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Summer Nowhere Part Four I love you, I Hate You

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89

Hannah waited patiently outside of the bathroom as Brian finished up his shower. She had been thinking all morning about how she was going to say this to him and she was still unsure how it was going to come out. She knew it needed to be done though, whether she had the right words or not.

A few minutes later Brian swung open the door and stepped into the hallway. When his eyes landed on Hannah, he jumped slightly, startled by her presence but quickly turned his startled face into one with a giant smile.

“Just can’t stay away from me can you.” He smiled, thinking highly of himself yet again. “I knew you would not be able to resist me after you had a taste of the Brian Machine.”

“Whatever,” Hannah rolled her eyes and grabbed him by the arm, leading him into a room that looked like it was used as an office. “I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah?” Brian continued on with his cocky behavior. “Need to tell me how you can’t live without my cock inside of you?”

“You are such a pig,” Hannah cried out, slapping him on his bare shoulder, leaving a small red hand print.

“Violent much,” he spat out, rubbing over his fresh mark of pain. “What has gotten into you.”

“Look,” She took a deep breath, setting herself onto the edge of a large oak desk. “I need to have a serious talk with you.”

“Oh my god,” Brian brought his hands up to his mouth and shook his head. “You aren’t pregnant are you?”

“You are the stupidest person I have ever met,” she shook her head, surprised at the words that had come out of his mouth. “You do know that right?”

“So you aren’t pregnant?” He asked, bringing his hands down to his sides, his heart still racing in his chest.

“No,” She yelled. “I am not pregnant. Now can you please just listen to me.”

“Okay,” He sighed, sitting down on the leather couch that was adjacent to the desk. “What the hell is so important?”

“We can’t ever have sex again,” she told him quickly. She needed to get this done and over with as soon as possible. “In fact, we can’t even mention that we had sex. Ever. To no one. Or, or ... I’ll kill you.”

“What the fuck?” He cried out, pushing himself off the couch and walking over to her.


“I love him, Brian,” she cried, this time for real, tears beginning to run down the side of her face. “I love Colby. I know its wrong, but I love him.”

“You are ... ugh,” he began, throwing his fists down to his sides. “I don’t even know what to call you right now.”

Brian flung open the door to the office and made his way towards Colby’s room.

“Are you okay Brian?” Mrs. Clark passed him in the hallway, a concerned look on her face. “I heard yelling.”

“Yeah Mrs. Clark,” he faked a smile. “Everything is fine.”

Everything was not fine, everything was far from fine. Brian had never been so angry in his entire life. Sure he had coaxed her into sleeping with him originally, but afterwards she made it seem as if they had something going. Now this. It was bullshit in his opinion.

Brian pushed his way into the room that he was sharing with Colby. To his surprise, Colby was packing a bag full of odds and ends.

“Going somewhere?” He asked curiously, sitting down on the bed, still trying to calm himself from his fight with Hannah.

“Just the person I was going to go looking for,” Colby was smiling from ear to ear as he sat down on his bed and looked over at his friend. “I have to tell you something.”

“Shoot,” Brian smiled, hoping to hear at least some good news today.

“I kind of went down on Isobel yesterday.” He blurted out to his friend. “One thing led to another you know.”

“Wow,” Brian responded, which was the only response he could come up with.

“Yeah I know.” Colby continued. “And we have kind of been talking about sex, so I am taking her on a romantic picnic and we will see what happens.”

“You are going to try and sleep with her?” He asked, a little more excited than he should be. This could mean things could be back on for him and Hannah. “Today?”

“Maybe.” Colby answered, getting back up to pack his bag. “I mean if we don’t that is perfectly fine, but if we do, that is fine too.”

“Well good luck man,” Brian gave a fist pound to his best friend and stood up from the bed. “I will let you finish packing.”

Brian quickly made his way out of the room and searched the house for Hannah, finding her on the back porch.

“So I was thinking we should pass on this not having sex thing,” Brian spoke as he pushed open the door and stepped out beside her.

“God you are suck a dick,” She spat out at him, bringing her arms up and crossing them over her chest. “I am never having sex with you again, end of story.”

“What if I told you something to change your mind?” He asked her.

“Like what?” She asked, “Cause I doubt it will be convincing.”

“Your precious Colby is taking Isobel on a date today,” He told her, holding back his inner happiness. “After eating her out yesterday he has realized her kind of likes her. He is going to possibly take her virginity this afternoon over a nice picnic.”

“God you are such a liar,” She shook her head, not wanting to believe what he was telling her. “I can’t believe you would stoop to this just to sleep with me.”

“Don’t believe me?” He asked. “Then why don’t you go ask Isobel what she has planned for this afternoon.”

“Fine,” she blurted out, clenching her fists in his direction. “But once I find out how much of a liar you are, stay away from me.”

Hannah headed for her room, which was the last place that she had seen Isobel. She was right where she had left her, only this time she was getting out of her pajamas and into some day clothes.

“Whats up?” She asked her, as if nothing was up.

Hannah made her way over to her bed and tossed herself down, laying her head down against a pillow. She knew that what Brian said was untrue, so she figured she would hang out in her room with Isobel for a bit.

“I am um,” Isobel stood up straight and worked to catch her breath. She was not sure how her friend was going to feel about her going on a date with her brother. “I am going to go hang out with Colby. I think he is taking me fishing or something.”

“You hate fishing,” Hannah said angrily. “Why the hell would you want to go fishing with him?”

“It could be fun,” She gave her friend the best smile that she could muster up.

