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Summer Drive

Good morning my love. So, where are we going today?
I just arrived home from my morning workout sweaty and feeling great. Craving a shower, I head to the bathroom leaving a trail of clothes across my bedroom floor. Standing naked in front of the mirror I admire my hard body that I’ve worked so hard to maintain. Tugging on my cock it becomes semi-rigid. I stop knowing what’s on the agenda for the day. Satisfied, I begin to shave the important areas of my body then jump into the shower.

Afterward, I dry myself and fix my hair. Once again, standing in the mirror admiring and verifying there are no stray hairs. I begin to run through the plans of my day with you. With that I head to my closet and begin pulling out a pair of light khaki linen shorts and a white linen button up shirt. Decidedly I will not be wearing underwear today. I throw on my clothes and a pair of sandals.

On my way out of the bedroom I check myself, one last time, in the mirror. I adjust my collar and decide to leave the top three buttons undone. I verify my cock looks good pressing against the thin material of my shorts. Am I really that vain? Yea, I guess so. But it’s all for you.

“That will drive her wild,” I think to myself.

I stop by the kitchen and take a look into the picnic basket that I already packed. I verify that I have not forgotten to pack anything. Scurrying out of the house, I put the basket in the trunk and then jump into my car.

Starting the motor, I enjoy the burly tone of the exhaust note as it echoes within the garage. I rev the engine a couple times in amusement. I program the MP3 to play my favorite electro-house music and elevate the volume. Between the bass bumping heavily and the exhaust note from the car the whole garage is vibrating. I engage the gears and drive out of the garage with a slight squeal of the tires. Why does that please me so? It must be the kid in me.

It will be a few minute drive to your house. The anticipation of spending the day with you courses through my veins. In my mind I envision myself driving like Jason Statham’s character in his action movies. Driving at excessive speed and drifting around every turn in a whirlwind of smoke and squealing tires. In reality, I drive swiftly but safely to my destination.

I arrive to your quaint little home on this beautiful summer morning. The sun is shining on your garden causing the blooms to glow brightly. It is still a bit cool with a gentle morning breeze. It is going to be a wonderful day with my gorgeous girl.

Pulling up to your curb, I turn the volume down on the radio. I honk the horn and within a minute you emerge from the front door. You are a Heavenly sight wearing a very short white cotton strapless sundress. You flash me your beautiful smile and give a gentle wave as you turn around to lock the door.

Oops. You dropped your keys. As you stoop over to pick them up the breeze raises the bottom of your dress exposing your perfectly tanned ass. You glance my way and give me that sheepish grin. Was it truly an accident that you dropped your keys?

There are no visible tan lines to be found on your body. I know because I’ve searched and examined every inch of your body to no avail. I appreciate that your backyard is very secluded from your neighbors. We have enjoyed many an afternoon lying out in the sun nude. There is nothing like feeling the sun beat down on your skin and the warm breeze as it caresses your body. Especially the parts that normally never see the light of day.

I'm smiling ear to ear as you saunter down the walkway towards me. The sun shines from behind you causing your sexy figure to be visible through your somewhat sheer dress. I make out that you are wearing a very tiny white thong and no bra. It is even more apparent as you get closer as I can see your dark erect nipples bursting through the fine material of your dress. I cannot take my eyes off of you. The beauty of the flowers in your garden cannot compare to how beautiful you are.

I scramble out of the car and run around to meet you on the passenger side. You jump into my arms as I wrap them around your waist. You fling your arms around my neck as I lift you off the ground. We greet each other with a kiss as I twirl you around.

“God you smell wonderful,” I declare as I set you down.

I open your door and take your hand to assist you into your seat. Of course, in doing so you have to spread your legs wide giving me a wonderful view of your tiny cotton thong which looks to be a couple sizes too small. Once you are fully inside, I gently close the door and prance around to my side.

"Good morning my love. So, where are we going today?” you inquire.

"It's top secret. If I tell you then I'll have to torture you," I reply as I squeeze your thigh just above your knee at your tickle spot.

“Stop!” you command with a giggle as you try to pry my hand away from your knee.

Once free you intertwine your fingers with mine and rest your hand on your upper thigh very close to your crotch.

I glance over and look you in the eyes, "we going for a bit of a drive to a great picnic spot."

