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My second stroy written.


I almost feel like a tiger stalking my prey. The way I've been watching you all afternoon.

Admiring the way you sway across the sand, your smile, your hair and the way the sun shines across your face. I can smell your fragrance and it makes me want to pounce.

It’s almost sunset and this private cabana couldn't have been a better setting.

A picturesque beach before us and the intoxicating smell of jasmine fills the air.

You lay down in front of me and I start to caress your beautiful back. Then I drizzle some massage oil across it.

Slowly I start to rub your shoulders and neck, slow firm circles as my hands start to warm against your skin. You can feel your muscles start to relax and loosen under my touch.

I move myself on top of you and lean down and kiss you on the back of your neck. You turn your head and I give you a small kiss on your ear and whisper how beautiful you are.

Sliding down, I untie your bikini top at your neck and back. This makes it easier to massage you.

My hands slide up and down your bare back, kneading and lightly caressing up and down.

Moving down even more, I massage your legs down to your feet. I lift up your foot and softly kiss it then massage it. Running my hands under the sole of your feet, you let out small moans.

I do this to both legs and feet then move my hands up the back of your legs, under your bikini bottoms and massage you. You pull your bottoms down a little and I help take them down the rest of the way.

I can’t tell you how lucky of a man I am to have such a beautiful woman laying before me. I want to make you feel as special and wonderful as you make me feel.

I slide my body up against yours as I move back up and rub your neck. I pull your hair aside and kiss and nibble the back of your neck which I love to do. I love how soft the skin is and how it makes you move and quiver ever so lightly.

You feel so relaxed as well as turned on. I move to the side and turn you over.

This is such an incredible scene as I pour oil across your breasts and down your stomach.

The setting sun casts a warm golden glow that glistens across your skin. I slowly run my hands across your stomach and as a warm breeze blows across us, your nipples get hard as you arch your back pushing your beautiful breasts upward.

I move my hands across your stomach and then up and around your breasts. Cupping them then moving my fingers across your nipples giving each one a soft pinch.

I lean down and give you a long deep kiss as my hand runs up behind your neck, holding you as I kiss you.

Your kiss is as intoxicating as your beauty, almost as addicting as any drug can be.

I move down kissing your stomach, moving to your hips. You let out a little giggle as I kiss and nibble on your hip. Continuing to your legs, I massage them as I lift your foot in the air again to kiss and caress it. I kiss the inside of your foot, your toes and heel.

I move myself in between your legs as I continue kissing the inside of your leg up to the inside of your knee.

Your breathing quickens and I can feel goose bumps all over your thighs. You run your hands through my hair as you slowly guide my head between your legs.

Knowing what you’re trying to tell me I kiss the inside of your thighs, lingering around that area, kissing and lightly licking as I slowly spread your legs apart. I can smell your scent as my nose nuzzles against your soft patch of hair and I gently kiss your lips.

You let out a soft moan and caress my head as I look up at you. You look down at me and blow me a kiss. My hands continue to caress the inside of your thighs and then up and across your stomach as I start to go down on you.

My tongue slowly circles your clit then moves down to your lips. I trace the outside then inside of your lips. I can feel your leg start to quiver and your breathing gets louder as I continue to lick you moving my mouth up and down stopping to softly suck on your clit. Continuing to do this is making you grind your hips up and down and you push yourself against my mouth.

You’re getting so wet and I'm getting so turned on. I move my hands across your breasts, softly pinching your nipple which sends jolts through your body. I move my hand up your neck and you kiss and suck on my fingers. I let you suck on one for a second and get it nice and wet. Then I move my hand down and slide the wet finger across your clit and rub your lips. I move my finger around your swollen lips tracing your lips and then back up to your clit which is getting harder and more swollen with each wave of pleasure. I then take your clit between my thumb and finger and gently roll it back and forth and up and down. You throw your head back as your clit tingles, then I slowly slide my finger into your now very wet pussy. Just the tip at first, swirling it around in a small circle then move it in deeper.

