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Student Nurse, Part 2: Lingerie Purchase Payoff

John makes profitable purchases during his lunch hour
Kate and Aline had experimented with the nurse’s uniform and the lingerie, so they knew their potential. Nearly transparent, the uniform showed her sexy undies quite well in most light. A slip and a lab coat gave her options to preserve modesty.

After her last final, Kate returned to the dorm, showered and changed into her nursing uniform. She pulled the stockings up her legs and fastened them to a sturdy, white garter belt trimmed with lace. A bullet bra made her breasts jut more than usual. The slip covered all, then she buttoned the uniform. She threw some scrubs and street clothes along with a few books into her bag, packed up her laptop and was ready to go.

Aline came in and they discussed finals and Aline’s plans. She and some of the other bisexual girls had reservations on the coast for a wild week in the sun. With a hug and a kiss, they parted, Kate carrying her bags to the car.

At the Hargreaves, she met her patient, Cynthia, and learned all her nursing duties from the agency nurse. Cynthia seemed pleasant, but clearly was frustrated with her condition. She had to remain in the confining cast for at least another month. She still experienced significant pain and was often medicated. During her times of sedation, Kate could do the housework that netted her extra pay. The agency nurse, clearly eager to leave, said that Hargreaves would explain those duties to her.

Soon after the nurse left, Henry Hargreaves, a boy of 18, came in from school. A tall lad with a shock of black hair over his forehead, he greeted Kate politely, then excused himself to his room.

John Hargreaves arrived from work at about 5:30, checked his wife, mentioned to Kate that all seemed under control, and talked to his son for a few minutes. He poured himself a drink and offered Kate one.

Kate demurred. “I might take a nightcap, thanks, but I don’t think it’s professional to drink while I’m really on duty.” She accepted a glass of fruit juice and the pair sat in the living room and discussed Kate’s job. She noticed his eyes lingered on her legs and bust, but he remained strictly professional. Hargreaves ordered pizza for the first evening’s meal, then showed Kate around the kitchen. He handed her a set of planned meals that he’d thoughtfully prepared with his wife. Some of the food was in the freezer, but there remained some shopping to do. Kate volunteered to whip together a salad to go with the pizza, then John left to be with his wife.

Kate cut the vegetables and wanted to spin the lettuce. Hargreaves had mentioned that seldom-used utensils were kept in a high cabinet. She stood on a short stepstool, rummaging, when Hargreaves returned.

“What are you looking for?”

“Salad spinner.”

“I think you’re in the right place, Kate.”

“Yep, here it is.” She lifted the spinner from the cabinet and stepped down. She missed her footing and shuffled her feet to keep her balance. Her leg brushed the wooden stepstool and a splinter ran her thin nylon. “Darn it, a run.” She placed the spinner on the counter and, without really thinking, lifted her skirt to inspect the damage. It was a long, wide run that ran up to the welt. “Well, that one’s ruined. I’m glad I’ve got spares.” She looked up and caught Hargreaves’ admiring stare. With an embarrassed laugh, she dropped her hem. “I guess I’m giving a free show, aren’t I?”

“I don’t mind a bit. Check again if you feel the need,” Hargreaves said, grinning.

Kate laughed, and they turned their attention to the salad. The pizza arrived and John and Henry crowded into Cynthia’s room for a family dinner. Later, Hargreaves talked with Kate as she cleaned up the few dishes.

“I’m glad we live in a ranch house. What if all the bedrooms were upstairs? Our bedroom is really cramped, what with adding Cynthia’s hospital bed. I think it’s important to keep up family meals, even though Henry complains. Typical teenager. As it is, you have the guest bedroom and we’re disrupted as little as possible. “

Kate was glad John was so courteous and thoughtful. She hoped her stay wouldn’t be totally boring. She checked on Cynthia, administered meds, and washed her legs and arms. They chatted a few moments, then Kate excused herself to her room. She put her clothes away in the closet and drawers, set up her computer, and watched some TV. At least her room was comfortable.

She made breakfast for the family, and fed Cynthia herself, since the others went off to work and school. She had very little to do after Cynthia’s pain meds took hold. She tried reading ahead for next quarter’s classes but she boredom set in long before lunch.

