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Suburban Fantasy

Suburban Fantasy

Sidney is about to get exactly what she thought she wanted
I feel like such a fucking idiot walking down an alley at two in the morning. Granted, I’m in the affluent suburbs and crime hardly ever happens here. But what if my neighbors look out of their windows and see me in my black spandex mini dress, fishnets, and red fuck me heels? They will probably call the cops on the hooker in their alley. I wanted this fantasy, and Rob was all too eager to give it to me. It’s every woman’s fantasy to be caught in the alley by a stranger and fucked, right? I’m sick in the head.

Rob promised to make sure that our kids were asleep and to secure the house before he comes to look for me. Making sure that our teens are sleeping is no easy task because Instagram holds them captive at ridiculously odd hours. I’ll never understand that whole phenomena. kids are so narcissistic.

I can hear the loud click of my heels on the pavement as I half walk and teeter towards the opposite end of the alley. We both should have been clearer about where we were going to meet. My teeth begin to chatter, and it’s not the weather, it’s my nerves. I’m not sure if this is such a good idea anymore. Where will we fuck? Why would I decide to have sex in an alley when I have a perfectly good California King bed at home?

Just as I decide to pull out my phone to call this ridiculous fantasy off, I hear someone walking down the opposite end of the alley. I immediately freeze because the footsteps have the distinct sound of heavy boots. I swiftly turn my head, and I see a dark figure at the end. I squint, and I can tell that it’s Rob, and I sigh in relief. Rob is 6’1 with a solid build and a presence that makes my 5’7 140 lb frame feel like it's 5’2. I stifle a giggle because Rob has clearly gotten into character. I can’t help but wonder when and where he purchased his biker boots, jeans, and black leather jacket. I can’t judge him too harshly because I look like a 1980s call girl.

My feet have done enough walking and standing in the 5-inch heels that I’m wearing, so I watch him as he walks towards me. He advances at a slow and deliberate pace, the way that a predator stalks their prey. My heart pounds vigorously and I don’t understand my response because this is my husband. I watched him wear tiaras and play "pretty princess" with our daughter Amanda when she was young. But this isn’t the Rob who was so gentle and playful with our daughter, this is a different Rob. I feel a flutter in the lower part of my belly. I stand there awkwardly, unsure what to do with my hands, and fight the ridiculous urge to run.

He stops as he as reaches the middle of the alley and we stand in an erotic version of a western face off. I can tell that he isn’t going to walk further, so I walk towards him and try to do it as sexily as I can. How do street walkers do this all night? As we come face to face I look into his hazel eyes and curl my lips in a smirk. He stares blankly at me and doesn’t return his usual playful gaze. I lick my full ruby red lips nervously, and I try to think of something playful to say but I really feel out of my element.

“Nervous?” Rob says in a husky voice that’s usually reserved for his underlying anger. He takes two steps forward invading my personal space. I can smell the slight hint of his cologne. he smells citrusy, woodsy, and masculine.

Unsure of what to say, I break my gaze from his and stare at the pavement. I take three long slow breaths in an attempt to slow my heart rate. This is what I wanted. Why am I acting so bashful? I gather up my courage, and decide that two can play this game.

“Well, shouldn’t I be nervous?” I say echoing his tone as I raise my gaze to meet his again.

He grins as if that’s something he hoped that I would say. He reaches behind me in one swift motion and roughly grabs a handful of my thick black shoulder length hair. I’m startled by his quick motion, and I reach up to place a hand on his chest to push him away. He captures my arm and pins it behind my back. The side of his mouth presses against my ear as his face rests against mines as his impressive bulge presses into my lower belly.

“No, no, no Sidney. You don’t get to back out of this because I know it’s exactly what you want. I’m going to take advantage of that pretty mouth and your sweet pussy right here in this alley. Are you ready slut?” he whispers into my ear.

All of his words go directly to the pleasure center between my legs, and my pussy begins to pulse in anticipation. My nipples harden and I rub them against his chest as I give a slight nod of my head. Rob releases my arm, grabs my hair and pulls back further.

“Good girl,” he growls.

