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Summer Heat

The summer of 2012 held promise, far beyond anything Hollie had ever had the nerve to imagine. It had started in the most inappropriately innocent way, with a smashed wing mirror, clearly the work of the latest preteen daredevil gang. That had caused a trip down to the nearest scrap yard and it was there, amongst the totalled convertibles and the old Fords, that she’d reconnected with Daniel Evans.

He was one of those men that her father would have instantly disapproved of, with his smudged mischievous face, oil-covered hands and the jeans-pocket stuffed with grubby banknotes. But then again, Dad had always disapproved of Danny. Hollie didn’t care that he smeared petrol, when they awkwardly hugged, and she didn’t care when he accidentally scratched the paintwork on her Seat Ibiza. All she cared about was the fact that she’d rediscovered her childhood soul mate. And this time, something in his eyes told her that their relationship was destined to go far beyond a simple friendship. This wasn’t going to be one of those stupid high-school summer romances she told herself, as he gallantly helped her over the remains of a mangled VW Golf, this was going to be something real.

Maybe it was presumptuous of her to immediately decide that a relationship was going to stem out of this chance encounter, but the kiss they shared mere minutes after meeting, overturned any previous qualms. Danny’s hands were in her hair, his mouth rough on hers and had it been any other greasy scrap-metal-dealer, Hollie would have been horrified. But it was Danny, a man whose personality was etched into every last feature of his good-natured face. A man, who unlike others, didn’t fumble when he spoke to her, didn’t feel the need to compliment her for no particular reason. He was as naturally masculine as they came, and it suited Hollie just perfectly.


She could remember him as a child, the scruffy schoolboy who was always fighting, scabs on both knees as he charged around the playground.

And then their infant school teacher, Ms Donald, telling him off, shouting at him for being such a nuisance, before the words, “Go and sit next to Hollie! Maybe she’ll be a good influence on you.”

And that was the clincher. The little menace seated next to the well-groomed girl, in the polished uniform, the two of them looking at each other with uncertainty until she spoke, with all the pomp of a pampered bitch-to-be, “What are you staring at? I don’t like little boys.”

And Danny, the charmer since day one, smiling wickedly as he borrowed one of her Winnie the Pooh pencil crayons, “I don’t like little girls. But you’re pretty. I like you.”

Being a golden child, the compliment shouldn’t have taken the six year-old Hollie by surprise but it did and since then, she and Danny had been inseparable.

Hollie’s mother hated it when her little darling brought Danny over for tea every day; she didn’t think much of the little rogue or his parents or the council estate where they lived. But Hollie loved every part of him. She loved running around the high-rise flats, sneaking through the allotments, her mouth crammed full of stolen strawberries, as Danny’s hand pulled on hers, tugging her through the hole in the barbed wire fencing. It had been the best four years of her childhood, and it could have gone on forever until Dad had had quite enough. His little princess had come home once again with sticky, juice-stained fingers, the front of her ridiculously expensive frock stained with the same blackcurrant remnants.

They were moving, Hollie was told as she idly scrubbed her hands with washing-up liquid, they were moving to a nicer part of town, with less nasty little children to corrupt her.

And that had been it. Hollie hadn’t even had time to say goodbye to her best friend before she was whisked away but now, ten years later, here she was, sitting on the bumper of an old Nissan, Danny Evans next to her, his arm draped casually around her shoulders as they reminisced.

“So how’s Daddy now?” Danny asked, a hint of playful tease in his voice.

“Fine,” Hollie grinned, “Just as pompous, just as disappointed in me and just as money oriented.”

Danny laughed, “Perfect.”

She turned to smile at him and his mouth was on hers again, his tongue warm and searching, his grease-covered hand brushing her white skirt, green eyes zoning in on hers as they broke apart.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” Hollie murmured, looking distractedly in her bag to retrieve a tissue with which she attempted to wipe the oil stain from her skirt, “We moved so far, I mean.”

Danny laughed, watching her futile attempts in amusement, before he leaned back against the windscreen of the car, “Your father clearly wasn’t taking any chances.”

“Mmm,” Hollie abandoned her attempt at improvised laundry and turned to look at him, “You’re different.”

“Oh yeah?” A small smile played around the corners of her old friend’s mouth. “In what way?”

Hollie shrugged, “Just more mature. A little more cynical I guess. Less innocent.”

Danny sat up, “And are those bad things?”

“No,” Hollie slipped off the hood of the car and smoothed down her outfit, “Not at all.”

“Where are you going?” Danny sat up, squinting slightly as sunlight reflected sharply off the various old vehicles, “Already been scared away?”

