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Surprise at the lake

So this is my first story about two lovers at a lake, hope you like it!
I'm sitting at the lake all by myself. You come and sit next to me and put your arm around me. We make small talk and then you stare at me.

"What's up?" I ask.

"I want to kiss you so bad," you reply.

"Go for it."

You lean in and kiss me softly then you get more passionate with it. Your tongue dances in my mouth and you pull me closer to you. You gently push me back laying on top of me.

I run my fingers through your hair pulling you even closer. My hands roam your body, finding their way up your shirt feeling your perfect body. You sit up and take it off, and unbutton mine.

You kiss my neck and run your hands all over me. I feel your cock through your jeans hardening against my now throbbing clit. You run yours hands over my back and I tell you it's okay to remove my bra.

You marvel at my huge tits and begin to knead them.

Moaning, I begin kissing and gently biting your neck. You get a little rougher making me squeal. You kiss me then make your way down my body. You unbutton my jeans and kiss just above my awaiting clit.

I whine, wanting to feel your warm mouth inside me. You slowly unbutton your pants and take them off. Your cock is very hard in your boxers. You tease me by sucking my nipples some more.

I moan, wanting your dick more than ever. You remove my pants and rub your rock against my soaked clit through my panties. I moan and pull you against me. Glued together you hump me as you groan in my ear.

Not able to resist any longer you remove my panties and begin to eat me. I scream with pleasure and push your head in further. You eat me like a starving man.

Your hands grip my ass pulling me closer. You eat me like an expert, making me scream. I cum all over your face and you lick me clean and dry. I kiss you tasting my juices all over your face.

I waste no time in getting to your waiting cock. I lick it and suck the head. You moan begging for more and I'm happy to deliver. Taking your whole cock in my mouth, I suck you.

You scream my name and thrust your hips against me. You cum and I drink it up. We kiss again for a long time, enjoying every moment.

You stare into my eyes and without words we both know what comes next. You gently lay me on my back again and slide your cock inside me. You go slow and gentle wanting to experience every second.

I beg for you to pound me and you're happy to satisfy. The beast in you comes out as you slam me harder and faster with each thrust. I wrap my legs around you and meet your thrust. You scream my name.

We fuck like machines, never getting tired. You hold my hips so hard that your handprints will be on them. I dig my nails into your back and kiss you deeply. We keep thrusting again and again.

You pound harder and faster leaving me speechless. We soon cum together and I enjoy your cum pumping in me. My pussy clenches your cock drinking every last drop. We lay there for a little while.

Soon I offer you my ass and again you go into caveman mode. Your balls slap against me furiously. And my whole being is stretched. You grab my swinging tits and squeeze hard and kiss my neck.

I beg for you not to stop and you go even faster. You pant in my ear telling me how much you want and love me. I thrust back to meet yours and you grab me tighter loving my sex drive.

We pound away and have our biggest orgasms yet back to back. You kiss me again and carry me to the lake so we can wash off.

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