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Summer on Paradise

Winning the Lottery allows a man to build his dream in a tropical paradise.

Damn, July already. Thank god I’d won the lottery in February, allowing me time to sort everything out. My island had been bought, a small cabin built and stocked with dried and canned food, tanks of freshwater placed and a long drop built. I had a solar powered satellite phone installed into the cabin and a small jetty to tie boats up too. All that was needed was me, the medicine and her, my island babe, Liza.

It would be the first time I had seen her in the flesh, but after a month of talking, it only felt right that she and I would see if she was suited to being mine on my island. She didn’t know the full extent of what was on the island; I had left it vague so she was choosing isolation with me and not coming for a holiday. I hadn’t set this up alone thou, her mum helped me.

Her mum, Teresa, helped to get her to agree to come to the island, as well as buying some of the clothing I suggested. Teresa seemed to understand my desires a little too much. I made sure that Liza and her mum didn’t know exactly how much money I had won. They both thought that I had spent my last penny on Liza’s return plane ticket.

Slowly I observed the island as I approached on my small second-hand boat, laden with medicinal supplies and a crossbow. It’s a big island for just two people, thirty-six miles roughly, mostly covered in a tropical wood. I marveled at the perfect white sandy shoreline and the perfect light blue sea.

It took me an hour to square everything away. I picked up the satellite phone, calling Liza’s mum to confirm the details of when and where I would need to pick Liza up from. I set off on the thirty-minute boat ride to the island where Liza’s plane would be landing. I waited nervously at the jetty.

I saw the plane take off in the distance so I knew she was here on the island just couldn’t risk searching for her. As I looked around the small harbour I noticed a blonde woman leave the small single stall public toilet, she was wearing a sheer white dress that stopped mid-thigh, as per my request. From the distance I was looking at I could just make out that she was wearing a white thong but didn’t seem to be wearing a bra, her b cup breasts not needing the support. As she walked toward the jetties she was scanning the ships looking for the description I told her.

As she neared me I could see the wildflower garland in her hair. The stopped when I could see her hazel eyes as she thought, a sparkle appearing when she realised it was me. I stood up as she ran the short distance to me wrapping her arms around me, my arms wrapping around her too. Locked in a passionate embrace, our lips joining as the emotions of the past month overwhelmed us. Lost in the moment I spun her around causing the boat to rock.

“We should go unless you want everyone seeing what we will do in five minutes,” she giggled her Boston accent causing a stirring in my groin and a flutter in my heart.

As I sat by the outboard motor and set off for my island I took out my semi-hard cock. I look at her breasts as I noticed her nipples harden.

“So why aren’t you wearing a bra? I never said to be braless. And why the wildflower garland in your hair?” I asked resting my spare hand on my cock as I slowly stroked my self to full hardness.

“My mum and I agreed that not wearing a bra would get a quicker reaction from you. The garland is purely my mum's idea, she thinks it makes me look more innocent and more tempting for you.” She reached out replacing my hand on my cock, slowly stroking me smiling a small cheeky smile.

“Well, your mother was right that garland does make you look more innocent. We are going to be in this boat a bit longer and I know you want to taste me, just do it.” I suggested with a hint of an order.

She knelt in front of me and slowly took my cock into her mouth sucking slowly, wanting it to last. I slowed the boat wanting to enjoy her mouth as long as I could. She swirled her tongue slowly around my shaft, her hands caressing my balls. She instinctively knew when I was approaching my orgasm and stopped, allowing my orgasm to subside.

She winked as she stopped moving to wait for me to calm down; as soon as I was away from the edge she resumed sucking but this time faster and harder. She managed to time my orgasm with arriving at the island. As I pulled up alongside the jetty I shot my last spurt of cum into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

I put my cock away before tying the boat to the jetty. I got out of the boat and help out my hand for Liza to take helping her ashore. I picked up her bags and removed a blindfold from my pocket. She looked at the blindfold nervously but allowed me to put it on her. Taking her hands I guided her down the short walk through the forest to the cabin. I stood behind her and removed the blindfold.

