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Surprise Encounter with a Reluctant Woman

Diane, reluctant at first, eventually had the most exciting sex every with a stranger.
A few years ago I traveled to New York to attend a seminar for my company. The first day I sat about three rows back from the speaker so I would be able to hear. Several seats over in the row in front of me, I noticed one particular female who seemed very interested in the topical matter. She was a blonde, shapely, well groomed woman and she was obviously intelligent.

Nobody at the seminar knew each other so I had an opportunity to speak with her during breaks and sat with her on at lunch. I learned her name was “Diane”. On day two we had dinner together. She readily accepted my invitation and agreed to meet that evening. We had a great dinner and decided to take a walk down Broadway. We were clearly developing some “chemistry” but I don’t think either of us expected much more than that since we only had two days left at the seminar.

As darkness approached we decided to go back to the hotel bar for a nightcap. We found a seat in the bar in a relatively secluded area and ordered drinks. We talked for a long time and started to really get to know each other. We had both been divorced. She had gone through hers about two years before. Neither of us was in a relationship. In fact, she was avoiding them because she had been hurt badly in her marriage and wasn’t looking forward to repeating. The guy she had been married to was a classic liar and cheater and he had beaten down her self-esteem to nothing during the marriage, telling her she was unattractive and terrible as a sex partner. I decided to change the tone of the evening by asking her to dance and she seemed glad of that.

After several fast dances, the music we slid into each other’s arms to dance a slow number. The aroma of her perfume was intoxicating. We danced easily, as if this was something we had done before and seemed to match up well. As the dance came to an end she looked up at me and, without even thinking, I bent forward and kissed her. I’m not sure what reaction I expected but it wasn’t the one I got. She looked alarmed, pulled away, hurried over to our table and grabbed her purse and left! I was angry at myself, embarrassed, and felt terrible about what I had done. I paid the check, walked over to the bar where I sat down and proceeded to throw down several strong drinks. I wasn’t “sloshed” but I was certainly under the influence as I decided that I needed to go to her room and apologize. I knocked on her door a couple of times and just as I decided she wasn’t going to answer and turned away, the door cracked open. She peeked out and asked, “What do you want?” I started to apologize telling her that I didn’t know what had gotten into me, that I really liked her, and that I was embarrassed about what I had done. As I turned to walk away she said “Wait a minute while I put something on.” She closed the door and then came back in a moment, wearing only a terry cloth robe and invited me in.

I sat on the end of a bed and she sat in a chair opposite me. I was still a little “blitzed” as I began to renew my apology. “Diane I don’t know why I kissed you. I guess I was just overcome by the way the evening was going and when I looked down and your lips were right there in front of me, it just seemed like it was right.” She sat quietly for a moment before responding. “Look, I’m still getting over a bad marriage. If you would have asked me, I would have told you I never wanted to be in a relationship with a man again. I put everything I could into that marriage and all I got back was lying, cheating and insult after insult. It’s clear I’m not a good match or risk for anyone. I gave my all and it wasn’t enough!”

I was dumbfounded! Most men would love to have a relationship with someone like her. I told her that. If anything, it made her angrier! There was nothing I could do. Finally I stood up and started for the door. As I grabbed the door handle, I turned back and made a last pitch. “Look, I said, “You are one of the most intelligent, fun, attractive women to be around I have ever met. I don’t know what that idiot who you were married to was thinking, but he must have been the world’s biggest fool!” “I’m sorry I kissed you, but I certainly didn’t mean to insult you – and I absolutely didn’t mean to upset you. I’d better go. I’m sorry.” I turned and, feeling like an idiot, I walked through the door and down to the elevator bank. I decided to take a walk to clear my head. About a block down the street I came to a flower shop. I don’t know why it was open but I ordered a dozen roses and had them sent to her room with a short written note of apology. I felt a little better by the time I got back to my hotel room and I showered and went to bed.

I was sound asleep when I heard a gentle knocking on my door. I ignored it at first, but it wouldn’t go away so I put on my robe thinking it must be a drunk who came to the wrong room. Thinking I was going to have to chase him away, I opened the door. Diane was standing there in a trench coat looking exceptionally beautiful. “Thanks for the roses, ” she said, “I think this time I owe you an apology!”

“No, ” I responded, “you didn’t do anything wrong. I did.” She replied, “Can I come in and talk about it with you for awhile?” “Sure, ” I said. I opened the door for her. “You must think I’m a total bitch – and I was. When you sent flowers it gave me a reason to do some thinking and I realized I was wrong. We were having a good time and I can’t blame you for kissing me. Even if I didn’t want to be kissed, I could have handled it better than I did. Besides that, the kiss was nice! Can we try it again?”

Now I was the one who was hesitant! Sensing my reluctance, she stepped forward and pulled my head down to hers. At first it was a “friendly” kiss but soon it became passionate. I backed away. “Diane” I said, “you don’t have to do this.” She replied, “Don’t you want me to?” Puzzled, I replied, “Of course I do, but I had no right to assume anything about you.”

The tears started to well up in her eyes as she tried to talk some more about her feelings. “I’ve let my emotions over the marriage cloud my judgment for too long. When you left my room, I realized how much I missed being with someone who cared and whose company I enjoyed. When I got the flowers I decided I needed to do something about it. He really hurt me. He did all the things I told you about and more. He destroyed my confidence. He was never home. We weren’t good friends after we got married. Even our sex life was a disaster. I wanted to have a fantastic physical relationship. All he wanted was to screw me and go to sleep. It was terrible! After that I never believed I was worth anyone’s time. I dedicated myself to my career and pushed away any thoughts of a relationship. Then this week happened. I started having some old feelings when I was with you. But when you kissed me, I panicked.”

