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Summer Nowhere Part Two Keep My Secret

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89

Hannah was not interested in being cooped up inside of the house on this nice summer day. She had asked Isobel if she wanted to go for a walk and she said that she would catch up with her. Hannah was not sure if she would be able to find her, so she drew Isobel a map of where she was specifically headed. Isobel set it on her bed and then head to the shower.

Brian, who had been listening in for a while, snuck into the room and looked over the map, making sure that he had it down enough to not get lost. He then placed it under Isobel’s bed. If she was going to go meet up with Hannah, it was going to take her some hunting to find the map.

With the shower running and Hannah just now walking out the door, Brian went into the room where he was staying and threw on his shoes. Colby was still in the kitchen with his parents cleaning up after breakfast.

“Hey Colby,” Brian smiled as he walked into the kitchen. “I am going to go get some fresh air and go exploring.”

“Do you want me to come with you man?” Colby asked as he continued to wash dishes.

“Nah,” Brian answered. “Half of the fun is getting lost and you would ruin that part for me.”

“Alright man,” Colby laughed, “but if you are not back by night fall I am sending out a search party.”

“Just what I have always dreamed of,” Brian laughed with his friend, before exiting the kitchen and heading out the front door of the Clark’s cabin.

Brian tried to recall all of the information that was on Hannah’s map. It was not the best made map in the world, but he felt that he had the information down. She had a decent head start though, and knew the area well. It was possible that he was not going to be able to find her.

Brian felt as if he had been walking for hours. The sun was beating down through the trees and sweat was beginning to form across his body. Feeling himself about to overheat, he removed his shirt and stuck it in the back pocket of his shorts so he did not lose it.

“Boo,” someone jumped out of the trees and caused Brian to jump at least three feet in the air, coming back down and landing hard on his ass. “Got ya.”

Brian looked up to see Hannah with a very pleased look on her face. He wondered how long she had seen him out here, without him being aware of her presence.

“What was that for?” He asked with a fake angry voice, not letting her know that he was really just glad that he had found her, or that she had found him, whichever it was.

“Just to see the look on your face,” She laughed, holding onto her stomach.

“Glad to know that scaring me is how you get your kicks,” He smiled, holding out his hand to her so she could help him up, which she gladly did.

“It’s the best way I know how,” she continued laughing and Brian could not help but laugh with her.

“Good to know.” He noted.

“Where is Colby?” She asked, obviously assuming that if Brian was walking out in the woods, he was going to have his best friend tour guide by his side.

“Back at the house,” Brian informed her. “He was doing dishes when I left.”

“Why did you come out here without him?” She asked him curiously, raising an eyebrow in his direction.

“Well why are you out here without Isobel?” He asked her in return, giving her the same curious raised eyebrow.

“I am not,” she began, “Well I am, but she is going to meet me out here when she is done in the shower.”

“How do you expect her to find you?” He asked her yet again another question.

“I left her a map,” She informed him, placing her hands on her hips. “What does it matter to you anyways.”

“Oh you mean the map that I hid from her?” He continued his string of questions, bracing himself for whatever kind of response she was going to give off in his direction.

“You hid my map from her?” She said aloud in a question like manner but more to herself than to Brian. “Why would you do something like that?”

“So I could have you to myself for a while.” He hung his head down pretending to be shy and embarrassed about what he had just told her. “I am sorry.”

“Why do you want to have me to yourself?” She asked him confused. “I thought you didn’t like me.”

“When have I ever said that?” He asked, defending himself from something that he had never said.

“I don’t know,” she answered him, shoving her hands in her short pockets. “I guess I just assumed.”

“Well you shouldn’t assume.” He told her in a stern voice, sad that she had thought he did not like her.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you hid her map so she can’t find me,” she glared in his direction.

“She will get over it and so will you.” He laughed, leaning himself against a tree.

“Go back to the house Brian.” Hannah turned away from him and began to walk away, a little mad at him for what he had done but in a way flattered.

“I can’t,” Brian pushed himself away from the tree and caught up with her. “See I have this information. I was going to go talk to your parents about it but ... well I wanted to get your opinion first.”

“Let me guess,” she laughed to herself. “You are ready to go home and get out of this place?”

