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Sunbathing leads to sex: A development

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I have sex with two sisters

You should first read my story "Sunbathing leads to sex" to understand this one.

At another of my sex sessions with Audrey she told me that besides her brother she had a widowed sister, Emily, who sometimes comes to stay with her for a few days. She can be accommodated in the bungalow part of the house because she has no children, so is alone. Audrey had told her on the phone about the sex sessions she and I had. It seems that Emily had said she`d like to be present at one of our sessions. She asked me what I thought about that.

"Sounds interesting. Does that mean she would like to join you and me to have sex with me as well as you?"

"I think so. I`ve told her that you are able to have a couple of orgasms in one evening. As I understand it she would like you to do her as well as me".

"A sort of group sex, then. Is that what you would like?"

"It is. You could have both of us in one evening when she next comes to stay with me. I think you could satisfy both of us. I could watch you doing her and she could watch you doing me. I think she would like that and I would, too. I`ll se what I can arrange".

A few days later Audrey rang me and said that Emily had arrived and invited me to go round to her house to meet her that evening. When I got there Audrey introduced me to her sister. I had a nice surprise because she was a good looker and seemed to have a nice figure.

Emily said that she had learned from Audrey that she and I have sex in the nude. Would I like to have it with her as well as Audrey? I didn`t need much time to think about that!

"I certainly would, Emily. But when?"

It was Audrey who said "We could do it now. Emily has told me she`d like to try group sex and I would too. Neither she nor I have done it before".

We all undressed in a bedroom and, as I had discovered with Audrey, Emily also had a good figure. Long legs and firm breasts. Her pussy was shaved and I could see the lips of her cunt. Things went on from there because my cock began to grow at the sight of the lovely naked sisters.

Emily commented that my cock wasn`t very big though it had grown a bit. She could see that, of course, because I was stark naked in front of her. Then she said to Audrey that they ought to do something about that.

"Yes, we should, Emily. We want him to do both of us tonight so let`s give him a hand, ready for him to do it. You go first and I`ll follow you".

Emily took my slightly hard cock firmly between finger and thumb and stroked it until it was right up. Then she said it looked long enough for both of them, together, to hold it in the palms of their hands. She held the base of my erection and Audrey`s hand was next to her`s with thye tip of my cock showing above her hand. My cock must have been eight or nine inches long, something I had never thought about before.

"Let`s both of us jerk him off. It would be something new for me doing it with you, Audrey, Two of us together doing it. Shall we?" Emily asked me.

"Oh, yes. Please do. Audrey always masturbated me before we had sex and I liked it, of course. Having you both together doing it would be very special for me".

Together, both sisters stroked my hard cock which they held in the palms of their hands. Then Audrey told Emily they should stop for a while before I ejaculated, then start again and do it like that several times. That`s what they did. I was often on the verge of cumming.

"Now. Let`s finish him" said Audrey.

By now I was frantic having been brought to near cumming several times. But now I would soon be cumming properly. What a wonderful relief when I did. Out poured my cum on to some newspapers which Audrey had already put on the carpet. I was being masturbated by two women, a new experience for me and for the two sisters, I thought.

"What a lot of cum" said Emily. Was it the same whenever you jerked him off, Audrey?

"Yes. He would always cum again when he did me so I think he should be able to cum into us when he does us".

I lay on the bed beside Emily because she had said she wanted to be the first to be done. My cock was well up even after my ejaculation. Audrey stood by the side of the bed and watched me finger-fucking her sister and caressing her clit until it was hard. Emily writhed as I masturbated her.

"Oh! I`m cumming! I`m cumming! Don`t stop".
"I`ve finished cumming. Now do me. I want you in me".

She wanted me to fuck her. The feeling was mutual. Audrey had told me a few days before that she wanted to see me doing her sister. Now she told me to go ahead and do what Emily had asked for.

I did go ahead, Emily opened her legs, then I lay on top of her. She guided me into her cunt which was wet from the orgasm I`d given her so I slipped in easily. I fucked her to another orgasm watched by Audrey. I ejaculated into her but only a little because I`d shot some cum when the sisters masturbated me.

"Don`t stop. Make me cum again" said Emily.

Like her sister she could have several orgasms, one after another. Also like her sister she seemed almost insatiable. When she had finally finished cumming I pulled out and she said she had loved every orgasm I had given her. It was so much better to have real sex than when she masturbated herself, which she often did.

"Now it`s my turn. Get up, Emily, and let me have him" Audrey told her sister".

By now I was pretty worn out. I`d been masturbated and had cum into Emily. I didn`t think I could have any more cum left. Audrey took Emily`s place and lay beside me and, as I had done to Emily, I finger-fucked her. This time to two orgasms.

"Now do me" she said.

She guided my cock into her cunt which, like Emily`s, was wet from her two orgasms. I fucked and fucked her. She had several orgasms but I didn`t. I didn`t have any cum left, it seemed.

"My goodness" said Emily. "What an evening we`ve had. He was able able to do both of us, one after the other, as Audrey had said he could. We must do it again tomorrow because I leave the next day".

"Yes, we must" replied Audrey. "But I want to be done first by him. When he did me he didn`t cum. Tomorrow I want him to cum into me. I don`t think he will cum when he does you, Emily".

"That doesn`t matter" Emily replied. "So long as he gives me lots of orgasms I`ll be satisfied".

We had one more session together. Now only Audrey and I do it. Sometimes in her house and sometimes in mine. Not every day but enough to satisfy both of us. 
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