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Summer Job

College student's adventures while working during the summer
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at



Summer Job


By Donato



I am probably the luckiest guy in the world. I am attending USC on a track scholarship ( I am a sprinter...100 and 200 meter dashes), and have a summer job that any young man would die for. I'm a swimming pool serviceman. A menial job you say? Au contraire, mon ami ( I also speak a few foreign languages). I get to visit some of the fanciest homes in L.A. and meet some of the most fascinating people. But, that's not the best part.


Many of the people I meet are women: bored, rich, sexy, good looking women who have nothing to do but sit by the pool in the afternoon while hubby makes his millions or plays golf. And these babes are Horney! The capital H is there for a reason.


I have been with this one pool service company now for three summers and I really feel guilty for getting a paycheck. You see, I am fucking my brains out daily. Most service calls take me two hours and the norm is can read between the lines. It took me almost a whole summer before I got my routine down, but now its automatic. A new customer calls for service and usually asks for references. The dispatcher gives the names of 3 or 4 very satisfied customers that I take care of. The new client checks the reference and if she's a player, I'm golden. No preliminaries needed, just good hot sex after a job well done.


Here are few highlights from this past Summer. I have titled each one to remind me of a particular peculiarity of the session. Read on, as some of them are quite bizarre.


Nozzle Nellie


I'll call her Mrs.A. The first day I met her I could tell she had a huge sexual appetite. She was standing at the shallow end of the pool up against the pool wall with a look on her face as if someone was eating her pussy. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was moving her hips against the side of the pool but for what reason? I approached and she opened her eyes and said , "Oh, pardon me, I didn't hear the bell".


"That's pretty obvious", I said "but what has you so captivated?"


"Captivated, that's a polite way of saying how am I jerking off, isn't it?"


Well, that broke the ice pretty quickly! She had a special jet installed in the pool that focused a stream of pulsating water directly at pussy level. She said, "All my girlfriends just love to cum over and make love to my water jet." I took a close look at it and it had a flexible rubber tube about 4 inches long that protruded from the side of the pool and there was a venturi tube that was at deck level to suck in air. The jet mixed the air and water together and propelled it out the rubber nozzle and the gals just fucked themselves silly on the water blast. What a great idea, I wish I held the patent on that one.


Mrs. A came out of the water sans bikini bottom and revealed a lovely shaved pussy. She said, "That 4 inch nozzle gets the job done but there's nothing like a hard cock to get a girl interested". She dropped the top of her bikini and I was staring at about a $25,000 boob job and they were perfect. "Like 'em?" she asked.

"Love 'em", I replied and started toward her.


"Uh, uh, cutie, clean the pool first and then come upstairs for your tip. Roz said you were pretty good in the sack and I want to find out for myself. I'm game for anything but if you give me anything, my husband will hunt you down like a dog and cut your balls off".


Well, the ground rules were set and I got to work.


It was a warm afternoon and I was working up a pretty good sweat so when I finished I looked for the pool house. There was none so I guessed I would shower upstairs. I climbed the stairs two at a time and yelled "Where's the shower?".


Her response was, "Forget the shower, get in her and fuck me!"


So, I entered the bedroom. What a sight. Round bed about seven feet in diameter and mirrors on the ceiling. These LA types knew how to live. Mrs.A was lying on the bed buck naked fingering her pussy and had that same look as I had seen in the pool. She said, "come over here ...what the hell is your first name anyway?"


"Connie, short for Conrad"


"OK, Connie, strip those shorts and come over here an let me smell your sex".


This woman was an animal. I complied and walked over to the side of the bed. My cock was at mouth level to her face. She murmured something I couldn't make out and took my cock in her hand. She lifted it up and carefully inspected it as if she could find an STD. Once satisfied, she cupped my balls and jostled them. Then she looked up at me and said "Roz, was right. This IS a very nice cock. This is going to be fun. And then took my entire cock in her mouth and started to suck it to attention.


Well, I didn't need an engraved  invitation so I straddled her and settled into a comfy 69 and buried my head in between her legs. Now most guys my age would just chow down on the Chanel smelling pussy, but I had been around the block a few times so I took  my time. Her legs were spread but her pussy seemed firmly shut to me. I flicked at her clit with my tongue as her labia was very small. She gave an involuntary jerk as I kept slapping her rosebud with my tongue. Her hips raised a little and her mouth sucked a little harder as I continued my attack on her clit. I then shifted to a more comfortable position and started to lick her entire cunt  in earnest. God, that Chanel  tasted as good as it smelled! It was overwhelming me as I sucked her sweet cunt.


"Mmmm, Connie, that really feels good, fuck me with your tongue, I want to feel you enter my pussy with your tongue, c'mon, FUCK ME!"


Mrs. A was starting to get really hot and I didn't know if she was multi-orgasmic so I figured I had better assume she was not and I only had an hour anyway. So, I slowly pushed my tongue into her Chanel scented pussy and the taste was indescribable. The essence of her sex filled my mouth and the bucking of her hips was uncontrollable. She cried out, "Oh, Connie, its so good! Fuck me more!!!"


But, I only gave her a flick or two more and then withdrew my head from her pussy. I quickly swung my body around so my turgid cock was right at the entrance to that Chanel scented pussy. I whispered, " No more tongue now, now  I'll fuck you like every woman wants to be fucked, long, slow and hard."


"Oh yes, I want your cock deep in my pussy... I want to feel your heat deep in my cunt....push that cock deep in and don't stop...!"


With that I put the  end of my cock head into her pussy and I could hear a gasp in anticipation of more. She pushed her hips forward in an attempt to engulf me but I pulled back slightly. I took my finger, licked it, and rubbed her clit slowly to satisfy part of her savage lust. She moaned with anticipation and I then gave her a full thrust that brought her off the bed. "OH, " she cried out, "its so deep, please FUCK ME HARDER! I want to feel your entire cock in my hot pussy!"


I started to pump her cunt as hard as I could and I could feel my cum start to rise. One of the things all my "customers" really like is my ability to time my cum shot with their orgasm. I can usually feel their pussy  start to tighten  somewhat and then can pull my cock out just in time to cum on them. Mrs. A was no exception. I could feel her pussy start to contract big time.


I said, " Are you ready for me to  cum on your tits!"


"No. no, cum on my face, I want your cum in my mouth".


I pumped a few more strokes and then pulled out my cock and straddled her face. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed  my cock with both her hands and pulled it to her waiting mouth. At the same time I let go and huge spurt of cum that covered her nose and mouth. She plunged my cock deep in her mouth as I continued to spew forth. She gulped it greedily down and jerked my cock back forth to coax more out. I put my hand on her pussy to assure myself she had gotten off and it was still contracting and flowing.


I had done my job. Another good reference.