Your thin white thong grabs my attention as it is on display due to the hem of your dress has moved up to your hips. I can see the outline of your smoothly shaven pussy through the near sheer material. My cock is enlarging and begins to protrude my linen shorts.

"That sounds great,” you exclaim.

I put the car in gear and we drive off allowing the tires to squeal as I pull away. I just can’t help myself. After a few minutes we get on the country back road that will lead us to our secluded picnic spot. There are very few cars on the road. We clip along at a leisurely pace enjoying the drive. The road is a fun one to travel on with hills and curves. Occasionally as we crest a hill it feels like a roller coaster cresting at speed. We get lifted out of our seats a bit.

"It's such a fantastic day. Let's drive with the windows down,” you say as you lower your window.

As I do the same you recline your chair a bit and toss your left leg over the center console and across my leg. Our hands still clasped together, I extend my fingers to caress your inner thigh.

"Your skin is so soft.”

With that you release your clasp and free my hand to roam. You put your hands up over your head and spread your legs as wide as possible given the confines of the car. I glance over and give you a smile. I see that look of wanting on your face. I return my eyes to the road and so begin the adventure of my fingers.

My pinky finger finds the edge of your thong and traces the material toward your ass. Then I gently caress the underside of your left thigh as my hand travels toward your knee. I drag my fingertips across the top of your thigh on a return trip upward. After several slow and careful trips on this circuit, my pinky finds your thong. This time it slightly dips underneath as my hand travels under your thigh.

Once in between your pussy and rose bud, my pinky slips fully under your thong. I feel your wetness building. I pull my pinky out to keep up with the rest of my hand which has begun its travel back down your inner thigh again. Your skin feels amazing on my fingertips.

My hand goes past your knee and down your shin. My fingers reach around and gently massage your calf before beginning its travel back up.

Arriving at your thong once again, my had transfers over to your right leg. My fingers, ever so slowly, slide across your mound and my thumb slightly rubs against your clit. Slipping hand over to your inner thigh, I glance at you and find your head laid back with your eyes closed. There is a look of contentment on your face. The intoxicating breeze flowing through the window blows your shiny hair back gently.

My reach is restricted and I can only travel down mid-way of your right thigh. I drag my fingers gently down the top of your leg, slide them under your inner thigh and firmly glide them back to your crotch. My movements are slow and deliberate. The base of my thumb presses into your pussy and across your clit. Your hips raise a bit begging for more. My hand slips up and under your dress, across your mound and massages your lower abdomen.

Drawn to your pussy like a magnet, I'm fighting the urge to plunge my fingers deep inside you. My fingers glide back over your mound and land cupping your pussy. I give a slight circular massage as my middle finger slips under your thong and pulls it to the side. Gently separating your full lips, I feel your wetness. Again your hips communicate to me that you desire more. My fingertip spreads your juice from your open pussy to your marble sized clit and then down to your rose bud. I love your aroma and wish I could dive my tongue into your sweetness. But that will have to wait.

Not quite ready to give you what you want just yet so I let my hand travel down your left thigh again. Pressing firmly all the way to your knee. Its return trip does the same up your inner thigh.

"Just finger me already," you demand. "I want to feel you inside me."

You pull your dress up a bit more allowing me easier access to entertain your sweet spot. You pull down the top of your dress allowing your perky tits to bounce free. Your beautiful nipples are erect and standing at attention in the breeze.

I enter your thong from the top. I love feeling your smooth wet flesh between my fingers. As I find your clit and firmly move my fingertip in circular motion, you press your hips into my hand.

You start tugging and rubbing your nipples. The soft moans of pleasure emanating from your mouth are music to my ears.

I quicken the pace of the massage on your clit. Then two of my fingers find their way inside your very wet pussy. The base of my palm continues to massage your clit as my fingers gently thrust in and out.

"Oh God baby, that feels so good."

I feel the walls of your pussy tighten against my fingers. I go as deep as I can. Searching. Exploring. Found it. I have reached the spot. That sweet G-spot. I concentrate on firmly massaging you. You gasp for air and grasp my hand and wrist with both of your hands holding my arm in place. You start moving your hips and grinding your clit on my palm. My fingers are moving faster and more firmly now.

"Oh God!" you shout as you lift your head off the seat.

Your breathing is fast. You double over. Your legs quiver. My fingers are being crushed by the tightening of your insides. Your juices are flowing over my fingers like a flood.