“You are fucking him aren’t you?” Hannah yelled.

“No,” Isobel defended herself, since she had not actually slept with him. “I am not fucking him.”

“Then don’t go fishing with him,” Hannah suggested.

“I already told him I would,” she sighed, grabbing her bag. “In fact, I am late meeting up with him, I will see you when we get back.”

Before Hannah could say anything else Isobel was out the door and headed down the stairs. Hannah was furious. Why had Colby done this to her? Why had Isobel not told her earlier about their date? Hannah’s world was quickly falling apart around her and she was not happy about it.

Hannah made her way back downstairs and to the patio where Brian was patiently waiting in a patio chair with a big glass of ice tea.

“Come with me.” She ordered of him, walking down the back stairs and out towards the woods. “Now.”

Brian got up from where he was sitting and walked quickly to catch up with her. He was not sure where they were going but at this point he did not care. He knew the answer she had gotten from Isobel and he knew that meant he was going to get to fuck Hannah once again.

They walked for quite a while, which had Brian a little bit worried. What was she going to do to him all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Finally they arrived at a treehouse, one that had been Hannah and Colby’s when they were little, bit neither of them had come out to it in years. She was almost surprised that it was still there and looking in good condition.

“Get up there,” Hannah ordered him, standing at the bottom of what did not look to be the sturdiest of ladders. “Come on.”

Brian was slightly hesitant, but he grabbed onto the ladder and made his way up to the top. Hannah quickly followed behind him.

Once they were alone in the treehouse, Hannah hit Brian hard on the arm. He was about to get angry when he saw the look on her face. She looked angry and hurt, which he knew she would be.

“That is fine,” he said quietly, but still loud enough for her to hear. “Take it out on me if that is what you have to do.”

Hannah hit him again, a little harder this time. He fought crying out, because in all honesty, she had a mean punch and his arm was now throbbing.

“Take off your clothes.” She instructed him once again as she removed every piece of clothing that she was wearing, leaving her bare and beautiful in front of him.

Brian did as he was told and stripped down to absolutely nothing, tossing his clothes on top of hers in a pile.

Before Brian had the chance to do anything else, Hannah jumped onto him, bringing them both to the ground. Her kisses were violent against his lips, almost painful in a way but he could not seem to get enough of them.

He held onto her tightly, grabbing her ass in his hand and slapping it a few times. She moaned hard against his lips every that he did this and he could feel his cock getting rock hard because of it.

Hannah pulled herself away from him and made him lay flat against the ground. She wasted no time hovering over him and lowering herself down onto his hard cock. Slowly she rocked back and forth on top of it.

Brian reached up and grabbed her tits in his hands as she slowly rode his cock. She began to bounce up and down on his swollen member as it throbbed deep inside of her. She was so warm wrapped around his cock that he did not know how long he was going to last this time.

“It’s too much,” he told her honestly, not wanting to ruin this by coming to fast. “Switch positions with me.”

Hannah got off of him and placed herself on her hands and knees, which she would never admit to, but it was her favorite position. She loved the way she felt so filled up when she was fucked from behind like an animal.

Brian brings himself up to his knees and runs his cock over her wet pussy, feeling how hot she is. He took a deep breath and allowed for himself to calm down before thrusthing hard into her pussy.

He buried his cock into her and she let out a scream. Her pussy contracted around his cock as he fucked her so hard that it almost hurt him. He enjoyed this, for it didn’t take away the pleasure but it took away his urge to cum right away.

Faster and faster he thrust into her, his balls slapping up against her clit. Her screams echoed throughout the treehouse, surrounding them.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out, fucking herself back against him. “I am gonna cum. Make me cum.”

Brain thrust harder and faster into her soaking wet pussy. Over and over again.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed again, her body slamming back against him as she came hard all over his cock. He could feel the juices against his body and he could not help but to look at the mess she had created, the mess that was running down between her legs.

“Fuck my ass,” she told him, as she braced herself against the ground.

“What?” he asked her, making sure that he had not heard her wrong.

“I said fuck my ass,” she yelled, pulling herself off of his cock. “Now you little bitch.”

Brian reached forward and grabbed Hannah by the back of the hair, pulling her toward him. He ran his cock along her pussy again, getting it nice and wet before slowly pushing it against her tight little bud.

“I said fuck it not play with it,” she scolded at him, pushing her ass back against his cock, swallowing half of it.

Brian quickly grabbed hold of her hips and pushed himself in as far as he could. He felt this could not be comfortable for her, but he was not going to argue with what he wanted.

Soon Brian picked up a good pace and began to quickly fuck her ass, burying his cock deep inside of her with every thrust.

“I am gonna cum,” he cried out, his cock no longer able to hold itself up. “Fuck.”

“Yes Brian,” she screamed, “Cum deep in my ass like the little bitch that you are.”

Brian gripped her hips tightly with his hands and pulled her ass all the way onto his cock and held it there as he shot his load deep inside of her tight beautiful ass.

He held himself there for a moment before pulling out of her and collapsing to the ground. She rolled over and laid beside him, wrapping her arms up over his chest.

“I hate him,” she told Brian, through heavy breaths. “I really hate him.”

“Thats what you have me for.” Brian told her, as he ran his fingers over her bare back. “To forget about him.”

“I want you both to fuck me.” She informed Brian.

“What?” Brian pulled himself back from her a bit.

“I want you both to fuck me.” She said again, a certainty in her voice that scared him.

What was he getting himself into?

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