“Wow, how did you get this built? I was expecting something basic, something open to the elements.” I just smiled, I wasn’t going to give away my secret, I didn’t want her to want me for my money.

“It cost me every penny of my savings, I can not even afford a plane ticket to England and home now,” I said convincingly, “This really is it for me. Here on this island for the rest of my days away from civilisation, when you go home either of two things will happen, I keep the satellite phone or I get rid of the satellite phone.”

She nodded but said nothing, just took her bags into the cabin to unpack. I watched her, for the first time feeling uneasy about this. Almost as if she wasn’t here to be here, she was here to avoid something. Shaking my head I set about preparing a meal for us both, something small and light, cooked on an open fire.

I was lost staring into the fire when she came out of the cabin wearing a skimpy purple bikini. She walked until she was in front of my vision, too which I wolf whistled, finding I had an urge to just take her in the sand right there, right now. I plated up the food by offering her a plate which she took and started to eat slowly. We both made small talk as we ate.

Finishing the food I got a blanket and walked to the beach laying it on the sand before stripping and laying on it. I looked around and noticed she was coming but had taken a while to decide if she wanted to follow me. I was glad she did. She stopped and stripped about three feet away from me before lying by my side. I placed my hand on her belly and ran it down her legs, careful to avoid her pussy. I rolled onto my side and looked at her. My fingers started to lightly tease her slit, her eyes closing as she moaned softly.

I slowly started to slide my middle finger into her pussy. I kissed her cheek as I pushed my finger fully into her. As I started to pull my finger back I sucked on her earlobe causing her to moan out. I held my finger still before taking it fully out, causing her to whimper.

“Do you want me to carry on?” I teased as she opened her eyes looking at me nodding.

I started to push three fingers into her wet pussy, my thumb grazing her clit as I did so. My actions were slow and tortuous. I wanted her to need me, to need the release. I needed her to know she was here for both of our pleasures. Her moans were soft quiet but oh so sexy. I kissed her neck before gently biting her neck, moving my fingers and thumb faster, rapidly fucking her with my digits.

As my fingers were deep in her I spread them wide wriggling them around only bringing my fingers together as I withdrew them. She started to grind against my hand, desperate to cum, needing this release to ease the anticipation, the nervous and the tension of being here. I grinned at her as I quickened my thrusting, hardening my rubbing of her clit as she gyrated her hips on the verge of cumming.

“You may cum," I whispered, my words triggering something inside her.

Her eyes shot open as she started to squirt on my hand, barely stopping from screaming her pleasure. I pulled my fingers out and sucked them clean. As I removed the last finger from my mouth she moved to push me onto my back and kissed me passionately.

She stood and took my hand pulling me up, leading me back to the cabin, leaving our things on the beach. She led me to the bed turning around and laying on her back slowly spreading her legs with a grin on her face. Her intention was clear; she wanted me to fuck her, right now, right here. I stroked my cock softly as I stepped closer to her.

I climbed onto the bed kissing from her belly button up to her neck as I lined my cock up with her slit. I ran my cock head over her slit teasingly eliciting a small series of moans. Slowly I pushed my cock into her wet waiting pussy, feeling her tight walls wrap around my shaft. Sinking fully into her hole I groaned. I kissed her as she wrapped her legs around me.

Leaving her no time to get adjusted to me I started to pull out, leaving just my head in her before driving my full length into her hard and fast, her moans and groans sounding like music to my ears. Her hands ran over my hand, soon clawing at my back in ecstasy. My cock throbbed as her pussy tightened, the thrill of the situation brings us both close to our orgasms. I bit my bottom lip in a vain effort to hold off from cumming. Alas, it didn’t work, I started to fill her pussy with my cum as she screamed in orgasm beneath me.

I struggled to control my breathing for a few minutes both of us climbing down from orgasm. I looked at her face, looking for hits of the unease I had sensed earlier. I looked for signs of discontent; of her wanting to go home to be with someone else, or to her bed. Her face was flushed, a mask of serenity. She had the most natural beautiful smile on her face her hazel eyes sparkled.