“No,” Hollie stepped forward and kissed him again, marvelling at her own reckless attitude, “I’m not scared of you.”

“Good.” Danny’s voice was low as his hands slipped around her waist, pulling her slender body into his, “Because you’ve changed too. In a good way.”

“Oh yeah?” Hollie’s voice was barely a whisper as his mouth moved to brush against her neck. “How’s that?”

“I dunno,” Danny pulled her in closer between his denim-clad legs, making her shiver slightly, despite the soaring temperature, “I was never good with words.”

She stepped back as he pushed hard against her, a slight feeling of panic erupting in the pit of her stomach as she realised just how much of a man he’d become.

“What’s wrong?” Danny’s eyes, intelligent in his own way were on hers, silently assessing.

“Nothing.” Hollie shook her head and smiled, “We should hang out, y’know? Do stuff together? We’ve got a whole summer.”

Danny laughed, “Great. I thought you’d never ask.”


Hollie knew that what they were doing was reckless but somehow that made their first time together all the more delicious. It wasn’t planned; there were no candles, silk sheets or flutes of champagne, but more fittingly, a bottle of raspberry Sambuca and the back seat of Danny’s second-hand Audi. One minute they were laughing about something ridiculous and the next their mouths had connected, stickily, with comfortable awkwardness. Danny’s hands were rough but gentle at the same time, almost hesitant as he pushed up the skirt of her printed summer dress, his hands moving up her thighs as she pushed closer to him, the wild abandonment spurring her on, her mouth tasting his, the flavour of liquor present on both their tongues.

“You’re so perfect.” Danny’s voice was low as they paused for breath, his eyes passing over her glossy brown hair and porcelain skin, “So flawless.”

“So are you.” Hollie murmured. And she meant it. In her eyes he was amazing, every last part of him.

Their mouths met again, frantically, Hollie’s pulse racing as she felt him shift, his hands moving to her waist, pulling her to sit on top of him, before moving furtively under the fabric of her dress until his fingers reached her chest.

“So beautiful.” Danny gasped out the words, his breathlessness a mixture of lust and excitement as he moved one hand down to her panties, pulling them aside to touch her, his fingers surprisingly deft.

“God…” Hollie’s mouth moved to his stubble, lips admiring the strong curve of his clenched jaw, the scent of perfume and petrol heavy in the air.

It was so hot, so wonderfully hot, the sun blazing in through the windows, accentuating every perfect feature of her lover’s face, making her skin prickle with the beginnings of passionate perspiration.

Her hands dropped to Danny’s waist, rested against the flat of his t-shirt covered stomach, as he pressed urgently against her, his fingers pushing against her entrance, sliding in, making her moan out loud as she pulled at the buckle on his belt. And then it was all happening wonderfully quickly, as he lifted his ass up off the seat, wordlessly encouraging her to pull the layers of clothing away from him as he mumbled something into her neck, his hand moving to wrap around his length, to guide it to her as he gripped tight to her narrow waist.

“Fuck…” Hollie’s hands moved up to his arms, gripped his biceps through the thin polyester of his faded Rocky t-shirt as he pressed hard to her, hands sliding around to the small of her back, pushing her down onto him until he was completely buried.

There was a pause as they stared at each other, mouths slightly open, Hollie issuing little gasps of discomfort. Danny, breathing out a hoarse lungful of air before his hand moved to the back of her head, pulled her mouth down onto his and they kissed, furiously and fervently.

And then he was moving, hands dropping to her waist as he began awkwardly manoeuvring himself in and out, holding her close as he built up a steady rhythm. It wasn’t perfect; the backseat of a cramped car was never going to be perfect but it came damn well close. Hollie felt hot, sweaty and dirty but she loved it, she loved every last second of their fumbling embrace. The excitement and heat were almost more than she could contain, and she let it out by way of content little moans her heart thumping as Danny thrust repeatedly up into her, his movements strong and firm. Their eyes met, wordlessly, and they kissed again, before moving faster together, the sound of their colliding bodies barely audible above the gasps of pleasure.

“I never expected this,” Danny’s voice was a low whisper, his green eyes fixed on hers. “Just you, being here, and this…” He shook his head, “I…it’s amazing.”

“I know,” Hollie tried to maintain eye contact but the escalating sensations were flooding through her body, making her moan and cry out, her eyes closing tight as she threw her head back and let it all happen.

She could feel Danny’s fingers digging deep into her skin but even the sharp pain felt good, it all felt amazing, as she clenched down hard and felt him reach his own peak, grunting out his release. They held each other for a moment, a pleasurable union of sweatily entwined limbs, before Danny reached up and pushed her hair out of her eyes.

