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Strangers On A Train (Full Story)

Two strangers with miles to travel and no idea the adventure they would find On the train.

Strangers On A Train


It was a three day trip on the train from California to Indiana. I was excited to take the train home. The trip to California had been pretty cool. I spent most of my time in the smoking car meeting all kinds of people from everywhere. I had forgotten to bring a carry on bag though and didn’t change clothes for three days. I made sure I had extra clothes and plenty of cigarettes along with a book for this trip. I got on the train about ten o clock at night and after smoking a cigarette and meeting the people sitting next to me I slept, as best I could in a coach seat on a train.

I woke up at about six in the morning after having not gotten much sleep. I decided to grab my clothes for the day and head down to the bathroom to change. The car with all of the bathrooms in it was across from the smoking car downstairs. There were several bathrooms that were the size of restrooms on a plane. And they were inches apart. Then at the end of them all was one bathroom that had a girls symbol on it instead of a unisex symbol. This was a larger room with a leather couch, a mirror that ran the length of the wall and to the right side of it a regular small bathroom. The perfect place for me to change as there was more room.

I stripped naked in front of the mirror as I loved looking at my naked body. My nipples on my 34 C cup breast became instantly hard because of the nice cool room around me. I started to put on my bikini top and then stopped myself. Looking down at my sweet shaved pussy I decided no one was really up yet and I had some time to play before putting more clothes on. I noticed the door to this lounge area didn’t shut well and I didn’t care, if someone walked in on me so be it. I laid down on the light brown leather couch and began fingering my sweet we pussy. Circling my clit with one hand as the other hand moved over my hard nipples, pinching them. I threw one leg up on the couch and put two fingers deep inside my sweet wet box. I moved them in and out of me slowly. Then removed them and licked my juices off my fingers. I loved tasting my sweet pussy. I shoved them deep inside me again and began moving them in and out of me slowly at first and then I found the rhythm of the train. The tracks below me were vibrating the couch I was laying on and it made the whole thing more erotic and better. Moving my fingers in and out of me faster and faster and pinching my nipple harder and harder until finally I felt my juices start to flow, I arched my back and the train lunged just a bit as I climaxed. Falling back onto the couch relaxed, my juices flowing onto the leather couch. I got up and put my bikini top on with a tank top over it, and my blue denim daisy duke shorts on. “Well that’s the most action that couch will see today” I thought leaving the lounge and assuming my position with my book in the smoking car.

There were two stops on this trip. One was a ten minute stop where everyone could get out and look around and shop at shops set up outside the train, and that was in New Mexico. The other stop wasn’t for another day and a half and that was a layover in Chicago where I would switch trains. I decided not to get off this time in New Mexico I had gotten a ring and cigarettes on my trip to California and didn’t really need anything when we stopped at around 3 in the afternoon that day. I stayed in the smoking room, smoking and reading my book. And watching all of the people get on the train. The train was leaving and the smoking room was filling up with the new passengers that had gotten on in New Mexico. I was observant but reading when he walked in. This well built, handsome, tanned, tattooed young guy. He was wearing a white wife beater that showed off both tattooed sleeves on his arms and a torn pair of denim blue jeans. He was tanned from head to toe and gorgeous, in a rustic very manly way. He was talking to everyone who came into the room. From my over hearing of conversation I learned he had been on vacation and was going home to Kansas. I also learned his name was John and he told his friend next to him that the beer he had in his hand was his last as he was broke after spending all his money on his son. I sat and read and listened to different conversations around me when he walked past me threw away his beer and smiled. Damn he was hot, his eyes were dark brown and his smile was soo freaking cute. I shyly smiled back and then got up and left the smoking room.

I walked upstairs and over 3 cars just to go downstairs and get a beer and a coke. I went back to the smoking room, walked over to him and handed him a beer. He looked at me shocked.

“For me?” He questioned very surprised

“Yea, I heard you say you wanted another one and I was on my way to get a coke so I thought I would get you one.” I replied with a smile on my face. And then I went back to the chair I had been sitting in across the room from him.

“John” a voice said sitting next to me.

“Shell” I said smiling

“Why?, Shell did you buy me a beer?”

“Because I wanted to and I always do what I want.” I said slyly.

“Always?” He asked with a wink?

“Always!” I said smiling.

