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Strangers meet in a crowded bar; will they hit it off? Of course, 'cos this is Lush!

I saw her as soon as I walked in. She was perfect; a mass of straight, dark hair framing her pretty face, tight-fitting yet business-like black silk shirt, slim waist and softly flared hips, gorgeous tight ass and slim, shapely legs accentuated perfectly by a tight black pencil skirt. She looked like a business woman or an executive assistant. She was standing with her back to the bar with a nearly empty white wine glass in her elegantly manicured fingers, her eyes subtly scanning the room. Ideal , I thought to myself again.

Then our eyes met. She smiled, briefly embarrassed, then looked away. Then she looked again. I held her gaze for a few seconds, then walked towards her, picking my way through the crowded bar. I could be wrong, of course – maybe she was waiting for someone – but it was worth a try. No clever opening lines.

“Hi.” I smiled. She smiled back.

“Hello.” I loved the tone of her voice - soft yet confident.

”Are you waiting for someone?” I asked.

“Not anymore,” she responded.

“Great. May I get you another glass of wine?”

An hour and the rest of the bottle later Miss Smith had told me about her life as an analyst; about how she sometimes needed to travel with her boss on business and sales trips but that he preferred room service to hotel restaurants; and how lonely she would get in the evenings. And how she had steeled herself this evening to go down to the bar to find a bit of “company”. She smiled shyly as she explained the last part.

“I hope you’re happy with the company you found? You know you could have had the attentions of any man in the bar, don’t you?”

“I am delighted to have met you," she smiled, then slyly fishing for the compliment she added,
 ”but why do you think I could have any man here?”
“Because you look gorgeous – you’ve obviously gone to a great deal of trouble over your appearance this evening; just the right mix of intelligent and sexy.” She laughed.

“Do you think so?” she blushed.

“Well I think so, but for my tastes you could have gone a bit heavier on the sexy!”

“Like what?” she asked, teasing me.

“OK, maybe a slightly brighter red lipstick, and one less button fastened on your blouse.”

She placed her glass on the table between us.

“Oh, I get it. Like this, you mean?”

With that she undid not one but two buttons of her blouse to reveal the top of a lace bra and a glimpse of cleavage. She reached down to the floor for her handbag, lingering for a few extra moments to give me wonderful view down her top at her full breasts, and came back with a lip-gloss which she applied slowly, brushing her lips in that way that only a sex-goddess knows how to do.

“Yeah. Wow. Just like that.”

“Anything else?” she asked, enjoying teasing me.

“Well, since you mention it, the skirt doesn’t show off as much of your great legs as it could…”

“You are a very bad boy. I don’t know what I am going to do with you…”

I took my moment. “How about we finish our drinks somewhere else?”

“It’s very cold outside,” she countered, grinning, making me say the words.

“We could go to my room if you like?” I ventured.

“No” she said firmly. My heart sank. “Let’s go to mine…” she continued.

Evil witch, I thought.

The glasses didn’t come with us – good job really as the moment the elevator door closed and she pushed 15, I closed the short distance between us, pulled her to me and started to kiss her passionately. Her arms reached up around my neck and our tongues began to wrestle. I don’t think either of us noticed the lift arrive at our floor as we stood in the lift locked together, hands clawing at each other’s clothing. Eventually we tumbled out onto her floor and made our way to her room, thankfully only a few doors down the corridor.

As we crashed through the door I was pulling her blouse over her head as she struggled at my jacket. I kicked my shoes off as I threw her blouse towards the bed, and her nimble fingers were immediately attacking my shirt buttons. My hands dropped to her waist and groped for the fastening for her skirt. I finally unzipped it and she shimmied her hips to let it fall to the floor. She looked incredible in her pretty black lace bra, silky matching g-string panties, garter belt holding up black nylons, the breath-taking outfit completed by sexy 4-inch stilettoes.

“Wow” I managed “You did make an effort tonight.”

She said nothing and dropped to her knees, pulling my belt open, undoing my trousers and letting them drop. I kicked them away and she started to claw at my rapidly stiffening cock through my shorts.

“My, my” she cooed “Somebody obviously likes what they see…”

She slipped both hands into the waistband and pulled them down my thighs. My cock sprang up to meet her face and she gripped it gently, stroking up and down a few times very slowly. She pulled back the foreskin, stretching it taunt, then ever-so-slowly drew her tongue along the underside towards the tip. I could have erupted at that very moment at the sight of this sexy woman all dressed up with her tongue on my cock. She kissed the head, slowly and sensuously, then pursed her lips and forced my cock through her lips into her mouth. Then she looked up at me and asked,

“Do you like?”