He was still breathless, his face shining with sweat but his emerald eyes sparkled as they gazed into hers, “This is gonna be the best summer ever.”


They spent almost every minute together. There were walks, picnics, movies, races; all those things that they were too old to do but still enjoyed immensely. And at night they’d do what Hollie would have previously defined as joyriding, jumping into one of the not-so-totalled cars at the scrap yard and driving for miles and miles along the motorway, not caring how far they went or where they eventually ended up.

“You don’t need much.” Danny confided on one such occasion as they accelerated down a dual carriageway at midnight, “Just a pocket full of cash. And maybe a bank card. You could run away forever.”

The wind whipped through Hollie’s hair as she turned to smile at him, “Like that guy in those Lee Child books.”

Danny grinned and shifted gears, “I don’t read books. I do the stuff myself.”

He pressed harder on the accelerator, ignoring the protesting splutters coming from somewhere underneath the bonnet.

“That doesn’t sound so good.”

“So?” Danny took his attention off the road and looked at her, “You’re having fun aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Hollie breathed a sigh of relief as he turned his eyes back to the road, “But the car could explode. We could die.”

“No we couldn’t.” Danny laughed, “And even if we did, can you think of a better way to go? You’re with me, having the time of your life and we’d both go together, without feeling a thing. Perfect.”

Hollie snorted, “Whatever. Just slow down.”

And finally he obliged, pulling to a complete stop on the hard-shoulder before leaning across and kissing her again, the heat of the moment resulting in the inevitable. It was liberating, Hollie thought wildly as their bodies pressed hard against each others, this almost illicit sex with Danny revitalised her, made her forget all her stupid university worries, allowed her to live a little. She stared up at the stars in the clear sky, her hands gripping tight to his strong shoulders as the traffic rushed past, drivers catching no more than a glimpse of their unmatchable love making. The two of them cried out into the cool night air as the breeze heightened every last sensation. Hollie could smell smoke and diesel and cologne and she could smell Danny, his wonderful unique scent. The smells and sounds poured into her senses and flooded her mind, circling into a whirlpool of pleasure as Danny moved on top of her, his mouth tenderly rough; his half-whispers eternally stimulating. They hit orgasm as one, crying out unrestrainedly, releasing their emotions in a half-dazed accelerated state, eyes staring deep into each others as they caught their breath.

And then they were driving again, speeding along, swerving past supermarket lorries, the enormously blown-up images of groceries suddenly seeming ridiculously hilarious, their laughter drowning out the distant horns blaring behind them.

“This is amazing!” Hollie’s words were barely legible over the sound of the wind and other vehicles but Danny heard and he turned to look at her, the smile on his lips reflected in his vivid green eyes as he switched the radio on, Sean Paul’s voice blaring out of the speakers.

The ever-present sky was a clear midnight-blue, as they zoomed down the tarmac for miles and miles, wide awake, without a single care in the world. Maybe they should have been disappointed when the first signs of dawn began to break across the horizon but the yellow glow only heightened Hollie’s good mood. Another day was on its way, a day which was bound to be as wonderfully stress-free as the last few.

And it was. They ended up on the beach by six in the morning, the early hour meaning it was almost deserted. The sand was dry and warm as they raced across to meet the sea which was still far out, the waves gently lapping forward, the water a glittering expanse of liquid heaven.

"A sea of opportunity," Hollie thought almost solemnly, somehow relating the saltwater to her future; "Anything is possible."

Danny was stripping, wading out into the gushing warmth, before turning back, and calling for her to join him. And as dangerous as it was to take off all her clothes, to leave them in a small pile on the not-quite-deserted beach, Hollie couldn’t think of a better idea.

The water was warmer than she’d expected, a comforting pool of silk, hardened only by the feel of Danny’s body behind her, his torso appearing even more magnificent soaked in seawater. They swam out, farther than Hollie would have previously dared, the gently rippling water surrounding them, undulating in soft frothing waves as it soothed and unwound their bodies.

"It’s peaceful," Hollie thought, even as Danny ducked her, pulling her mercilessly under the water, "Everything feels free and open, there are no restrictions."

She resurfaced, gasping for breath, shaking her head before opening her eyes and chasing him back to shore, leaving the water behind, the grainy sand collecting on the soles of her feet. There were no towels but the warm breeze carrying across the sea soon swept the water off her body and she dressed hurriedly, suddenly wary of early sunbathers.

Danny watched her, the crinkles around his eyes accentuated by his amusement, “Chill out. There’s no-one here.”

But even if there had been, it didn’t really matter.