Still holding my arm in place, your body convulses as the after effects of your orgasm course through your being. As they subside you relax your grip on me and resume your rightful position in the seat.

I slowly remove my fingers from your drenched pussy and bring them to my mouth. I taste your pungently delicious nectar and desire for more.

Regaining your composure, you move the seat back to its upright position.

“Wow, baby! No one does it like you do.”

I look over and flash you a big grin appreciating the compliment. I continue to drive at a leisurely speed. The sweet smell of the forest wafts into the car.

You look over and notice my hard erection straining to be let free of its confines of my shorts. You lean over and grab hold of it and squeeze gently.

“Ah, my favorite plaything.”

To allow you more room to play with your favorite plaything I move my right arm and place it on your seat back. You carefully unfasten my shorts and open the zipper. I lift my hips slightly allowing you to pull my shorts down a bit. With that my cock springs to life.

“Hello my love,” you say to my cock as you stroke it just under the head. Then you wrap your fingers around it gently and begin to stroke it up and down very slowly. After a few repetitions a bead of pre-cum forms on the tip of my raging hard on.

With your free hand you run your finger across the tip taking the pre-cum with it. You bring it to your mouth and lick it seductively. Although my eyes are on the road, I can see you with my peripheral vision.

“Mmmmm. Do you have more for me?” you pant.

“Of course I do baby. But you’ll have to work for it.”

“Oh, yea? Well, Okay then,” You quip.

With that you readjust you body. Kneeling on the seat with your bare ass prone to the open window, you take my member fully into your mouth. I feel your teeth graze along the shaft as you move up from the base to the tip. Then your tongue swirls and dances on the tip beaconing me to cum.

For several minutes I’m in Heaven. You work your magic along my shaft and giving special attention to my balls. With my cock deep within your mouth I begin to convulse. I shoot several loads of cum into your throat. Sucking my cock like a straw you draw out every drop of my love juice. Once you are satisfied you resort to gentle kisses on the head of you favorite plaything before moving back into your seat.

I look over at you as you lick your lips and give you a smile of deep appreciation for your talents and attention.

“Good timing baby. We are just about to our picnic spot. I can’t wait to show you.”

After a couple more miles I slow down and pull onto a gravel road. I stop in front of a steel gate with a sign posted that states “Private property, Do Not Enter.”

“What is this place?” you ask kind of puzzled at the gate.

“Don’t worry. It’s OK.”

I jump out and fix my shorts before walking up to the gate. I produce a key and unlock the gate and fling it open. I return to the car and pull through and stop just on the other side of the gate.

“Hold on,” I state as I jump out again.

I close and lock the gate behind us.

“You’re going to love this,” I exclaim as I proceed to drive gingerly down the gravel road. On either side of the road are large trees creating a canopy effect over it. The bright summer sun shines through causing the shadows to dance across the windshield. Within a couple minutes I stop the car, put the windows up, and turn off the engine.

I lean over and grab the back of your neck and draw you to me. I kiss your lips tenderly.

“Let’s go explore,” I state.

Popping the trunk as I exit the car, I head to the rear of the vehicle. With the trunk up I quickly remove my shirt and shorts and toss them in the trunk. I grab the picnic basket and blankets that I have stored in the trunk. As I am closing the trunk you walk around the back of the car.

“Wow! What are you doing?” you exclaim upon seeing me standing there naked with only my sandals on.

“No one is around for miles,” I reassure you.

“Are you sure? How do you know?”

“Trust me. I’ll explain to you once we get to the picnic spot”

“Awesome!” you shriek as you remove your sun dress and thong. You throw them into the car and shut the door.

I tuck the blankets under my arm carrying the picnic basket. With my now free hand I take yours and lead you along a dirt path that meanders up a slight hill.

The feeling of being naked on this beautiful summer morning is intoxicating. The warm breeze caresses us as we make a small trek up the hill. Upon cresting the top a white canvas cabana built upon a wooden deck appears before us. The canvas sides of the cabana are tied to each post exposing a small cafe table and chairs and a queen sized bed in the middle. The bed is covered in a deep red satin sheet, as well as, a few pillows. Down the other side of the cabana there is a view of a small lake. The sun glistens on the ripples of the water.

“Oh my God! That’s beautiful!” You squeal.

I laugh and pull you quickly to our picnic spot. Entering the cabana I put the picnic basket on the table and throw blankets on a chair.

