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Strangers from the Train

two strangers enjoy a love of sex and music
Travelling on the tube can be a right pain, but, it’s the best way to get to work. To make it more enjoyable I like to watch people, their mannerisms, and invent little fantasies about them. If you get the tube the same time every day you tend to see the same people so, it’s quite fun. There’s one bloke who I imagine as a very passive person, being dominated by a butch dominatrix. There’s an older woman, who I think of as the Madam of a posh brothel, catering for the Gentry and M.P.s. You get the picture.

A new girl had recently started to get on the train one stop after me, she’d been using the train for about three weeks now and I had been watching her closely. She was very slim and elegant, about five feet seven, with dark red hair and green eyes, around twenty-five years old. Her hair and make-up were always immaculately done. I imagined her to be a ballet dancer or a high class call girl, I hadn’t settled on which one yet. She usually stood by the doors about thirty feet away from me so I could get a good look at her.

One day she got on the train and stood next to me, I gave her a smile which she returned. The next day was the same, and the next. On the fourth day she was next to me again, I thought nothing of it and continued to people watch. She bumped into me as she got off, but, never said sorry, which, I thought was a bit rude.
When I got to work, I took off my coat and noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the pocket. I pulled it out and opened it; on it in was a short note, hand written, which said. “I’ve seen you watching me, Train Girl.” I was quite surprised, I thought I had been pretty discreet, I was also a bit intrigued, if she had noticed me watching her, did she mind? Tomorrow would hope fully bring some answers? The next day she got on the train and stood in her usual place, but gave me a grin as she got off. Bollocks, I thought.

The next day she wasn’t on the train, I was getting a bit annoyed now, I was begging for some answers. The next day was Friday and I thought if I don’t see her today, this is going to drive me nuts all weekend. I was as nervous as hell when I caught the train Friday. To my relief she got on the train as usual and stood next to me. She looked at me and grinned.

“Did you get my note?” she asked.

“Yeah,”I replied,”and it’s been driving me nuts.” The train stopped at a station and she grabbed my hand and pulled me off the train.

“What are you doing? I’ll be late for work,” I said.

“Sorry, but, I don’t want people overhearing us," she said. Now this really got me worried.

“Look I’m sorry for watching you, but it’s my way of getting through the boring journey, I promise you I’m not a stalker, or a pervert.”

“That’s ok, I’m not worried by you watching, I just want to know what you’re thinking when you watch me?”

A train was just coming into the station. “Look, I have to get to work, but, if you want I could meet you somewhere tomorrow to explain.”

We got on the train and arranged to meet the next day, she gave me her address, she lived close to me, which was logical being as she got on one stop up from me, so the meet was at the local coffee shop. I got there a bit early and got a seat close to the door in case she turned up with a boyfriend or someone who looked like they were going to give me a kicking, but was relieved when she turned up alone. She was wearing a figure hugging dress that enhanced her figure; I had a hard job not to stare at her tits. I got her a coffee and sat down.

“Right, tell me?” she demanded.

“There’s no beating about the bush with you is there?”

“You said you’d tell me, so get on with it.” I told her about the little scenarios I dreamed up for other people and had her laughing about the little bloke, if she’s laughing I should be ok, I thought.

“Ok then, what about me, what do you have me down me as?” I must have gone a bit red as she said, “It’s a dirty one isn’t it?”

“No… yes, sorry.”


“Actually I imagine you as a ballet dancer, because of your figure; you’re very elegant and move with grace,” I said.

“That means you must also think I’m a hooker.” I blushed and expected her to slap me or throw her coffee over me and walk out, but she laughed instead.

“I knew it,” she said.

“I’m sorry, but, actually, I think of you as a high class call girl.”

“Well at least you don’t have me as a desperate street walker.”

“You don’t mind then?”

“No, it’s quite flattering, in weird sort of way, I’m actually a P.A. to a merchant banker. It sounds boring and is most of the time, but, it pays well.”

We talked a bit more, and got on really well and spent the whole day together. Her name was Dee, she was twenty-four, single and shared a flat with two other girls, but, originally came from Bristol. We arranged to meet again the next day as we’d got on so well together. We went for lunch at a local pub and then to the park to enjoy the fine weather.

“I was a dancer, you know, but, broke my leg at a school sports day when I was seventeen and it finished what could have been a promising career,” she said out of the blue.

“Do you miss it?”

“Sometimes, but, then I remember what a cow the teacher was.” We both laughed.” What about you, any youthful aspirations?” she asked.