They hung out on the beach for most of the morning, lying on the warm sand, gazing up at the cloudless sky, the seagulls circling high above them as they talked about their lives, their dreams, all the conversation they’d missed out on over the last few years. But as Danny said, things happened for a reason. Maybe if they had spent the rest of their childhoods together, other things might have happened to separate them. This unexpected encounter was almost destiny and they could make what they wanted of the opportunity; embrace it or throw it away.

“And what do you want to do?” He asked teasingly, elbowing her softly, “Hang on to it? Or go back to the way things were before you bumped into me?”

Hollie turned to look at him, “I think I’ll just go along with whatever happens.”

She sat up and looked across at the shimmering ocean before them, “We might get tired of each other, we might not. But right now I’m enjoying it.” She glanced down at his tanned face, “What do you think?”

Danny smiled as he heaved himself up off the sand and pulled his t-shirt on, “I think you’re absolutely right.” He glanced around at the other sunbathers and pulled her up off the sand, “Now let’s get out of here; I hate seeing fat people in bikinis.”


In some ways, Danny was the child he’d always been, but in others he was almost like an aged, jungle cat, mature and primitively powerful. It was his eyes that said it. The sparkling green irises would connect with Hollie’s and the silence spoke volumes. There was pure intelligence there, flecks of gold hidden amongst the emerald surfaces, a sight only to be appreciated by those who looked close enough. And Hollie was always close enough. She held no doubts that their relationship was strengthened by the childhood friendship they’d shared all those years ago. Everything they’d been and everything they’d become was encompassed, all the good parts brought to the surface and revitalised, fuelling their hunger for each other. And when they were alone together, the hunger was insatiable.

Hollie had never felt more than excited curiosity when pursuing her physical relationship with men, but with Danny, the sex was extraordinary. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure that came with it, but the emotions that would hang heavy in the air, stimulating their lust as they moved with each other, eyes wide open as they spurred each other on, their moans and whispers unrestrainedly loud.

Danny never ceased to surprise her with his sudden sexual desires, or deviances even; he’d be warm and loving one minute and rough and demanding the next. It wasn’t that Hollie didn’t enjoy it; she loved the rollercoaster ride but it sometimes unnerved her a little, caught her by surprise. Like the time they stopped over at hers, to catch the Wimbledon final, and he felt the need to stretch her limits a little.

The TV was on, the commentator’s voice filling the room, as point after point was scored before the constant rallies started to get boring, stretching on for far too long and Danny apparently needed some sort of release.

He stood up and pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his tanned brown torso before turning to her, the beginnings of a teasing smile appearing on his face, “You ever given a blowjob?”

Hollie tore her gaze away from the TV and looked at him, caught off guard, “Yeah. A couple of times. Didn’t enjoy it much.”

She turned back to the game and sipped at her glass of water for something to do, nervously aware that he was still watching her.

“Bet you’d enjoy it with me.” Danny said in all confidence, “Didn’t you say you liked me better than all them other guys?”

“Yeah.” Hollie felt an air of edgy expectation wash over her, “I do. But seriously Danny. I’m just not so comfortable with… That sort of thing.”

“Aw, come on Hollie.” Danny’s voice was gruff, almost goading as he watched her intently, “Or are you too much of a good girl?”

Hollie gulped, “It’s not that.”

She flushed at the tone of protectiveness in her voice, “I just…”

Danny’s hands moved to his belt, his eyes never leaving hers as he unbuckled it, “You just what? Huh? You’re too good for any of this?” He raised an eyebrow, “Too good for a guy like me?”

Hollie stared, hardly daring to believe her ears, “I never said that. I never thought that. What are you talking about?” She watched in barely-concealed wonder as he stepped out of his jeans, “I’ve done it all with you.”

Danny laughed then, a humourlessly provocative laugh, “No you haven’t. Not everything.”

“So what do you want, huh?” Hollie glared at him, “You think that by me giving you a blowjob, it makes us ‘equal’ or something? I don’t understand you Danny.” She shook her head in disbelief, “You know that you’re worth more to me than anyone else!”

Danny seemed unperturbed by her rash confession, “Prove it.” His face was impassive, “Get your pretty little ass over here and prove it.”

Hollie laughed, more out of incredulity more than anything, “You’re impossible.”

“Am I?” Danny didn’t even blink, “Or are you just a big prude?”

“A prude?” Hollie laughed, “Nice word Danny. Real nice.”

He didn’t flinch, “There you go again. Mocking me. You think you’re better than me don’t you?”

“What the hell?!” Hollie felt a strange sense of furious lust, “Danny, what the fuck is your problem? I thought we understood each other for god's sake!” She tried not to think about how wonderful he looked, standing butt naked in front of her, “I’m no better than you.”