You jump on the bed and lay across it like a beautifully nude Cleopatra. I sit next you and place one hand on your abdomen. I lean forward and kiss you passionately letting our tongues get reacquainted.

You reach up and grab the back of my neck holding me in place as we kiss more vigorously. I let my hand move from your abdomen to grab one of your firm tits. I let your hard nipple land in between my fingers and I gently squeeze. I hear a soft moan exude from your mouth as we continue to exercise our tongues and lips.

After a couple minutes you put your hands on my chest and push me back.

“Hey, what is this place? How did you know this was here? Who built this cabana? How did you get the gate key?” you unleash a barrage of questions at me.

I place my finger on your lips before you have a chance to ask another question.

Chuckling, I explain, “Baby, remember last week when you asked me to meet you for lunch and I declined?”

“Yes, I was so friggin’ upset with you for leaving me hanging.”

“Well, I was here checking out this property. I ended up buying this fifty acre plot of land. Then I hired my contractor to come here yesterday and build this for our picnic today.”

“Holy shit! Why? I mean, I love it… but why did you buy this land?”

Taking your hand I pull you up off the bed and lead you to the edge of the deck. I spin you in front of me and hug you from behind. I let my cock press into your lower back and wrap one arm around you just under your breasts. You reach up and back placing your hand on the back of my head which now rests on your shoulder.

I point my hand and trace the boundaries of the property in front of us. “Welcome to Hidden Oaks Sexreation Resort.”


“I’m going to transform this area into a resort. We will cater to naturalists and sex addicts. It’s called Hidden Oaks Sexreation Resort.”

“Oh, my God! You are serious?” you ask exasperated.

“Totally serious,” I state.

Pointing to the edge of the lake I describe, “Over there will be the Labia Lounge where we’ll serve delicious food and drink. There will be plenty of couches and a dance floor for nightly entertainment.”

Then moving my finger to point another direction, “That will be where the penis shaped pool will be with private cabanas and a swim up bar.”

“Then over there, will be several chalets full of mattresses for groups to have their mass orgies.”

Switching to the other side my semi-rigid cock grinds your back as I point and explain, “Over here will be private bungalows along the lakeside for more intimate accommodations for couples.”

Moving your body around and look across the bed into the forest, “Those groups of trees will be perfect for a couple Tantric Tree houses.”

Then moving you again I move my arm up so your tits are resting on it, “on that hill top will be the main hotel with five star accommodations.”

In astonishment you remark, “You have this totally planned out. How long have you been keeping this a secret from me?”

With that inquiry I grab your sides and press my fingers firmly into your tickle spots. You try to break free to no avail. I spin you around and push you onto the bed. I jump on top of you and straddle you and pin your hands above your head. My cock and balls press firmly just above your pubic bone.

You look amazing pinned to the bed. You firm tits splayed apart with your brown nipples standing erect beaconing for attention. Your toned abs are visible between my legs. I see a devilish sparkle in your eyes as you stare at me.

Laughing I explain, “I’ve had this planned for years. For years and years, since I was a teenager. All I need from you is two million dollars and we can begin construction.”

You try to buck your hips to get me off of you as you shout, “No way baby! You ain’t getting that from me.”

“Come on. Please?” I beg with a puppy dog look on my face as I spread your hands farther apart drawing my face closer to yours.

“No. Not going to happen.”

I bring my lips to the side of your neck and barely touching, “Pretty please?” I whisper very slowly and seductively.

I begin giving soft kisses up and down the side of your neck.

“Absolutely not!” you exclaim as you turn your head allowing clear access to the side of your neck.

I drive one of my legs in between yours and start slowly humping your thigh. This causes my thigh to grind against your moist pussy. My kisses move from your neck, across your collar bone, to your hard wanting nipple.

With your nipple in between my teeth I ask again, “You know you want to. Just give me the money. Please?”

You give a moan of pleasure as I am causing you to get aroused.

“Can’t do it. You are not getting my money.” you firmly proclaim.

“This is your last chance to comply missy.”

I reposition myself so that I’m sitting on my legs in between your legs. My hard cock reaching for the sky. I take your legs and wrap them on either side of my hips. The base of my cock pressing on your saturated pussy. I begin to slide you slightly up and down my member.

“You better give me the money or I’ll fuck the shit out of you right now.”

“No! No! No! You’ll never get a cent from me.”

“OK then. You asked for it.”