Texas Tess


Tess was a gorgeous 32 year old blonde with a killer ass and great natural boobs. I would place them at 36 C. I had been taking care of her pool for about a month when she decided to break the ice.


It was the usual Southern California summer afternoon, smoggy and warm. Tess was lying in what little sunshine there was trying to keep her tan. She was a natural blonde with honey brown/blonde hair and that golden skin that only blondes have. She was about 125 lbs, had great legs and ass and I had wanted to get in her pants for weeks. But I have one cardinal rule, the customer makes the first move. This job was too good for me to do anything foolish.


Anyway, I was in the shallow end of the pool working on an algae spot when Tess got up and moved toward the patio door. She stopped at the door and asked if I would like something to drink. I accepted and she told me to dry off and come into the kitchen.


I did  as I was told and walked in, it was the first time I had been in the house and it was as I expected. Tastefully and expensively done. Just off the kitchen was a sunken family with a "pit" style sofa that looked as big as two beds.


Tess said, " Connie, I've been trying to make up my mind about you."


"How's that", I said, "what do you want to know?".


Well, its just that my husband is gone a lot and you certainly are a good looking guy yet you never have even as much as looked at me."


"Oh, I've looked, but I never touch".




"Only when I'm sure the customer really wants me to"


Well, what if this customer wants you to?"


With that I dropped my towel, walked over to her and kissed her long and hard. She responded like a bitch in heat grinding her pelvis right into my crotch. Her lips locked on mine as she sucked long and hard on my tongue as if it were my dick. Our teeth were locked and I was afraid if I tried to lower her to the floor I might chip a tooth!


But she broke the clinch and pulled me over to the pit. At last I was going to see those beautiful tits unfettered. We fell into the pit like two animals, clawing at each others  clothes. I had her halter off and was sucking hard on her nipples as she pushed my wet shorts off using both hands and feet. God, was this cunt hot! Her hands reached for my cock and she squealed in delight that it was already hard as a rock. Guess Hubby didn't rise to the occasion quite so quickly.


She broke free of my liplock on her  nipple and moved toward my cock. She paused a moment and then swung her leg over my head offering her pussy. "Let's do this together, Connie, a little at a time. Tease me and I'll tease you".


She slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth, all the time licking with her tongue and caressing my balls. This gal was expert and there was no doubt about it. Her tongue just seemed to cover the head of my cock completely. What a fantastic feeling But hey, what am I waiting for, here is a gorgeous pussy staring at me  begging to be eaten! I begin by gently nibbling at her outer lips which are full and plump. She starts to move her hips slightly in time with my sucking. First I suck one and then the other. I use my two fingers to hold them aside to fully expose her clit. It is glistening with her delicious pussy juice and I flick it lightly with my tongue. Her hips buck at the touch so I know I have hit it perfectly. I run my tongue all around it and then surround it with my lips trying to suck it into my mouth while lapping it forcefully with my tongue.


Her cock sucking stops suddenly as she raises up and forces her sex into my mouth. She is breathing heavily and grinding her pussy deep into my mouth. I am gulping down the pussy juice that is just flowing out of her. I have to raise her ass with my hands slightly to catch my breath and then I let her down again. She is starting to make tiny little yelps and I feel she is getting ready to cum. My suspicions are confirmed as I feel the shudder start deep within her and she suddenly screams, "OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, CONNIE YOU'VE MADE ME CUM, OH ITS SOOOOO GREAT!!!"


Her hips continue to fuck my face and I continue to suck her pussy until she falls forward on my dick.


But we are not through. I roll out from under her and swing my leg over her head. She opens her mouth to receive my thick cock and starts sucking greedily on it. I lower my face and insert my tongue deep within her pussy. "Oh, that feels so good, stick your tongue deep in there and fuck me with it....ahhh, yessss, right there...", she exclaims as I push and pull on her pussy with my mouth. Her lips tighten around my cock as she draws it back as far as she can. Her suction is enormous and I am afraid I am going to blow my load so I reach down and slowly pull my cock from her mouth. She grumbles something about wanting to taste my cum but I say, "Its time to fuck, roll over and let me at that beautiful pussy of yours."


"No way," she replies, "you just lie on your back and I'm going to fuck you cowgirl style."


So, doing as I was told I stretched out on my back with my rod glistening in the afternoon light all covered with her saliva. She straddled me with her back facing my face and slowly lowered her steaming pussy onto my shaft. I held it erect for her to guide it in. She moaned softly as she lowered her pussy all the way down my cock. The feeling was incredible as she slid down ever so slowly. The tightness of her pussy around my hardening cock was almost too much to bear. But I kept still and let her fuck me. Once she was firmly impaled on my cock, she stared to rock back and forth and I could feel my cock was being ridden like a horse!


"Oh, Connie, that's so nice...", she cooed. "Now you just lie there and be still for as long as you can and you let me ride this beautiful cock of yours...".

Cagily I replied, " Why, yes m'am, you can ride it all the way to Dallas!"


She leaned forward and grasped my knees and then began to fuck me hard. Her ass would rise almost to the end of my cock and then she would ram herself down on me! My cock was being fucked like it had never had been fucked before. In and out, up and down and oh, I was trying mightily to remain still but  involuntarily I was thrusting my cock as deep as it would go as she slammed her cunt down on me. I couldn't help myself and started to fuck her as hard as she was fucking me.


"Oh, Connie! Oh, Oh, your cock is so deep in my pussy, I want to feel you cum deep within me. OH, I'M STARTING TO CUM, OH CUM WITH ME BABY!!"


I could feel my cum start to rise from deep with my balls, I was holding back all much as I could but I knew in a second or two I would have to release my cum deep within her.


"AHHHH, I'M CUMMING', I cried out.




I kept pumping my cock deep in her cunt, all the while I could feel the cum shooting out of me and mixing with her juices, I was still cumming, oh wow, what load! She finally slowed down her wild hips and I could feel the cum start to ooze out of her onto me. It was hot, and good.





Mai Ling


Mai was breathtakingly beautiful. She had a French father and Thai mother. She had been a bit player in one of those karate movies that seem to pour out of  Hong Kong and was discovered by a Hollywood producer who brought her over, fell in love with her, and married her.


She was tiny, barely five feet with long, silky black hair down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were fascinating, they were extremely large and just had the slightest tilt to them and the most wondrous thing was they were blue! She had a cute pert nose and honey colored skin. Her body was perfect. An ass that looked like it had been chiseled from the finest marble, soft hips, tiny, tiny waist and perfectly formed 34 B breasts. Just a gorgeous package.


I knew from the first moment I saw her that I had to have her. This would be the highpoint of the summer if I could get in her pants. But, I still had my principals, the customer asks first. And the summer was drawing to a close and I had yet to even speak five words to her. God, how my groin ached after I finished with her pool.