We started talking and flirting from that point on. We talked about everything, from his trip to mine, his life to mine. We talked for hours with every little interruption. Excusing ourselves from time to time to go to the restroom, or grab something to eat, but sitting next to each other talking, laughing and flirting the whole time. I didn’t realize how long we had been there until 2am. I know it was 2am because I looked at my watch right before I popped the question. We had been in a heavy sex talk at that point for a good hour and I was so wet and horney for this man.

“So, you wanna have sex?” I said matter factly but with a smile.

“Here? Now?”

“Well not in this room, but maybe in the bathroom and why not now?” I stated boldly.

This led to a conversation about how he didn’t like having one night stands and how he wanted more. I explained how I had never picked up a guy, much less a stranger before and I had certainly not planned to ask him to have sex with me but after having spent hours talking to him I just couldn’t help it. Especially since I had wanted to fuck him from the minute he walked into that room. It didn’t take much convincing, just a little flirting and reassuring that this would be a great memory years to come for both of us. He agreed and I told him to go to the big bathroom/lounge area, the one with the couch in it, and I’d be there in a minute. He got up and almost ran to the room. It was all I could do to give him a few minutes until I joined him.

The minute I stepped into the lounge area he was on me kissing me, pushing me against the wall passionately. I wanted this man more than I had wanted anything in a long time. He realized quickly that the lounge door wouldn’t shut all the way. And we wasted a good three minutes messing with it trying to get it to shut. When finally he gave up and moved me into the bathroom. The bathroom was barely big enough for one person and here we had two very horney, very active people. It seemed to close in around us but it didn’t matter. We were kissing and trying to undress each other as quickly as possible. Both fumbling for each others clothes and the fastest way to get them off. He unzipped my daisy duke shorts and pulled them down and stopped on my shaved wet pussy, staring. “Amazing” he moaned. He then picked my cute little ass up and sat me on top of the toilet as he dived into my sweet hot pussy. I put my hand on top of his head as his tongue darted around my clit. Flicking it with his tongue. I arched my back in ecstasy so close to cumming strait off.

I don‘t wanna cum yet“ I moaned. He stopped and looked up at me. “

It‘s ok honey, I‘ll give you my cock soon. Just slow down and relax ok?” He said smiling.

He didn‘t have to tell me twice. I grabbed his head and shoved it back into my pussy. I could feel the vibrations as he laughed a little. Sticking a finger deep inside me as he circled my clit with his tongue. I arched my back and raised my leg in complete ecstasy. I listened to the train speed down the tracks. As my heart sped up and started racing matching the trains speed. “Ohhh John“ I gasped “I‘m gonna cum baby“ He moved his fingers in and out of me faster and faster. “Cum on my face shell, cum on baby.” He moaned and as he did I filled his face with my juices.

I wanted off the toilet fast. I wanted his cock NOW. I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him quickly, licking my juices off his face. I moved around to the front of him, kissing and touching the whole time. It was impossible not to touch in this small of a space. I yanked his jeans down in one swift move. And was a little surprised to see that he too had no underwear on. I grabbed his cock with my hand and quickly moved it deep into my mouth. He was standing up, and at having his cock deep in my mouth he felt the need to sit down. He sat on the toilet seat and I followed him down not missing a beat on his cock. Moving it in and out of my mouth slowly, while caressing his balls in my other hand. I licked each and every drop of pre cum off his hard cock and then shoved it back into my throat harder and faster. Just then the train stopped. But I didn’t stop. I kept the pace the train had started earlier. In and out of my mouth faster and faster and then the train lunged forward and I lunged forward on his cock. Moving it to the depths of my throat, closing my mouth tightly on it and sucking it as I moved it faster and faster in and out of my mouth. He had his hands on the top of my head moving them with my movement. “AHHHH Shell” He moaned. He was ready to explode and as much as I wanted to taste his hot load deep down my throat I wanted his cock inside me more. He must have felt the same way because he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.

