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Summer Heat

When camping with friend, Sarah gets more of a release than expected
This is my first story, let me know what you think

It was mid June and the heat wave was beginning to become unbearable. Everyone was just finishing their first year of uni and Sarah and her friends decided it would be a good idea to get away from the city for a while and enjoy the heat properly. After checking out a few websites, Sarah and her best friend Josie decided to go camping and invited Amber and her boyfriend James along. They chose a beautiful secluded area that Josie said she knew that had a river running through it and a perfect area to pitch the tents.

One week later and they were on their way. Sarah, as the only one with a car, was driving, Josie was in the front passenger seat and Amber and James where in the back. It was a long journey, almost 5 hours to their summer paradise. For the first couple of hours Sarah and Josie talked while Amber and James spent their time lip locked and enjoying the feel of each others bodies. Eventually they stopped and joined in on the excited banter about how fun the trip was going to be. About four hours into the drive down, James and Amber where fast asleep and Josie was just dropping off. Searching for something to keep her awake and entertained Sarah swept the car with her gaze which landed briefly on James before returning back to the road. Sarah had always quite fancied James although could obviously never make a move as he was with Amber. Sarah had known him since college but never found the right time to tell him how she felt until it was too late.

As she continued to drive her thoughts where constantly taken back to James sitting in the back seat. Due to the heat he wasn’t wearing a top and when she looked back she could see beads of sweat glistening on his lightly toned chest, bringing back lusting dreams from the past of her and James running out of college in the middle of the day and back to hers. A thought suddenly came over her and, looking over at Josie to make sure she was fully asleep Sarah slid her hand down and into her underwear. As her fingers slid over her mound she glanced up at James in the mirror just as her fingers came in contact with her clit and slid down towards her entrance. She was surprised at how wet she was just from reliving those thoughts but began to rub herself as she drove, occasionally glancing back at James, enjoying the feeling knowing that he was sitting just a few feet away from her.

When she was nearing the site she stopped and took her hand out from under her clothes, knowing that someone would probably wake up soon. As the car began to slow Josie opened her eyes and smiled seeing where they were, “ah, we’re here already. Sorry I dropped off, hope you weren’t too bored”.

“I was fine”, replied Sarah, “I quite enjoy driving with people sleeping in the car, I find it quite therapeutic”. She pulled into a small field lined with trees either side and the grass sloping down to a river at the far end. Josie woke up James and Amber while Sarah stretched her legs and looked around. It truly was beautiful. The sun was shining on the rich green grass which rolled like a soft carpet of fur down to the sparkling ocean blue river. The slight breeze in the air served only to give a refreshing break from the suns intensity.

They played frisbee for a bit in the sun until it began to get dark and they decided to set up their tents. Amber and James where sharing a brand new tent they had just bought together, while Sarah and Josie had tents of their own. They pitched them in the traditional ‘circle around a camp-fire’ fashion and once up, they set on cooking some dinner before they all said good night and climbed into their tents and sleeping bags.

It wasn’t long before Sarah started hearing giggling from Amber and James’s tent. She rolled over and tried to ignore it but as the giggling turned to muffled moans and heavy breathing her ears began to hone in on it. As well as Ambers sighs and the sound of sheets rhythmically rubbing together, Sarah could also hear James’s deep breathing and occasional moans. This was too much for her and she slid her hand back down her body again. This time she rubbed herself slowly through her thin cotton pyjama bottoms while she listened to her friends in the tent next to her. She closed her eyes and began to imagine it was her in the tent with James. She longed to feel his lips against hers, to feel his chest pressed up against her breasts with his arms around her. She began to feel her wetness through the cotton and slid her hand underneath. She began rubbing her clit faster now, listening intently to james’s sounds of ecstasy. Right at that moment in time there was nothing Sarah wanted more than to feel James’s cock deep inside her. Continuing to rub her clit with one hand she moved the other down and slid two fingers inside herself. She began moving them in and out while bending them slightly to rub at her G-spot. As the sounds of the motions from the other tent sped up, so did she. The waves of pleasure and warmth radiating through her pussy. She worked faster and faster, forgetting the pace of the others. All she wanted now was relief. She could feel the energy building deep inside her as her fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy and flicked and rubbed at her swollen clit. Amber began to moan louder and Sarah allowed herself to let out a little whimper of pleasure in the cover of her moans. It was just then she heard James say that he was going to cum. This was too much for Sarah, knowing that he was on the edge of orgasm and it sent her over the edge into her own state of ecstasy. She sped up her pace to the max as suddenly the energy that had been building up inside her exploded, shooting all through her body as a tremor ran through her. She lay there for a few seconds as her breathing calmed down, listening out for more sounds from next door she heard nothing. Assuming they had gone to sleep, she decided it was probably best she did the same. Rolling onto her side Sarah closed her eyes, content, for now.