It started innocently enough. She called over from her patio table and said, "Hey, c'mon over here a minute, will you, please?" So I walked over as casually as I could but I could feel my dick starting to harden just looking at her. "You've been working here for two months and I don't know your name. I'm Mai-ling Sompeth-Bloomington. My friends call me Mai."


"My name is Conrad, and my friends call me Connie."


"I like Conrad better. Do you mind?"


"Not at all."


She continued, "You are a very handsome young man, do you have a girl?"


"No", I said. I'm on scholarship and have little time or money for girls."


"What a shame" she said, "I'm sure you would make some nice young thing very happy" and she stood up and took a step closer to me. My heart started to race. I could smell her exotic perfume. She was wearing a rather demure sun dress but it was clear there was not much underneath as I could see the outline of her breasts as the sun was at her back.


"Well, it is rather a stoic life but I intend to pursue medicine (Hah!) and grades are more important than sex right now"


"Oh", she said with a slight smile on her voluptuous lips. " I don't think anything is more important than sex." And then she closed the distance between us, put her arms up around my neck, pulled my lips to hers, and kissed me deep and passionately. Her tongue parted my lips like an arrow from a bow, it was an electric feeling. She explored all the recesses of my mouth with her tongue and I tried to push mine into hers but she resisted. Odd, I thought. The bulge in my shorts became more pronounced and she dropped a hand to my crotch.


"Ahhh, nice and I hard I see. Come, lets not waste it," and she led me into the house and directly to the bedroom.


As I crossed the threshold of the master bedroom my eyes almost pooped out of my head. Could it be? An oriental basket hanging over the bed?? I had read about such things and now here I was, about to live the ultimate fantasy..the Asian Basket Fuck! Wow, unbelievable!


I stammered, "Is that what I think it is?"


She gave a little laugh and replied, "You'll see, soon enough."


With that she dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts and briefs and proceeded to suck the hell out of my cock. This babe was good! Her tongue ran around my head while her hands pumped my shaft. She released the head of my cock and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. She rolled it around and laved it with her tongue. When I grunted from the pleasurable pain it brought, she let go of that ball and then sucked the other one. I was getting really hot and as far as I could tell, she hadn't even started to breathe hard. She took the head of my cock deep within her mouth and began to really suck. With her right hand she rubbed my asshole (glad I showered!) and with the left she pumped up and down on the hardening shaft. I could feel myself starting to rise and I protested about cumming to soon and she said not to worry, she knew what she was doing. She continued to suck and I kept feeling the cum rise. Just as I was about shoot my load she pushed her index finger deep within my ass and began to push on my Prostate gland. I could feel the usual pulsing of my cum shot but there was no cum spewing forth. The feeling was as intense as a regular orgasm, but no cum!


She continued to rub my gland until my orgasm subsided. I was a spent as one could imagine but still not a drop of cum has shot forth. I slumped to me knees. "Wow, that was one great blow job and I know I had an orgasm but there is no cum, how did you do that?"


"Old Thai trick," she said, and winked slyly at me. "Now you will able to perform again in a few minutes and still have lots of that sweet dream cream for me when we really get it on."


And, she was right. In a few minutes we were both naked and pawing each other for all we were worth. She was so tiny she perched right on me and was light as a feather. Her pussy was deep in my face and my cock was once again buried her mouth. We 69d like horny animals for the better part of a half hour. Many times I thought I was ready to cum and she would slow down and save it. She, on the other hand was multi-orgasmic. I counted at least five involuntary shudders from her pussy as I ate her out.


She turned and looked at me and said, "Now its time for what you've been waiting for," and she got off me and walked to the side of the bed where the basket hung. It had a padded cushion for her legs and a wide opening in the bottom for the obvious. She handed me a remote control box that looked a TV remote but all it had on it were four arrows pointing in four opposite directions. "You're a smart college boy so I know you'll figure out how to work that." And I had already.


She swung the basket over me, climbed, and placed her legs in the stirrup like arms. "Now Conrad, lower me slowly onto your cock. You'll have to hold it upright as I can't see. I just want to lower me enough so half your cock is in my pussy."


I did as she asked and it was a fantastic sight and feeling to see this beautiful woman lowering onto my throbbing cock and I controlled the penetration. I discovered I could raise and lower the basket quite quickly and fuck myself and her at the same tine. When I pushed one of the sideways arrows, the basket would spin on my cock! God, was that a trip! I would spin her one way and then another, she was starting to get really hot as her eyes were closed and her lips were starting to tremble. "Oh, please spin it more, your cock feels so good in my cunt. I'm so hot, I want to cum, I want you to cum, spin more, MORE!"


I held my finger down on the arrow and the basket spun, her pussy started to flow, my cock was getting ready to cum. I could feel the urge starting to swell in my balls. "OH CONRAD, I'M CUMMING! CUM WITH ME! MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE, OH, OHO, AHHHHHH!"


Just then I erupted with a colossal burst of cum, there was so much it was immediately flowing out her steaming cunt and down onto me. The basket stopped and she leapt from it on me hungrily licking all the cum that flowed out of her. My cock continued to throb with orgasm and she sucked on my cock head as hard as she could to get every last drop. I could see her throat contracting as she swallowed every last bit.




Backdoor Bertha


"Connie, where have you been? Its almost three and you know my husband will be home by five. We will barely have enough time."


I had been fucking Bertha most of the summer and she was a bit impatient but I always overlooked it as she had a body that wouldn't quit. Small tight buns, tiny waist and the usual $25,000 set of tits, the best money could buy. This time though, she seemed more impatient than ever.


"I'm sorry I'm late, let me get right to the pool work."


"Oh no, Lover Boy, you get your fine ass into the house. I've got surprise for you today."


So I did as commanded and headed to our favorite spot in the house, the TV room. It had a sofa that opened into a king size bed that she kept made up with satin sheets. Man, could you get hot rubbing up and down on those sheets while you fucked. I loved them.


"So, what's the surprise" I asked.


"Later Lover, c'mon over here and let me have some of that hot dick of yours," she commanded. So I walked over and dropped my shorts to the floor. I never wore briefs when I went to Bertha's as she was always in a  rush to get laid. She dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock with her mouth. It felt heavenly. She cupped my balls in her hands and slowly sucked and worked my cock with her lips and tongue. In a matter of minutes I was hard and overflowing her mouth. "Mmmm, Connie, I love the taste of your hot cock after you've been working. It has a muskiness and salty taste that I wish I could bottle and drink when I needed  a hot beef injection".


I had to chuckle at that one, hot beef injection indeed!