“Jesus, Christ, woman. I like a lot.”

She smiled and started to suck, lick and tease, cupping my balls and causing my already hard cock to swell even more. I had to stop her – the sensations she was giving me were way too intense – so I reached down for her and guided her to the bed.

As she sat on the edge I dropped to my knees and scooped her tits from her bra, pushing the fabric below her tits. Her chest was gorgeous – firm, heavy, tits with very hard nipples presented themselves and I fell upon them, devouring them with kisses, licks and sucks. I gorged myself on them as she held my head to her, urging me to suck on her nipples. My hands dropped her slim thighs, parting them. She didn’t resist. My right hand trailed gently up her thigh to the silk of her panties and I felt her flinch as I brushed between her legs. She was wet already, a little damp patch betraying her state of arousal.

I pushed her back on the bed and kissed my way down her abdomen until I reached her panties. I started to press my tongue through the silky fabric, licking and kissing her and she started to writhe. God she looked amazing in her outfit but her panties needed to go.I gripped the waistband on the right hip with both hands and pulled, ripping the material.

“What the fuck?” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry – I’ll buy you more tomorrow.”

I gripped the other side and ripped again. As I started to lick her beautiful shaved little pussy she reached down and gripped my hair, pulling firmly towards her.

“Oh yeah. Like that. Just like that,” she whispered.

I wasn’t in the mood for teasing. I was so horny for her I wanted her to cum so I started to lick her clit directly, trying different movements – straight up and down, side-to-side, circles, until we settled in a rhythm that had her moving her hips in unison with my tongue. She was already soaking wet and I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her sweet, fragrant little pussy. I slipped two fingers inside her and realised how tight she was, but she was so slippery I managed to get them inside her with little effort.

She was panting now, grinding her pelvis and raising her ass of the bed and wriggling. I placed my hands and forearms on her legs and held her down.

“Stay still, and stop wriggling,” I smiled “There is no escape, and I am going to make you cum on my tongue.”

I held her firmly now, the weight of my torso holding her legs still and forcing them open. She was still writhing, but evidently turned-on by this slight restraint. My fingers explored her as my tongue worked its rhythm on her clit until she started to shudder. I kept my tongue at the same steady pace as I felt her juices flowing over my fingers as she climaxed, bucking and straining against my weight on her thighs. As her orgasm started to subside I climbed on the bed beside her.

“Ride me, baby, ” I said. "I want to watch you ride my cock."

She eased her sensitive pussy down over my cock and I realised how tight she actually was. I was incredibly deep inside her but her pussy was gripping me like a vice. Then she started to rock backwards and forwards, grinding herself against me, and leaning forward to I could suck on her rock-hard nipples as she used my cock.

She was very accomplished – I am not sure I have ever felt so aroused in that position but she continued to grind on my cock while I grew more and more hard inside her. I wanted her to cum, but knew I couldn’t last.

“My God, your pussy feels so great around me, and I’m sorry but I can’t hold back any longer, baby. Either you have to stop for a while or I have to cum, ‘cos what you are doing and the way you look while you’re doing it is too fucking sexy.”

“Don’t worry,” she whispered “…Just so long as you can get it up again tonight, all will be forgiven.”

I expected her to stop moving until I had recovered my composure, but she lifted up and let my cock fall from her pussy.

“Let me see if I can find somewhere really nice for you to cum,” she purred, and started to suck me deeply. Any notion I had of regaining control disappeared in that instant.

She sucked me for less than a minute, her hand stroking me in time with her mouth and her tongue swirling around my head, all the while looking me straight in the eyes. I felt that familiar tightness behind my shaven balls and my body stiffened in anticipation, then I exploded into her mouth. As she felt me cumming she opened her mouth slightly, letting my come shoot into her mouth but then run back down over her hand and covering my cock and balls with spurt after spurt of hot slippery cum.

As I lay there recovering she asked, “So where did you get the idea for ripping my panties? That’s a new twist.”

“What about you?” I replied incredulously “I can’t believe that stuff you made up about your boss preferring room service. And when did you buy that sexy garter belt?”

“Mmmm," she replied “I love it when you pick me up in a bar and pretend not to know me at all. It means I can surprise you.”