John Hargreaves found it hard to concentrate on work. His mind kept straying to the gorgeous nurse now in his home. Her uniform was so darned sexy. The glimpse of her leg in a real stocking had inspired a masturbation session. He wondered if there was any possibility….Perhaps the run in her stocking could give him an opening. He pressed the intercom button, summoning his secretary. ” Julie, can you come in here, please?”

Julie came in and asked, “Yes, boss, what can I do for you?”

“Julie, do you know a place nearby where I could purchase a pair of quality stockings, not pantyhose or thigh highs?”

“Oh, sexy, boss.” Julia flashed her eyes coquettishly. “A girl needs a garter belt to go with them, you know. Or a waist cincher. I think they’re very sexy. I’m sure you’ll find a good selection at Ariana’s Trousseau on 5th. I’d offer to help you shop, but I’m meeting a friend for lunch. Be sure to let me know what you buy.”

John laughed and thanked her. He realized she expected the gift was for her and decided not to disappoint her. She’d taken very good care of him since the accident. After Cynthia was out of danger and back home, one day while Julie was taking dictation she paused and said she sympathized with him that he’d have to do all the housework plus care for his wife. She’d crossed and recrossed her legs as she spoke, never pulling her hem down. She spoke earnestly, bending forward to reveal cleavage as she said, “If there’s anything, anything at all, boss that I can do to help meet your needs, please let me know.”

“Are you offering what I think you’re offering?”

“I’m offering anything you want, boss. Everyone has needs. Let me help you, no strings or expectations.”

That afternoon, when the others had gone home, Julia proved as good as her word and John went home a much happier man. Since then, a few times a week she serviced him when they could be certain of privacy for hot and furious quickies. Julia explained she liked John and genuinely wanted to satisfy his sexual urges, but that all she really expected in response was a strong recommendation when it was time for promotion or to switch jobs. She expected her sexual services to end when Cynthia was capable of lovemaking again.

John hoped to extend the arrangement after Cynthia’s full recovery, especially since Julia was much younger and prettier than his wife.

John munched a sandwich from a corner stand as he walked to the lingerie store. Inside, an attractive attendant answered all his questions, showing no surprise when he bought several pair of stockings in two different sizes. She suggested several styles, emphasizing the retro appeal of full-fashion hose of the highest quality. She also showed him a rack of garter belts and waist cinchers. John bought Julia two pairs of nylons each in black and dark brown along with a red and black waist cincher. For Kate, he selected white and black hose and a fancy white garter belt.

As the sales attendant gift-wrapped the two packages, she said in a husky voice, “Have a very nice night, sir.”

He returned to the office, glad to arrive first so Julia wouldn’t see he had two packages. Placing Julia’s package and a card on her desk, he went into his inner office, closing the door. A scheduled phone conference and a meeting occupied most of the afternoon. He returned from the meeting and asked Julia to come into his office as he had memos and notes to dictate.

Julia perched on her chair near the workstation at a small desk to one side of John’s and crossed her legs. She efficiently typed as John paced the floor, referring occasionally to written notes. When he was done, Julia slowly parted her thighs and said, “John, I want to thank you personally for the lovely stockings and the sexy cincher.” She swung her legs up on the desk as John, grinning, walked around the desk.

“I’m glad you like them. They are truly beautiful and so is the girl who fills them out so well. “

“Thanks, boss. Are you sure you’re getting a good enough look? Don’t you want to make sure everything fits?”

Julia’s legs in the gleaming stockings stirred John’s cock and it began to stiffen. “I think the touch test is called for.

She got up and took his hand, leading him back around the desk. She swiftly pushed the keyboard and other paraphernalia out of the way, then turned and stepped out of her skirt, pulled her blouse off, and turned down the lacy cups of her bra. “Do you think this looks sexy, John?” she asked with a a sparkle in her eye.