Rob leads me by my hair over to a fence, pushes my back against the hard surface as he sensually assaults my neck with a trail of kisses. I reach down between us and massage his 7- inch cock through his jeans. He groans and tugs my hair down, forcing me to crouch and lower. Is he really going to make me suck his cock in an alley? My heart feels like it’s going to pound out of my chest, but I know that I’m really about to do it.

“Don’t be shy slut, pull it out and suck it.”

I shakily reach for his belt and fumble as I unbuckle it, unbutton, and slowly unzip. His hard cock springs out and he sighs loudly with relief. I’ve always loved his cock. It is thick, has huge veins protruding from it, and a big helmeted head. I wrap my hand around the base of his hard rod and slowly lick the tip with my flattened tongue before I swirl it around the bulbous head. I slowly suckle his cock head into my soft wet lips before I languorously lick his entire length and his full tight balls. Rob loosens his grip, and I can hear the guttural moans escaping from his lips as I take his rigid length deep into my mouth.

“I know that you can take more of my cock down your throat. Open that fucking mouth wider. Show me how badly you want it,” he demands.

I do as instructed and relax my throat so that I can take more of him into my enclosed mouth, gagging but continuously pumping his cock into my mouth while breathing heavily through my nose. Saliva drips down my chin and I begin to feel like the slut that he has been calling me, and my pussy quivers in response. He gruffly pulls himself from my mouth.

“I’m ready to stuff that little cunt, Sid. Stand up, turn around, and present your pussy to me.”

I’m at a loss for words because things are happening so fast. Should I say something back or just do as he says? I’m usually the vocal one, but all I can do is follow his commands. The throbbing between my quivering and aching legs is demanding attention. Tonight I’m ruled by my husband and my cunt.

I hike up my dress, and I do as instructed, making sure that I poke my ass high up into the air as my hands grab the top of my neighbor’s vinyl fence. He rips a huge hole in my fishnets, giving himself access. He teases my slick puffy pink lips with the crown of his throbbing dick, and I push back against him.

“Don’t tease me, I need you in me now,” I pant.

“Oh, so the slut speaks. I guess it’s hard to talk with a mouth full of cock. Ask me nicely and maybe I’ll put you out of your misery,” he says teasingly.

My cheeks flush and I stubbornly stay quiet as I wiggle my ass against his hard cock. I know he wants it as much as I do and I am not going to beg him.

His hands firmly pushes my legs farther apart, he snatches a hand full of my hair and slaps my pussy repeatedly with his big calloused hand.

“Okay! Please, fuck me now. Stick your cock deep inside of me,” I squeal a little too loudly.

“Shhhhh,” he warns. “You don’t want the neighbors to see you getting mounted like a bitch in heat do you?”

He grabs my waist and plunges deep into my core all the way to the hilt. A rush of pleasure explodes through my body, and warmth immediately begins to pool into my abdomen. He takes long, slow, and hard strokes. My body bucks every time his hips slap against my supple ass, and my legs shake uncontrollably.

“Ooooh, yesss.. please… make me cum…pleaaaaseeeee,” I beg.

He increases his pace, and I arch my back into a deep bow as he thrusts in and out of my clenching hole. My muscles convulse uncontrollably as he keeps applying pressure to my g- spot and hitting my womb in the process. My breathing intensifies, my cunt pulsates and my head spins as I erupt. My spasms cause me to grip his cock and milk it.

“Fuck, Sid!” he hisses as he slams into me and releases his hot load into me.

We breathe heavily in silence, allowing the cool breeze to comfort us. He pulls out of me and stands up. I stand upright and his semen oozes out of my hole, and down my inner thigh.

“Dammit, I didn’t think of that,” I giggle.

He pulls a towel from his pocket and smiles sheepishly as he wipes me. He has returned to being my Rob. I lean in and kiss him sweetly on the lips.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself, baby, because I sure did,” he says as he tucks his cock back into his jeans.

“Well, it was a lot different than I thought it would be,” I respond honestly. It wasn’t as glamorous as I imagined it. It was uncomfortable, and it hurt at times, I thought I would feel like a goddess, and really I just felt like a whore.

“It was so much better than I imagined it to be,” I say dreamily.

“Let’s get the hell out of this alley,” he says as he adjusts my dress and places his jacket around my shoulders. He grabs my hand and we head home.

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