“Prove it.” And his oddly calm tone only served to ignite her anger.

“Prove it? Prove it?!” She slammed the glass of water down and turned the TV off before crossing the room, “Fine I’ll give you what you want. Bloody prove it… Fucking stupid…”

She dropped to her knees in front of him, almost hesitating before the need to show him took over and she plunged recklessly, her mouth moving up on his cock to take in as much of him as she could. She felt his hands in her hair, gripping tightly, fingers winding their way through in order to obtain a good grip.

“That’s right…” Danny’s voice was hoarse, and she looked up to see him staring down at her, his eyes resolutely determined, “That’s good…”

Hollie tried to glare at him, but the anger she’d felt mere seconds ago had dissipated and suddenly, the feel of Danny in her mouth, the look on his face only spurred her on in an attempt to please him even more. She knew she should hate him for the ridiculous accusations but the look on his face told her he hadn’t meant it. He hadn’t meant a word of it. It had all been one big ploy to get her down on her knees in front of him. And his plan had worked a treat. She didn’t know whether to be amused or angry but laughter clearly wasn’t a feasible option. She felt him adjust his grip on her hair, green eyes still connected to hers as she forced herself to move further up, to suck hard on him and be rewarded by the barely restrained grunts that issued unevenly from the back of his throat.

“Hollie…I…” She stared back at him, her small hands gripping hard to his thighs, tongue moving rapidly around to elicit more strangled moans from the depths of his throat. 

"This what you wanted?"

She felt proud of her own capabilities; the control she had over him exhilarated her, made her feel like she was calling the shots for once and all of a sudden she felt stupid for not having had the courage to initiate the oral sex herself. Danny pulled back slightly, regaining control, before pushing fully into her mouth again, his breathing somewhat ragged and uninhibited.

Hollie fought the urge to gag, relaxing her throat as much as possible; her eyes fixed to Danny’s face as he moved steadily, his fingers pulling tight on her hair. She felt wonderfully primal in her current state even though the almost degrading use of her was something she’d never have thought she’d be comfortable with. Why had everything suddenly changed? Danny’s cock was filling her mouth and had it been any other man, chances are she’d have felt like some used little slut. But the way he looked at her, that unreadable expression in his hungry eyes just made it all seem… Perfect. He was grunting, that wonderfully lustful sound, the indication of utter arousal and the fact that it was her who was turning him on made the sensations all the more beautiful.

“Hollie… I… God…”

He was pulling on her hair hard now, pulling her away from him, trying to control himself before the inevitable orgasm, his face a picture of delicious concentration. Half of her wanted to pull away, but the other half (the undeniably more aroused half) kept on at it, sucking hard, out of pure adventurous curiosity.

Danny’s eyes seemed glazed over but she could sense his shock as she sealed her lips tight around his cock as he orgasmed, unavoidably shooting jets of his cum straight down her throat. She felt it running thick and warm down her throat, a scarily new sensation but one which she instinctively enjoyed.

Danny was breathing raggedly, his hands finally relaxing in her hair as she slowly released him, somehow exhilarated by what she’d just done. His eyes met hers in disbelief as she absentmindedly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Hollie, I thought…” He shook his head, apparently unable to convey his confusion.

She stood up and swallowed what remained in her mouth before smiling almost nervously, “You thought what? That I was a ‘good’ girl?”

Danny laughed, still somewhat surprised, “Well, yeah. Kind of.”

His hands reached forward, moving behind her to undo the zip on her summer dress, pulling the straps down over her shoulders.

Hollie wriggled out of the thin material and her underwear, letting the two items of clothing pool onto the laminate floor around her feet. “So, you’re surprised?”

“Yeah.” Danny took her hand, pulling her into a kiss as they stumbled up the stairs towards the retreat of her bedroom. “But in a good way.” He pushed her gently onto the bed, eyes passing appreciatively over her tanned body as she smiled,

“A good way, huh?”

Danny’s mouth curved into a satisfied smile, “A very good way.”

Hollie raised an eyebrow, “So…I’m not a big prudish snob?”

“I’m sorry.” Danny ran the tip of his forefinger lightly across her mouth, “Hollie, I didn’t mean any of that shit I said earlier. You know that, right? I just wanted to feel you on me. That sort of thing kind of makes me turn a little… Y’know, ‘rough and ready’.”

“Don’t apologise!” Hollie clamped her palm over his mouth, “Danny, I wanted to do it. Give you oral, I mean. I needed to. Only I was too ashamed, and you saying what you did let me forget my stupid attitude.” She released him, “You bring out the best in me.”

“Why is that?” His eyes were on hers, “I mean, why are you ashamed of what you want?”