With that I ease my cock deep within you at a slow pace. I pull your hips into me and grind you.

“Oh, God. Please don’t fuck me.”

You feign reluctance.
“Too late for that now. You should have agreed to give me the money.”

I grab your wrists and pull you up. Our lips connect and we start to kiss. Within seconds our tongues are intertwined. I wrap my arms around your shoulders and you wrap yours around my neck. I feel your firm breasts pressed firmly onto my chest. You have taken over the grinding motion at a fevered pace.

“Ah, don’t fuck me. Huh?” I tease.

“Shut up,” you try to say in between your heavy breathing.

I move my hands to reach under your ass and lift you then drop you. I repeat this over and over for several minutes.

“Oh, God! Yes baby!”

I put you on your back again. You spread your legs as far apart as possible. I drive my cock deep inside you with every thrust. You have that beautiful expression of pained ecstasy on your face. Our skin slapping and echoing through the forest.

Very quickly I feel the walls of your pussy tighten on my cock and your body quakes as an orgasm pulsates through your body. I keep the pace.

“Baby, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

I slowly withdraw from your quivering body and flop over onto my back. My glistening cock standing at attention ready for your touch. The anticipation combined with the gentle breeze caressing it causes my member to pulsate involuntarily.

As you roll over you grab my cock and stroke it firmly as you give me little kisses from my chest down to my thigh. You take my cock into your mouth and swirl your tongue around the tip.

“Mmmmm,” emanates from your lips as you taste your sweet juice coating my penis.

All seven inches of my cock disappear into your mouth. I feel your hand on my balls gently massaging them. I, also, feel a finger tip rimming my ass.

“God, baby! That’s it!”

I’m so close to cumming. Your touch on my body is like electricity. My legs stiffen. I arch my back and drive my cock deeper within your mouth. Then sweet release. With five pulses I cum in your mouth as you requested.

I let my body relax and enjoy the lingering effects of my climax. Your gentle licking and sucking on my cock cause my body to occasionally jolt in response.

You move your way up my body and lay across my chest with your legs straddling my left leg. I feel your wetness on my thigh. I place a hand on the small of your back and the other on the side of your head.

“You win. You can have the money,” you proclaim in between your kisses on my chest.

I laugh and deny your statement, “Keep your money. I don’t need it.”

Then I grab your ass and give a firm squeeze.

“I have not been one hundred percent truthful with you.” I announce.

“How’s that baby?”

“Well, it is true that I purchased fifty acres of land.”


“However, my intention is not to build the Hidden Oaks Sexreation Resort.”

“Shit. I’m very disappointed.”

You feign rejection.

“However, my love, I will build a beautiful vacation home for us here to enjoy for years to come. Would you like that?”

You pull yourself up to my face, look me in the eyes, “Oh, yes! I would love that very much.” Then you give me a deep, lingering kiss.

Your arms rest on either side of my head. My hands gently massage your ass cheeks as we kiss. Once again our tongues connect and massage each other.

After a few minutes your rest your head, once again, on my chest just under my chin.

“Of course I will need your help to decide how to design the house and facilities.”

“Of course, my love,” you reply sleepily.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep,” I command with a slap on your ass. “Let’s eat some lunch.”

“Okay, okay.”

I follow you as we roll out of bed together. I help you retrieve the food and wine out of the picnic basket. We sit at the café table in the cabana and enjoy a beautiful lunch. We relish the noises of the woods that surround us. The birds signing and the rustling of leaves in the gentle summer breeze. The aroma of the forest, and sex, fill our nostrils.

After lunch we venture out of the cabana to take a short walk along the lake. Hand in hand we saunter taking in the beauty. Occasionally I stop, hold you close, and point out certain features of the land or to suggest the prime location for the house.

“This is just perfect,” you profess.

“I’m so excited to start on this project,” I state as I sit on a rock on the hillside overlooking the lake.

You sit across my lap and wrap your arms around my neck. I embrace your most gorgeous body and lean forward to gently kiss your nipple closest to my face.

You kiss my forehead and begin to massage my muscular shoulders. I feel the passion building within my body once again evidenced by my cock becoming rigid.

Repositioning yourself, you straddle me so your pussy lips embrace my cock.

Your hips begin to gyrate enabling your glistening lips to caress my stiff member. You look me in the eyes and give me that impish grin before leaning in to kiss me with your beautiful mouth.

Oh, boy! Here we go again.

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