Summer Pleasures

By Linsee89

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For my dear friend. Thank you for being an inspiration.
Abby sat in the gazebo watching the sun glitter off the water of the very large lake across the walking path. She watched the ducks waddling across the gravel in front of the lake, and shifted her legs. The perfect warm summer breeze swept her hair across her face when she noticed a man walking slowly up the large path that separated the small gazebo from the lake. She didn't recognize him, and she let her eyes travel up and down his body. She knew he couldn't see her; the gazebo was well hidden by large trees. He made his way up the path wearing knee length shorts and a black t-shirt. His brown hair was blowing in the breeze and Abby could tell he was a bit older than her, but he took care of his body. She stood and sat on the banister watching him. He was sweating, and after a few more seconds she realized he was making his way to the gazebo.

Brian watched a bird fly over the lake and felt a delicious breeze flutter its way under his shirt, kissing his hot skin. He was walking down to the gazebo hoping he would see the woman who always hung around this time of day down there. She was beautiful, dark brown hair; her figure was one that Brian really wanted to see naked. He was looking down at his feet when he walked into the gazebo; he looked up and was surprised to see that very woman sitting on the banister, staring at him.

“Hi.” Abby said placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Brian couldn’t believe his luck; he walked over and sat next to Abby.

“Hey. I hope I’m not bothering you?” Brian asked watching her blue eyes closely.

She smiled, “Not at all.” She paused, “I’ve seen you around here before.”

Brian looked out over the lake and watched a fish jump up out of the water then disappear.

“Yeah I come out here to walk the path around the same time every day, actually that’s why I came to the gazebo because I have seen you several times and just thought I’d say hello.”

A mosquito flew passed Abby’s nose and she swatted at it. “I’m glad you did. I’m Abby by the way.” She stuck her hand out to shake Brian’s.

He smirked, “I’m Brian.” He took her offered hand in his and felt an electric charge shoot through him when his skin touched hers. Abby pulled her hand away and looked down at her palm.

“You felt that too huh?” Brian asked with amusement in his voice.

Abby giggled, “Yeah I did.” She was a little shy. Hell she didn’t know this man, but as soon as their hands touched she had flashes of him between her legs. Her face was growing hot; she shifted her body and looked back at Brian.

They continued talking, making small talk for a few minutes, before the conversation turned to their lives. The conversation flowed nicely each telling the other intimate details of their lives. They laughed as Brian told Abby an amusing story from his child-hood and as they locked eyes the laughter slowly died. Abby licked her lips and Brian’s eyes followed her tongue before sliding his eyes down her throat. His eyes went lower to the enticing bit of chest that was shown by her pink tank top, then down to her legs; which seemed to go on for days. Brian was starting to sweat again and it wasn’t because of the weather. He rubbed his forearm, swearing he could feel the sexual tension squeezing around him. Abby swallowed hard and rubbed the back of her neck.

“My neck is killing me.” She said absent-mindedly.

Brian suddenly got an idea. “Oh? I could massage it for you?” He asked with a smile.

Abby got up and sat down on one of the four small picnic tables inside the gazebo. The wind blew harder giving Brian a delicious smell of her faint perfume. Abby looked back at Brian where he sat watching her.

“I’d love a massage actually.”

He got up and stood behind her, he took a steadying breath. Abby moved her hair out of the way and Brian placed his hands on her slender shoulders. Her skin was cool to the touch and Brian slowly worked his hands along her neck, pressing him thumbs into the soft skin of the back of her neck. Abby’s soft moan only made his cock twitch in his pants. Abby closed her eyes as he continued massaging her neck and shoulders. It felt amazing. Brian leaned down after several minutes and pressed his lips to the back of Abby’s bare shoulder. Her eyes remained closed and she smiled. She was getting wet, and shifted again pressing her legs together against her tender clit. Brian continued massaging her shoulders and started working his way lower on her chest. He reached the top of her breasts and paused for a second, not sure if he should continue.

“Mmmmm. Please keep going,” Was Abby’s husky response. He knew she was turned on now and his cock sprang to life.

