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Stresses of Studying

Hard working student gets distracted from studying

Sarah had started studying intensively for her exams a couple of weeks ago. She was locking herself in her bedroom trying to focus on her textbooks while the rest of her housemates were taking things a little less seriously. The differences in commitment had started leading to tension in the house.

The boys were good for the first couple weeks, trying to keep things quiet, going out with their friends instead of inviting them over for drinks and video games. But just like their commitment to university, they had started off so well only to slip back into their normal routine.

Tonight they were downstairs playing some football game on their XBox. The boys always got louder as the evening went on but when some competitiveness was thrown into the mix it was like they couldn’t communicate with each other without shouting at the top of their voices.

Sarah didn’t say anything to them though. She knew it wouldn’t do much to help and most of the time she got on really well with them. She didn’t want to hurt their relationship by making some bitchy comment for the sake of being able to revise in peace for a couple more hours. Plus, let’s face it, if she was that bothered she should just go to the library and study.

Leaving the house wasn’t really an option right now though. As Sarah stood up from her desk she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Sarah never bothered keeping up her appearances near exams. What was the point? She didn’t leave the house except to buy food. She hadn’t had a boyfriend for almost a year. Sarah told herself that she was too busy at the moment to put any effort into a relationship. She told herself that that side of her life could wait for now. And as she stood looking into the mirror, seeing how her hair had become greasy after not having showered for a couple of days, she told herself that no man would find her attractive anyway.

Feeling sorry for herself and realising that studying at the moment was a waste of time, Sarah decided to take that much needed shower. It would do her good to take a break and relax under the hot water for a while. Grabbing her towel and a change of clothes she headed downstairs. The bathroom was on the ground floor and was an extension of the original house. Getting to it meant you had to go through the kitchen. It was the reason why they all took their change of clothes into the bathroom with them. Well, everyone except Jake.

Sarah usually tried to avoid being around when Jake came out of the shower. She had embarrassed herself the first time she had seen him. Jake had a towel wrapped around his waist but the top half was completely bare. Growing up on a farm had meant Jake’s chest and shoulders were broad, defined, and with the right amount of muscle. Not so much that he looked like those jerks who live in the gym staring at themselves in the mirror but enough that Sarah was confident he would have no trouble picking her up and throwing her over his shoulders. Large enough that the lights in the ceiling had caused the shadows to dance across his arms and abs as he had walked through the kitchen. The thin film of water covering his tanned body had added to the effect. Jake had noticed Sarah follow him with her eyes across the room. He smiled enough to cause the dimples in his cheeks to appear.

“Where has your mind wandered to?”

He asked, unable to resist his lips curl into the beginning of a smile. Suddenly realising that she had been staring and had been caught, Sarah’s face flushed with embarrassment and managed nothing more than a stammering mumble as Jake continued on his way. The smell of his shower gel lingered in the air as Sarah felt the heat from her cheeks spread down her entire body.

With the boys occupied with their game in the living room, Sarah knew she could get in and out of the shower without them noticing. Being built onto the side of the house meant that the bathroom didn’t have the same level of insulation. It was cold enough to see her breath as Sarah shut the door behind her and started the hot water running, mind racing through all the material she had been studying today.

Goosebumps raised on Sarah’s skin has she lifted her t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She tried not to let her cold fingers touch her back as she reached behind and undid her bra. Sliding the straps along her arms as the cups fell away from her breasts. Her skin tightened as her nipples hardened, pointing straight ahead, aching slightly with the cold. Sarah’s breasts were beautiful. Nicely rounded, pert and surrounded by pale skin adorned with more goosebumps. Sarah’s stomach was nicely toned and would have been flat except for the slight raise caused by her abdominal muscles.

Sarah unbuttoned her jeans and hooked her thumbs underneath the jeans and white cotton underwear, sliding them both down revealing impossibly smooth skin where the goosebumps had yet to reach. Her right thigh muscle tightened under her skin as she lifted her left leg out of her clothes. Sarah dumped the jeans and underwear with the rest of her clothes and ran her hands across the top of her chest and down the side of her ribcage trying to rid herself of the slight shivering which had started.

Sarah reached out to test the water before stepping under the cascading warmth. Some of the water bounced off of her skin, sending vibrations rippling across her body. The rest collected to form trails that started at her collarbone and were helped by gravity down the length of her body. Sarah’s nipples were still hard, but no longer from the cold. Steam began to fill the bathroom as she lathered up her sponge and proceeded to cover herself in slippery moisturising shower gel. The heat from the water began to ease some of the tension in her muscles, the weight of the world on her shoulders seemed to be getting gradually lighter.