“Not even close,” he shook his head. He loved this place, in fact, he was sure that he was never going to want to leave.

“So what is this news you have for my parents?” She asked, not even a single thought in her mind that it was about her.

“Well last night I was having trouble sleeping,” he began, pausing when she came to a complete stop and looked directly at him. “Anyways, I discovered the strangest thing.”

“Brian stop,” Hannah said, nervous that she knew what was coming next. “You can’t tell my parents anything.”

“You don’t even know what I say,” Brian defended. “You did not give me a chance to finish.”

“Brian,” she began but could not even finish her sentence, she just hung her head down against her chest.

“Anyways,” he continued on, “What I discovered as I reached the pool house last night was the most shocking thing I could ever have found.”

“I get it,” Hannah brought her head up and locked her eyes with Brian’s. “You saw.”

“Oh yes,” Brian nodded. “That I did and I think that Mr. and Mrs. Clark need to know what their kids are up to when the lights go out.”

“You can’t tell them,” she pleaded, “promise that you won’t tell them.”

“I don’t know if I can keep this kind of secret,” he smiled at her, giving her a wink, which she quickly caught on to.

“Please?” cried again, “I will do anything if you promise not to tell them.”

Hannah moved closer to Brian and placed her arms around his sides. Looking up at him she gave him a flirtatious smile.

“Anything?” He asked.


"I want you to kiss me." He told her, his heart beginning to race like crazy. He had wanted Hannah for so long now.

There was a part of him that made him feel bad. He was kind of forcing her to kiss him. He wished that she wanted to kiss him on her own, but he knew that would never happen. There was no way a girl like Hannah could ever be interested in a guy like him.

"I have a better idea," she smiled, bringing herself down to her knees in front of him.

"Um," he took a deep breath, his heart pounding in his ears. "Yeah okay."

“How is this?” She looked up and asked him as she unbuttoned his pants and reached in, wrapping her hand around his cock.

“This is definitely helping to change my decision,” he answered her, running his hand through her hair, though honestly, he was not going to really tell on her.

Hannah was not sure if he had been serious earlier, but whatever the case, she was now excited, she had always had a thing for Brian. However, part of her felt bad, as if she were betraying Colby. Colby and her were nothing more than brother and sister who fucked on occasion, but she still had some deep seeded emotions with him.

Hannah felt around inside of Brian’s shorts, his cock getting harder by the second. She began to completely undo his shorts and she proceeded to pull them down around his ankles. She kept his boxers on and rubbed at his cock through them, teasing it with her fingers pressed up against the fabric.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “That feels so good Hannah.”

Hannah smiled, glad that she was making him feel good with her hands, but she knew she could do so much better with her mouth.

Hannah pulled at his boxers, bringing them to just above his knees, his cock falling out and hanging only inches away from her face.

“Oh my god,” Brian cried out, “mmm suck that cock baby girl.”

Hannah reached out and took his cock into her hands and lightly began to stroke it. Running her hand softly up and down the length of it, not to hard because she had yet to get it wet.

“You like that?” She asked him smiling, running her hand around the tip of his almost completely hard cock.

“Yes,” he answered, nodding his head and looking down at her and how amazing she looked with her hand wrapped around his cock.

“Good,” she smiled, leaning forward and taking his cock into her mouth.

She had caught him completely off guard and he nearly dropped to his feet. She grabbed on tight to his legs and kept the tip of his cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue quickly over the head.

“Oh fuck,” he cried out. “Just like that oh my god.”

Hannah continued to lick and suck around the tip of his cock, getting it nice and wet, her saliva running off it and dripping onto her lips.

Quickly Hannah took more of his cock into her mouth. She could feel it pressing against her throat and she gagged slightly, which only caused her mouth to become more wet and make his cock super slick.

“Oh fuck,” he cried out, “I am so close.”

Hannah pulled her mouth away from his cock when he spoke. She pulled at him, causing him to fall to the ground on his back.

“I am not ready for you to be done just yet,” She laughed, unbuttoning her shorts and sliding them off her body.

Hannah did not even bother to remove the thong that she was wearing. She slide her fingers underneath them and pushed them to the side as she stood over Brian, who was anxiously waiting for this moment to continue. It was a moment that he had thought about a lot since he had met Hannah six months ago.

