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Surprise Pleasure

A regular night turns into unforgettable pleasure.
It was a very cold, dark winter evening. Andrew had just finished work and was heading home. He was an electrician and was currently doing a job at a local power plant. His journey took forty-five minutes during this time he was planning his treat for his fiancé Kara. It was a Thursday, which meant date night. This had been a tradition every since their dating became serious. It was also the only night the pair had the whole night to themselves. Kara worked two jobs one as a sales assistant and the other as a waitress. Thursday was her only night off from the restaurant.

As he hit the halfway mark on his journey home, he still hadn’t thought of any ideas. Normally she would cook dinner then they would either go out for a few drinks or snuggle up and watch a film. Whatever they did it always lead to some amazing lovemaking before they slept, but Andrew was getting a little bored.

He loved Kara with all of his heart; he had done since he laid eyes on her three years ago but they needed some more spice. It was only four thirty in the evening and he knew the adult store would still be open.

He passed it every day and had always wanted to go in and buy something but he never had the balls. Tonight was that night.

He turned left at the next junction and drove for about two and a half miles before turning right into a car park. He parked his black Volkswagen golf right in front of the store and made his way inside. It was the Christmas season and he knew Kara wouldn’t be home until seven, eight at the latest. He had plenty of time.

Half an hour later Andrew was back on the road with his new purchases. He could feel his cock already tingling thinking of how much fun this was going to be.


“See you tomorrow guys!” Kara shouted to her colleagues as she locked up for the night. It was six thirty and she was dying to get home. She loved date night. She loved Andrew.

Pulling out her phone on the way to her car she noticed a text from her fiancé.

‘I’m home and I have a surprise for you. Can’t wait to see you sexy. Xxx’

‘Ooh a surprise I’m intrigued! Be home soon handsome, just locked up. Xxx’ Kara replied.

Smiling, she settled into her seat and began her journey home.


Andrew heard Kara’s car pull up outside the house. He had been sat waiting ever since she text him to say she was on her way home.

All the lights were off and he knew this would confuse Kara. He wanted her confused, it would make the night all the more interesting.

He could hear the ‘click-clack’ of Kara’s heels coming up the driveway. Andrew was so excited he didn’t think he could wait any longer. He squeezed the soft, silk fabric, which lay across his palms.

A key was pushed into the lock, turned and the front door was pushed open.

“Honey, I’m home.” Kara yelled.

She was inches away from Andrew and she hadn’t seen him. He’d cut the power so went she went to switch the light on and nothing happened he felt a slight bit of fear come from her.


Bingo. He pounced; reaching up he lifted the fabric over Kara’s head and quickly tied it around her head.

Before she could scream his hand was covering her mouth. Andrew pulled her back and held her tightly to his body. She was his.

“It’s me,” he whispered into Kara’s ear before nibbling her lobe. “Don’t be scared.”

Her shaking subsided but she was still very tense. Kara was a strong woman and he knew she would never cry or lose control of a situation like this.

Andrew continued nibbling her lobe before moving onto Kara’s neck, gently kissing and sucking. It was her weakness. Her ultimate turn on and he knew it would have her whimpering within a matter of seconds.


“Now, are you going to be a good girl?”

Andrew’s hot breath was tickling Kara’s neck and it was making her extremely hot and bothered. He had never done anything like this before and it was so exciting and erotic. She knew he was playing a game and she couldn’t help but play along.

She nodded a yes; Andrew’s hand was still covering her mouth she couldn’t speak.

“What was that?” He asked her again, louder this time.

“Yummffss,” was all Kara managed to get out but it still wasn’t good enough.

“Louder Kara, I can’t hear you!” Andrew snapped.

“YES!” She managed to bark back. Next thing she knew there was a loud crack and her ass began to sting badly. Andrew took his hand away from her mouth and she managed to get out the answer he was looking for.

“Yes sir.”

“That’s better.” Andrew stroked Kara’s cute ass trying to ease the pain. “I’ve bought something for you upstairs, I want you to put it on then come back down here. Okay sweet?”

“Yes sir,” Kara replied. Her ass felt like it was on fire but holy hell she was turned on. She could feel the wetness seeping into her panties. Andrew untied the blindfold and held her hand to the bottom of the stairs where he let her go.

“Don’t be long my love. I’ve been waiting a long time for you.” He turned his back on Kara and sauntered into the living room before closing the door behind him.

Kara was speechless; she had never seen him so powerful or dominant before it was so sexy. Realizing she was still standing at the bottom of the stairs, she sprinted up them taking two steps at a time. The excitement was becoming too much.


Andrew waited his back to door for a good minute or two before he heard Kara’s footsteps race up the stairs. He had a huge grin plastered on his face. He knew she was shocked but when he slapped her ass, he could tell she was trying to suppress a moan. She loved it.

He moved quickly getting the room set for Kara’s return. He lighted a few scented candles and poured a glass of champagne. Just as he put the bottle back into the ice bucket there was a timid knock on the door.

He walked over to it and opened it a little before opening it half way so he could lean against the doorframe. He had stripped down to just his dark blue jogging bottoms, which Kara had said made his abs stand out more. He knew exactly how to get to her and it was working. The gasp and widened eyes gave it away. But he too was stunned.

In the doorway stood this magnificent beauty. He knew the outfit would look good, but he had no idea she would look this beautiful in it. Kara’s long dark red hair was wavy and fell to her breasts, which were on display due to the half cup black lace bra he had purchased. Her nipples were small and peaked a simple sign of her arousal. She had obviously touched up her make up and sprayed some perfume. Her dark eye shadow only made her gorgeous blue eyes stand out more and her red lipstick made me want to forget about this plan and kiss her until she came.