Sarah finished covering her arms in the soap and moved on to her chest. The firm sponge flicked over her nipple sending a small shockwave through the rest of her breast. Sarah’s heart began to beat a little faster. Her breath became a little shorter. The sponge was making her feel wonderful as it travelled around her body, currently making its way from her torso to her rounded bum cheeks. Soap bubbles began to glide down the inside of her thigh. Sarah was becoming all too aware of the pleasant sensations but she wasn’t about to pleasure herself in a shared bathroom that’s connected to the kitchen. She hurried the rest of her shower, excited by the anticipation of getting back upstairs and into bed where she could feel more comfortable to explore these sensations further.

The adrenaline caused her fingers to tremble slightly as she reached to turn the water off. She hurriedly dried herself off, doing a poor job, and quickly got redressed. Slipping into some comfortable jogging bottoms and an oversized v-neck ready for bedtime she then gathered the rest of her things in her arms and reached for the bathroom door. As she opened the door, she saw Jake stood there, hand out as if to reach to open the door himself. Crap. Sarah was slightly out of breath from her feeling of arousal and rushing to finish her shower. Jake stood there with jostled hair, towering over her.

It took less than a second of them both standing in the door frame for it to become uncomfortable. Jake’s eyes strayed from Sarah’s.

“Where’s your mind wondered to?”

Sarah delighted in what she thought was a witty comment, but hid it well. The comment had brought Jake’s eyes back up to meet her own.

“I was just following the droplet of water.”

Sarah glanced down to see the trail of water which began at the tips of her dark hair but had journeyed between her breasts. Instinctually Sarah grabbed side of her top to wipe the water away only to then notice that as she spread the material her nipple was all too obvious under the dampening fabric. Sarah’s eyes shot upward to see if Jake had noticed. He had. That damn smirk said it all. Those stupid dimples reminder Sarah just how aroused she had become in the shower, and what her intentions were when she reached her bedroom. With Jake filling the doorframe Sarah had no where to run.

“The others went out to pick up some takeaway”

It was just Sarah and Jake in the house. He reached a hand out pull some damp strands of hair away from her face and his palm rested on the side of her face. The heat in his hands was soothing and was matched by the heat in Sarah’s face. The only movement from Sarah was the steady rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed. Jake had always been flirtatious with Sarah, and she was guessing where this might go. Instead of making a move her mind raced with what her plan was if he made one. Would it be a good idea or would it lead to trouble?

She hadn’t made up her mind when Jake leaned down. Sarah breathed him in as he placed his lips over hers. Sarah broke the kiss.

“What are you doing?” She said.

“What I’ve been thinking about doing for months.”

With that Jake took a step closer and went for a second kiss. Reaching a sculpted arm behind Sarah he pulled her in close to him at the same time. Her dirty clothes wedged between the two of them, crushing her breasts. Jake’s second kiss had more urgency and Sarah’s defences melted away. Her skin began to tingle all over with anticipation. Placing her clothes on the kitchen top, out of the way freed both of Sarah’s hands. She reached up Jake’s back, fingers tracing the muscles either side of his spine as she pulled him tighter to her.

Jakes hand remained on the side of her cheek while the other snuck under her t-shirt, searching for the bare skin at the top of her jogging bottoms. He caressed her stomach with his thumb before moving the hand higher up. Sarah shivered as he passed the ticklish spot at the bottom of her ribcage and the shiver turned into a soft moan as the hand continued, his fingers grazing the bottom of her breast.

Sarah broke the kiss again and buried her face into Jake’s neck. It had been weeks since she had last had any sexual release and her desperation was rolling over her like a crashing wave. His hand was still tormenting her at the bottom of her breast, nestled in the corner where it met her ribs.

Jake moved both hands down to her buttocks, gently kneaded the muscles in his hands before lifting her with ease and sitting her down on the counter. He pulled the t-shirt up over her breasts before Sarah pulled it the rest of the way off. Jake rested his forehead just above her breast, breathing his hot breath gently onto the nipple, causing it to react. Sarah’s breathing was staggered as she arched her back trying to make her breasts come into contact with his waiting mouth.

Jake didn’t tease. He didn’t back away. Instead he attacked her breasts like a starved animal. Sucking the nipple into his mouth and clamping down on her nipple with his lips rolled back over his teeth. His tongue flicked out causing another moan from Sarah. Jake’s hand went to the other breast, fingers sliding down the outside of it while this thumb flicked over the other nipple. Sarah ran her fingers through his hair pulling him tighter into her.

Jakes hands moved the the hem of her jogging bottoms. Lifting herself off the counter Sarah allowed him to slide them over her bum and down her legs. Sitting back down caused her to gasp as the cold counter touched her. Jake stood straight in order to take in her beauty. Her jogging bottoms were still half way down her thighs. In between her legs was a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above smooth, puffy lips.

Looking at Sarah with a primal look in his eyes, Jake removed his t-shirt, reintroducing Sarah to that smooth, firm chest from before. Sarah finished removing her jogging bottoms and Jake pulled her closer to the edge of the counter.

