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Strangers on Flight 2345

A couple role play as strangers on a flight.
The waiting at Gate Three A was more than Zoe could deal with. What the fuck was taking so long? Not only was she tired, but the annoying baby screaming bloody murder behind her was beginning to give her a headache. She glanced at her watch and figured they would be calling seats at any time, she’d hoped. Just then an airline rep came on and made an announcement:

“Good evening passengers of Flight Twenty Three Forty Five. We appreciate your patience this evening and will be boarding shortly. Please listen carefully for your seats to be called so that we can board quickly. Again, thank you for your patience and we look forward to serving you on your flight back to the DFW-Dallas/Ft.Worth area.”

Digging through her oversized Coach bag searching for Dramamine, she noticed there was no text or missed calls on her phone. Not that that was surprising or anything. Talking on the phone was overrated anyway and she was not usually ever in the mood to talk to anyone unless it was her parents. And even that wasn’t by choice usually, but more like an obligation.

Her work trip was long and getting home was her main priority. Thankfully she did not have to work the next day. The idea of watching Sex and the City reruns all day in her pajamas sounded like bliss. A day of inactivity was in order after the hellish week she’d just finished.

Thankful she had just enough of her Starbucks caramel macchiato coffee left so she could take Dramamine. She would soon be on her way to an induced coma like state on the flight. As she walked to the trash can nearby, she noticed a gentlemen standing by the bar. He was leaning over the bar as if trying to catch the bartender’s attention. His stance was broad and suggestive. He was wearing what looked like a suit and had a Burberry wool coat resting on his forearm. The color caught her attention even more. It was a deep, dark plum color. Any shade of purple was Zoe’s favorite, but on a man it was almost flawless. Not that Zoe was a fashionista or anything, but thanks to her mom’s brand name mini lessons during her thrift store hunts, she became all too familiar with clothing styles, both men and women.

Zoe’s focus was almost like a camera zooming in getting ready to start a photo shoot. She continued to fixate on his movements and assumed he was on the same flight with her. Flying was not something she enjoyed and if she could help it, she would prefer to be knocked out until the plane arrived to their destination. But if Mr. Deep-Dark- Plum-Burberry-Suit-Wearing man was on the plane, it would help to ease Zoe’s anxiety or at least lessen it.

The gate agent made another announcement:

“Passengers on Flight Twenty Three Forty Five, it is time to begin boarding. Please have your tickets out and ready for the agent at the gate. We will begin boarding with seats in first class.”

Zoe began to gather her belongings and make her way to the gate. Eight C was her seat. As she began to make her way through the crowd, she noticed the man from the bar was already getting his ticket scanned and making his way down the runway. She may not be in first-class, but she was close enough to maybe get a peek of her flight distraction for the next hour or so.

The agent was quickly calling the rest of the seats. Zoe finally made her way down the runway and was anxious to get to her seat. As she walked down the aisle, she was careful to not bump into anyone who was already seated. Then, she saw him seated in first class. Zoe made a mental note of his seat number. He was sitting in an aisle seat reading a newspaper. The seat next to him was empty. Surprisingly, for such a crowded gate area, the plane wasn’t as full as she originally anticipated.

Zoe placed her belongings under the seat in front of her. Thank goodness for packing light. There was a passenger seated by the window, but the middle seat was empty, thank god. She had some elbow room.

The woman by the window pointed to the middle seat and stated,”This was originally my seat, but the flight attendant said I could sit by the window to give us more room.”

“That’s good! I’m surprised the flight is as empty as it is. I figured it would be full.”

She smiled and nodded, “Better for us.”

Absolutely. Zoe thought to herself as she laid back and closed her eyes.

“Would you like a beverage?” she heard the flight attendant say.

Zoe opened her eyes and realized she must’ve dozed off. The plane had already taken off and flight service was already in progress.

“Yes. A Diet Coke please,” the woman by the window answered.

“No problem. And for you?” the flight attendant asked as she handed her a napkin.

“I’ll have the same.” Zoe released the tray in front of her and placed the napkin on it. She could not believe she had fallen asleep and not even notice the plane taking off. She took a sip of her beverage and glanced out of the window from where she sat. The night skies were the only sites visible. Her Dramamine had definitely kicked in. Flying at night was so much more relaxing, almost exotic and she was at ease.

Zoe looked down the aisle towards the back of the plane and noticed the flight attendant was still serving beverages. She needed to go to the restroom but obviously either had to wait or make her way to the front of the plane since it was clear of aisle traffic. That also meant walking by Seat Six C.

She began to unbuckle her seat belt and carefully pulled herself up. Oh, she needed the good stretch. Zoe began walking down the dimly lit aisle. Immediately she noticed his seat was empty.

Hmmm, maybe he was in the restroom too.

As Zoe approached the bathroom she noticed both doors read “VACANT”. Unsure of what conclusion to make, she shrugged her shoulders and opened one the doors. He was standing in front of the mirror washing his hands.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” she blurted and shut the door. Her face felt hot from blushing with embarrassment.

He immediately opened the door and smirked. “No worries, love. I was just finishing up. You might want to use this one though. The flight attendant said the other is broken.”

His green eyes had Zoe in a trance. He was even more handsome than she recalled. His dark hair, sun kissed skin, strong jaw features and facial scruff about sent Zoe into a heated frenzy.