The next morning Sarah poked her head out of her tent to find the others already up having breakfast. She got dressed and joined them. It was another amazingly hot day and they all decided to go down to the river for a swim. After breakfast they all got ready then walked down to the river. Josie stripped off her clothes to reveal her deep blue two piece bathing costume beneath them. Amber and Sarah did the same, relishing the feeling of the sun on their bodies. James simply took his tshirt off as he was already wearing surfer style swimming shorts.

James was the first in the water and the girls followed. The water was warm but refreshing. The river was only about 4 foot 6” deep so they played around quite happily walking on the river bed. They played around, just splashing and chasing each other. James would occasionally dive under the water and jump up behind someone and scare them. Sarah began splashing water at him playfully and suddenly he was gone. Before she knew what was happening he appeared out of the water behind her and grabbed her, holding her to him. “Tickle time”, he said, and called for the others to come over and start tickling her. They jumped at the idea and both waded over as quickly as possible before joining in on tickling Sarah till her eyes watered with laughter.

She resisted to begin with, but then she noticed something that distracted her completely from the tickling. As James held her from behind, he was pulling her into him so she couldn’t get away, and she realised that she could feel something poking her in her lower back. As the girls continued to tickle her she concentrated on the feeling and realised that it was James’s cock. He must have been semi-hard by the feel of it and she pushed herself back slightly into it. Sarah was concentrating on James’s cock so much in fact that she didn’t realise that they had accidentally freed one of her arms. When she eventually realised she could move her arm she did something completely without thinking. She reached her hand around behind her and gently grabbed his cock through his shots. She had been right, he was definitely semi-hard, but as soon as her hand wrapped around it she felt it begin to harden more. With the two girls still tickling her sides and under her remaining restrained arm she began to slowly slide her hand up and down his shaft, feeling it grow and harden in her hand. She felt James’s hand that had been on her stomach restraining her for the tickling, slowly slide down her front until his finger tips were just underneath the lip of her bikini bottoms. She tightened her grip on his cock as she slowly pumps it. James’s hand slid lower and she felt a tingle go through her body as his fingers meet her pussy. He squeezed her with his hand and very slightly rubbed her clit with his middle finger resting at her entrance. Sarah slightly quickened her movement on James’s cock and felt it start to twitch in her hand. He suddenly pulled her even closer to him using his hand on her crotch and she felt his cock shooting his cum. She felt it shoot through the material of his swimming shorts and against her back. At almost the same moment, Amber and Josie stopped tickling Sarah. Worried that they may have seen something, James pulled back and took a step away from Sarah. A quick look at their face showed Amber and Josie hadn’t noticed anything going on under the crisp blue water. James said he needed a drink and climbed onto the grassy bank and sat with a bottle of beer watching the girls, more specifically, Sarah. Sarah also exclaimed she needed a drink and left the other two to go and join James. Sitting next to him on the bank he opened her a beer and handed it to her. Without looking away from the girls in the river he said, “you know nothing can ever happen between us don’t you?”.