She was licking my cum from her fingers as we laughed some more about the entirely fictitious conversation we had contrived until I eventually “picked her up”. I told her how sexy she had looked in the bar and she confessed she had turned two young guys away before I had finally arrived. It always made me horny thinking about her with other men; she was, after all, a sexy woman with needs and urges of her own. And it wasn’t as though we were married.

“So why didn’t you invite them up to your room?” I teased.

“I might have done if I knew you weren’t here,” she shot back.

She continued to lick the spilled cum from around my sensitive cock, seductively sucking it into her mouth and swallowing it. She was amazingly sexy. I pulled her up onto the bed and I kissed her deeply, tasting my cum in her mouth.

“So how about you just lie there and think about having the two guys, and I’ll start to nibble on your pussy while you tell me what they might have done to you? And reach in that drawer and pass me the toy, would you? I think you might like that right now.”

I straddled her in her favourite 69 and started to lick her pussy lips. She was still swollen and very sensitive to my touch even though I hadn’t lasted long enough to grant her another orgasm when she rode me; I would have to put that right. My semi-hard cock dangled above her face as I got down to eating her. She tasted so delicious – a mixture of her musky sweet taste and traces of my cum, and she was slippery wet. As my tongue worked her clit she brought her knees up and angled her pelvis towards my mouth. I licked her entire pussy, from her clit to her opening and back again, many times over, slowly and deliberately spreading her juices everywhere. I then took the tip of the vibe and touched it to her opening.

She sensed it was no longer my tongue and pressed down towards it. I turned it on to a low frequency vibration and started running the tip from her opening all the way up to her little clit and back again, replicating the movements my tongue had made just moments before. Her breathing became heavy, and I could feel her gasped breaths on my cock, which by now was stiffening again nicely – I always got so turned on eating her luscious pussy.

“So would you have told one of them to eat your little pussy?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed.

“And maybe one of them would put his cock in your mouth while his mate was eating you?”

I felt her stretching her neck upwards, reaching for me, so I eased down a little and felt her lips close around the head of my cock and her tongue start to swirl.

“Uh-huh,” was her muffled reply.

I turned the vibe off and started to spread her free-flowing juices all over it.

“And then the guy eating you might see his mate fucking your sexy mouth and feel a little left out. So he might want to push his big, hard cock in your pussy.”

Another “Uh-huh” from below me, together with her sucking me a little deeper into her mouth. I pressed the slippery head of the vibe ever-so-slowly into her pussy and she pushed her sexy ass off the bed to meet it. I stroked the vibe gently in and out of her, teasing her with just the first couple of inches. She fought for more length inside her, but I steadily pushed and pulled the vibe so that she was only getting the tip.

“He asks you if you would like more. Would you like more?”

“Yes. Yes, please. Give me more cock inside me.”

I lengthened the stroke a little, giving her another inch or so, then carried on like that for a little while. Over the next few minutes I repeated the process a few times; asking her if she would like more and making her beg for each inch until almost the entire length was inside her at the end of each stroke. By this time she was bucking and writhing beneath me, trying to fuck the vibe in my hand and at the same time suck my cock.

At that point I felt I had been cruel enough, so I switched it on a low throbbing vibration. My cock spilled from her mouth and she started shaking all over and gasping for breath. I continued to move the slick vibe in and out but even moving it by just an inch in either direction she was in a frenzy. So I lowered my tongue to her swollen clit and started to lick, the gentlest licks I could manage with the very tip of my tongue. The taste of her hot little pussy had me drooling, and she could feel the saliva running down my tongue onto her clit. She was close so I increased the speed of the vibe and licked her a little firmer. She was shaking, her whole body tense as she climbed the last couple of steps. I kept licking her, not wanting to force her orgasm, but knowing that maintaining this pace would make her explode when she was ready.

And she did.

“Make me cum. Make me cum. I am cumming. I. Oh. God. OH GOD. FUCK. TURN IT OFF. Oh MY GOD.”

I felt her orgasm and watched her pussy twitching as she took every inch of it inside her. She said nothing as she came down, the intensity of her little private fantasy obviously extremely vivid in her mind. As she started to recover she reached up and started to stroke the hard cock in front of her face.

“My God that was amazing. I wanted to suck you – really I did - but with that thing inside me I couldn’t do anything else. It was sooooo intense. And when you started to lick me again….”

Her voice trailed off, re-living the sweet torture of it.

“Now, what am I going to do with this hard cock?”

“I think you should suck me”, ‘cos I am not finished with you yet!.”