“Do you like?” Kara’s voice interrupted Andrew’s thoughts.

“I love it.” He reached out and traced his index finger from her neck, down to her exposed breast, over her right nipple. “Especially this.” His finger moved down to the underwire of her bra. “But most of all.” He traced Kara’s curves going down to her belly button then across over her hip to the elastic waistband of the black lace crotch less panties she was wearing. “I love this.” His hand moved to the left and straight down where he pressed onto her clit. She moaned and he realized it was the first time he had heard her breathe or do anything since he touched her.


Andrew’s finger stayed pressed to her clit, as they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Kara had never been so turned on in her life. The way he was speaking to her was hot and sexy and so god damn erotic. Her body was on fire and she wanted nothing more than to rock backwards and forwards to find some friction but she knew if she moved even the slightest, she would fall over. Her legs had turned to jelly.

“Andrew..” Kara whispered. Her voice was needy. She barely recognized it. What had he done to her?

In the whole time they had been together she had never felt so much passion from this gorgeous, sexy man standing in front of her. He hadn’t kissed her, or touched her properly and she was ready to explode. She had no idea he had this much power over her.

“Yes my love?” Andrew said softly. Their eyes were still locked and his finger was still pressed firmly on her clit. She needed release.

“I need you,” Kara pleaded.

“But you have me, I’m right here,” Andrew smirked. He was teasing her big time and she was just about ready to rip off his joggers and jump on him.

“Please,” She whined.

“Please what?”


Suddenly Kara was being pulled towards him then pushed onto the door. His lips were devouring hers and her arms were high above her their fingers linked together.

She was dizzy with desire and if it hadn’t been for the door she would be on the floor. Her body was shaking; she had been wound up tightly and needed to cum.

Kara lifted a leg to wrap around Andrew to try and get some friction but he backed off. She almost screamed with frustration when suddenly she felt his hand on her mound. She was so lost in the kiss she didn’t realize he had let go and was now trapping both her arms with one of his own while the other had moved south.

“Please fuck me Andrew!” Kara had nipped at Andrews lip trying to show her frustration. But he kept denying her. Instead he just rested a finger on her clit and lightly flicked over it.

“Please Andrew!” She was almost sobbing. She felt weak and vulnerable but at the same time she more turned on than she had ever been in her life.

“What do you say? You needy little slut.” Andrew’s voice was cold and stern. Hearing him call her a slut nearly made her want to slap him round the face but it also turned her on. She knew she could be a dirty whore for him when needed.

“Sir! Please Sir!”

Two fingers were pushed into her dripping pussy so deep it made her breathless. Andrew pressed his thumb on her clit and began to fuck her vigorously.


Andrew had never felt so powerful; he had the most gorgeous girl in the world, his fiancé completely under his spell. And she looked fucking beautiful in the process. Their eyes were locked together again and he was mesmerized by how much love and passion he could see in hers.

He knew Kara was close to cumming. He wanted to watch her explode on his fingers but he had other plans for her. He quickly pulled them out of her and placed them in between their mouths.

“Bastard!” Kara growled but she soon began licking her juices off of his hands. He quickly joined in before they began to kiss each other.

Andrew picked her up and placed her on the couch. Kara went to reach for his extremely hard cock but he wasn’t going to let her have it how she wanted it. Tonight this was on his terms.

He spread her legs wide and flung his joggers off and across the room. He kneeled in front of her and let the head of his cock rest against her pussy.

“How bad do you want it baby?”

“Please give me your cock baby, I need you deep inside me.” Kara’s voice was whiney again he loved the way she looked, hair all mussed up and fanned out from one side of her head to the other, she also looked very cute and extremely aroused.

Without warning Andrew thrust deep inside Kara’s tight, wet hole. They both moaned loudly as he did, both their backs arching.

Andrew leaned over her and kissed her deeply while staying inside her so she could feel him twitching.

Her hands were fisting in his hair and she was grinding, trying to get him to thrust in and out. He finally gave in and rammed her pussy hard several times before slowing down again.

Kara growled. Andrew smirked. He loved this new hold he had on her.

“Fuck me sir, please! I’m so close!”

“As you wish my sweet.” Andrew began trailing long slow kisses down Kara’s neck while he thrust into her over and over.

His cock was throbbing he was so turned on; he was beginning to lose control.

Kara’s inner muscles were contracting on his cock and it was making him want to explode.

He pulled out and flipped Kara onto her hands and knees. He held her ass and slammed back into her hard.

She screamed with pleasure and yelled at him to fuck her harder. Andrew reached down and caught one breast in one hand and let the other move down to play with her clit. She growled again and pushed back onto his cock.

“I’m gonna cum baby!” Kara yelled.

Andrew knew if she came he would cum too. He didn’t want to, not yet but he could barely hold out any longer.


Kara frantically pushed back on Andrews cock, harder and harder. She needed to cum so badly.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for me now!” Andrew yelled.

Kara pushed back once more and he hit her sweet spot.

“FUCK!” Kara spat as the wave of pleasure struck her body with a force she had never felt before. She was moaning uncontrollably, her body writhing.

She hadn’t even realized that she had collapsed with Andrew still inside of her, pumping his seed deep into her hole.

When she came round Andrew was lying on top of her with his cock still inside her, they were both breathing heavy and Kara could feel the sticky liquid running between her legs.

“I’ve never cum that hard in my life.” She managed to breathe out.

Andrew kissed the top of her head. “Neither have I beautiful.”

“You know, I quite like this new side to you.” She kissed his hand, which was linked with her own.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, he needs to come out to play more often.”

“I can say the same for you, slut.” 

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