I couldn’t help it but I actually smiled my trademark half smile. It had been too long since I had smiled my genuine trademark half smile, and there was a stranger from the internet making me smile. I leaned down kissing her passionately pulling my still hard cock out of her pussy. Suddenly I was flooded with memories of our conversations online and one thing sprang to mind.


I just had to take her anally I knew how much she liked it, so it was the only thing left to do. She could see in my eyes what I was thinking and nodded slightly. I ran a hand down her body to her full wet pussy and slid two fingers into her. I had stupidly forgotten to bring any lube to the island. Our mixed juices would have to do. I pushed my fingers deep into her pussy wanting to coat them as much as I could to make anal easier on both of us.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and moved them to her ass. Using our juices as lube I pushed a single finger into her arse allowing her to become accustomed to my intrusion and having something filling her arse. I started to worm a second finger into her arse. My second finger elicited a little squeal of surprise slight pain and a little bit of pleasure from her. I moved so I could reach her pussy with my mouth. I started to kiss just below her belly button, each kiss moving a fraction lower towards her clit.

My fingers in her arse started to move in small movements, my kissing soon reaching her clit as I did. Each time I moved my fingers they got a little deeper and a little faster all the while I slowly and teasingly circled her clit with my tongue. Her moans and gasp were faint as she enjoyed my teasing actions.

I stopped suddenly lifting my head up to look into her deep soulful eyes. Her eyes were filled with lust for me. My chest felt like it had a lion roaring in it, there was a gorgeous woman, lusting for me! I was on top of the world, a gorgeous stunning beauty wanting me and having won the lottery. Hell, I could die happy. I started to pull my fingers out slowly hooking them up to cause more sensation.

I pulled my fingers fully out of her tight hole and brought them up to my lips, sucking them into my mouth. I cleaned my fingers moaning softly enjoying the taste. Liza grinned watching my actions.

I moved to line my engorged cock head up with her arse. Gently I pushed feeling her body fight to reject the intrusion I was giving her. I pushed a bit harder feeling her open up as she accepted my cock. With one last push, I sank fully into her tight asshole. Looking into her eyes I stopped with my full length in her, allowing her to get used to me. I ran my hands down her sides, up her belly towards her gorgeous breasts. Slowly I rubbed her nipples as I smiled at her.

Noticing the look of pleasure on her face I pulled my cock out of her nearly all the way and sliding it back deep and gentle into her tight hole. She grabbed hold of my arms as I was gently fucking her arse. She licked her lips as she allowed a little moan to escape her lips. I kissed her passionately as I slowly built up my rhythm and tempo. I groaned loving how tight her arse was around my cock. She started to rock her hips thrusting to meet my thrusts.

My cock was sliding nearly all the way out leaving just my head in and then fully into her, my balls resting on her arse. Her beauty and angelic looks while doing something so slutty had the lion in my chest in a rage. I tried with all my mental strength not the slam into her hard, but to maintain my gentle but fast thrusting. I lost the fight and was soon slamming my cock rapidly with my full force. She took it all with very little discomfort.

I could feel the telltale sensations of my impending orgasm start; her tiny arse was milking me and driving me wild. I thrust fully into her, my cock twitching and throbbing as I lost control, filling her with my seed. I held myself up as I caught my breath. I pulled my softening cock out of her and sat between her legs.

“Liza, you are fantastic,” I gasped “but I’ve not been honest with you or your mum.” I looked away from her.

“What have you lied about.” She said through gritted teeth. She was suddenly scared of being on an island with a virtual stranger.

“I won more money than I led you to believe, I have only spent about ten million out of my win, that’s only ten percent of what I won.” I looked at her and before she could speak I placed a finger to her lips to silence her.

“I wanted you to be here to be with me and have fun, not for my money; your mum doesn’t know how much I am worth either.”

“Well that would never have been the case.” she kissed me before we went back to the beach.

That was the start of the perfect month on my own tropical Island.







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