As I felt her soft warm mouth closed around the head of my swollen cock I started to ease the vibe from her dripping pussy. I couldn’t have moved it any slower, sliding it out at such a rate as to be barely perceptible. But evidently she could feel it because she wiggled beneath me. When I got to about half way out I stopped the withdrawal and started turning the end in a circle, moving the tip inside her. Her skilful mouth was moving sweetly on my cock all the while. I could feel her sucking at one moment then licking along the shaft the next. With the tip of my finger I started to tease and caress her tightly puckered little ass. Her pussy juices and my saliva had run down and made it incredibly slippery, so the tip of my middle finger circling her must have felt deliciously slippery to her.

As I pressed gently I felt her relaxing and my slick finger entered her – the naughty place that gave her such forbidden, guilty and unspeakable pleasure. I had touched her there before, mainly while I was eating her and I could tell she enjoyed it when I did it due to the extra intensity of her orgasm. But we didn’t discuss it. We had discussed me trying to take her there with my cock; she confessed she had tried it, but hadn’t enjoyed it – she wasn’t overly eager and I didn’t want to make her do something she didn’t really like. But maybe today I might try a little experiment.

My mind switched to the feelings I was getting from her tongue. Unconsciously I had lowered my hips further down towards her and she was taking quite a bit of my length in her mouth. As I focused on the sensation I realised I would have to start concentrating on her pussy, or she would make me come. I slowly withdrew the vibe, feeling her shaking beneath me as I did so. As the tip left her I felt a surge of her juices flowing slowly from her pussy and down to her ass. I started to lick her pussy again, very gently, knowing she would be extremely sensitive still. I switched the vibe on and started to tease her lips and then rested the base against the finger that was still gently moving in her ass. I felt her freeze, unsure of the feeling and quite what I was doing to her, so I held my finger and the vibe completely still and went back to eating her pussy. She started to relax and I felt her lips and tongue moving on my cock again.

As I softly explored her clit with my slippery tongue I felt her relax more and started to move my finger again, this time feeling no resistance. I hoped she was enjoying the sensation of my vibrating finger in her slippery little ass. As if to answer my silent question she started to move her hips in time with my finger, her ass relaxing around the naughty intruder. I added my index finger too now, stretching her and eating her at the same time, and this time she relaxed quite quickly. I knew she trusted me not to hurt her.

Her hand was stroking my cock in time with her mouth and I felt her other hand caressing my balls, then the tip of one finger started to trace a path towards my ass. I felt suddenly very vulnerable, but at same time excited. She started to tease my ass, then took my cock from her mouth to lick her finger; Jeez, I knew what was coming. As she started to suck me again I silently braced myself. Her wet finger teased and traced around the opening and I could feel my balls tightening. Would she?

I licked her clit directly now, and slid my fingers from her ass and pressed the tip of the vibe in their place. It was still incredibly slippery along its full length, having been in her pussy as she came. As I pressed firmly the tip took the place of my fingers and the first inch glided into her. She was tense again but didn’t resist. But she pushed her finger firmly into my ass. It happened so fast I couldn’t resist – the message was clear “we’re going to be gentle with each other, right?”.

It felt alien to me – it had been done to me before by other girls but not by this one. And not with me in this position with my ass in the air and no hands to defend myself. But as she started to rub the prostate with each little thrust it felt good. Great in fact. Her mouth around my cock and her finger in my ass. Bad girl!

With an inch or so of the vibe in her and my tongue on her clit she seemed relaxed. I lengthened the inward strokes a little until she had 3 or 4 inches inside her. She was panting, her rhythm on my cock completely gone. I was tempted to try to take her there now; to take the vibe out and replace it with my cock, but I resisted. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing and I wanted to give her a proper deep orgasm. I started to lick and stroke faster and she grabbed my cock with her free hand and started to stroke me, her finger easing back and forward in my ass. She was shaking and tensing beneath me, her hips bucking to meet the thrusts of the vibe as it gently fucked that forbidden place.

I sensed she was about to come. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit slightly. She increased the speed of her hand. I could imagine jets of my cum shooting all over her gorgeous sexy face, an image so naughty of an act so intimate that it made me gasp out loud. She knew I loved coming on her face especially while she looked up at me with her mouth open, my cum running down her chin and dripping onto her tits. It was an act of submission on her part, a gift to me that I treasured. I was going to come.

“Keep stroking me, baby, I am going come. Make me come on your face and your tits. Jerk my cum all over you.”

“I am coming, too,” she gasped “I am coming too. It’s so intense. And bad. And so good. You’re making me come. I’m coming. I’m coming. OH GOD I AM COMING.”

