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Strangers For A Night

I’m sitting at the bar chatting with the bartender as I wait for you to show up, my heart racing with excitement thinking about the events to come. As I ask for another drink, I feel your strong arms wrap around my waist and your lips on my neck. I let out a soft moan before turning to face you. I look into your gorgeous hazel eyes, and say

“Excuse me, do I know you?” You look at me with question in your eyes and I smile mischievously at you. You realize what I’m up to and say to me,

“I’m sorry miss, I just couldn’t help notice how sexy you looked from behind. Your tattoos caught my eyes and I knew I just had to meet you.” I nod my head and you hold out your hand for me, “Would you please join me for dinner?” I place my hand on yours and get off the bar stool. As I stand up you notice that I’m wearing my favorite white dress that stops mid-thigh. The front scoops down low accentuating my breasts.

“Um, hello? Are we gonna go sit down or are you gonna continue to undress me with your eyes right here?” I say. You blush and lead me to the table. We order food and make conversation as if this was our first meeting.

“So beautiful, what’s your name?” you ask.

“Mikayla,” I reply. I like changing my name whenever we play our little games.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chris,” you respond. I raise an eyebrow in surprise cuz you usually just play along with me instead of making your own persona. As we’re eating my foot travels up your leg to your crotch. You look at me and I just smile.

“I bet you’re horrible in bed,” you say with a smirk. I look at you with an appalled look on my face.

“I’m actually far from horrible,” I retort.

“Well, I don’t believe you.”

“I love it rough,” I say, rubbing your cock harder with my foot.

“Check please,” you say in a shaky voice. I let out a giggle as the waiter brings our check. Once dinner is paid for you get up, grabbing my wrist, pulling me behind.

Once we’re out in the back alley, you push me hard up against the brick wall.

“So you like it rough huh?” you hiss into my ear. I nod my head, the rush of excitement overwhelms me and I can feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute. You lean in pressing your lips hard on mine, and your hand goes up my dress to my dripping wet pussy.

"Someone's not wearing panties," you say as you pull away from me. I grin slyly at you. Your hand is still up my dress and you thrust two fingers hard into my wet pussy, causing me to yelp.

"You like that don't you slut?" I nod my head. Your fingers push in and out of me hard. The pure rush of adrenaline causes me to orgasm, and then you take out your fingers, running them across my lips. I lick your fingers clean. I look up into your eyes and you say to me,

"I wanna see how rough you can really take it. See how much of a slut you really are," you say to me. Your hands reach for the hem of my dress and you rip off a small strip, enough to tie my wrists hard behind my back.

You then push me onto the trashcan in front of me, and I can hear you undo your pants. Before I could even think, you ram your cock right into my ass. I hold on tight to the trash can and let out a scream as the pain shoots through my body. I can feel hot tears streaming down my cheeks. You continue to pound my ass hard. When you think I've had enough, you pull out and I let out a gasp.

Your hand strikes my ass hard, leaving a burning red imprint. You then place your hands on my hips; I can feel the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy. You slowly push in, pausing every few seconds to tease me.

"You want my whole cock in your pussy, slut?" you hiss into my ear. I nod, but you command me to tell you what I want.

"Yes, please put your entire cock in me," I beg softly. Your hands then move from my hips up my dress and onto my breast. You push the rest of your cock hard into me and then you begin pulling your cock out slowly, and pushing it slowly back in, which drives me wild with lust.

"Oh faster and harder please," I beg. You start to ram my pussy harder and the rush of adrenaline pushes me over the edge again. I let out a moan as my juices flow on your cock.

I can feel your cock harden, but you pull out, pushing me down on to my knees. My knees scrape across the cement, but the thrill of everything numbs my pain. You grab the back of my head and I open my mouth as you push my head onto your cock. You push hard and your cock reaches the back of my throat causing me to gag a little. I take a deep breath and regain my composure.

"Suck my cock, slut," you command. My head bobs back and forth as my tongue swirls around your cock as I suck. Your cock begins to harden as it fills with cum. I pause for a bit as your cum shoots into the back of my throat, I try to swallow it all, but some of it drips down the side of my mouth. I lick you clean and wipe up my mouth.

You help me up and untie my wrists. You look me over, noticing my wrists were bruised, my dress was stained, and my knees scraped. You pull me in close and kiss me softly on my lips. "I wasn't too rough, was I?" I shook my head. You take me by the hand and we walk to your car to go home.

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