He slowly slid his hands down the front of her tank top filling his hands with her soft breasts. He felt her nipples against his palms and bit the inside of his lip. Abby’s mind was going eight hundred miles an hour. She couldn’t believe she was sitting here in a gazebo, letting a seemingly complete stranger touch her this way. She was getting so turned on and decided to throw caution to the wind. She turned to face Brian and stood up. They looked into each other’s eyes and a silent agreement past between them. This was about to happen and they both would enjoy it immensely. Brian tipped Abby’s face up and met her lips with his. Abby moaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, tugging his hair at the nape of his neck. Brian broke the kiss and kissed her neck down to her chest. He slowly pulled the straps off of her shoulders and dipped his head down to take one hard pink nipple into his mouth. Abby moaned, her nipple growing harder from the wind as it blew across her now wet nipple.

Things started heating up and Brian kissed her with fervor, pushing his tongue into her mouth and tangling it with hers. She slid her hands under his shirt skirting her finger nails down his sides. He groaned and picked her up and sat her on top of the picnic table at the end, with her legs dangling off. He kissed back to her chest then stopped to look into her eyes.

“You’re sure about this?” He wanted to fuck her brains out, but he wasn’t going to do anything until Abby told him exactly what she wanted.

She opened her legs in response. “I may be absolutely crazy for saying this but I want you, so bad.”

Brian leaned in and kissed her hard. Abby bit his bottom lip and pulled it slightly. She reached for the belt on his shorts and opened it. Brian unbuttoned her jean shorts and slowly pulled them off her body. He was rock hard and really wanted to taste her. He kissed her knee then dragged his tongue up her thigh, tasting her sweat tinged skin. He moved her panties to the side and feasted his eyes on her shaved pussy. He slid his finger inside her lips and felt her wetness. He brought his finger to his lips and licked it. He leaned down and opened her lips to him licked his way up her pussy. She tasted sweet, and he plunged his tongue into her hot opening. Abby was sure she was going to explode. The combination of being outside where anyone could see and his tongue was becoming too much for Abby.

“Please fuck me!”

Brian raised his eyes to her face and smirked. “I want you to cum for me baby, all over my tongue.”

He continued licking and sucked her hard clit into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth. He sucked hard on her, his cock getting harder as he hears Abby moan loudly. Her orgasm was on the edge and when Brian jammed two fingers roughly into her hot pussy she came hard. She gripped his hair, pushing his face hard against her pussy. She was breathing so heavy she wasn’t sure she would ever be able to breath normally again. Brian stood and stroked his cock with his large hand.

“Tell me what you want.” He demanded.

“I want your cock deep inside me” Abby wasn’t about to mince words, she knew what she wanted and Brian was it.

He buried his hard cock deep in her pussy and stopped. He groaned, she was so tight. Abby moaned.

“Yes fuck me!”

He obliged and started pounding into her wetness. He pressed his thumb against her clit, circling it faster and faster. He was so fucking hard, but he had other plans for his cum. He pulled out and Abby frowned at him. He smiled.

“Bend over for me babe.”

Abby didn’t have to be asked twice and hopped off the table and bent over it. He started kissing her ass cheeks and spread them open with his hands. She groaned when his tongue touched her tight ass hole. She pushed back against his tongue as he slid it in a few inches.

“Mmmmm yes!” Abby groaned biting down on her arm, trying to keep from being too loud.

Brian reached around and slid his thumb across Abby’s lips. She sucked it into her mouth, pulling a groan from deep in Brian’s throat. He took his now wet thumb and pushed it into her ass slowly. She moaned loudly. He left his thumb there, pumping it slowly as he pushed his rock hard cock into her tight, soaking pussy. He pumped three times, ensuring his cock was lubed enough and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her tight ass. Abby looked back at him.

He slowly pushed his way into her ass, feeling her stretch to accommodate him. Abby moaned loudly, not caring anymore if anyone heard her or even saw her. His cock was filling her completely and she was so fucking close to cumming she thought she might burst. Brian let her get used to his cock for a few seconds before he pulled out and slammed back into her, pumping hard. Abby pinched down on her clit.

“Oh God Abby I’m going to cum so hard, you’re so tight.”

He leaned over her body and bit her shoulder. She groaned as he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back. He pounded into her ass harder, feeling her tightness grip his hard cock. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her one final time as they both came hard.

“FUCK!” was all Abby could manage as she felt Brian’s hot cum fill her ass.
He collapsed on top of her spent. They both laughed as a bird fluttered into the gazebo and landed on the table in front of them, singing its sweet song.