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Super Bowl Bet

Paying off a bet
To start, let me say I am not a big sports fan. I have nothing against sports and do not mind going to an event every now and then but mostly I have no real grasp of the rules and no real interest to learn them. I rarely ever watch sports at home other than to watch a major event and that is really more so I can invite people to over for a little party. Super Bowl for me is just one of those times, drinks, food, funny commercials and friends.

For a few weeks my boyfriend, who is a Giants fan, has been trying to get me to bet with him about who will win the Super Bowl. I really did not care and just kept saying no. I think I just got tired of being asked to bet and said sure and if he lost he would have to clean my apartment after then party. He said all he wanted was for me to surprise him and it did not matter what it was other than that. How vague is that for a bet.

As most of you know, the Giants won, I had lost the bet. The party ended and all my guests left and my boyfriend walked his family out to their cars and I started thinking. Surprise him, hmmm, what can I do that would surprise him.

When it came to me a huge smile crossed my lips but there was a underlying nervousness.

I went into my bedroom and got completely undressed. No blouse, no bra, no pants or panties, nothing. My heart was pounding and I jumped at every sound. Then I heard it, the knock on the door, he was back. I do not know if I ran or walked, all I know is I was at the door and looking out the peephole to see if it was him. Words cannot describe how nervous I was.

With a deep breath, I opened the door and stood right in the middle of the doorway facing him.

He just looked at me with his mouth agape and said “Oh my god!”and jumped in the apartment closing the door before continuing with, “People might see you. What are you doing?”

With a little tilt of my head I smiled at him and said, "Surprise."

I shifted my bottom lip to the side and gently bit my lip. Batting my eyelashes at him, I closed the distance between us and pressed my body against his, pushing him up against the door. I stood on my toes and gave him a kiss and said, “I lost the bet so this is my surprise.”

His lips started to respond to my kisses and his hands came around onto my back in a hug, holding me tightly to him.

I pushed back from him and said, “You don’t get to touch; this is my surprise to you.”

I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. I ran my fingers gently over his shoulders, chest and stomach. Leaning in, I started to kiss his lips and neck. My fingertips tracing up his sides as I continued kissing his chest and flicking his nipples with my tongue and giving gently nibbles on each nipple.

I continued kissing my way down the center of his stomach and swirling my tongue around his belly button. I then left a trail of kisses down to the waist of his jeans. I reached up and unbutton his jeans and unzipped his pants. Slipping my fingers in his pants, I found him to be starting to become excited, not hard, but definitely not soft. Freeing him from his pants, his penis and balls swung free and his penis brush my face. I took his penis in my hands and laid my cheek against his penis. Looking up at him, I told him I wanted him to watch the entire time.

I made sure my tongue was nice and wet with saliva and I started to trace down his hardening shaft leaving a wet trail of saliva on him as I went down to his balls. I took each ball into my mouth one at a time. Not taking them out of my mouth until they were nice, wet and soft.

Then starting at the bottom of his shaft, I licked and kissed my way up to the tip. When I got to the tip, there was a little drip of his pre-cum waiting for me. I held his shaft in my hand with the tip just fractions away from my lips. Looking up into his eyes, I slid my tongue out. Touching nothing but the little drop of pre-cum with my tongue, I swirled the pre-cum around the head of his penis. He let out a low moan when he felt my tongue touch him. I spread my lips and kissed the tip of his penis and slid my lips onto the tip. I ttook him into my mouth ever so slowly and made sure my lips caressed the tender skin.

When I got to the rim, I stopped and slowly started to take him in and out of my mouth, letting my lips tug at the rim of his penis. His balls cupped in one hand and my fingers stroking his shaft under his balls. As I started taking more of him into my mouth, I could feel how hot his shaft was. I started slowly taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth and then backing off to the tip. Going a little deeper each time, until he filled my mouth with his hardness.

With him as deep in my mouth as I could take him, I slid my tongue forward and out of my mouth, touching his balls and opening my mouth a little more allowing me take more of him.

I felt his hand come down onto the back of my head and slide into my hair and his fingers tangling with in my hair. He was taking control of me. He started to sway his hips toward me as his hand pulled me forward. Faint twitches started rolling through his cock shaft. I could hear quivering in this breath. My hands were holding onto the back of his legs, pulling him into me whenever I felt his hips rolling forward.

Holding him deep in my mouthm I kept sucking and easing off. He let out a deep groan and I felt the pulse starting to come with my lips. His hand squeezed my hair and held tight.

Cradling his balls in my hands, the first pulse seemed like it would never end. His cum was spreading in my mouth and on my tongue. He pushed into my mouth as he pulsed again. Cum seeped out of my mouth, onto my lips and chin. He came less and less with the each following pulse.

I swallowed what I could but never took him out of my mouth. I held his penis with both my hands and continued to gently suck him. Feeling his penis getting softer and softer, I looked into his eyes and I gave one last kiss on the tip.

I am not sure I will bet any more, but I think I completely surprised him.

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