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Suburban Storm

Vicky's teaseing brings her trouble.

 George walked round the corner of the house and stopped in his tracks. She was stark bollock naked.

She was face down on a blanket sunning herself in the late spring warmth, her arms above her head and legs slightly apart. Sun glasses and tan lotion were within her reach. Then he noticed she was in fact wearing a skimpy cream coloured bikini that tied up at the hips, her top was lose and lay under her great body. She had plump buttocks 'built for squeezing and spanking' thought George hungrily. At seventeen years old Vicky was well aware of the affect she had on the male of the species.

She and her younger sister were the apple of their parent's eye. They had no idea just how promiscuous their daughters were.

The thirty three year old George was a big powerful man who couldn't read or write and although slow witted had an affinity with anything that grew in soil. The secluded garden was neat and a riot of colour, fresh vegetables grew in the bottom part of the garden separated from the flower garden by a hedge of privet.

"Good morning George. Lovely day don't you think?" Vicky raised one shoulder as she spoke to him knowing full well she would expose a nipple of her good sized breast. She saw with satisfaction his eyes focus on it.

"Good morning Miss," George mumbled as he shambled past her heading for the tool shed. Vicky smiled when she saw an erection in his jeans, her giant ego had been satisfied. George knew her parents were away for the day and Milly was at school as Vicky should be. Two weeks ago she had the house to herself and his coffee was late so he had walked to the kitchen window and seen her face down on the table with a young man between her legs fucking her hard. Vicky had waved when she saw him, her partner had grinned and said something that made Vicky laugh, they didn't falter in their activity. 

George exited the shed with a pair of shears to trim the privet. It didn't need it but if that shameless hussy was going to flash her tits.. .he hesitated on seeing she had changed position. She was sitting up, facing him still bare breasted, with her sunglasses in place. George groaned, her breasts were made to be fondled, squeezed, licked and sucked.

Vicky had decided to have some fun with George, with her sunglasses on she could watch his reaction without him knowing. She put a blob of sperm like lotion in the palm of each hand and gently massaged it onto her breasts watching George all the time. She did it slowly and sensually, sometimes squeezing her flesh between her fingers and tweaking her nipples. George momentarily stopped clipping the hedge to enjoy the sight. Another blob was squeezed on to her stomach which she rubbed in with one hand. Her fingers moved lower and lower until they went inside her bikini. Her knees parted.

George watched her fingers moving under the cream fabric as she pleasured herself in full view. Her mouth was slightly open, the tip of her tongue poking out. She continued until she began to tremble. To George's dismay she suddenly stood up and walked towards the house; very graceful for one so young. He watched her until she disappeared.

Vicky walked down the lawn towards George carrying a long cold beer, making her breasts wobble for his benefit, her dark tresses bouncing. He was standing behind the waist high hedge, she would have to go round and join him to see his erection. He looked huge. A girl at school had claimed that a man who was weak in the head was strong in the cock. Vicky could believe it. "There you go George, I thought you looked hot and bothered."

"Thank you Miss Vicky," he mumbled. Her nipples were the same colour as her lips and standing proud of her areola. His uncontrollable eyes flicked from one to the other and down to her legs.

Vicky's eyes stared blatantly at the bulge in his trousers; it looked uncomfortable. While George's head was tilted back to drain the glass she wrapped her fingers round his shaft. George twisted his body away.

"No Miss Vicky. That ain't right."

"Oh George! Don't be silly I only want to touch it; it looks sooo nice." She placed her finger tips on his swollen cock head and ran them down his impressive length. George didn't flinch but his knees trembled. He couldn't believe a beautiful school girl wanted to touch him. He looked round the garden quickly. "Nobody can see us George." Her playful hand felt for his zip. His hand held her wrist before the zip was half way down.

Vicky was surprised at first and then annoyed, no man had ever, ever refused her. Vicky got angry. "George I only want to look at it. If I don't then I will tell Daddy you have been spying on me while I've been sun bathing and that you tried to touch me where you shouldn't. If you do then I will show you mine."

Vicky pushed her hand inside his boxers and extracted his manhood. Her eyes widened. She had never seen anything like it before let alone taken one in her pussy. Seven inches of viened shaft was topped by a huge purple gland. The strong throb of his pulse excited her. She was annoyed at being turned on by such an ugly man. "It's my fault you have an erection George, let me be the one to demolish it."

Vicky's hand slid up and down his weapon occasionally squeezing the head, she set up a steady rhythm. George's hand reached for a breast. It was Vicky's turn to twist away, "Don't you dare touch me George or I will leave you to do this yourself." She stood on tip-toe and whispered in his ear, "you would like to fuck me wouldn't you George?" Vicky giggled, "feel this big hard cock push deep into my soft eager pussy? It would hurt me George, you would like to hurt me wouldn't you?"

George felt the sperm stirring in his balls. He started to gasp. As he did so Vicky released her grip." Must stop now , my hand aches." she said. George grabbed his tool and started to pump vigorously until ropes of sperm hit the hedge dripping of the foliage while Vicky watched on in amusement. She took the glass of him and walked away.

"Cruel bitch, bitch," hissed the angry George to himself.

Vicky sat down again and yelled "George!" she unfastened her bikini and exposed her pubic delta, gripping her legs behind her knees, she yelled again " I keep my promises." She rolled back and spread her knees opening her labia and the pink petals within. She giggled and refastend her bikini and lay back in the sun with her knees up and flopped open.

George looked to the west and saw the clouds climbing ever higher with their deep purple base. There was a distant rumble of thunder. He looked back at Vicky, 'God that had been a nice pussy,' he thought; 'plump lips, the insides glistening with dampness in the sunlight.' George continue to clip the hedge with no conviction, he couldn't get his mind of the little tramp.