“It’s just stupid.” Hollie sat cross-legged up on the bed, almost confident in her nudity, “Just the way I’ve been brought up I guess. Sex was always a bad thing. Totally taboo. I guess that’s why I screwed so many guys. To rebel in a way.”

Danny laughed, “Wow. And am I meant to be another of your bad sexual conquests?”

Hollie laughed, “Well, duh! Imagine how appalled my Dad would be if he knew I’d been having sex with Danny Evans of all people.” She leaned forward and kissed him, “This isn’t anything serious.” Her eyes met his, the silent meaning that passed between them contradicting her words.

“Well that suits me just fine.” Danny kissed her back, his mouth hard. “Fucking around with some pretty girl who just wants to piss Daddy off.”

“Good.” Hollie felt her stomach clench as he pulled her body into his, “Cos I wouldn’t want you to think I was getting too attached.”

Danny pressed hard against her, the feel of him sending shivers through her, “I don’t think I’d mind Hollie.” His voice was low, “In fact, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t mind at all.”

“Really?” Hollie tilted her head back to look him in the eye, “Why’s that?”

Danny laughed quietly, his hand tracing down her cheek, “'Cos me and you go back a long way.”

Hollie sighed, “That’s our only excuse really, isn’t it?” she whispered. “We justify all this crazy reckless driving and sex by saying we’re like ‘soul mates’. And that makes it all OK.”

Danny shook his head, “Hollie, you don’t need to justify anything. I like you, you like me, we have fun. Simple as. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.”

“I know.” Hollie squirmed slightly, “But people ask questions.”

“And who says you have to answer them?” Danny’s eyes passed over her vaguely anxious face, “Don’t you ever get tired of fitting in to everyone’s expectations?”

Hollie pulled a face, “Yeah… That’s why I’ve been… Y’know… Hanging out with you all these weeks. Doing something for me. Something that I enjoy.” She shook her head and scowled, “So enough of the ‘self-discovery’ lectures, OK?”

Danny laughed, “OK, fair enough.” His mouth dropped down onto hers, hands moving to her ass, pulling her firmly into him. With a sigh, she melted into his embrace, arms going around him, hands running through his thick hair, pulling at it as they kissed, a low growl rising in Danny’s throat as she moved her legs either side of him, welcoming his body into hers.

“You ready for this?” He paused infuriatingly at the last moment, hovering at her entrance, hands steadying her waist, his voice low.

Hollie opened her eyes and looked into his, “For god’s sake Danny, don’t mess me around.”

His eyes sparkled, “I’m not. I’m just making sure.” He rolled his eyes, “God, you’re so demanding.”

An amused smirk hovered on his face and then, rolling his hips forward, he thrust into her with one smooth movement, hands gripping tight to her waist as she cried out.

“Ahh…” Hollie’s eyes closed tight again, her head falling to the side as he began moving in and out of her, his hand moving to touch her breast, fingers digging in almost painfully as he muttered something intelligible, his breathing quickening into short gasps.

One of his hands was still gripping her waist and he moved the other to trail across her stomach, his fingertips pressing into the taut flesh as she arched her back, rising to meet his touch, her mind a mixture of emotions. Her heart was thumping away inside her, body covered in a sheen of sweat as she opened her eyes and stared at the magnolia-painted wall, the exquisite sensations rippling through her body.

“Look at me,” Danny’s voice was a hoarse whisper, his finger rotating maddeningly on the flat of her stomach and she shook her head, eyes closing as she tried to control the pleasure that swept through her body.

She felt him grasp her chin; turn her head back to its former position, leaning over so she could feel his warm breath on her face.

“Open your eyes Hollie,” the hand that brushed her cheek was damp with sweat, and she forced herself to raise her eyelids, Danny’s green eyes coming into focus above her, the irises gazing deep into hers. They were darker than their usual emerald shade, in fact the whole of his face looked darker, more dangerous than the rugged look she’d come to know.

He straightened up a little, eyes still secured to hers as he continued his relentless thrusting, his hand descending to her clit, one finger brushing it lightly, eliciting a startled moan from the back of her throat.

“You like that?” Hollie couldn’t draw her eyes away from his, as the tip of his finger hovered tantalisingly, a slight glimmer of amusement in his eyes as he taunted her, “You want me to touch you?”

Hollie tried to glare at him as he continued his relentless thrusting, and he laughed softly, a maddeningly sexy sound.

“Are you laughing at me?” She gasped out the words as he drove harder into her, his body crashing into hers.

“Yeah.” He laughed again, “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Hollie sucked in a deep breath as his finger pushed down onto her clit, rotating steadily, distracting her as she tried to come up with some answer.