She continued to slowly suck my cock and then stared to play with my ass. I knew what was coming next. She loved to stick her finger up my ass while she sucked my cock and I must admit, I liked it to. It was like she was fucking me while sucking and more than once I came in her mouth while we doing it. Her finger was really starting to feel good and she was sucking my cock so slowly. I could feel my cum starting to rise deep with my balls and started to thrust my hips toward her mouth to fuck her face. She slowly pulled her finger from ass and then withdrew from my cock.


"What's wrong?" I asked.


Nothing baby, I just want you fuck me in a special way and I didn't want to waste all that beautiful cum of yours in a blowjob. Lets get on the bed."


We both climbed onto the bed and she rolled over and positioned her ass high up in the air.


"Connie, I want you pack some mud."


"Excuse me, Bertha?"


"I want you to fuck my ass today. There's a tube of oil on the night stand so get yourself all hard and slippery and fuck me in the ass."


Now this was new. I had never had this pleasure before. I grabbed the bottle of scented oil, poured myself a handful and lathered allover my throbbing cock, Boy, did it feel good.


I positioned myself behind her but before I fucked her I had to taste that sweet pussy of hers. I dropped to my hands and knees and quickly stuck my tongue deep with her love box. "OH", she exclaimed, "Now that feels so good, OH, keep doing that for a wile, OH, fuck me a little with your tongue, ahhhh, suck on my cunt, God, that's heavenly".


I continue to eat and suck on her pussy while I massaged her asshole ever so lightly with my oiled fingers. She started to moan as I inserted the tip of finger in her ass and sucked on her swollen labia. She was really getting hot. "Oh, Connie, it feels WONDERFUL!, Oh, suck me harder, finger my ass, yes, yes, YES, OH, now its time Connie, fuck my ass, put your stiff hard cock deep within my ass!"


I got on my knees, made sure my cock was lubed and stuck the head into her ass. "OH YES, FUCK MY ASS, STICK YOUR WHOLE COCK IN ME, DON'T TEASE ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, NOW!"


And with that last "fuck me", I inserted my cock up to my balls deep within her ass. It was warm and oh, so tight! I thought I would cum immediately but I managed to keep within my limits. I slowly fucked her ass and she continued to scream loudly: "AHHHH, THATS IT, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR CUM IN MY ASS. FUCK ME MORE, NOW, HARDER"


Hearing her begging to be fucked just made me all the wilder. I started to pump her, in and out, as fast and as hard as I could. My cum was starting to build, I could feel my balls starting to tighten and it was my turn to scream: "OH BERTHA, YOUR ASS IS SO HOT AND TIGHT , I'M GOING TO CUM....OH, AHHH, HERE I CUM...YES, YES, I'M CUMMING!"




We were like two dogs in heat, I continued to hammer at her ass and she continued to receive every thrust. We fucked for what seemed like hours but I know was only minutes and then we both fell to the bed, my cock still buried deep in her ass. I could feel the rhythmic contractions of wave after wave of orgasm pass thru her body. God she was still cumming! My cock slowly lost its hardness but her ass was tight that I stayed deep within her. I wanted to try to get hard again and fuck her some more but I didn't know if I could


She said, "Connie, can you get hard again, I need more fucking".


"That's a tall order but I'll try. I need to stay in your ass so if you can work the muscles down there maybe that will work".


I could feel her start to tighten and loosen her ass and the effect was startling. I could feel a stirring in my cock and it started to harden. She started to moan immediately as I started to grow inside her and as soon as I could I started to slowly pump her, back and forth. Her ass was so tight and hot, it felt incredible. I had pumped so much cum in her initially that there was need for any more oil. I could draw my cock all the way out and insert it again as easy as fucking her pussy and since I had just cum, I felt as if I could fuck her for an eternity. And she knew it, "Oh God, Connie, your dick is so hard and I am so hot, please keep fucking me, oh, don't stop for anything. Make me cum, oh please, make me cum again."


I continued to slowly slip my cock in and out of her ass. At one point I missed the mark and I was buried deep within her cunt. I felt her cunt channel suddenly contract and grip my cock like a hand. It was wonderful! "Uh," she grunted, "that is so nice, I don't know which I like better, my ass or my pussy. Oh, keeping doing that. God, I think I am ready to cum again, Oh, Connie, fuck me harder, NOW!"


With that I encouragement, I pulled my cock from her pussy and plunged it deep within her ass again. "OH GOD, THAT'S SO GOOD, KEEP IT UP, OH FUCK ME MORE, HARDER, HARDER, YES, DEEP IN MY ASS, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, OH, NOW!"


I fucked her as hard and long as I could, I could feel the familiar tightening in my balls as they drew back into my body, the cum was building fast deep within me, The tip of my cock felt on fire as I rammed it harder and longer, deep within her. Oh, it was going to be soon, I could feel my long cock filling to the brim and then, WOW, I came in a second torrent of thick , hot, white cum, deep within her ass. Her hips were bucking wildly and I was having hard time staying in and suddenly she pulled away from, spun around and engulfed my cum spewing cock with her mouth. What a feeling! I plunged my cock deep within her throat not caring if I would choke her but it was so covered in cum it slid right down her throat. I continued to pump spurt after spurt of hot cum deep down her throat. She was swallowing as fast a she could but this was a record load! It overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin. What a sight!


She pulled back from my spewing cock and let it flow on her face. Her mouth was full of my cum and it flowed out over her lips. She was a sight to see, her face just covered with my hot cum. She took her fingers and wiped it all over her face and then on her gorgeous boobs, and then fell back on the bed.


"Connie, that was one of the all time great fucks. Its too bad you have to start school again next week."


I looked at her and said, "Well, Thanksgiving vacation is not that far away...."



The Garden Party


This had to be the highlight of my brief career. Mrs. S (I'll call her Suzie) had a huge Hollywood Hills mansion. Hubby was filthy rich and probably banging his secretary so was rarely home. Suzie was about 35, pretty redhead with perky tits, nice ass and loved to fuck. Many times I never even got to the pool. It was a classic wham, bam, thank you m'am relationship. Except this one time.....


It was warm Friday afternoon and I entered the back fully expecting to find her naked in the pool but she wasn't. She sat on a lounger and had three other women there with her. I never did learn their names so I'll just call them Sally, Sandy and Steffie.


"Oh my, Suzie, you said he was cute but I didn't expect Adonis!" said Sandy.


"Mmmm good, he looks good enough to eat." Chimed in Sally.


Steffie just sat there and stared at my crotch while licking her full, red lips.


"Connie, I hope you don't mind that I invited a few friends over this afternoon. They would like to watch us and maybe even participate a little, right girls?"


They all smiled, grinned and nodded in the affirmative.


I said, "Well, I must admit I am a bit overwhelmed by all the attention and hope I can live up to your expectations..."