Vicky looked at her watch and stirred herself. George looked at his, nearly eleven, time for his coffee. He was proud he could tell the time; it had taken a while but he got there. Once again he saw her breasts jiggling as she walked down the lawn grinning and carrying a steaming mug of coffee and a Kit-cat. As she walked to the shed she said, "come and get it George, I know you like it sweet and hot." She giggled at her own innuendo.

She entered the shed and placed the coffee down on a bench. The shed  turned gloomy as George's bulk blocked out the light of the door. As he passed her she handed him his biscuit, his bare arm brushed her nipple. It was quite deliberate, she didn't know whether to be pleased or angry.

She slid his zip down again. "I promise to do it properly this time George and you know I keep my promises." She started to jerk him off feeling him growing in her hand. Vicky looked up to see the pleasure on his face. Instead she saw a leer and glinting eyes. All the subservience had gone. She trembled, regretting her stupid behaviour. Another rumble of distant thunder, a little closer this time.

His hand went roughly to her scalp and pressed her down to her knees, his purple gland quivered two inches from her eyes. "George, you mustn't make me do..."


Vicky was honest enough to blame herself for the situation she was in. The tone of his single command invited no argument. She opened up and slid her mouth over the fat end. She realised the better she made it the sooner it would be over. Her tongue treated it like a lollipop as her hand drew out his balls and fondled them. Five inch of throbbing shaft was taken in which she sucked on hard as a single tear of humiliation trickled down her cheek. Her pretty head bobbed up on down while a hand worked it. Vicky released him from her mouth and sucked on of his balls and ran her tongue all over it, The flat of her tongue licked up the back of his penis to the strange 'v' where shaft joined knob. A boyfriend had taught her that trick.

'Not bad,' thought George, 'not as good as my sister, but not bad.' Her beauty and young body made up for any shortcomings in her technique. Vicky's eyes met his now and then when she looked up, she saw lechery and revenge in equal measure. She felt him starting to thrust gently and his breathing became more rapid.


The first splash of his warm sticky juice hit the back of her throat. then another and another. Each salty ejaculation was accompanied by a gasp of pleasure as George emptied his balls down her gulping throat. Finished, Vicky stood up and stumbled to the door, licking her lips teeth clean. She glanced back. George held up his mug of coffee, "Thank you Miss Vicky. Very enjoyable." George watched her walk back to her blanket. A strong breeze was stirring the shrubbery and a flash of lightening was reflected of the house windows. George knew he would have time to finish his stint on the garden before the storm reached him and drive that little slut indoors.

Vicky had replaced her top and lay on her back once more, the sun trying to pierce her eye lids. She would wait until the clouds arrive before retreating indoors. She couldn't help herself rewinding back half an hour to the feel of that cock in her mouth. She tried to imagine it pushing into her vagina. She jumped as lightening sear her eyelids and a loud clap of thunder crashed over head. the wind was really strong now.

Vicky felt an insect tickle he hip. She flapped her hand to drive it away but encountered something else. She opened her eyes and saw George looming over her, he had unfastened both sides of her bikini. Before she could react he had pulled it off her and thrown it to one side. Vicky gave a little scream and tried to scramble away on all fours. She got as far as the grass before he grabbed her ankle. An arm went under her waist and pulled her up back on to all fours.

"George! What are you doing, don't be silly."

She felt her top loosen and be removed; all she was wearing was her watch. She felt the back of his hand stroke her buttock as he dropped his zip. She squirmed uselessly in his grip. "George, for Christ sake, you mustn't." She felt his cock nudge her labia. "No George please, I'm sorry. Please don't; you're too big."

She felt her labia part as it sought the portal to her pussy. Her distress was mixed with curiosity and hunger. The purple knob found its target and started to squeeze in, stretching her further than ever before. It was just starting to hurt when she was breached and the thick shaft buried in picking up the copious juices she was excreting. His balls coming into contact with her labia and he became motionless, enjoying Vicky's warm, soft flesh caressing his rock hard rod.

Vicky felt fully plugged and strangely proud to have taken such a magnificent penis. She felt the signs of an orgasm building and he hadn't done much yet. The cock withdrew far enough to keep the head in before re-entry. It was gentle and somehow loving, what a strange man. A huge flash of lightening lit up the gloom, followed almost immediately by a crash of thunder rending the air.

He held her hips and took up a deep steady rhythm gratified by the tightness that gripped him so sexily. He was delighted to notice she had begun to move with him as she looked between her legs at the weapon sliding in and out. Large drops of rain fell on her back.

"George please," she gasped, "harder, do it to me harder. Hurt me, hurt me."

He put more power behind his loins as his thrusting became deeper and faster and the young slut was squeaking with each slap of flesh on flesh. Her squeaks turned to squeals as she pushed back with all she could muster as the orgasm swept through and over her. The storm raged over them and the rain turned to hail and stung her naked back.

George stopped moving and let his conquest do the work. She gripped him tightly and bent her back to put downward pressure on the shaft, her body shaking with joy. Her vagina walls vibrated with his pulse as another orgasm built. George was also nearing his climax. The two smashed together hungrily enjoying each other. Above her own squeals she heard George gasp, "Lovely" and she felt the warm splatter hit her cervix. He kept up his in-driving long after  his seed was spent.   

George's softening, defeated cock slid out of Vicky's sore body. The storm was easing as he stood up panting and tucking himself away. Vicky was face down on the wet grass breathing heavily. She heard him walk away without a word. 'Better than my sister,' thought George.

Vicky rolled over her legs apart and a smile on her face. Her best friend wouldn't get to hear about this one. An illiterate and ugly gardener, no chance. She chuckled as she realised that her daddy had been paying him to do that to her.

Sperm dribbled out on to the grass. 




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