Zoe quickly tried to gather her thoughts and composure just enough to respond, “Oh, okay. Thanks.”

He held the door open for her; she ducked under his arm and brushed up against him as she slid by.

Smiling nervously, she grabbed the door and closed it behind her.

“Fuuuuuuuck, he looked good enough eat!” she blurted out loud to herself. She stared in the mirror and tried to regain her stance. The plane must have hit a patch of turbulence. Zoe hurriedly finished her business so she could get back to her seat, but not without noticing how wet she had become. Her black lacy Victoria Secret’s were drenched. Quickly she balled them up and put them in her Coach purse.

Great. Now Mr. Green Eyes has me all hot and bothered.

Before leaving Zoe applied some lipstick and tousled her long brunette hair out of her face. As she walked out of the bathroom and through first-class, she noticed he was not sitting in his seat. Instead the woman from her row was sitting there. Somewhat confused Zoe continued to make her way to her seat.

Zoe got back to her seat and there he was. He was sitting in the seat by the window and staring into the night. She did not think he had noticed she had returned.

She buckled her seat belt and wondered what exactly he was up to.

“You know, I heard what you said while you were in the bathroom,” he confessed while turning in Zoe’s direction. “I could easily say the same about you.”

Zoe’s eyes widened as she heard his words. She couldn’t help but squirm in her seat. Trying to cover her embarrassment and shock she replied, “I was only speaking the truth. Do you always eavesdrop on women in the bathroom?”

Before answering he lifted the arm rest from the middle seat and slid right into the seat next to Zoe. He leaned in and teasingly replied, “No, I don’t. Do you always talk to yourself in the bathroom?”

Swiftly, she turned in his direction. His scent hit like a brick wall. He smelled liked the men’s cologne section in a department store. Not only did this man look good, but his scent could drop her panties within seconds if she allowed him to. Shit! Too late.

Not really sure how to respond, Zoe started fidgeting in her seat. As she adjusted herself, Zoe crossed her left leg over the right, accidently brushing up against his.

She made every effort to sound confident. “No, I don’t. I prefer to do other things to myself when I’m in the bathroom alone.”

He leaned in even more and she could feel his breathe on her hair, against her ear. Chills went down her spine.

“Is that right? Care to elaborate?

“Not really. Not even sure why you’re sitting here. Why are you sitting here anyway?”

“Don’t act coy. I saw your fascination with me while I was at the bar.”

Acting like she did not know what he was referring to she exclaimed flirtatiously, “And? What’s your point?”

Suddenly she felt his hand reaching between her thighs.

“My point is I bet you’re wet and I guarantee it’s because of me,” he proudly assumed.

She met his gaze and could do nothing but accommodate him by uncrossing her legs.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Assertively, she placed her hand on his forearm and squeezed him firmly. Zoe leaned in just close enough so that she could whisper in his ear.

“Fuck. No. Don’t you dare stop.”

Releasing his forearm, she helped guide him and made it easier for him to maneuver. No one was in sight, the darkness helped to conceal what others would consider inappropriate behavior, and the plane was not scheduled to land for another thirty minutes at least. Her legs were parted even more and his hand was slowly making its way toward her hot, damp pussy.

Zoe could tell he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she was out in the open. She silently laughed knowing the effect it was having on him. His hand was warm, soft and his fingers thick and unyielding. He did not waste any time searching for her already swollen and extra sensitive clit. Slowly moving in circular motions, Zoe couldn’t help but move with him. He knew exactly what he was doing and what he needed to do to please her. His fingers slid up and down her saturated labia.

“Fuck, I wish I could eat you,” he groaned.

His fingers continued to explore her pussy and the wetness was making him hard. Zoe’s hand was resting on his leg, but she managed to feel around for his swollen dick in spite of her limited access. She had a hard time concentrating, but could feel his cock which seemed to go on forever. She propped her right leg on his to give him even more leeway. Thank god the people in the rows around them were either asleep or the seats were empty.

He was now finger fucking her. The movements were hard and fast. He clearly did not give a fuck about anyone on that plane except for the two of them. She wanted to scream, but knew she had to control herself. There was no kissing, no other touching, except for his fingers fucking the shit out of her pussy. He began to slow down and started rubbing her clit again. Only this time, he didn’t stop. She dug her nails into his legs every time she was about to orgasm.

Finally, he continued without stopping. This time he made sure she climaxed. The intensity of it was so strong and her juices covered his hand. Her breathing slowed down and she remained in a tranquil stupor. He relished in his accomplishment and shook his head while snickering softly. He took a napkin from his pocket, carefully placed it between her legs and wiped her dry. Like a magician, the napkin quickly disappeared into the pocket of his slacks.

“Freaky,” she complimented.

She adjusted herself in her seat and felt completely aware of her surroundings. The Dramamine must have worn off and she was hornier than ever, even after that climatic rendezvous.

He leaned over, tightened her seat belt and lightly pressed his lips against hers, “I’m going back to my seat now”, he breathed softly.

Slowly he climbed over her and sauntered down the aisle. Zoe was still in disbelief.

As the plane made its approach for landing, she stared down the aisle in a daze. The plane came to a stop at the gate and the cabin lights came on. She dug through her purse to turn her phone on. A message had come through.

That was fucking HOT love. I’ll catch you outside by the baggage claim. We can pick up where we left off when we get home.

Zoe smiled, shook her head and was glad to finally be home.

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