Slightly disappointed but exactly what she had expected, Sarah replied, “yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that, it just happened.” She looked at him. “I understand, it just can’t happen again”, he turned and looked at Sarah and grinned, “but thank you”. Sarah grinned back, “hah, that’s ok, my pleasure”. They sat there sipping their beers for a bit longer then James headed back to the river. “Aren’t you joining us?”, Josie called out, “promise I won’t tickle you anymore”. Sara stood and looked around, turning to look back at the others she said she was just going to go for a walk and that she’d be back soon. She turned and started to walk down the river bank following the river away from their camp.

“A good walk to clear my head is what I need”, Sarah said to herself. About 20 minutes down the river she was beginning to get tempted again by the sight of the glistening water. It was such a hot day and she was in her bikini anyway, so she jumped back into the river enjoying its cool massaging feeling on her body as the current slowly drew past her. Despite the cool water, Sarah could still feel the warmth radiating from her pussy from her encounter with James. Knowing no one else was around for a good 20 minutes she slid her hand back into her bikini bottoms to carry on where James had left off.

Just as she slid a finger inside herself she heard a voice call out, “Hey there, need a hand?” She looked up, startled and embarrassed. She looked around and couldn’t see anyone, as she turned right around she saw him. Lying on his side on the river bank watching her was a young man, probably the same age as her, maybe a year or two older. He had short dark hair, broad shoulders and a perfect chest. Behind him Sarah could see his tent and he obviously hadn’t been expecting company as all he was wearing was some loose fitting boxer shorts. She looked up at him, unsure what to say or do. “Come join me”, the guy called out again, “I’v got a couple of cool drinks here”. Deciding she hadn’t really got anything better to do and intrigued by the strangers friendliness (and looks) she agreed and headed over to him. “Hi, I’m Ty”, the stranger said as Sarah reached him, holding out an open beer.

“I’m Sarah”, she replied, still a bit unsure what to say, “what are you doing here?”

“More to the point”, Ty casually answered, “what are you doing here? One minute I’m sitting here enjoying the sun, the next I’m watching a girl I don’t know pleasure herself in a river in front of me.” Sarah blushed, now really embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he continued, “If you’d carried on much longer id probably have been doing the same”.

Sarah glanced down at his boxer shorts for a split second and noticed quite a large bulge. “It... It’s a long story”, she explained, suddenly feeling conscious that she was just wearing her bikini.

“Well I’v got a long time, humour me”. Ty replied, his bluey-green eyes deep straight into Sarah’s. She looked at him inquisitively, then took a deep breath and proceeded to tell him all about how she has always liked James and about last night in the tent and about the incident half an hour before in the river. All the time Ty just stared into Sara’s eyes absorbing every word she said. When she had finished he just looked at her and smiled. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me like you just need some attention”, he said, for the first time allowing his eyes to stray from hers and take in her gorgeous body lying before him in her bikini, glistening from the river water in the sun.

Noticing his eyes move to her own body, Sarah again followed down Ty’s chest and toned stomach to his boxers where the bulge had grown slightly. Lacking a reply, Ty continued, “You know you really are beautiful don’t you? Your eyes are truly amazing”. As he talked, he slid slightly closer to Sarah, close enough that the arm that he was leaning on was lightly touching hers. “Your not too bad yourself” Sarah replied, laughing, but beginning to be really taken in by his eyes. Ty played with the grass with his finger tips, his fingers lightly brushing Sarah’s skin. The feeling of his touch sending small tingles through her body. Without warning, Ty reached his hand out and gently placed it on Sara’s cheek, moving his head level with hers, he moved close and kissed her passionately on the lips. He began to pull away but then Sarah started to reciprocate. She placed her hand on the back of his head, feeling his hair through her fingertips as they kissed deeply and passionately. Ty slowly slid his hand, down from her cheek, down her side, and rested it on her hip, his thumb just resting on the edge of her bikini bottoms.

Sarah moved her hand from the back of his head onto his back as he pulled himself close to her. Lying side by side they continued to kiss, their hands exploring each other’s backs, Ty’s occasionally sliding over Sarah’s firm arse. As his hand slid up her back again it came into contact with her bikini tops clasp, which he undid in one quick movement. With that he rolled Sarah onto her back and himself on top of her, sliding the bikini top off of her. Still kissing his hands began to caress her breasts as she felt the suns heat on them and Ty’s toned chest pressing against her nipples. As he lay on top of her, Sarah began to feel his cock harden and grow against her.

