Strawberries are my girl's best friend

By Hard_and_Happy24

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A 'fruity' P.O.V
It has been several weeks since we have seen each other. Yesterday we had the obligatory quickie (or two) as neither of us had any stamina due to lack of practice. Today is a new day, and little do you know, it is going to be a work out. It’s a cool spring evening, the Sun has almost set and you will be back from work at any moment. The place where we are staying is clean and spacious, and best of all it’s just for us.

I have just finished chopping up a few strawberries. I have left the bigger ones whole and partially frozen them. The chocolate body paint I bought for Valentine’s Day; that we never used, has been in the sun warming through. I wash my hands with the strawberry scrub which I have already cleaned and soaked my cock in 3 times now.

As you lock the car and open the front door, I appear from behind it with a strawberry half in my mouth wearing nothing but a robe. You bite the other half from me and we share a warming kiss and embrace. You look curiously at the upwards-facing video camera I have set up beneath the stairway. I slip my robe off to reveal recently chiselled body and rock hard cock. I help you slip out of your top and skirt. It seems you have a surprise of your own as I catch a glimpse of the tiny black thong you are wearing, before you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around me. You kiss me wildly as I walk, carrying you across the wooden floors of the hallway and over to the glass staircase.

I set you down on the fourth step and start to kiss my way down your neck, licking down between your breasts before sucking each nipple until they firm up in my mouth. The gym has benefited us both as we take a momentary pause to admire our bodies. Teasingly, you lift your legs a little keeping your knees bent and together. You slip the tiny panties from under your incredible ass and over your knees, off your feet. You lay back and spread your legs, showing me the thing I love most in the world!

I blindfold you and feed you a strawberry before lowering myself to your sweet, perfect, tight little pussy. I lick and suck on your clit, gently parting your lips with my thumbs as I explore and tease every inch of you. I tell you how much I ‘fucking love the way your pussy tastes’ and you let out a little moan of excitement. Now making tiny circles with my tongue, I tease my index finger around the very rim of your ever-moistening hole. I can feel you tense in anticipation, you are dying for me to slide it in, but I make you wait. I feed you another strawberry before reaching for the whole ones. It is big and cold and holds it shape, you find out exactly my thought process. I suck the very end of it and you watch as I ease it into your tight slit. 

You take a huge breath as the cold rush hits you before succumbing to the feeling of the solid yet soft object now stroking your g-spot. I twist the strawberry in and out of you slowly before leaving it almost completely inside you. The warm chocolate quickly drips on your tits and down your stomach to the very crest of your pubic bone. I lick it all off while you writhe and wriggle. I pull the strawberry out and eat it, covered in your juices; you pull me towards me kissing me hard with lust and anxiety.

You spin me on my back and climb on top of me. The curiously strong smell of strawberries is ripe within your nostrils. You very quickly take my throbbing cock into your mouth, sucking and licking and two hands twisting up and down the shaft. Your long, Brown hair is to the right of your face and tickling my balls as you passionately bob up and down. I can feel myself getting closer than I want at this moment so I grab you and help your whole body over my head. Your tits pressed against the glass, lying forward on your elbows with your knees straddling either side of my head. 

Almost sitting on my face, I suck your clit hard before pressing two fingers inside you motioning ‘come hither’. You begin to massage your boobs and rock your pelvis, I keep my tongue out and my head still as you rub yourself against me. You come once before falling back down inserting my cock entirely in to your warm pussy. We both gasp as your ass hits my thighs. I bury my face between your tits as you bounce up and down hard and fast. I grip your ass as you play with my balls. I push you up off me.

You climb forward up a step, right leg straight out and left leg bent at the knee resting 3 steps higher. That is a fantastic view, and I’m sure the camera loves the under angle just as much. I climb on top of you and insert my cock back into you. I grunt and you scream as I thrust as hard as I can. The glass is stimulating your nipples and you are frantically doing all sorts of things to your clit. Just as I explode you tighten your pussy muscles, squeezing my cock so hard that I blow every drop of my hot jizz inside you as you cum equally as hard. We finish the rest of the strawberries in each other’s arms and prepare to enjoy the video replay.