As she writhed on the bed below, her juices flowing freely from her pussy, I felt pulse after pulse of molten hot cum surging from my balls. With her slippery finger in my ass it felt like she was milking me, like I couldn’t stop coming. Eventually her cum-drenched hand slowed on my cock and she slipped her finger out of me. I turned the vibe off and eased it gently out of her.

I swung my leg over her and looked down at the mess we had made. She had cum splattered from her navel to her face. Her face was bright red as she gasped great lung-fulls of air, her bullet hard nipples rising and falling rapidly, cum running from her tits and her cheeks. She looked gorgeously sexy and I kissed her deeply.

“Fuck! I think I might be almost ready to try your cock in there,” she blushed “but not today, ok?”

After a delightful and intimate shower, where we each soaped and washed the other, a quick dinner and a bottle of wine we returned to the room at around 10:30. After the intensity of the afternoon’s passion we should have been both happy to tumble into bed. Instead I could feel my cock hardening at the thought of having her again.

“Say, how about you riding me again?” I asked cheekily, sliding my hand around her waist and grinding my growing bulge into her sexy ass.

“Depends if you’re going to come again too quickly – you know I hate to be let down,” she laughed, teasing me.

As she sank slowly onto my hard cock I relaxed back onto the bed leaving her to dictate the pace. She started grinding back and forth, her clit pressing against my pelvis as she settled into a sensual rhythm. I adored watching her ride me. Her sexy body looked taut yet soft and delectably rounded in all the right places. Her expressions as she hit just the right spot were so erotic. But there was one thing I loved to do as she rode my hard cock to orgasm; whisper naughty things in her ear.

I sat up and licked and kissed her gorgeous tits for a little while, then her pulled her down to the bed with me. I kissed her deeply, and moved my mouth to her ear, holding her firmly as she continued to slide up and down my cock.

“My God, baby. You look so sexy when you fuck me like this. I love you being in control. Your little pussy feels so tight and wet gripping me. I feel so deep inside you. I can feel your little clit rubbing against me. You like that, don’t you? You’ve been so naughty today haven’t you? Have you come on my tongue three times already? On my tongue and all over my face. You like it when I swallow your delicious juices, don’t you? And you’ve had the vibe so very deep in your tight little pussy. All 8 inches inside you. And you had it in your oh-so-tight little ass too, you bad, bad girl.”

She was grinding hard against me, her nipples bullets against my chest as I continued to whisper in her ear.

“And you made me come in your mouth, and again all over your face and your sexy little body. That is so naughty.”

I slid my hand between us and started to rub her swollen clit. “God, you looked so incredibly naughty – slutty even – as my cum spilled out of your mouth, and I loved watching you lick it from your fingers. And the way you put your finger in my ass…Jeez, I couldn’t stop coming all over you as I pushed that vibe deep into you. You liked it there, didn’t you? In that naughty place? It made you feel really bad. Dirty but sexy. You know you shouldn’t like it, but you do, don’t you?”

She was panting the word “Yes” to everything I asked her, her breathing ragged as I continued to work her clit and she worked my cock deep within her soaking wet pussy.

“And it made you come. That toy in your tight little ass made you come. It turned me on doing it to you. Can you feel how hard you’ve made me? I want you to come for me, baby . I want you to grind yourself on my hard cock and come. And when you do I am going to come inside you. Do you want to feel me swell in your little pussy? Come for me. Make yourself come. Now.”

She was moving frantically now, her ass moving back and forth as she rode my cock. My fingers were working rapidly against her clit. I held her tight, pressing my lips to her ear and practically growling

“Come for me you naughty girl. Come on my cock or I will turn you over and fuck you hard from behind. But you would like that wouldn’t you? You would like it if I slammed my cock into your tight little pussy, over and over?”

I pushed my pelvis up to meet her down-strokes now, our flesh slapping together. I felt her shuddering tension building and I allowed myself a little wolfish grin.

“That’s right – come for me. I am going to come too. I am coming with you, filling your little pussy with my cum. Here I come. Can you feel it? OH YEAH. OH GOD.”

Her back arched as she came, forcing her pussy hard down over my cock and grinding into me, her face pressed into my chest as she muffled her cries. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as I felt my cum release inside her, my balls tight as they fired my hot cum deep inside her. As she started to grind her pussy against me again very gently I released her from my tight embrace and kissed her, brushing the hair from her face tenderly.

“Good God, Sarah, ” I groaned “You are incredible.”

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