I can feel your muscles inside clamp down on my finger as I move it deeper inside. As I do, you take in a deep, slow, shaky breath then let out a low moan. I move my finger slowly in and out as you move harder and faster. As my finger is moving I start to lick your clit again. Feeling this, your eyes roll back and you let out an "O-oohhhh my gawd".

This drives you crazy and then I pull my finger out and luck your juice off then I lick a second finger and slowly slide them in. I curl my fingers upward and start rubbing your G spot as I keep licking and sucking harder on your clit. My fingers do circles against your spot and I can feel it getting firm. I can also feel the climax starting to build now.

You’re pulling at my hair now, arching your back and bucking your hips.

I love seeing you like this, you know how much I like going down on you.

Seeing you turned on and being satisfied like this drives me wild!

You’re moaning gets louder as I move my fingers faster and I suck harder.

My mouth covers your clit and I suck harder then release and flick my tongue across it. My sucking on it so hard has made it very red and very big. I love how big your clit gets when you’re fully excited. I don’t know why but I love to roll it around and between my lips. I guess I like it because that’s how I know you’re really turned on. You of course never object to my advances especially when I want to go down on you, which is pretty much all the time. You’ve told me before that it’s just such an incredible feeling when I go down on you and how I do it, so satisfying as well as mind blowing. I think some of the best orgasms you’ve had were while I was going down on you.

You grab my head and say "I'm gonna cum"! I can feel your stomach spasm and you thrust your hips hard into the air and you let out a loud moan as you start to climax. You say loudly "oh god David I'm coming" as I feel your pussy soak my fingers while you cum. I can taste you all over my lips as your cum practically drips from my chin. You tell me to stop as you try to catch your breath. So I kiss your thighs and move up to your stomach.

Your still shaking a little as I kiss your stomach, breasts, nipples then move up to kiss you long and hard as I wrap my arms around your beautiful body. You lock your lips with mine as you taste your sweetness, moving your tongue around, you can’t get enough of it.

We lay there for a moment while you relax again. You turn me over onto my back and you kiss my chest running your hands over and down my arms.

You come up to kiss me, looking passionately into my eyes you kiss me hard moving down and kissing my neck, nibbling and sucking just behind and below my ear.

Your hands are already working on my shorts trying to release my throbbing hard on.

My shorts come off with ease and your hand moves slowly up my thigh and then your fingers lightly stroke up to the tip of my very hard dick.

We kiss deeply as you fondle and caress me with your small soft hands. Kissing my neck and then my chest, you continue to stroke me with your hands feeling me get harder with each stroke. You move your hands up across my stomach then to my chest massaging along the way playing teasingly with my nipples.

I’m under your spell as I gaze into your eyes. We can feel each other’s hot breath as beads of sweat start to form on our bodies.

You move yourself on top of me pushing your breast into my face. I lick the sweat forming on your chest then move to your nipple. Feeling my tongue swirl around then a soft bite to it makes your clit throb. You move your hips down and push yourself against me rubbing yourself against the length of my dick. I love how you feel and how wet you are. It’s such a turn on knowing I can get you so hot.

You breathe deeply in my ear moaning as I move myself against your clit in rhythm with your hips.

You feel like a flower opening up and inviting me inside.

I slide your lips apart moving from your clit down. I slowly push the head against the velvet opening and at the same time you lower yourself onto me. As I slowly enter you, you take a small gasp and then release it as I continue to slide myself into you.

You let out a deep moan as I sink deep into your velvet glove. I move to kiss you passionately and deeply as our connection is made.

The sensation running through my body is incredible. I look up and the last ray of sun is just setting over the horizon. I look at you above me and your hair blows in the ocean breeze. All I can think of is how beautiful you look and the way you feel.

I continue slowly moving in and out feeling myself throb with each thrust. I move a little faster with my hands on your hips and your breathing quickens. You lean back throwing your head back you cup your breasts then squeeze each nipple as I hold you moving faster and deeper in you. I can feel you get even wetter as I move in and out.

