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Sun bathing in the USA

Senual love between lovers
It was a warm sunny day as we walked hand in hand from your Grand Parents farmhouse and across a meadow, which if we continued across and up hill would bring us to a shaded wooded area. We are both dressed for the weather, I in shorts T shirt and sandals, you my beautiful companion and holder of my heart wearing a bright summer dress with a flower pattern. There is no doubt about it in my mind, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Your mind is sharp, your wit quick, and your body? Petite, some may say you could look a little boyish, but they are blind. You are beautifully slender and with the most tantalising curves in all the right places. Not in an ownership way, but you are mine, and I yours, our spirits locked together, and I have never been happier, felt so lucky nor so in love in my life.

"So my fine Wolf where shall we wander?" you suddenly ask me, breaking my revelry.

"Well Angel this is your territory so lead the way."

We skirted the woods, now on our left hand side, and came to a secluded grassy field.

"For crying out loud Nick are you never going to kiss me this morning?" I don’t know what to say, and even if I did I was not given the chance, for you urgently lock your lips on mine. Your tongue urges my lips apart, and seeks my tongue. They dance moving between my mouth and yours. "Wow Lynn what did you have for breakfast? I want some of that," we laughed together.

"Now, now Nick don’t just stand there grinning like a half wit, this spot is perfect, so spread the blanket."

"Yes mistress," I smile.

"That is better, the right degree of respect," you answer me.

As I spread the blanket on the thick soft grass I am thinking. It seems Lynn wants to be dominant today. Not domineering, dominant. I found I quite liked the idea.

"Now Nick take off your shirt."

"Oh a spot of sunbathing today" I ask.

You raised your eyebrows.

"Something like that," you reply in a slightly deeper tone, more husky, than usual.

I do as I am instructed under your watchful gaze.

"Now your shorts and sandals Nick."

"Naked sunbathing?" I looked around but of course there would be no one around. You inclined your head.

Again I follow orders and do as I am told. Well it is a warm day, and it didn’t feel unpleasant to be naked. I lay down on my front on the blanket, "No," you tell me circling your arm, "on your back."

I roll over.

You stand just beyond my feet, still dressed. Then your arms go behind you and you unzip your dress. Shrugging your shoulders you send the straps down your. arms, while you still managed to keep the front of the dress in place. You notice me twitch slightly.

Then with a wicked grin you let the top fall to your waist, leaving your white breasts before me. With a small wiggle you let the dress fall to the ground, then kick it away. Naked now, save from the briefest of black almost sheer tight fitting panties, you start to play with your breasts. Stroking them sensually with you fingertips, stroking them, squeezing them, pulling on your nipples before rolling them between finger and thumb, pointing them at me. I fell my member move of its own volition up my thigh as it starts to grow. I move a hand towards it, but your voice stops me.

"Put your arms above your head. There will be no touching for you." Feeling slightly frustrated I complied with your order.

My cock moved higher up my thigh.

You turn away from me, inserting your hands inside the sides of your panties. You bend over, as straight legged you pushed them down your legs and removed them.

Again my cock twitches, but harder.

You turn back to me, you left hand caressing your right breast, and your right stroking down your stomach. It reached its goal and you started to stroke up and down. As two of your fingers seem to disappear, your right hand starts to move away from you then back towards you. Your head tilts back, your eyes close I hear you moan with pleasure. You do not see my cock jerk again and come to rest on my stomach before appearing to bounce.

"Is she trying to kill me I thought," as my member twitches without help. "Would I just lay here and cum?"

As if you sense my thoughts you come to stand over me, a leg either side of my waist. You lower yourself to kneel over me. You curl a hand around my rock hard cock and raising it to the vertical you lower your hot and very wet pussy, to take it all in. Your pussy seems to squeeze me as you move backwards and forwards, rubbing yourself against me, moaning all the while.

I thought I would cum when your hand gripped me, then when you took me inside. As you ride me it was almost impossible to retain my control. "Lynn I hope you are not expecting this will last long." I was shaking panting, making what sort of noises I neither know nor care.

You reach between your legs and seem to pinch and hold my throbbing cock, effectively making it impossible for me to cum. You continue riding up and down, and the pressure continues o build within me. It was becoming a little painful, but not in a bad way, and I think I must burst, but then you raise yourself up you come down hard and fast while releasing you grip.

I don’t believe a volcano could erupt with as much force as I do. I scream, I think it echoed from the hills. Again and again I jerk inside you, sending more of my seed into you until I know I must be empty, the tanks dry.

You too are noisy, screaming

"Yes oh yes Nick," over and over again. You are shaking as if your body was being subjected to electric shocks. I think I saw tears well up in your eyes.

Minutes, hours it could have been days later, for time seemed not to exist as passion and rapture overwhelmed us, you fall onto my chest and I hold you tightly. Two hearts are beating fast, breaths coming in short gasps as we slowly recover.

"Water." You ask and I hand you a bottle.

You drink as if you were dying of thirst. I did the same.

"WOW!!!!!! Lynn where did that come from? Have you been holding out on little old me?"

"No" you assure me, "do you believe I could keep that to myself with you here? It came in a dream, a very vivid dream."

I must have looked a bit undecided on that for you continue.

"It’s true. Do you remember last night, you took yourself off to play on the PC so that I could get some sleep?"

I nodded smiling.

"Well, now don’t take this the wrong way I think our sex life is totally amazing, but I remember wondering if it was possible to make you harder, longer, thicker, have you give me even more pleasure, and have you fill me more completely with your hot cum. Then I had the dream we have just enacted. Although I did ad-lib some, it was nearly all in there, the ordering you, teasing you to distraction, stripping and playing with myself in front of you. Yes even the squeezing you to stop you from cumming until I could feel your cock inside me fit to burst. And Man I am telling you it really did work. You felt as hard as iron to me, and a bit thicker and longer. More blood down there I guess." you laugh. "You did fill me with more of your lovely juices than I can remember you doing before as well. From our screaming I am thinking for both of us it was the most intense and pleasurable experience we have shared. So then Sir was it a good dream?"

"Good? It was absolutely bloody fantastic. It did leave my now little friend down there totally spent and exhausted."

You reach down and touch it. "Yes he does seem a little weary. Do you think we will by OK sunbathing here, I seem to feel in the mood for some sun?"

I couldn’t help but laugh.

"What’s so funny?" You asked me.

"What we have just shared here where any one could see, and you are worried about being seen naked."

You slap me playfully. "Oh hush."

"Oh nod off and dream again Lynn." I wink at you raising my eyebrows.

"What makes you think I haven’t already?"

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