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Stripper - Birthday Celebration

Celebrating My Birthday

This happened to me back in Nov. 2008.   I went out with about 20 guys from the fire dept. to celebrate my birthday.   We went out to dinner, had drinks (lots of drinks), and chatted about various things.   After dinner, some of the guys had to go home because they had to work the next day.   So that left about 12 of us, we decided to continue by going to a local strip club, which was in walking distance.   This was a good thing since none of us was in any condition to drive.   The club we went to was a full nude strip club.   The only bad thing about that meant no alcohol was served at the club.   So if you wanted to drink you had to go to the bar across the street.   That was fine with me because if I drank anymore I would have probably passed out.   Besides with the guys buying me lap dances and making sure I watched the girls on center stage I really didn’t get an opportunity to get anymore drinks.

Anyways, I was watching one of the dancers on center stage when I looked over to my left and noticed another dancer smiling and staring at me.   I know I didn’t have a lap dance with her nor did she dance on center stage.   However, she looked very familiar to me.   A few more dancers danced on center stage and every now and than I would look over and I would catch that one particular dancer looking my way smiling and staring at me.   Finally, about a ½ hour later, she walked toward me.   This would be a good time to describe her.   She’s Latina , about 5’8” with heels, long shiny black hair, brown eyes, curvy body (not big and not skinny) and a nice ass.   She has what I call a J-Lo ass.   When she got to me she smiled and just sat down onto my lap.

“Hi, my name is Lola” she said, “Is your name Ted?”

I said “Yes.”

I was wondering if one of the guys put her up to this.   All of a sudden, I realized that I knew this dancer.  

“I know you don’t I?” I said.

“Yes you do.   I’m Maria, Johns’ oldest daughter.”   She said.

John was my old boss at my job before I got into the fire department.   We became good friends during the time we worked together.   We used to play racquetball, poker and going drinking together.   We also used to have the families together for dinner, at least once a month.   About 9 years ago he passed away.   That was the last time I saw Maria, at her fathers’ funeral.   At that time, she was 20yo and attending college back east somewhere.   I always assumed she graduated from college.   A few months after the funeral, Marias ’ mother decided to move down south to be closer to her parents.   So Maria's ’ mom and siblings moved away.   We kept in touch through Christmas cards.   A few years later, we stopped receiving Christmas cards from Marias ’ mom.   Two years after that, we stopped sending them Christmas cards.

So, here’s Maria sitting on my lap.   She’s tells me how she ended up dancing at the club.   She tells me that she left college because she couldn’t concentrate on her studies.   Her dad and Maria were really close.   So she decided to go back home and be with her mom.   A few years later Marias ’ mom started dating.   They got into a big fight, not over dating, but because the guy she was dating was a creep.   This was also around the same time we stopped receiving Christmas cards from the family.   So Maria left her moms house and went to live on her own, doing odd jobs.   Than she decided to move back up north a couple of years ago.   She worked at a law office for a year.   Her roommate was a dancer at the club.   Maria noticed that her roommate was making good money.   Her roommate invited Maria to come down to the club one night.   As she puts it, the rest is history.   She also tells me, the money is good, she has flexible hours, working when she wants and most of the time she enjoyed her job.   However, she did tell me she misses her brother and sister and mom, but she couldn’t go back.

Now Maria is a very gorgeous woman.   She’s sitting on my lap and chatting, my cock started to react.   I had a semi hard on.   At first, I thought maybe she didn’t notice or was trying not to react to the situation.   She started to squirm around like she was adjusting and teasing me.   My cock started to even get harder.   I realized she knew what was going on.

Maria tells me, “When I was younger I had a crush on you.   I thought you were cute.”

“What I’m not cute anymore?”   I said.

“You’re even cuter.   Especially, with all the Grey hair.”   She says.

If it wasn’t so dark, she would have noticed that I was blushing.  

Maria than says, “You enjoy me sitting on your lap, don’t you?   You know I get off work at 2am and I don’t live far from here.   Why don’t you come over and I can find out what you been up to.”  

I did not answer her but it was obvious I wanted to be with her.

She than says, “You’re still married?   It’s O.K. I won’t say anything if you don’t.   Besides, from your reaction, I think I need to take care of that problem you have.”

She than wiggles her ass in my lap, to let me know that she knows I have a hard on.   I was done.  I knew I was going to her place and so did she.

“I’m going to go and make some money now.   I’ll come get you when I’m done.”   She says.

Maria left and I sat there with a hard on and a grin on my face.    About an hour later the guys wanted to go and asked if I needed a ride home.   I told them I ‘m staying and that I was waiting for Lola (Maria).   Most of them looked at me with a “What the Fuck” look, but didn’t say anything.   So now I had a little over an hour waiting for Maria to get off work.   Around 1:45 Maria came over and said it was time to leave.

While walking to Maria's ’ place I noticed that she looked great in a pair of jeans.   Her ass looked so nice.   We didn’t say too much while walking.   We got to her place and walked inside.   As soon as she closed the door, she pulled me toward her for a kiss.   What a kiss too.   She had nice soft lips and our tongues were exploring each other.   While kissing, I reached under her t-shirt and started playing with her nipples.   I took off her t-shirt.   She than dropped to her knees, unbuckled my pants, dropped my pants/underwear to my knees and started to give me a blow job.   Damn, she really knew what to do too.   Being tease all night by Maria and other dancers, I knew I was going to blow my load very soon.   I told Maria that I was going to come very soon.   She than picked up the tempo and going deeper on my cock.

“I’m Cumming.”   I said.

When I said that, she took my cock out of her mouth and aimed my cock toward her tits.   I came all over tits, while she continued to stroke my cock.   When I was done she took my cock and rubbed it between her tits, right where I came a few moments ago.   Than she got up and went to the bathroom.   A minute or two later she came back out completely naked.   She had a wet towel and she cleaned up my cock.

She than took my hand and lead me to her bedroom.   Soon I was completely naked.   I pushed her down on her bed and spread her legs wide.   I got between her legs and I started to eat her pussy.   First, I licked and sucked on her clit.   She tasted so sweet.     I than tongued and finger fucked her.   I knew she was close to Cumming.   She grabbed my head when she came.  

When she was done, she says “I want you cock inside of me.”

I wasn’t even hard so I asked if she had any toys.   She pulled out some dildos and a vibrator.   I grabbed a dildo and I started playing with her pussy with the dildo.   I started going in and out of her pussy with the dildo.   She enjoyed what I was doing to her.   We kissed while I fucked her with the dildo.   She than came for me again.   She put her head on my chest.  

I wanted to fuck her, but my cock was not working for whatever reason.   I was not hard.   Did I have too much alcohol?   Maria was fucking sexy and my cock would not work.   She must have sense my dilemma and told me not to worry about it.   While lying in bed, she played with my cock with her hand.   Finally, my cock started to grow.   When she noticed I was finally growing she got between my legs and started giving me another blow job.   My cock grew and was soon hard.   I was ready to fuck Maria.

I fucked Maria in several positions.   Than I realized I was not close to Cumming.   I was working up a sweat and I couldn’t cum.   First, my cock wouldn’t get hard and now I couldn’t cum.   What the hell was going on with me tonight?   I continued to fuck Maria and she came once more.   Than, she used her pussy muscles and squeezed my cock with them.   I soon came, finally.   She looked up and smiled.  

The next morning, I felt guilty for fucking Maria.   After all, she used to call me Uncle when she was growing up.   She was my friends’ daughter.   I did call up her mother a day later.   To make a long story short, Maria is now home, with her mother and Siblings.   





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