He knelt on the cold hard floor and Sarah lent back. Jake placed his hands on Sarah’s knees and began to part them as he planted kisses on the inside of her leg. Sarah scooted further forward providing him with enough of a hint. Jake forced her legs wider apart, giving himself enough room to place a kiss on the edge of her outer lips. Sarah was already soaking wet when Jake’s tongue ran across her slit from right to left.

“Don’t tease me.”

Jake stopped long enough to look up at Sarah. Her face flushed red, eyes glazed. He smiled at her then placed an open mouth over her pussy. His tongue moved her up pussy, opening her up and tasting her as it went. Jake swallowed down her sweet taste when he reached the top. He proceeded to torment her with his tongue. Sarah was writhing on the kitchen top, hands moving all over his head tousling his hair. Her leg muscles began to twitch as she climbed closer to her orgasm. Her back spasmed as his tongue touched her clit.

“Do it again!” She urged.

Jake placed the flat of his tongue against her clit and rippled his tongue with skill, massaging her clit as she burst with her first orgasm. Sarah was unable to stifle a cry as the orgasm hit. She threw her head back as the second wave came, banging her head into the cupboard door barely noticing it happen. Her pussy released more of her juices, coating Jake’s face as he tried to keep his tongue pressed against her clit while her spasms began to slow and fade.

Jake stood upright. Sarah’s legs either side of his waist. Sarah wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“Take me upstairs.” She whispered before kissing his neck.

Their clothes lay forgotten in the kitchen. Each step Jake took caused their genitals to bump into each other. His erection was trapped down one trouser leg. He was afraid what might happen if it wasn’t released soon. His pace quickened.

Once inside Sarah’s room, Jake flung her onto her bed with enough force to make her bounce. The air rushed out of her lungs in a soft moan as she landed. He reached for his belt and undid the buckle. Pulling the jeans down left Jake standing at the foot of the bed. The boxers were dropped shortly after. The constriction of his boxers had prevented his cock from becoming fully erect until now. Sarah paused for a moment watching it finish its assent to full glory. His muscles tightened as he climbed onto the bed, causing those familiar shadow dances in the low evening light. He crawled the short distance on all fours like a cat until he met her eye-to-eye. Sarah bent one leg so her foot was flat on the bed, the other leg was out straight.

They weren’t touching. He was crouched over her, taking her in with his eyes. The dimples made another appearance when he slowly lowered himself until his weight pushed her into her bed. His cock lay nestled between their stomachs, the base of it just coming into contact with the top of her damp pubic mound. It was agonisingly close to its true destination. Jake repositioned himself slightly while their breaths mingled with each other. Leaning down and slipping his tongue into her mouth while he lined the length of his penis along her slit so that the head of his cock was still poking out in the middle of their stomachs. From here he grinded himself into her. Her juices from earlier began coating the underside of his cock, lubricating it. Sarah moaned into his mouth again and tried to angle her hips so that the head of his cock would slip inside of her.

Jake was too far gone to try to resist. He reached down and with his cock in his hand he stroked the head up and down the length of her slit. The tip of him travelled the length of her, up and down, twice, before he finally placed the head inside of Sarah and thrust his hips forward. The feeling of Sarah’s lips sliding up the length of his pulsing cock caused them both to cry out at the same time. Sarah clenched her eyes shut tight, hands grasping at the bed sheets as he began his assault on her. His breath in her ear gave her a tingling sensation down her neck. There was a thin film of sweat forming across both their bodies as her breasts were squeezed against his chest.

Jake stopped abruptly, pausing, composing himself. He didn’t want it to end too quickly. He flexed the muscles in his penis while he was buried as deep inside her as possible. Sarah responded to the subtle movements but she didn’t want him to stop. Not now. She was too close. She began to buck her hips up and down. It was too much for Jake. Instead of holding back he reached down and lifted her legs higher until her thighs were half way up his body and the pussy was angled up.

He moved an inch higher up on her body so that he could drive straight down. He placed both hands around her back for leverage and put all his energy into driving his cock into her. The sounds of their bodies slapping together mingled with their grunts and heavy breathing to fill the room. As Sarah got close to the edge she used her muscles to clamp down on him. Her second orgasm was stronger. Her toes curled and she couldn’t help but give a long drawn out whimper. Jake’s orgasm overcame him. He buried himself deep into her soft folds as his cock pulsed strings of cum deep into her. The muscles in his lower back gave soft spasms in time with each pulse of his cock. All the strength drained out of him at that moment so he let his own weight go, resting completely on Sarah. Both of their genitals continued their gentle rippling as they came down from their orgasm. Cum began to leak out as his cock softened but still remained inside of her. They both lay their while Sarah stroked Jake’s hair with one hand, recovering from their orgasms as the sweat began to cool on their skin. Jake shifted his weight slightly off of Sarah but remained draped over one side of her as they listened to the slowing of their breathing. Both wondering what the other was thinking.

This is my first ever story. Constructive criticism is welcomed as I want to know how you think I can improve. However, I hope you enjoyed the story.

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