I was suddenly surrounded by these four cock hungry women! Someone was caressing my balls, another was fondling my ass, a third was pulling down my pants and the fourth was kissing me deeply and passionately! I couldn't tell who was who and I didn't care. "Ladies, I suggest we go into the house where we can spread out on the beautiful, deep pile carpet. We might get mighty bruised up here rolling around on the Kool-Deck."


"I told he was on a college scholarship, what a guy, let's go gals, time for fun and games", Suzie said and we all paraded into the den. Suzie and I had fucked each other senseless on this carpet so I knew we would be comfortable. It was so deep and soft that you didn't even get rug burns.


Connie, now you just go over there, drop your drawers and  let us just stare at your beautiful cock. No mater what we do, you are not to touch or play with yourself. OK?"


I nodded ok and went to the barrel shaped chair and sat down. My cock was semi hard at this point but not erect. Hell, I thought, I can wait!


The four women quickly got out of their clothes and stood before. I have never seen a collection as beautiful as this. All had perfectly rounded tits. Some bigger than others but all delectable. Trim waists and two had a  slight belly that was more intriguing than a turn off. All have shaven pussys. One was a strip, one was a heart, one was just shaven smooth and one was a triangle shaped. The heady aroma of their sex and their perfumes mixing in the still air of the room was intoxicating.


All four of them cupped their breasts and teased me with them. They pinched their nipples so they started to become erect and then Suzie began to suck on Steffie's nipples and Sally did the same for Sandy. The women were rapidly turning each other on with this as their hands quickly dropped to their pussys and they began to rub their clits. My cock was starting to rise on its own and after a few minutes of watching these gals fingering themselves and sucking on each other's beautiful tits, it was standing proud, fully erect!


"Look girls, Connie's ready for us. Connie, remember, no touching until we say so..." said Suzie.


I nodded  and they all approached with wanton looks of desire on their faces. They stared hungrily down at my hardened cock which was twitching with anticipation. Each squatted down in front of me and began to masturbate with both hands. I could smell their sex and it was driving me wild. Suzie was the first to get off and then it was a ripple effect with all them quivering and moaning as their orgasm's washed over them. God I wanted fuck one of them, any one would do. My balls felt as though they would burst. My cock was rock hard and I needed relief! Fast!

Sandy was the first to recover and she quickly engulfed my cock with her mouth. It felt so good! I took her by the back of her head and shoved my cock deep within her mouth which she expertly throated me with no effort at all. Ah, I was fucking her face as hard as I could. The other three pulled me on the floor and suddenly I had a finger in  my ass and my balls were in someone's mouth. It was unbelievable! A tongue quickly entered my mouth and was suddenly replaced with a sweet tasting pussy. I was fucking Sandy's mouth, getting fingered by Suzie, Steffie was sucking my balls and Sally was fucking my face. It was  an orgy and I was in heaven.


I continued to pump Sandy's mouth but I wanted more than a maximum blowjob so I withdrew my cock from her. "OK, girls, my turn now. I want you all to sit on the couch but I want Sandy on top of Suzie and Sally on top of Steffie so I can taste two of your sweet pussys at the same time."


The ladies complied and I knelt down in front of Suzie/Sandy. Suzie's pussy was dripping sex and was about four inches below Sandy's. I inserted my index finger into Suzie's steaming cunt and he gave a little gasp. I then buried my face in Sandy's dripping pussy. She tasted wonderful. I gorged myself on her sex, sticking my tongue in and out her pussy and licking and sucking on her clit. While I was doing this, Steffie/Sally were feverously fingering each other's pussy.


I quickly switched from one pussy to the other with both my mouth and fingers. I was drowning in their sex. It was fantastic. I stopped and moved over to Steffie/Sally whose pussys were just flowing with their hot , sweet juices. I don't know who's  cunt it was as I just plunged my tongue deep within to her cry of delight. I furiously fingered and lapped at their pussies. It was a feast of cunt and I was the recipient. I suddenly stood and buried my cock in somebody's pulsing cunt. One of them was about to cum and I wanted to feel that cumming pussy tighten around my throbbing cock. I pumped her wildly and her hips bucked against each of my thrusts. She suddenly let out a cry and her body began to shake uncontrollably, she was in the throes of a huge climax, she screamed, "OH MY GOD, I AM CUMMING! CONNIE, FUCK ME HARDER, OH, MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE, OH GOD, ITS SOOOO GOOD!


Her pussy was contracting on my cock and I did not want to cum until I had fucked all of them so I pulled by dick out and stuck it in the pussy directly below. I think it was Sally but who cared. I was going to fuck them all! I buried myself to the hilt and then decided to slow the pace a bit. I slowly inserted my cock again and gave her a long slow, smooth fuck and fingered her clit as I was pumping her. She started to slowly respond with mutual thrusts and we started to fuck each other like we had been doing it for years. We were in perfect unison and she stared to moan. I moved my hand to her ass and inserted the tip of my finger in her ass hole.


"OH", she cried out. "That feels good!" I inserted my finger as I pulled out my cock and then continued to fuck her ass with my finger and her pussy with my cock. She started to rotate her hips faster and faster and began a low, moan. I could feel her body start to tremble slightly as she was close. She suddenly tightened everything against me; her cunt on my dick and her ass on my finger and just went rigid for about seven seconds and then she  cried out with a big, "Ahhhhhh.....". She was through.


The remaining two had gotten up from the couch and were laying on the floor in a hot 69. Suzie was on top and lapping slowly at Sandy's pussy and Sandy was nibbling at Suzie's labia. I got on my knees and inserted my dick slowly into Suzie's pussy as Sandy watched it slide in from below. She reached up with her tongue and placed it just at the entrance to Suzie's love canal so to lick my shaft as I went in and out. Suzie gave a moan as I entered her. "Oh Connie, stick that hot cock of yours deep inside of me. I want feel you fill me with your entire, hot dick. Oh yes, fuck me long and slow. That's' it, oh, that's so nice, slowly fuck me now, oh yes, that feels divine."


Sandy reached behind me and grabbed my ass. While I continued to fuck Suzie, Sandy continued to lick my cock and was now spreading the cheeks of my ass. I figured she was going to stick her finger in my ass so I relaxed my ass to make it easy for her.


What a surprise I got! All of a sudden it felt like some one was sticking something pretty big in my ass and they were! Sally had on a strap on dildo and was getting ready to fuck me! Before I could react she had that 10 inch dong halfway in my ass. I howled, not from pain, but from delight! I hade never been fucked in the ass before. I jammed my dick right into Suzie who let out a grunt and opened her eyes to see what was going on.