“Julia, you’re just about the most delicious, sexy girl I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You sure have good taste in lingerie. Now, let me see how you taste.” Together, they released his belt and pants. Julia squeezed his cock and took it into her mouth. She sucked hard, her head darting back and forth. When John was fully erect, she kept sucking while she worked her panties down below her knees. She then stirred his balls and massaged the base of the penis with her thumb and forefinger as she nibbled and licked the top of the shaft and the thick, expanded cockhead. When she tasted his precum, she gave him a few more vigorous sucks, then stood, deftly stepping from her constricting panties.

They kissed passionately but briefly. “Bend over the desk,” panted John.

Julia wasted no time, but got right in position, spreading her legs and looking over her shoulder as John eagerly advanced, holding his thick cock forward to impale her.

“Come on, boss, fuck me now,” gasped Julia.

John paused a moment, savoring the sight of her beautiful hips and ass framed by the stockings and garters, her damp cunt winking an invitation. Then he grasped her hips and pushed himself into her hard.

“Oh, I need it,” Julia moaned. She thrust her hips back to him.

John grasped her hips and slammed into her again and again. He shifted his grip to clutch at her breasts, pinching her nipples. As in all their frenzied office couplings, Julia’s cum started with a low growl deep in her throat that never failed to drive John wild. His hips bucked uncontrollably and he gasped, “I’m cumming! “

Their bodies writhed together as they came. Julia tossed her head from side to side and John caught her ear between his lips, gently biting her. The unexpected touch drove Julia to another peak as John’s spurts inevitably diminished. He continued to slam into her as hard as she could until she relaxed. A brief kiss and John restored his pants and Julia hastily dressed. He sat on his chair and she sat on his lap for some kisses and hugs. She told him she thought his biting her ear was wild and exciting. They agreed to arrange a hotel meeting where they wouldn’t have to be so furtive and quick. A final kiss and they both went back to work, feeling much happier than before.

John returned home to find Kate, wearing a pleated skirt, cooking dinner, Cynthia in good spirits, awake for the evening meal, and Henry in his room tackling difficult homework. He asked permission to go to his girlfriend Pam’s house after dinner to work on a school report. John called Pam’s parents to ensure they’d actually work on the report, then gave his approval.

Back in the kitchen, he complimented Kate on how smoothly the household was running. “Not that I expected any difficulty,” he said. “You came well recommended and handled the interview very well. “

“Thank you, John. I’m enjoying the work. Cynthia’s not a problem. I feel really sorry for her. Body casts suck, but she could have been killed. “

“Yes, we nearly suffered a great loss there. I’m glad she’ll make a full recovery.”

The family ate dinner in Cynthia’s bedroom, after which John and Henry complimented Kate on her cooking. Kate attended to Cynthia and administered the evening medications. She found John in the living room, sipping a drink. A slim package with a note card lay on the coffee table.

“Are you sufficiently off duty that you can enjoy a drink, Kate?” John offered.

“Sure, thanks. Cynthia’s watching TV, but when the meds kick in, she’ll be off to dreamland. Do you have rum and Coke?”

John prepared the drink from a wet bar in one corner of the living room. He sat in an easy chair near the coffee table and Kate sat on the couch. Her skirt lay on her thighs, exposing her knees. John eyed them appreciatively.

“You know, Kate, our interview focused on your experience, so I don’t know much about your plans, but as a hospital administrator, I can sure help your career. You’ll graduate soon. Do you plan to stay in the area? What aspects of nursing do you hope to go into?”

Kate explained she was uncertain whether she’d remain or move, and said she wanted to work in a hospital rather than a small clinic. “I was in a doctor’s office and the infighting there was awful.”

John snorted a laugh. “Speaking as an administrator, I doubt very much that you’ll avoid office politics by moving to a hospital.”

“Well, I was less aware of it when I worked in your hospital. Besides, I liked working on a big team. I got to meet more people.” As she shifted about during their conversation, Kate noticed John kept eyeing her legs. That was all right with her. A little SA wouldn’t hurt her career at all.

As they finished their drinks, John offered her another. Kate accepted, saying two was her limit. “I’ll check on Cynthia while you mix for us.”

She returned from the bedroom a moment later. “She’s fast asleep. I turned off the TV.”