I didn’t know what to do next – but she took care of that! In front of my eyes she suddenly pulled her coat off of her shoulders and stood before me almost naked! She was left standing in nothing but a black lace bra and garter belt with black nylons and spike heeled shoes. I’d seen pictures of women dressed like that but never experienced it for real. She was incredibly hot looking! She had beautiful breast, a dark tan that accented the areas normally covered by clothes and a great body. While I stood growing a huge erection, she stepped forward and pushed my robe back off my shoulders to the floor. We kissed but this time the result was different. Our tongues fought each other and our hands were all over the place. She pressed her leg between mine and I could feel her hot womanhood against my thigh as she rocked against me. We continued to kiss and touch. I walked around her, never taking my hands off her body and making sure my cock brushed against every part of her it could reach. I stopped behind her with it pressing against her fantastic ass and reached around to fondle her breast while I kissed her neck. She started breathing harder and harder as I gently twisted her pointed nipples and turned around to face me. She reached down and pushed my erect penis between her thighs. I was so hard that the tip pressed up against her pubis and I could feel her wetness coating it as she began to shift forward and back against her pussy lips. After a moment, she dropped to her knees in front of me and exclaimed, “It’s been so long!

As she stroked my balls with one hand, she took me completely into her mouth. I had to fight not to cum right away as I felt my cock hit the back of her throat as she sucked on me. The intensity was almost unbearable as she started to swirl her tongue around the tip of my penis and she jacked me with her hand. I didn’t want to cum yet and started to pull away. She looked up and cried out, “I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth!” I couldn’t control myself and gave way to the moment. As I exploded, I moaned “Here it is!” It seemed like I climaxed for a full minute. She eagerly swallowed each and every drop. Then she amazed me even more! I hadn’t have many women swallow my cum to begin with, but she was taking it to a new level. I looked down and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My climax had set off one for her as well! Seeing that made me even harder than I had been before! I pulled her up to me and we kissed as I picked her up and lay her on the bed. I climbed over her brushing my penis across her thighs as I slid between her legs. I had to feel my cock inside her! She was so wet there was almost no resistance as I slid all the way to the hilt on the first push forward. Even within the sex act, there are moments that you want to remember forever. This was one of them. The feeling of my cock buried deep in her completely grasped by her hot, wet sex as we looked in each other’s eyes was something I would never forget! We stayed that way without moving for moments savoring that special feeling of the first penetration with a new lover. Without moving my hips, I started to flex my cock muscle. She started to respond. “That feels so good” she moaned, “make love to me!”

That was going to happen no matter what – but I wanted this to be a special time. I wanted to erase the memory of the fool she had been married to. I pulled back and slid down the bed until I was staring into the most beautiful, perfectly groomed pussy I had ever seen. I could see the slick juices on her lips as a result of what we had already been doing and I wanted to taste them. I bent forward and kissed her, flicking my tongue between her nether lips as she moaned softly and pulled my head down tightly between her thighs. I pushed her legs apart and back as I licked each thigh in turn right up to her labia. With my fingers, I spread her lips and pushed the hood over her clitoris back as I slowly started licking and sucking her most sensitive spots. She moaned more loudly. In only a few moments she started to thrust her hips up and down frantically trying to bring on her climax. I pulled her tightly to my face and shoved my tongue deep into her. Her hips bucked more furiously against my face as she tried to achieve the ultimate orgasm. She stiffened. “I’m there. I’m there. I’m cummmminggggg!” she screamed out. Her head twisted back and forth on the pillow as she exploded!

Quickly I got up on my hands and knees and positioned my cock against her pussy lips – and pushed in. I could feel the muscles of her vagina tighten and relax intermittently as she continued to climax. The feeling was beyond description but I knew that it would soon be even better. Just as her climax subsided, I started my fucking motion. In an inch, then slowly out. Again several times. Then in halfway and slowly out. Repeat. Repeat. Then deeper and deeper with each stroke. I could feel my testicles slapping against her beautiful ass as I slammed deeper and deeper until I was all the way in again. She cried out, “I can’t cum again, but I want you to!” I kept on. Surprisingly she started to respond again. “I can’t believe this, ” she gasped, “I’m going to cum again.” She flexed her hips up in an effort to feel me even more deeply within her. Soon that wasn’t enough! With more strength than I thought she had, she pushed me over on my back and slid her thighs over my hips. There was to be no teasing this time. She wanted to cum again – and bring me with her. She took my cock in her hand and positioned it against her opening, sliding all the way down on it. She sat with it buried deep in her for a moment savoring the feeling once again – and then she started her rocking motion. She was in complete control as she lifted up and down faster and faster. I could feel her tighten. We were both close. She slowed down as she lifted up higher in an effort to be able to slam down harder so that I was deeper within her. One, two, three, four times! She cried out, “I’m there. Cum with me baby! Cum now with me!” We exploded together! I could feel my cock flex over and over as I released my juices deep within her. She quivered against me before lying down against my chest and drifted off to sleep. As I rolled her onto her back and pulled the covers of the bed over her, I heard her whisper, “Thanks for the roses.”
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