There we were, Me fucking Suzie, Sally Fucking me, and Sandy licking my cock and balls. Where was Steffie I wondered? Not for long as she straddled Suzie and presented her sweet tasting pussy to my mouth. What a turn of events. Everyone was either getting sucked or fucked. Sally continued to fuck me and it really felt good. It was so far in me that I knew orgasm would not be possible but there was considerable pressure building up in me. We continued for about a minute more and I said, "ladies, please you've got let me cum, I want to cum on all of you."


With that, Sandy drew out of my ass and I could feel my cum load start to rise immediately. They all got on their backs with their heads in a square and I stood over them slowly stroking my cock to the brink of orgasm. Each was wickedly licking her lips and gazing up at me. I continued to pull on my cock and I could feel the pre-cum start to ooze out of the tip. A long silvery thread found its way to Sally's waiting mouth. "Umm  good!, Make it cum Connie, I want to taste your hot cum!"


I continued to slowly stroke my cock while relaxing my anus as best I could I wanted this to last and be an explosion of cum all over them. I was straining to keep from cumming when Sandy cried out, "Quit teasing us Connie, let it go! We want your cum!"


And with that, my cock just exploded with a gush of cum that was indescribable. It shot into the air and down on then. My balls pulsed and throbbed as I aimed my dick head at each of their mouths. I made sure each got a full shot of my cum as I counted at least six full spurts of that dream cream. The girls were licking and lapping at their lips, their hands were searching for more drops as I continued to spurt in smaller and smaller loads. Sandy rolled over and spit a huge amount of my cum into Sally's mouth which she greedily swallowed. My balls just ached form the effort and my cock conrinued to throb in my hand. I slumped to my knees, drained.


Minutes later we were all revived and Suzie said, "Now didn't I tell you he was one fantastic fuck?"


Sally: "Just wonderful."


Sandy: "Oh, outstanding."


Steffie: "When can we do it again?"


"Ladies", I said, "the pleasure was all mine but it will be a few days before I can do this again!"


And with that we all had a big laugh.





The Porn Queen


She is the object of everyman's secret desire. If you have ever seen an x-rated movie, you have seen her perform. Her name is Nikki Dial and she has appeared in over 100 fuck films over the past three years She has wavy shoulder length brown hair, a full voluptuous figure with 38 D breasts, a firm round, tight ass, and long, long legs. She is almost six feet tall so she presents quite a package.


The dispatcher had a twinkle in his eye when he gave me the address as this was my first visit to her house. I had no idea who she was as I drove up the long drive. The house was a Georgian Colonial with a broad lawn and semi-circular driveway. There were high hedges on each side of it but I could not see a way around back so I rang the doorbell.


The door opened and I almost crapped my shorts. Here was Nikki Dial porn star, staring out at me with those big blue eyes and eye popping tits! She was dressed athletically with tight, black exercise shorts and one of those athletic tops that served as a bra and halter. Her breasts filled out the halter beautifully, Her nipples were large and formed perfect little circles in the halter. Her spandex shorts were to die for, me that is.


"Hi, I'm the pool guy, may I come in?"


""Of course, the pool is out back, just follow me. Pardon my attire but I was working out in my exercise room", she said as passed by a room with a nautilus machines, a stair climber and a treadmill. So that's how porn stars keep their bodies in shape. Should have known, I mused. She showed me out back and said, "I have to complete my work out and then I'll come out. Would you like a cold drink?"


"Sure," I said, that will be great."


I figured well, that's that, better get to work. No hope here. Hell, she's been fucked by the best in the business, what the hell do I have to offer?! So I took off my shirt and got in the shallow end of the pool and stared to vacuum up the debris from the bottom.


I was diligently performing my duties and dreaming of those luscious tits when I heard a splash from the far end of the pool. Nikki had finished her workout and dove in to cool off. She swam under water to my end of the pool and pooped up beside me. I almost lost it there. She was buck naked! Her beautiful tits were staring right at me, her gorgeous tan skin glistened in the sunlight and those deep blue eyes were boring holes in me.


"Wow," was all I could say.


"Oh, I forgot your cold drink, I'll go back in and get it. Don't go away."


Baby, I'm not going anywhere, I thought. She stepped from the pool, ran into the house and was back in a minute with Diet Cokes. "Hope you like diet, I have to watch my figure", she said.

"Nikki, your body is fabulous, I could watch it all day", I replied.


"I have to admit, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, but when you're in the business I'm in, you have to be. I assume you have recognized me since you called me by name. Have you seen any of my films?"


"A few and I must admit, I have dreamed of making love to you ever since the first time I saw you. I don't remember the name of the film but you had scene with Peter North that just blew me away".


"Ah, yes, Peter, the king of cum we call him in the business".


(Dear reader, if you are not an aficionado of Porn, some o f this may be lost on you.)


I asked, "Is that trick photography or does he really shoot those massive loads?"


"No, that's all Peter. He has a huge cock and his cum shots are quite unbelievable. I have never seen a woman yet who can handle one his loads fully in her mouth. There is just so much cum that gushes out of him."


At that point her hand drifted absently to her pussy and she began to rub her clit lightly with her fingertips. I was getting a little hot with all this sex talk and was slightly emboldened so I said, "Uh Nikki, why don't I do that for you?"


She gave me the once over with her eyes and said, "Uh, uh, not until I see your cock and if you "measure up"."


So I stepped up the pool steps and lowered my shorts. She walked over and fondled my still limp dick and balls. "Hmm, nice cock and set of balls here. This could be interesting. Now don't get the idea that I just fuck everyone since I'm a porn star," she said.


Yeah, right, I thought, you can really be fussy about who you fuck!


"But, you're cute, young, hung petty good, hell, it should be fun to fuck for the hell of it and not have 25 people watching for a change. Lets get a little comfortable on the double chaise over there."


She actually led me over by my dick! It was starting to firm up and I could feel her hand tighten around. We sat on the lounge and I put lips on hers. They were like velvet, soft and supple, with a hint of perfume about her. Her hair was still wet and framed her face in ringlets. Her nipples were hard from the cool air and warm sunlight. I explored her mouth with my tongue and was immediately received by her. Her tongue danced over mine, flicking here and there. She sucked hungrily on my whole tongue as if to swallow me. My cock was now rock hard and she was stroking it up and down.


Now one thing a porn star knows how to do and that is suck cock. She took a mouthful of saliva and flowed it over my cock head and then lowered her mouth to it. She used both hands on my cock in counter rotating twisting motion and proceeded to suck away at me. It was heavenly. The action of her mouth and tongue on my cock head and the hands on my throbbing shaft were too much to bear, I CAME! As quick as that, like a high school kid!


"OH NO!"  I exclaimed. "Shit, damn, I came already! Fuck."