“Good.” John handed her the new drink and they returned to the living room. Kate sat and made sure a bit more of her leg showed.

“I bet you’d rather be at the beach with all the other college students whooping it up for spring break than stuck here, Kate.”

“Yes, my roommate went south, but I need the money and the experience. On the whole, I’m glad to be here.”

“Well, it’s good you have the chance to make some extra bucks. But I was really sorry you ran your stocking yesterday. Maybe this can make up for it.” He handed Kate the package and the card.

The gift card front had a rose and the word Thanks. Inside, John had written, “Thanks much for your care for us all.”

Smiling, Kate thanked him. She opened the package and drew out the two pair of stockings and lacy white garter belt, a fancy one with six straps. “Why, thank you, John. You really know how to flatter a girl, don’t you?”

He laughed. “I hope so. You have lovely legs and some nice decorative stockings will do wonders for you.”

Kate saw where this headed and she willing to play. After all, she wanted sex with a male. Handsome John couldn’t really afford to mistreat her with his wife in the next room. “I think these are the right size. I’ll have to check. You stay right there. No peeking.” She stood in the middle of the living room with her back to him. She looped the garter belt backwards around her calves and raised it up under her skirt. Fastening it, she spun it around, looking over her shoulder with a smile. John remained on his seat, eyebrows raised, smiling as he stared at her legs.” I see you’re still being a good boy,” she teased. She tucked the garters through her panties, and tugged them down into place, ready to grip the stockings.

John stared avidly. Kate’s actions raised her hemline a bit above her knees, but he couldn’t be completely sure what she was doing. He figured she’d put the stockings on in the same position, her stance and loose skirt hiding his view.

To his surprise, Kate returned to the couch. Removing her tennies and ankle socks, she picked up a brown stocking and ran the fabric over her hand slowly. “Full-fashion, seamed retro. Very sexy. After I make sure they fit, I’ll save them for special occasions.”

John sipped his drink, not trusting himself to speak.

Slowly, Kate slipped one hand into the stocking and gathered the material beneath her thumbs. Bending her knee, she inserted her toe, then languidly straightened her leg, unrolling the stocking, attempting to keep the seam straight in the rear. She fastened the front and side garters and repeated the process with the other leg, glancing flirtatiously at John every now and then. Speechless, he simply stared at her erotic display. She stood near him and said softly, “They seem to fit but it’s always hard for a girl to check her seams and fasten the back garter. I usually use a mirror, but it will be better if you help me. Do you mind?”

John gulped. “N…no, I don’t mind. Not at all.”

Kate raised her skirt a bit, over the tops of the stockings.

“Can you lift your skirt a bit more? I can’t tell if the seams are OK.”

“Silly, I know you can see all my stockings and the garter clips. Nice try, John.”

With a chuckle, John ran his hand up Kate’s thigh to the tops of the stockings. “You did very well,” he said, his voice husky with desire. “They’re quite straight.” He fastened the clips, fingers brushing her thighs. He took a deep breath and slowly moved his hand between her thighs and up above the stockings.

She took a step away from him and turned. “Don’t get fresh. We’re just making sure they fit.”

John sighed, then noticed the twinkle in Kate’s eye. She stepped back in his reach. “I think you’re entitled to see the full effect, though.” Swaying her hips, Kate slowly raised her skirt before his avid gaze. Above the stockings, up her bare thighs. Kate paused when the hem barely concealed the juncture of her legs. She smiled at John, who was breathing hard and flicked his eyes to hers, then back to her legs. A couple more hip swivels and Kate’s skirt was up at her waist. Black lace bikini panties contrasted with the white garter belt. “Do you think I’m sexy?”

John gulped. “I think you’re the sexiest creature I’ve ever seen in my life.” He ran his hands up and down the stockings from her ankles to the top of the welt, up the front, down the back, following the seam, then back up. He slid his hands up the backs of her bare thighs, this time earning no rebuke. He gripped her cheeks and squeezed, pulling her hips toward him. The pungent aroma of Kate’s sex struck his nostrils. “Ah, Kate, I hoped it could be like this.”

“We both have needs. Your wife’s sick and I’ve been studying. I want hot sex!” She led him to the couch, where they kissed deeply.