Hannah got down on her knees, straddling herself over Brian’s cock. It throbbed to be in her, but she was not going to give him the satisfaction just yet. She liked to take her time, make it count.

Hannah reached down between them and took Brian’s wet cock into her hand, gently stroking up and down the length of it. It would twitch between her fingers and she loved it, that meant she was doing good. She loved to be able to please other people, sexual or not, but more so in a sexual nature.

Slowly Hannah began to rub the tip of his cock up and down the folds of her soaking wet pussy, getting it covered in her juices. She could feel her juices running down his cock and over her fingers, this only excited her more.

A few moments passed and she pressed it against her waiting hole, slowly a first but then quickly pushing herself all the way down around his cock, taking every inch of him into her body.

“Oh fuck,” Brian cried out, his body convulsing for a brief second as he regained himself.

“Mmm,” Hannah moaned, “you like that?”

“Yes,” the words could barely escape his lips in any audible manner. “Oh god yes.”

Hannah rolled her hips, slowly riding his cock, never letting it break free from inside of her. Her body moved slowly and seductively, making Brian lose all function over his thoughts. All he could think about was how beautiful she was and how amazing she felt wrapped around his hard throbbing cock.

Hannah began then to bounce up and down around his cock. Her breasts were still in her shirt and the bra she was wearing but they bounced with her non the less. She started off slowly, rising and falling against his cock but soon she got faster and faster. Each time she rose off his cock and slammed back down against it she picked up speed.

“Oh fuck,” he cried again, reaching out and grabbing a hold of her hips. “I am gonna cum.”

“Do it now,” she demanded of him, loving the feeling of being the one in charge for a change. “Cum inside of me.”

Once the words slipped from her mouth he could not control it anymore. Brian moaned and groaned and grunted, releasing his cum deep inside of his best friends baby sister, something he had only ever dreamed of doing.

Him cumming inside of her did not make her stop. She continued to ride his cock, keeping her speed. It was almost to much for him but he could tell that she was close to cumming so he did not try and start her.

“Oh fuck Brian,” she cried out, her body beginning to shake, moments before she collapsed on top of him, her heart racing incredibly fast.

With all this going on, not one of them had realized that not only had Isobel found the map of where to find Hannah, she had found it a while ago and had been watching from a short distance.

She was confused and unsure of what to think about what was going on. Hannah not only just had sex with this guy in front of her but she seemed experienced in what she was doing. Not once had Hannah told her of losing her virginity. What else had Hannah been keeping from her?

Isobel turned and ran back towards the house, bursting through the door and straight for Hannah’s room, tears filling her eyes.

Colby, who had been watching sports on the television watched her coming running in and was curious to see what was up.

“Iso are you okay?” he asked as he pushed open the door to the room that she had been sharing with his sister.

“No,” she yelled, throwing herself down onto the bed. “Everything is not okay thank you very much.”

“What is the matter?” He asked her, sitting on the bed next to her. “You can tell me, I promise not to bite.”

“Why don’t you ask your slut sister what is wrong?” She frowned crossing her arms.

Colby was slightly nervous at this point. Had she found out about the two of them having sex recently? She did not seem to be directing any anger towards him, her anger seemed to be strictly directed at his sister.

“What do you mean?” He asked her, trying to get as much information as possible before giving himself away.

“I saw her,” she continued, throwing her hands up in the air. “She was in the woods fucking your friend Brian. How could she lose her virginity and not even tell me?”
Colby smiled, glad that it was not him that she had known about. He loved fucking his sister but he could care less if she slept with other people and Brian definitely needed to get laid.

“Maybe that was her first time,” Colby suggested. “Which is why she has not told you yet.”

“Didn’t look like her first time,” Isobel spat out. “Looked like she knew just what the hell she was doing.”

“Oh,” Colby frowned, trying to think of what to say to her to making her feel better. “Well best way to feel better is to get even.”

“What do you mean?” She asked him curiously.

“Lose your virginity and don’t tell her,” he offered up.

“Right,” she laughed, shaking her head. “And just who am I supposed to lose my virginity too?”

Colby did not answer her, instead he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers...

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