"Relax," she said. I do this to all the guys the first time...that I like. You all want to fuck me so badly that I can never get off as everyone is practically cumming as they enter me. This way, I get you to pop off quickly and then we can settle down for a nice hot fuck session. Make sense?"


It did, I was still a little pissed however. But, that was short lived. She wiped the cum off her face and gorgeous tits and then kissed me long and deep. I could taste the cum ever so slightly and it was salty. We fell back on the lounger and I pushed my hand down to her pussy. I was surprised to see that she was damp. So, porn starts could get excited. I gently massaged her clitoris and inserted my finger slightly into her love canal. She murmured something in my ear. I then inserted a second and third finger and began to fuck her pussy with my three fingers.


"Umm, that feels good, Connie, do my ass as well," she asked.


So, I straddled her legs and rolled her on her side. I slowly put my left index into her ass and kept my three fingers on my right hand massaging her deep within her pussy. I knew I was having an affect as her eyes were closed and her hips were starting to move. I lowered my face to her pussy and began to lick at her labia. She had a tiny set of lips and I had to work to get them between my lips. But once I did it was like I turned on a switch in her. Her body started to writhe slowly and her breath started to become heavy. She said huskily, "Oh, Connie, someone has taught you well!. Eat my pussy baby! Oh, that's good, now suck on my clit, yeah, right there, oh, that's nice!"


I continued to fuck her with my hands and mouth until her pussy became very wet. Now, I thought, I get to fuck a porn star! I withdrew my hand from her pussy and ass and started to move the head of my cock to her waiting pussy when, she said, "No, not yet, 69 me first". So I complied with her wishes and turned and buried my head in the sexiest, sweetest pussy I had ever tasted! She quickly grabbed my cock and stuffed her mouth full. I could feel her relax her throat and my cock slid down it like a cock in a cunt! Wow, what a great feeling. It was now I realized how important it was to have shot a load earlier. This was a sex machine and I wanted to enjoy every minute of this hot lust.


I slowly massaged her labia with my tongue. My tongue felt like a little hardon! It poked at her, licked at her and finally fucked her. I sucked on her swollen lips and then sucked her clit. She tasted so fine! My cock was just throbbing with anticipation of burying itself deep within this gorgeous pussy! I moved my hips in unison with her head. I could feel my cock just sliding up and down her throat. How did she breathe? I didn't care, just as long I was fucking her face. This was glorious! She moved my cock to the front of her mouth to catch her breath, then she started that twisting action on the shaft with her hands and sucked hard on the head. OH NO! I was going to cum! And cum I did, torrents of hot, white cum came pouring out of me down her throat. I couldn't help myself and plunged my cock deep in her throat. She accepted me and I continued to pump hot cum into her. What a 69! Her pussy suddenly convulsed and my mouth was filed with a hot discharge, God, this woman could cum in torrents. I hungrily drank the hot discharge while my cock continued to pulse in her throat. We were locked in a deluge of cum and lust.


We continued to 69 for a minute or two more and I had to fall off her. Totally drained.


I said to her, "Nikki, that was the greatest 69 of all time but I am pissed, I came again and I still haven't fucked you!"


"Now Connie, you are an athlete and if a 35 year old porn star can cum 3-4 times in afternoon, I am sure a well hung, athletic stud like you can rise to the occasion", she replied.


"I don't know, I've never cum so many times before in one day. But, I'm game if you are."


"That's my lover boy. Now you just lie back on the bed and I'm going to clean myself up a bit and then I'll be back and I'll fuck your brains out, I promise."


I smiled to myself as she entered the adjoining bath and though "who the hell is ever going to believe this! But, dear reader, I insist, its all as it happened..."


I must have dozed for a few minutes and I opened my eyes when I felt Nikki's tongue on my left foot. An aroma filled the air that was positively exotic. I breathed deeply and I could feel my skin start to get goose pimples. It was a wonderful scent and it seemed to envelop the both of us. "What is that perfume?" I asked.


"Oh, its something special that I have sent from the Orient. Its supposed to have amazing regenerative powers. Do you like it?"


"I love it!"


"Now lie back and let me bring you back life..." she cooed.


Her tongue flicked all over my toes and then sucked each toe individually. The feeling was electric. She then moved up my leg with her hands and tongue. She would pause and then let her nipples (now very hard) tickle my legs at key points. This, coupled with the perfume was having a startling affect; I could feel a stirring in my cock already. Fantastic!

She stopped just short of my cock and balls and proceeded to flick her tongue all over my upper thighs and then would switch to my lower stomach area. Her hands were now cupping and fondling my balls and my cock was responding. She held it by the head with two fingers and stared to lick that tiny smooth area between my ball sack and my ass. Oh it felt so good! I could feel my shaft really start to harden as she paced the head of my cock in her and began a gentle sucking. In a minute or two I was hard as a rock and she was sucking me like the pro she was. My mind was reeling with passion and lust. I didn't want her to stop and didn't care if I fucked her or not as it felt so good.


She withdrew my cock from her mouth and said, "Connie, now I'm going to fulfill your every fantasy, I'm going to fuck you as only a porn queen can."


She stood up facing me and straddled me. She slowly lowered herself to just the tip of my rock hard cock and smiled at me. "You're going to love this, " she said as she slowly inserted my throbbing cock into her pussy. She seemed to gyrate her pussy around my cock as she slowly impaled herself. It was a wonderful sensation. My cock started to quiver a little as the soft folds of her pussy enveloped it. It seemed an eternity until I was firmly inserted deep within her but it was only about 30 seconds. Her prelude to fucking was superb. 


She flexed her knees and started to go up and down on my rock hard cock like a fucking machine. Her pussy was so tight and hot. At one point she paused and I could feel her tightening her cunt  muscles and she rammed herself down on my cock. What ecstasy! This woman could fuck!


After a few minutes of this she stood and said she wanted to me to fuck her. Just what I had been waiting for! She lay on her back, legs almost to her shoulders and opened her pussy wide with her fingers. "C'mon, lover boy, fuck me hard with that 9 inch dick of yours. I want feel you buried to your balls in my hot pussy!".


I didn't need a second invitation as I plunged myself deep in her cunt. God, was she hot! I started ramming in and out of her in piston like strokes. Her pussy was sopping wet and I was sliding in and out as if I were lubed. I couldn't stop, I just fucked her as hard as I could. She stared to encourage me one by saying, "Oh good boy, c'mon, fuck me harder. Ahh, that's it, give me all your cock, oh. I can feel your cock head deep inside, that's it, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"


I was really going at her now and wondering why I was lasting so long but then I remembered I had already shot two loads. Her cunt felt so good. Oh, I was in heaven! In and out I went, harder and deeper with her urgings, her hips started to buck and her pussy was tight as hell but I kept fucking her as I knew there would be no second chance at this hot babe. I fucked all I could and then she suddenly screamed with passion and lust:"OH, I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I'M CUMMING! OH, FUCK ME MORE, HARDER, KEEP ME CUMMING, OH GOD, THAT'S SO GOOD. KEEP FUCKING ME!"