John tugged her loose blouse over her head. Kate’s lush breasts, barely contained by her black bra, drew his attention. He rubbed them and nuzzled them, licking the exposed upper slopes. He found the catch at the back and the fleshy orbs fell free, ready for his touch. “Oh, what big beauties!” he gasped. He felt and licked them, sucking on the erect nipples.

Kate lay back and sighed. I never really thought I’d become a true dyke, she thought. This feels wonderful and I’m still as seductive and sexy as ever. The dampness between her legs impelled her to move events along. She undid John’s belt and zipper. He raised his hips and together they removed his pants and shoes. She knelt between his thighs.

Kate held his cock in her hand and squeezed and stroked it. She licked the swollen cockhead and took it in her mouth, nibbling and licking. John groaned as she took as much of his shaft as she could fit in her mouth. Kate sucked him, her head going up and down the shaft. She looked up at him and slowly let the cock out from her mouth. “All my guys like this,” she whispered. She sat up and leaned toward him, her lush breasts surrounding his cock.

“Oh,” groaned John as he pumped his stiff shaft up and down her deep cleavage. She licked his tip at the top of each stroke, finally reclaiming the shaft and again sucking it.

John moved from the couch to the floor and slipped her panties off. Rubbing her stockings and thighs, he lay between her legs and gently at first, then insistently licked her wet lips, up and down her slit, inside, finally settling on her clit.

Kate loved the way John’s tongue rasped on her. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders, hips twitching as she became more and more aroused. “Oh, oh!” she moaned. John put one, then two fingers inside her and she soon gasped aloud. She thrust her wrist into her mouth to stifle her cries. John skillfully waited until she was just past her peak, then rolled and pinched a sensitive nipple, sending the beautiful nurse into another orgasm.

They shared grins when John came up for air and he drove himself into her. Two beauties in one day. This is fantastic, he thought. Slamming into Kate, he grasped her big breasts, squeezing the resilient flesh. Their mouths met in a kiss and Kate wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover.

John thrilled to the sensuous touch of the nylons against his sides and back. He slowed his pace, determined to make this fuck last. He gave Kate long, slow thrusts and she met him with bucking hips. Their pace built again and John was nearly ready to pop.

“Gotta switch and slow me down,” he panted, withdrawing.

“Let me ride you; I love it that way!”

“OK!” John rolled on his back and Kate straddled him, her feet by her hips so she rode up and down his cock. She’d drop hard, bumping her clit on his belly, then slowly rose until only the tip remained inside. After one particularly hard drop to the belly, she remained with him engulfed, rocking back and forth, rubbing her clit against him while he twitched beneath her. Again she bit her wrist to keep from crying out as she came.

Then, with a wicked smile, she slowly rose, then rocked back and forth, holding John’s cockhead a prisoner.

Desperate to feel the inside of her cunt once more, John tried raising his hips and thrusting, but Kate flexed her legs and rose with him. Soon, John was grunting and gasping. “John, you sound like you need something. Don’t you like fucking me? I’ll stop if you don’t.”

His laugh almost sounded like a cry. “I want to be inside.”

“We are inside, silly. We’re in your living room fucking on the floor.”

“I want my cock all the way in you. Please!”

“Oh,” she said, “Why didn’t you say so?”

With that, she slammed down on him again and again, fast and hard, until they both came, John grunting and Kate collapsing on him to kiss him, their hips bucking and straining frantically. John gave a few last, strong pumps and the pair lay on the floor, panting, covered in sweat. They hugged and kissed, rolled to their sides. John fondled and kissed Kate’s breasts. “You are blessed with a beautiful pair, Kate.”

“I’m glad you like them. They get me my share of attention.”

Kate threw her arms around John’s neck and brought her watch before her gaze. “Wow, 8:50!”

Cuddling ended quickly as they hastily dressed, hoping Henry wouldn’t be early. John turned on the TV. Kate was partway down the hall to her room with the stockings and gift-wrap when Henry came in the front door.

John and Kate had no more opportunities for even quick private talk that night. Everyone was in bed by 11:00.

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