“I said what are you gonna do about it?” Danny repeated the question in the same teasing tone and she shook her head as he pressed harder on her clit, the sensations coursing through her sweat soaked body.


He smiled, “Yeah. I thought so.”

His finger moved faster and she felt him adjust his position slightly, slamming harder into her, the change of pace and force sending her closer and closer to the edge, her thighs tensing as she tried to keep control.

“Let it out.” Danny’s whisper was hoarsely encouraging, “Let it all out, Hollie.”

Their eyes met again and she felt his free hand move to her chest, roughly caressing as she tightened around him, unable to prevent the waves of pleasure that began building between their bodies.

“Danny… Oh god…” her eyes closed tight as his fingers moved faster and faster, making her clench hard around him as the orgasm surged powerfully through her body.

She cried out, and heard the low groan as Danny reached his own peak, shooting deep inside her, his weight coming down onto her, his hoarse grunts and whispers drawing every last ounce of pleasure from deep within her body, until they were fully satiated.


Hollie woke up. She lay in the dark silence for a while, green eyes staring up at the ceiling before she rolled over and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 2:11 am.

“Danny?” She could feel his presence next to her, could hear his steady breathing. “You awake?”

Danny shifted beside her, “Yeah.”

She sat up, the thin sheet falling away from her naked body as she looked down at his face, silently admiring.

Danny spoke again, “Aren’t you tired?”


He laughed softly, “And there was me thinking I’d worn you out.”

He sat up, “So what do you wanna do?”

“Now?” Hollie ran her fingers lightly up his muscled arm, “I dunno.” She stepped out of bed, “What do you wanna do?”

Danny shrugged, “Let’s go for a ride.” He stood up and stretched, looking around the moonlit room for his clothes.

“You mean drive?” Hollie raised an eyebrow, “Where to?”

“Not far.” Danny pulled on his jeans, “Just go around town a bit. Everything looks better at night.” He watched as she dressed, “I think there’s some beer somewhere in the car too. We’ll make a night of it.”

Hollie laughed as she finished dressing, “Isn’t that like every guy’s dream? A can of beer and a half-decent car?”

“Almost.” Danny followed her down the stairs and out onto the road. “You got two out of three.”

Hollie frowned as he unlocked the car, “Well what’s the third?”

Danny laughed again, “Aw, c’mon Hollie! As if you can’t figure that one out.”

She shook her head, “What?”

He slid into the driver’s seat next to her and rolled his eyes, “A hot girl, genius.”

Shaking his head he turned the key and started the car up, a steady purr reverberating through the night air as he pulled away from the kerb and started down the deserted road. “There’s this great spot I discovered a couple of months ago. You’re gonna love it.”

“Oh yeah?” Hollie reached forward and switched the radio on, Young, Wild & Free pulsing tranquilly out of the speakers, “Where is it?”

Danny smiled across at her, dropping one arm around her shoulders, “Not far.”


It wasn’t far at all. Maybe three miles from her house, Hollie thought, yet she’d never come across it herself. Danny had just followed the main road, kept on at it, before turning up, going up a couple of steep hills before stopping on what seemed like a forgotten dirt track. There were old railway tracks, overgrown with moss, moulded into the land, decades away from their former glory. Hollie and Danny sat on the rooftop of the car, perched on the high road for what seemed like hours, talking, taking occasional puffs of one of Danny’s rare cigarettes. The city lay out before them, like an opening shot for some action movie, bright lights piercing the darkness, a constant hum of traffic carried along by the warm breeze.

“I reckon I could sit here forever.”

Danny laughed softly, “That’s what I think every single time I come out here. “

Hollie sighed contentedly, “It’s amazing.”

She leaned her head against his chest and smiled, silently admiring the priceless view and ambience.

The sound of her phone bleeping interrupted the peaceful moment and she scowled, motioning at her bag which lay by Danny’ side, “Check who that is.”

“Certainly.” Danny fumbled with the clasp before emerging with the device, “It’s… Ah…Jessie.” He glanced at her, “You want to answer it?”

“No.” Hollie shook her head, “She’ll leave a message.”

And a second later, the text arrived.

Hollie-where’ve-you-been?” Danny read out in a hilariously slow fashion, “You-missed-the-rave-tonight. Hit-me-back-if-you-wanna-go-pick-up-some-new-outfits-tomorrow. Love-ya.”

He dropped the phone back into Hollie’s bag and looked at her, “You wanna go?”

Hollie snorted, “No.”