“Well I wanted to be a professional footballer, like thousands of other boys, but, soon realised that I wasn’t good enough, then I wanted to be in a band, be famous, travel the world and make loads of money.”

“And did you make it?” she asked with a smirk.

“No, I work in insurance, I was in quite a good local band and we sent off some demos to various record labels, but, got nowhere, so the band split. So now I play bass just for fun with the odd gig now and then with a few mates.”

“What sort of music do you play?”

“Mostly covers, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, a bit of Sabbath, blues and the odd original song, that sort of stuff.”

“Oh good, a man with a decent taste in music, that makes a change, most blokes I meet are Take That fans or some old shit, when I put Guns ‘n’ Roses on, they run a mile.”

“I’d only run from that if you played Chinese Democracy,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s no their best is it?”

“No it’s not; it’s not really Guns ‘n’ Roses.”

“You’re not an Axle Rose fan then?”

“Not any more, listen it’s starting to get dark, would you like to come back to my flat?”

”Why don’t you come back to mine, it’s closer,” she answered, after a bit of thought.

“Okay, but, let’s stop somewhere and get something to drink on the way. “ We got a couple of bottles of wine and went to her flat, it was an old Victorian conversion with big rooms and lots of original features, her flat was the top two floors so, all the girls had their own rooms with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom.

“Very nice,” I said, “whoever did this knew what they were doing.”

“It was my Dad,” she replied, “he was a property developer for years, but has now retired to Spain with his wife.”


“No, my mum died when I was twelve, cancer, dad remarried later.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“That’s okay, but his new wife is only five years older than me and we didn’t really see eye to eye. I think she saw me as a bit of a threat, don’t know why, as long as he’s happy, that’s all I care about. When he moved abroad he gave me the building and two others as an investment.”

“Oh right, but why do you share? You must do okay with rents and stuff.”

“I don’t like to be on my own is the short answer,” she said, “what about you?” I told her I lived in a three bedroom semi, left to me by my grandmother.

We opened the wine and chatted for a while, then, Dee put on a classic Deep Purple album, Machine Head. We just sat and listened, not talking, just enjoying the music. “Do you play any of this?” she asked me after a while.

“Yes, most of it.” I replied.”

“Is it hard?”

“Not really, it’s like anything else, its practice, lots of it.”

“Could you teach me?” she asked.

“I could, do you want to? It will take a while.”

“Yeah, definitely, I’ve always fancied playing guitar.”

“Okay, tell you what, you come to mine tomorrow and we’ll get started.”

“Why not here, there’s plenty of room?”

“Because I’ve got my stack set up at home and I’m not humping it up all the stairs to get it here.”

“Okay then, what time?”


“Okay it’s a date, I’ll bring a Chinese as well.” I gave her my address and went home. The next night she turned up promptly at 7.30 with the take away and some wine, once we’d eaten we went into the back room where I had my equipment set up. I have an Orange set up and two guitars, one a Fender, the other a Rickenbacker, which is my pride and joy. I gave her the Fender to play. I showed her how to play “Hold Your Head Up,” which is so simple. After about an hour she had mastered it, it was still not perfect, but, good for a first timer. She was buzzing and really keen for some more, but, I told her to perfect this song first.

“How can I thank you?” she asked.

“You’ll think of something.” I replied and we went back to the living room. We sat and talked about music for a while, then she suddenly leant towards me and kissed me, it was long and lingering, her tongue darted into my mouth. When she pulled away she was panting slightly and I realised I had a hard- on.

“Wow, that was unexpected,” I said.

“Yes for me too,” she answered, “I hadn’t planned on that, but, it just felt right.” She sat back and looked at me.

“I can see you liked it.” she said and pointed to my jeans. I hadn’t realised she could see the outline of my hard-on. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so just grinned. She put her hand on my jeans and felt it. “I’m flattered, you find me attractive then?”

“Very much, since the first time I saw you.”

“That’s very nice.” She replied and started to rub me through my jeans. “I’ve just thought of a way of saying thanks.” She unzipped my jeans and pulled my prick out.

“No one’s going to disturb us are they?”

“No, I live on my own.”

“Good.” She was very lightly running her fingers up and down my prick. Her hands were very soft. With her left hand she continued running her fingers and nails up and down, while with her right she pushed her hand into my jeans and began to massage my balls. I let out of small moan of pleasure. She now gripped my cock and began to gently and slowly wank me, still massaging my balls, increasing the pressure on them. I started to pant now, so she stopped and undid my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles. She then returned to what she was doing, increasing the speed and pressure until I was going to come.

