgasm that would have been loud but was muffled by their kiss.   She buried her face in his neck and continued to fuck him with long, deep thrusts of her hips.   Mark had a hand on each cheek of her ass and was now moving in unison with her thrusts.   He was moaning now, a clear sign that he was getting close.   Vanessa could feel his cock swelling inside her, driving her closer to another orgasm.   Her moaning was loud and she knew she was about to cum again when suddenly Mark exploded inside her, driving her over the edge.   Her body quivered with each shot of his cum, and her orgasm continued like ripples on a pond.  

Vanessa stopped moving but Mark kept thrusting until he had emptied all of his seed inside her.   Vanessa relaxed her head on his shoulder while her dripping pussy was still impaled on his rigid cock.

Mark held her close, holding his cock as deep inside her as he could, not wanting this to be over.   This to him was just a fantasy.   Reality was waiting for him inside the mansion, and he didn’t want to return to reality.   He loved the feeling of his cock inside this beautiful young woman and wanted it to continue, to last as long as possible, but he knew that it could not.   Slowly he softened and eventually slipped out as Vanessa pulled away.   His cock and balls were coated with their combined juices and he had to clean up before going back inside.   He found a towel and some melted ice water and cleaned himself up, then pulled his pants up and straightened his clothes.  

Vanessa had not moved, her panties still on the floor.   She had a smile on her face as she said “Thank you for making my fantasy come true.”

Mark looked at the paper lying on the floor.   The title read “Stranger in a Limo”.

Mark smiled and got out of the limo.   As he headed for the entrance to the mansion he felt suddenly tired and sad.   In a little while he would take a Viagra pill so that he could please a woman who could not even get him hard with her mouth without the pill.   He wished he could quit this life, but he knew he couldn’t.   Pleasing women was the only thing he was good enough at to make a decent living.   At $1000 a night it was good money, but it made him hate his life, and himself.   He stopped at the door and took one last look at the limo, then turned and walked back into the world he despised.

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