And I did. I fucked until she had relaxed and I was getting tied but I was still hard and had not even a stirring in my balls yet. It was as if I could go for hours. But, she pushed me away and got up on all fours and said, "Connie, my ass needs to be fucked now, fuck my ass, hard and deep"


I kneeled behind her and wet my finger tips and proceeded to enter her ass with my fingers. She moaned slightly. Her ass was very wet and felt like it had been fucked many times before. I positioned the head of my cock at her anal canal and gave a little push. "OH," she exclaimed, "that feels wonderful, c'mon now lover give it all to me!" And I did, I showed her no mercy and rammed my cock all the way in at once! She gasped as I rammed my cock in and out of her ass. She was hot and tight and was meeting every thrust as I rammed her harder and harder. Her breath was heaving and she was grunting with each stroke but she met every stroke with the slap of my balls against her fanny cheeks. This was unbridled lust at its best. We were like two animals just fucking as hard as we could. Then  I stated to feel just a twinge in my balls, my cum was starting to respond. The tightness of her ass was severe and the pressure on my cock was enormous. But I kept hammering at her for all I was worth.


Nikki continued to respond to my hammering thrusts with wild abandon! Her ass kept slamming against my groin so hard that it was beginning to get red from the friction. I didn't want to lose her to another orgasm so quickly so I slowed down my fucking little by little. Eventually she was cooing as I slowed my thrusts to gentleness. "Oh, Connie, that's so fucking good..." she said.


My balls were really aching now with anticipation of my cumming orgasm. I wondered how much cum I would have since I already had deposited two massive loads in her. But, who cares, a cum shot is a cum shot as they say in the movies, its the quality of the cum, not the quantity!


I removed my cock from ass and slowly inserted it into her pussy again. Ummm, it was tight and hot! She rocked back  to force my cock deep within her. "Oh, yeah, that's so good, give it to me again, I want to feel your cock, fill me with that hot man-meat, oh yes, start fucking me like you really mean it!"


And I did, slowly at first and as my cum stared to build in my balls I speeded up. I was ramming my cock in and out of her with reckless abandon. Oh, her pussy was so fine and tight! My cock started to get super hard and she was bucking like a bitch in heat. I could feel the tip of my cock banging into her and all of sudden my cum just exploded within her! Ahhh, finally I was cumming in a porn queen! ""OH YEAH, NIKKI, I'M FUCKING YOU NOW! I'M CUMMING DEEP IN YOUR FUCKING PUSSY! OH YEAH, BABY, TAKE MY COCK AND CUM!" I screamed out.




A few minutes later I stared into her beautiful blue eyes and said, "Lady, you are one great fuck!"


She replied, "You know, for an amateur you're not so bad yourself. Where did you learn to fuck like that?"


I just smiled and winked at her.



Miss Universe


I call her Miss Universe as she was stunningly beautiful and had in fact, been a finalist in one of the major beauty pageants. As with all beautiful women in LA, she had married well and was bored to death living in fashionable Bellaire. Words cannot describe this woman's beauty dear reader.



Cindy was everyman's dream. Beautiful, articulate, spontaneous, bright, and bored with her sex life. Our first meeting was very mundane. She sat by the pool and made small talk. I could tell there was something wrong but as usual I didn't push it and she wasn't about to open at this meeting.


We went on like this for several weeks and I was walking away from there with chronic blue balls after every discussion. I actually thought I was falling love with, not.


Any way, it took six weeks before we started to get comfortable with each other. I was just finishing up and it was lunch time. Cindy said, "Connie, are you hungry? I can have Cook make us a coupe of sandwiches and we could eat out here and have a glass of wine, or if you prefer, a beer."


I said, "Yes, that would be nice. I am hungry but skip the alcohol, I don't drink. A Coke would be fine"


"Oh, forgot, you're an athlete and on a training regimen. I admire a man who keeps his body in tip top shape and I've seen working in the pool, you have a terrific physique."


"Why thank you, I didn't think you noticed me at all," I replied.


"Oh, I noticed, believe me. You're a handsome guy."


"Cindy, I am sure you hear this all the time but you are one gorgeous woman. One of the most beautiful I have ever met"


"Thank you, Connie, you're very kind."


"I appreciate real beauty when I see it," I continued. "I visit many beautiful women's homes around here and none compare to you."


"Really? I hardly know anyone around here as I keep to myself. I don't have much in common with any of them and have really met no one."


Aha! That explained everything. She knew none of the hot blooded babes I had been fucking all summer so naturally knew nothing about me and my rep. "Believe me when I tell you Cindy, your are an extremely beautiful woman and your husband is one lucky guy".


"Hmm, some times I wonder if he ever knows I'm here. He is constantly working and do you know...oh, I shouldn't tell you this, but what the heck, we haven't made love in over a month."


"Wow", I said. "That is really hard to believe. I certainly wouldn't neglect you like that if it were me."


She looked up at me and smiled and I could see the invitation in her eyes. I kissed her lightly on the lips. "Oops, guess I shouldn't have done that.."


She looked at me and said, "No, I liked it, kiss me again".


I took her in my arms and kissed her softly to gauge her response. It was immediate as she melted into me. She felt so warm and soft pressed against my body. She opened her mouth to receive my tongue which moved tentatively into her. I probed at the recesses of her mouth and tasted her sweet breath. God, she was so beautiful; my head was swimming..was it her perfume or just my animal lust to want her? I didn't care, I was lost in her arms with her body pressed up against mine.






She broke the kiss and said, "Follow me."


I followed her into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom. The carpet was so deep it felt like I was walking on pillows. She turned to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me, hungrily. I pulled her down to the floor and was on top of her in a flash grinding my burgeoning dick into her crotch area and covering her mouth with mine. Our tongues danced on each other as our saliva mixed together. Her breath and mouth was as sweet as honey (I hoped I tasted half that good to her!). We kissed each other as if we were long time lovers who had just bee reunited. There was a hunger in her and our kiss lasted for many minutes. I continued to grind my  clothes encumbered cock into her pussy area and she met my moves with hip rotation and upward thrusts. God, just dry humping her felt so good. I broke the kiss to stare into her eyes. They were filled with lust, as were mine.


I reach down and placed my hand between her spread legs. Her pants were soaked from out preliminaries. I tugged at the waist of her shorts and they slid down as if two sizes too big. She wore nothing underneath and I could smell her sweet pussy flow. I raised myself from her and moved my head toward her hips.


She said huskily, "No, Connie, I want you to suck my breasts first." I didn't n
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