“I’m going to come soon.” I told her. She said nothing but carried on until I let my spunk shoot out of my cock like a fountain. It was all over her hand and running down over my balls, but, she continued until there was no more. She now rubbed my spunk into me, all over my cock and balls. She held her hand up to her nose and breathed in the smell of it.

“It smells nice, I should think it taste’s quite nice too.”

“That was good, I enjoyed it a lot.”

“I can see that,” she replied.

“You didn’t have to, you know.”

“I wanted to,” she said. “Now back to work,” and went into the back room and started to play the bass again. We spent the rest of the evening practicing. The next day we met on the train and Dee asked if she could come over for another lesson. She turned up around 7.00pm dressed in a mini skirt and a high neck, very tight top and knee length boots. We got down to the lesson, Radar Love. She sat on the sofa and I sat opposite her so she could watch and copy me. When she was trying to master the song I noticed her legs were slightly parted allowing me a glimpse of white, I found it hard not to stare. Dee must have noticed this as she opened her legs wider. I looked at her and she smiled.

“See anything you like?” she asked.

“Err, sorry, it’s just…” She cut me off by saying, “Do you like looking up girls skirts?”

“Yes…. shit, that came out wrong.”

“Let me rephrase the question then, do you like looking up my skirt?” as she asked she put the guitar down and opened her legs as far as they would go. I could now see her white thong clearly.

“Yes, I do, very much,” I replied.

“Would you like to see more?”

“Yes.” She stood up and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, she was wearing a tiny G-string, then pulled her top over her head to reveal a matching bra.

“Is that better, do you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, “You have a great body.” She came over to me and bent forward and kissed me, as she did I reached out and squeezed her tits, her hands went to my jeans and undid them, she slipped one hand inside and began to rub my cock. We were both panting with excitement. She pulled my jeans down and sat across me. I could feel her pussy through the thin material of her thong; it was wet and very hot. She began to rub herself against me as she carried on kissing me; I reached around and put my hands on her arse, slightly lifting her so I could get my fingers on her pussy. She ground against my cock in response and I slipped one finger into her wet sex and pressed another against her arse. She reached behind her and undid her bra, then threw it to the floor. She had small nipple’s that were standing hard and proud with excitement.

“Suck my tits,” she panted into my ear. I took one into my mouth and ran my tongue across it; she gasped and thrust against me. With one hand I began to caress her other nipple, gently at first then slightly harder until she was quietly groaning, my other hand was still down below, fingering her wet pussy. She suddenly pushed herself off me and stood in front of me, I could see a wet patch on her thong. She slowly peeled it off and dropped it on the floor by her bra and stood with her hands on her hips, legs apart.

“Like?” she asked.

“Love,” I answered. She was totally shaved, showing her pussy off, she reached down and began to rub her clit with one finger while with her other hand she slipped two fingers inside her, all the time looking straight at me. She squatted and bent forward and sucked my throbbing hard-on into her mouth, the feel of her tongue on my cock made me gasp, she really knew what she was doing, she gave me a good sucking while she continued to finger herself. I just sat and watched and enjoyed it.

After what seemed like ages, she stood, then, she climbed onto me and lowered herself onto my waiting cock, looking me in the eye as she did, her pussy was very tight, but also very wet so, she was able to slide down the length of my cock easily. She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight as she slowly fucked me. I looked at her as she closed her eyes so she could concentrate; her head was slightly thrown back. A low moan was coming from her as she increased her movement, rocking backwards and forwards and sliding up and down, impaling herself on me. I started to thrust up to meet her, timing my thrusts up to meet her as she was coming down. She was now letting out a growling sound from deep in her throat as she speeded up her motion.

My hand was still on her arse and I slipped a finger very slightly into it.

“Oh fuck, fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck, fuck, fuck.” I thrust into her harder, slamming my cock up as hard as I could; she started to throw her head around as I did.

“Fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me.”

I could feel myself reaching my climax, I was fucking her as hard I could, ramming into her for all I was worth. When I came it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, it seemed as though I would never stop, spunk was gushing out of me, thick sticky strands filling her up until I could feel it running from her and down over me. As I came it triggered her orgasm, she cried out as she did and a series of spasms shook her body.

“Fuuuuuuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” She kept repeating this over and over until the orgasm finished and she slumped against me totally drained. We clung to each other for what must have been ten minutes before Dee felt able to lift herself off me and went into the kitchen and got some tissues to clean up as my spunk was all over us.