It wasn’t a lie. Going out with Jessie seemed like the last thing she wanted. Suddenly the idea of visiting designer boutiques had become unappealing. The girls she had laughed and giggled with, discussed boys with and sunbathed with felt like strangers. They didn’t know each other beneath the surface. Talking about how you felt wasn’t acceptable, all you were meant to do was go shopping in designer tank tops, bitch about your ex’s new girlfriend and compliment each other on ridiculously expensive items of clothing. Hollie’s connections with Jessie and the rest of their circle had only been skin-deep; she’d only been ‘accepted’ into that particular clique because of where she lived and how she looked. And through high school it had suited her. There were people to sit with at lunch, people to go out with, parties to attend and she’d gone through it all in some sort of a haze.

It was only now, when she’d met Danny again, that she’d just begun to ‘wake up’ almost from that blithe mindset. Whilst being with a particular group of girls had had its good times, it suddenly seemed like there was a lot more to life. The relationships she’s had with boys in the past were equally meaningless. It was the trend to have a boyfriend, to lose your virginity to a stranger, to date the guys on the football team. But beneath the surface, now that she sat back and thought about it, there had been nothing. There had been no-one to talk to about the real things in life, the worry about her parents, about her granddad dying, about anything really. The loneliness had been effectively smothered by the high life and all of a sudden it seemed stupid. What was the point in friends if you couldn’t have some sort of real relationship with them?

And that was the thing about Danny. As ridiculous as it seemed, he was her soul mate. The way they’d just busted back into each others lives had been the break she needed and finally she had that sense of liberation. There was no need to conceal your feelings when you were with someone you loved. You could just look at each other and know that everything was good, no matter what situation you were in. 

"People like Danny are unappreciated," she thought pensively, "No-one took the time to discover what lay beneath the surface."

But she knew. Hollie knew that Danny was ten times better than any banker or lawyer. He was more of a man than anyone she’d ever known and she loved him for it.

Danny glanced across at her, “You’re quiet.”

He draped one arm around her shoulders, “You wanna go out with your girlfriends?”

“No.” She ran a hand through her hair and shifted slightly on the roof of the car.

“You can if you want. You don’t have to hang out with me all summer. Go shopping or whatever it is you wanna do.”

Hollie laughed, “I don’t want to go shopping. I want to be with you.”

“Hmm.” Danny took a swig of Budweiser, “Aren’t you scared I’m gonna think you’re too clingy?”

“Huh?” Hollie glanced at him, “Am I? Too clingy?”

“No.” Danny’s fingertips brushed her bare shoulder, admiring the tanned skin, “Only you look kinda sad.”

Hollie pulled a face, “Really?”

“Yeah.” He waited for a second before continuing, “Like that time we planned a funeral for your goldfish and you got home but your dad had flushed it down the toilet.” The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, “I had to bin the cardboard hearse.”

“That wasn’t funny.” Hollie said quite seriously, “I’ve been an emotional mess ever since.”

Danny looked at her for a minute, “What is it? What’s the problem?”

“I dunno.” Hollie turned to face him, “OK, I do know.”

She took the proffered drink can off him and sipped before progressing, “Danny, we’ve had this whole summer and it’s been so great but now it’s all about to end. I have to go off to bloody university and I’m just gonna go back into that stupid unfulfilling life again.”

She sighed, fiddled with the hem of her skirt before looking at him again, “This time with you has been like a slice of heaven. But now I’ve eaten it all and I’m never gonna get it back.” She sighed, “I knew it was too good to last.”

Danny raised a questioning eyebrow, “What, so you think as soon as summer’s over, I’m over?”

“No!” Hollie hastened to rephrase herself, “I mean that we’re, or I’m not gonna have so much free time. You might… Y’know… Get bored.”

“Bored?” Danny shook his head in disbelief, “We’ll have weekends. And holidays.” He smiled across at her, “You thought summer was good? You should check out winter.”

“Winter?” Despite her insecurities, Hollie couldn’t help being curious, “What’s so good about winter?”

Danny smiled, “Snow, Christmas, ice-skating, illuminations… We could do that shit together.” He raised an eyebrow, “Unless you’d prefer me doing it with some other girl?”

“No.” The smile finally spread across Hollie’s face, “I hate to sound like an idiot but I want to do it all with you.” She smiled at him, “Danny, I really like you. Like, really.”

Danny laughed, “Really? As in really, really?”

Hollie giggled as she leaned across to brush her lips against his. “Really.”

“Good.” Danny whispered, his face mere millimetres from hers, “Because I have a feeling that if I was with some other girl, this summer would have sucked.”

Hollie smiled as she looked into his emerald eyes, “I was waiting for you to say that.”

And as their lips met for the billionth time that summer, she finally decided that maybe reality wasn’t so bad after all.

~ The END ~

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