I let myself slip out and tease you with the head. Poking in just the head then moving the head around your clit which is again, now very sensitive and hard. I pull you to me and kiss you hard as I move my hand down your back and push your hips down on me as I thrust myself deep into you. You moan as best as you can as you kiss me back hard. Your head tingles and you feel almost dizzy feeling me thrust hard and deep into you.

You push yourself harder and harder down on me going faster now. I suck and bite on your lower neck then move down to kiss your breasts.

I can feel your legs start to shake, your moans getting louder. You lower your head and bite down on my shoulder as you start to orgasm pushing your butt down as I thrust deep in you. I can feel you inside pulsing and squeezing me as I push myself against you hard. You lift and throw your head back again arching your back you squeeze your breasts as you bounce faster up and down on top of me. You let out a final moan as the wave of orgasm comes over you then slows, you slump down on me breathing hard, and I can feel your heart beat as you lay on top of me.

You catch your breath and I move you to my side in a spooning position. Lying behind you I stroke your hair and your shoulders to your arm over your hips and then to your behind.

I lift your leg and position myself so that I can slide my dick between your lips. I do this for a minute to get you excited again and then I slowly enter you. You turn your head back to kiss me. In this position it’s easier to play with your breasts as well as reach down between your legs and play with your clit while I’m in you.

I’m moving in a nice steady pace which you seem to really like because you’re squirming all over the place. You pull your knees up which allows me to really push deep in you. We continue like this for a while and now with my hand playing with your clit while I move in and out, it really starts to drive you crazy.

I pull myself out and roll you over on your stomach. I lift you and put a couple of pillows under your stomach.

Your beautiful ass is in the air and I massage it in my hands leaning over to kiss it and then lick your pussy some more. You know I can’t get enough.

I get behind you and you reach down between your legs and start playing with your clit. I slide my dick down the length of your ass and then rub it between your lips. You start moaning as you really like this position and how it feels. I can’t take much more myself so I know this is going to feel incredible.

I rub your hips in my hands then slowly push myself in. You bite your lip and then let out a high pitched moan as I slide my dick as far as I can in to your hot wet pussy. I lean forward and squeeze your breasts as I move faster in and out. I lightly scratch you down your back and then back up. In this position I can really hit your g spot and I can go deeper which you really like.

You moan louder and tell me how good I feel and to not stop. You keep playing with your clit and then move your hand lower to play with and fondle me. As I slide out, not all the way, you stroke me then keep your fingers around the base as I move in and out. God, you feel so good, you grab handfuls of the bed sheet as you moan and you start to feel the waves of pleasure start to move through your body again. Your toes tingle and curl as your breathing gets faster and faster. I can feel you tremble underneath me while you try to say in between breaths, “David - don’t – stop – Oh my gawd I’m going to cum again”! Your legs and stomach start to spasm and I can feel you squeezing from the inside as you start to cum. You moan deeply and shake as this incredible orgasm takes over your body. This is the big one that has been building up and I can tell by how much you’re moving and how fast you’re breathing. Your head moves up and down, your hair flying all over. You’ve got me sooo turned on I can feel myself about to cum as well. As your orgasm starts to flow through your body, you can feel your pussy dripping wet as I start to really thrust harder and harder. My dick throbs with each thrust as I feel the sensation build in my balls. I tell you that I’m about to cum as I thrust hard and deep, you lurch forward and then back and let out a loud “Jesus David! Don’t stop!” and deep moan then I feel you start to squirt as my cum explodes from my throbbing dick. You can feel me coming inside of you as I thrust myself harder. I can feel your pussy really squeezing me as if not to let go.

You convulse underneath me as wave after wave moves up and down your body. You slump down in a sweaty heap trying to catch your breath with me still in you.

We finally lay down with me spooning you and caressing your beautiful body. With the sun having set, there is a beautiful warm orange glow in the sky. With the sound of the ocean just feet from us and the trees swaying in the wind, we fall into a wonderfully deep sleep as I hold you in my arms.

“If you are the desert, I’ll be the sea. If you ever hunger, hunger for me. Whatever you ask for, that’s what I’ll be”

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