“I’ve never come like that ever before, when you put your finger in me in sent me over the edge, it was fantastic. I’ve never let anyone near my bum before,” she said.

“Why not?”

“I’ve always thought it was a bit sordid, and I didn’t know I was so sensitive there.”

“Now you know, are you willing to try full anal sex?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it, what about you? You must like doing it?”

“I’ve never had full anal sex with anyone, but I’ve often wondered what it’s like, most women won’t even consider it.”

“Well, I will, but, no promises.”

“Okay, by now other girls would have told me to piss off, saying I’m a fucking pervert.”

“I’m open to most things, so I would never just say no and, also, how do you know you like stuff if you don’t try it at least once?” We left the conversation there. There was no more playing of guitars as we were both too tired. Dee left about twelve and I fell into bed completely worn out. I lay there for a while thinking about the evening and slipped into a deep sleep, not waking until my alarm went off.

The next morning Dee got on the train and stood by me, she squeezed my hand and whispered, tonight, in my ear. I’d no idea what that meant and spent the day wondering what she meant. About one p.m. I got a text saying see you at yours at 7.30, be ready. She got to me on time, we went into the back room and I picked up my guitar. She said, “Not yet.” She was wearing another mini skirt in a material that clung to her like a second skin, a crop top that made her tits seem even bigger and her knee boots. She sat on the sofa and told me to sit opposite her. We started talking and as we were she let her legs open slightly. I couldn’t see much too start with, so she opened them wider. I realised she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I don’t want to play guitar yet, I want to fuck first.” She opened her legs wider and pulled her skirt up completely exposing herself. She licked one finger and began to rub her clit, with her other hand she was rubbing her tits, pinching her nipples through her bra. I stood and went over to her and pulled her top off, then undid her bra, as I did she was biting my cock through my jeans. She carried on rubbing her tits and clit until she was extremely wet.

“Come over here and lick me,” she said. I knelt between her legs and started to lick her wet cunt, she had a slightly musky smell.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day, my thong was soaking wet by 11, so wet I had to go into the toilet and finger fuck myself.” she said.

“One of my colleagues came in while I was doing it and I had to stop myself from calling out while she was there, in case she realised what I was doing, then I had to take off my underwear as it was so wet.” I was licking away while she told me this and renewed my efforts; she was starting to pant now and pushed me away, then ordered me to get undressed. When I had she pulled me to her by my cock and told me to fuck her as hard as I could. I plunged my cock into her, she was so wet by now that it felt like soft silk, and I began to fuck her with long hard strokes. She let me do it for a while then told me to stop and pull out. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked her juices off, then reached into her bag and got out a long tube of lubricant. She held it in front of me.

“This is a lubricant, I decided earlier that I would give anal a try.” She opened the lube and squirted a dollop on to my cock.

“Rub that all over your prick,” she said as she squirted some on her fingers and rubbed it around her arse.

“Kneel on all fours,” I said, I’ll do that for you.” She got on her knees as I said and opened her legs so I could see her rosebud; she looked over her shoulder as I rubbed the lube all around. “Get some more and work into me.” I squirted some more onto my fingers and gently pushed one into her, She was very tight, so I told her to try to relax. I worked my finger into her as far as it would go adding more lube as I did. She said.

“That feels okay; I think I’m ready for your cock now.” I squirted more lube onto my prick and pressed it to her arse.

“Okay, ready?” I asked. She nodded so I pushed into her very slowly, I could feel the muscles squeezing against me so pushed a little harder, the muscles sprang back and I slid half my length into her. I heard her cry out in pain so I stopped pushing.

“Are you okay, do you want me to stop?” I asked. She looked me and told me that when I slid half way into her she felt some pain, but, it was now fading. I kept still for a moment until she told me to carry on. I slid my full length into her, her arse was so tight and hot that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. After a short time I could feel I was about to come so, I pulled my cock out and spurted all over her back, some ran down the crack of her arse onto her cunt and dripped onto the floor. Dee sat on the sofa and wiped the lube off of us both.

“Well, did you enjoy it?” she asked me.

“Yeah, your arse is so tight and hot, I’ve never felt anything like it before, I knew I couldn’t hold on for long.”

“Would you do it again?” I asked her.

“I didn’t think I was going to like it at first, it hurt a bit, but, it was better than I thought, it’s probably just as well you came quickly, as I think I need to do it gradually so I can get used to it.”

“I would definitely like to try again; I think it could add a new dimension to sex for us both.”

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