He parted his lips from hers for the first time since they had met and began gently nibbling and biting at her ear lobe while his hands continued to explore every inch of her body. He continued to move down and started kissing down her neck, as he moved down she could feel his cock sliding against her. Ty kissed down the side of her neck, onto her chest, he moved down and started kissing all over her beautiful breasts glistening in the sun with droplets of water from the river beaded over them. She closed her eyes as he kissed further down, kissing down her stomach, down, all the while his hands caressing her body.

He reached her bikini bottoms and continued to kiss down her leg then round and up her inner thigh, when he got to the top of her leg she could feel his heavy breath on her pussy under the bikini. But, instead of giving her what she wanted, he repeated the same thing on the other leg. This time when he reached the top of the leg, kissing all over he began to kiss just under the top lip of her bikini bottoms. As he did this, he slowly kissed further down as he slowly slid them further off her. He removed them completely and began kissing back up her body again, still without going anywhere near her wanting pussy that was now burning, needing to be touched. He reached her lips again and began kissing her as he lowered himself down onto her again his cock poked out through the gap in his boxers and rested just in between her pussy lips, teasing her. She thrust her hips up towards his cock but he began kissing down her body again.

This time when he reached her pussy he moves straight in, he licked her right up and down then set on flicking his tongue over her clit up and down, side to side, rolling it over and around. As he did this, one hand continued to explore her body while with the other, he slid two fingers inside her. He began working the fingers inside her as he lapped at her pussy, each tongue flick sent waves of pleasure through her, each breath on her made her more sensitive, eventually she felt she was about to cum but she pushed him off.

Sarah rolled Ty onto his back and kissed down his chest as he had to her. She pulled his boxers off and his hard throbbing cock sprang out. She took it in her hand and began wanking him. As she did she leant over and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Continuing to pump him with her hand she rolled her tongue over the sensitive head of his cock. He began thrusting his hips up and with that she lowered her hands position and took almost his whole cock in her mouth, moving her mouth up and down on his shaft while she continued to swirl her tongue around it. When she began to taste some pre-cum she stopped and pulled her head back. Pushing her back onto the floor Ty climbs on top of her again, this time purposefully positioning his cock at her entrance. He looked deep into her eyes and slid just the head of his cock inside her. Sarah could feel it throbbing inside her and she thrusted up trying to take more of him but he wouldn’t let her.

Ty leaned forwards and began to kiss Sarah passionately again. Then, completely without warning, he slid his cock deep inside her wet pussy. Sarah let out a sigh, finally getting what she’d been desiring. He began moving in and out of her while continuing to kiss her. As he worked faster and deeper into her he re-positioned himself and slid a hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit while he drove his cock into her pussy. Pretty soon she could feel the energy begin to build up inside her pussy, the waves of pleasure radiating from her clit. She wrapped her legs around him driving him deeper inside her.

Ty began to feel Sarah’s pussy convulse around his hard throbbing cock. He slightly quickened his pace and suddenly her back arched, and her pussy gripped his cock with all its might. She buried her face into his shoulder and let out a scream. Ty pumped harder and harder into her tightened pussy and suddenly he too felt the edge of the explosion and he drove deep inside her as he shot his cum into her. When she felt his cum shooting against her inside she tightened her legs around him pulling him deeper inside her. He moved in and out a couple more times then lay there and they kissed for a good 10 minutes. Sarah suddenly realised she must have been gone from the campsite for ages, “I’m going to have to go, my friends will be wondering where I am”.

“That’s ok, you go, have fun”, he smiled at her.

“How long are you here for?” she asked him longingly

“Another week at least” he replied, smiling broadly

Sarah put her bikini back on and left. When she got back to her camp she told the others she had just gone for a long walk and lost track of time. As she sat around the fire she smiled to herself. She knew she would be going for another long walk tomorrow. This was going to be the best summer yet.
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