We fumbled, in the small space trying to figure out the best way to get him deep inside me. He lifted me up to the sink facing him. He spread my legs wide and pulled my pussy onto his hard cock. The train lunged his cock deep inside me. Moving with the rhythm of the train he began to fuck my hot pussy hard and deep. Holding my legs tight and thrusting into me over and over again. “mmm John fuck me, make me cum” I moaned on the edge of spilling my juices all over his cock. “Where do you want my load Shell?” He moaned thrusting in me harder and harder. “IN MY MOUTH” I moaned cumming all over his cock. He moved in me fast and hard pushing me further over the edge and then pulled out. I hopped down from the sink and took his cock deep in my mouth. Grabbing his balls gently with my hand and sucking his whole load out of his cock. Not spilling a drop and swallowing the whole thing while tasting my sweet pussy on his cock. We fumbled around the tiny bathroom grabbing clothes and putting them back on. We both walked boldly back to the smoking car. No one really noticed where we came from and no one knew what we did. But we knew. He laid out on a few chairs in the empty smoking car. He pulled me to him and I lay with my back on his chest. I am sure that when smokers came in they thought we were a couple and we had been together for a long time. They had no idea that I had just met him a few hours before or that I had just taken him to the bathroom and fucked the hell out of him. They also had no idea I wasn’t even close to finished.

It wasn’t long after we finished our cigarettes we were both ready for another round. It wasn’t a long discussion between the two of us.

“Do you want to go again?” he asked winking.

“Of course” I said moving off of him. He went first back to the big lounge room and I gave him a minute and got up and slowly followed him. When I opened the door he was standing by the vanity in front of the mirror, with his shoes off. I gave him a funny look and he pulled me into the room and put his shoes against the door. They were actually steel toed boots so they kept the door shut enough. Someone would have to push hard to get in and if they did then let them watch. Now we had the entire lounge area to move around in, a lot more room than before, and a couch to boot.

I didn’t waist any time I plunged into him pushing him against the door kissing him hard. I had his cock in me once before and I was ready for more. I kissed him and started taking off his pants, while moving him over to the couch. I pushed him down on the long leather couch and took his jeans off. I slammed his cock deep into my mouth while my other hand gently touched his balls. His head leaned back against the couch moaning with every stroke of my mouth. The strokes of my mouth moving with the slow and steady rhythm of the train. I pulled his cock out slightly and circled the head of it with my tongue. I moved my hand to his cock and stroked it hard and fast as I started licking and sucking his balls. The more I did this the louder his moans got, the tighter his balls got, and the wetter I got. I slammed his cock back into my mouth hard. I loved the feel of his hard cock moving up and down inside my mouth. I loved sucking his dick, and I knew he liked it too.

“I want you now Shell” He moaned I didn’t want to stop sucking his hard cock. But I also remembered what he felt like inside me. I moved up off of him and stood before him stripping as sexy as I could. He smiled up at me as I removed my clothes and sat down on top of him. Placing my sweet wet hot pussy onto his cock. I started moving up and down on it slowly as his hands went to my breast and began to pull and squeeze on my hard nipples. I began to rock up and down faster on his cock. His head slamming back on to the couch moaning. I leaned forward and kissed him hard still moving up and down on him.

“Do me doggy?” I questioned with a whisper. I then slid off his cock and to the side of him. Bending over the couch my cute tight ass up in the air for him to take. He moved behind me and scooted me to the middle of the couch. He grabbed my hips and pulled himself into me. His rock hard cock entering my tight pussy slowly. He held tight to my hips and started banging his cock into me faster and faster. I matched his rhythm backing my ass back into him.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum” I yelled, which prompted him to slam me harder and harder.

“Cum for me Shell baby, cum for your stranger on a train” He moaned. His wish was my command as I came all over his cock. My pussy tightening around him. He slowed down for just a minute and let me tighten and move all around his swollen cock. Then he began again fucking me hard from behind.

“Where do you want this cum baby?” He moaned. I really wanted it in my mouth as I loved cum in my mouth but I thought I would be polite and let him chose.

“You want to cum on my ass?” I questioned with a moan.

“Oh hell yea baby I’ll cum on that tight ass of yours, you ready baby?” He questioned moving faster and faster grabbing my hips tighter and slamming me harder.

“Yea baby cum on my ass, give me your load” I moaned almost ready to cum again.

With two more strokes I was once again cumming all over his cock and with a stroke after that. I heard him moan loudly and say “Here you go baby” pulling out of me and cumming all over my ass. Just as he covered my backside with his sweet load. The train lunged knocking me over on the couch and him almost on top of me. We laughed. It was as though the train was done too. As I left the lounge area behind him I looked at that brown couch, and here I thought the masturbation session of the morning was all the action the couch was going to see.

We both got off the train and went our separate ways. He did call me a few weeks later and thank me for a great time and a great memory. And I now thank him with this story for one of the best sexual stories I have had. Just a stranger, on a train.

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